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Feb 17 2003 (SC)

Ghapoo Yadav and ors. Vs. State of M.P.

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : Feb-17-2003

Reported in : AIR2003SC1620; 2003(1)ALD(Cri)495; 2003CriLJ1536; JT2003(3)SC474; 2003(2)MPHT408; RLW2003(3)SC411; 2003(2)SCALE250; (2003)3SCC528; [2003]2SCR69

..... persons were culprits.8. it was the stand of the learned counsel for the appellants that the injuries sustained by the deceased were in course of sudden quarrel without pre-mediation and without cruel intents and, therefore, section 302 ipc was not applicable. according to him, section 302 ipc cannot be applied even if the prosecution case is accepted in toto .....

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Mar 12 2003 (SC)

Mysore Cements Ltd. Vs. Svedala Barmac Ltd.

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : Mar-12-2003

Reported in : AIR2003SC3493; 2003(1)ARBLR651(SC); 2003(4)AWC2727(SC); JT2003(5)SC103; (2003)3MLJ76(SC); 2003(3)SCALE201; (2003)10SCC375; [2003]2SCR1028; 2003(2)LC838(SC)

..... ) it is not incompatible with an arbitrated agreement for an arbitral tribunal to encourage settlement of the dispute and, with the agreement of the parties, the arbitral tribunal may use mediation, conciliation or other procedure at any time during the arbitral proceedings to encourage settlement.(2) if, during arbitral proceedings, the parties settle the dispute, the arbitral tribunal shall terminate the .....

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Feb 19 2003 (SC)

Uday Vs. State of Karnataka

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : Feb-19-2003

Reported in : AIR2003SC1639; 2003(1)ALD(Cri)498; 2003(1)ALT(Cri)326; 2003CriLJ1539; JT2003(2)SC243; 2003(2)SCALE329; (2003)4SCC46; [2003]2SCR231

..... side. consent supposes three things - a physical power, a mental power and a free and serious use of them. hence it is that if consent be obtained by intimidation, force, mediated imposition, circumvention, surprise or under influence, it is to be treated as a delusion, and not as a deliberate and free act of the mind.''15. in re anthony alias .....

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Apr 01 2003 (SC)

Arm Group Enterprises Ltd. Vs. Waldorf Restaurant and ors.

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : Apr-01-2003

Reported in : AIR2003SC4106; [2003(3)JCR59(SC)]; JT2003(3)SC450; 2003(3)SCALE499; (2003)6SCC423; [2003]3SCR222

..... first degree' means a tenant who does not hold under any other tenant;(b) 'a tenant inferior to the tenant of the first degree' means a tenant holding immediately or mediately under a tenant of the first degree;(c) 'landlord' means the landlord of a tenant of the first degree. (2) where any premises or any part thereof have been or ..... tenant of the first degree, and (2) sub-tenancy created by 'a tenant inferior to the tenant of the first degree' by which is meant a tenant holding immediately or mediately under a tenant of the first degree. so far as the second class of sub-tenancy is concerned, the sub-section enacts the sub-letting will not be binding upon .....

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Jul 23 2003 (SC)

Dayanidhi Bisoi Vs. State of Orissa

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : Jul-23-2003

Reported in : AIR2003SC3915; 2003(2)ALD(Cri)264; 2003CriLJ3697; JT2003(5)SC590; 2003(5)SCALE351; (2003)9SCC310

..... point elaborately, and also considering the facts of the case, the trial court came to the further conclusion that the act of the appellant was a diabolical and a pre-mediated murder, executed in a well planned manner, causing the death of the entire family including a three year old child. the court also came to the conclusion that the action .....

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Aug 01 2003 (SC)

Golakonda Venkateswara Rao Vs. State of Andhra Pradesh

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : Aug-01-2003

Reported in : AIR2003SC2846; 2003(2)ALD(Cri)452; 2003(2)ALT(Cri)212; 2003CriLJ3731; 2003(2)JKJ637[SC]; 2003(5)SCALE646; (2003)9SCC277

..... by the disclosure statement made by the appellant (exhibit p-2) which is in his mother tongue (telgu). the disclosure statement given by the appellant is carved out from the mediator's report. the translated version of admissible portion quoted by the learned trial judge reads as follows:-'if you come with me, the day how lakshmi was raped at the ..... instant case the recovery (exhibit p-2) was made on the basis of the disclosure statement furnished by the appellant. the disclosure statement (exhibit p-2) is proved by the mediator examined as pw-6 who is the village administrative officer and also the inspector of police examined as pw-12. pw-16 has stated that on the basis of disclosure ..... completing ext.p-3. in ext.p-3 there is a mention about the pieces of langa being packed there itself and affixing the chits with the signatures of the mediators on that packet.17. lastly, it is contended by mr. anand that hair pins and bangles so recovered at the disclosure statement of the appellant were not produced before the .....

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Nov 13 2003 (SC)

State of Andhra Pradesh Vs. V. Vasudeva Rao

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : Nov-13-2003

Reported in : 2003(2)ALD(Cri)1030; 2004(1)BLJR357; 2004CriLJ620; JT2003(9)SC119; 2004(1)KLT526(SC); (2004)9SCC319; 2004(1)LC580(SC)

..... dsp. after the currency notes were produced by the complainant on the next day in office, they were smeared with phenolphthalein powder after selector the mediator's name. later, complainant accompanied by policy party inclusive of mediator went towards the office of accused. complainant entered in and passed the amount to the accused, and thereafter gave a pre-planned signal to the .....

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Dec 15 2003 (SC)

Gorle S. Naidu Vs. State of A.P. and ors.

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : Dec-15-2003

Reported in : 2004CriLJ924; JT2003(10)SC170; 2003(10)SCALE69; (2003)12SCC449

..... send pw-1 to the hospital, he refused. then pw-25 examined pw-1 and recorded his statement and seized m.os. 6 to 8 in the presence of mediators under mediator's report. then the inspector of police, the sub-inspector and other police personnel formed a special party and combed the area in search of the dead bodies of the .....

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Dec 18 2003 (SC)

State of Andhra Pradesh Vs. K. Srinivasulu Reddy and anr.

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : Dec-18-2003

Reported in : JT2003(10)SC226; 2003(10)SCALE1100; (2003)12SCC660

..... criminal case no. 89/92 of pamaru police station under section 302 ipc and investigated into. the sub-inspector of police visited the scene of offence in the presence of mediators (pws 9 and 11) and another, seized the blood stained palmyrah leaves and blood stained earth and conducted inquest over the dead body in the presence of panchayatdar pw-11 .....

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Feb 05 2003 (SC)

M.T.W. Tenzing Namgyal and ors. Vs. Motilal Lakhotia and ors.

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : Feb-05-2003

Reported in : AIR2003SC1448; JT2003(5)SC173; (2003)1MLJ195(SC); 2003(1)SCALE709; (2003)5SCC1; [2003]1SCR877

s.b. sinha, j.1. the appellants herein are successors in interest of late chogyal sir tashi namgyal of sikkim.2. a suit was filed by mewang tobyal wanghuck tenzing namgyal son of late chogyal palden thondup namgyal and others against the defendants-respondents herein praying for the following reliefs:(a) recovery of possession of the encroached portion of the land shown in the annexed plan if required, by demolishing the construction made thereon:(b) permanent injunction restraining the defendants from using the aforesaid 12 feet wide passage or making any construction whatsoever over the same;(c) pending disposal of the suit an order for restraining the defendants from construction of the flyover or blocking the passage and also restraining the defendants from carrying on with further work of construction on the encroached land shown in the attached plan;(d) cost of the suit;(e) any other relief or reliefs to which the plaintiff may be found entitled to under the law and equity.3. shortly stated, the said suit was filed on the following allegation:plot nos. 1013, 1014 and 1040 (part) situated at gangtok belonged to late chogyal sir tashi namgyal of sikkim were his personal properties forming part of his private estate which upon his death devolved or the original plaintiff and on his death upon the appellants. allegedly, one pucca building was constructed on plot no. 1014 situated at new market road, gangtok which was let out to the tenants. on the adjacent land to the same .....

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