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Apr 15 1955 (SC)

Thakur Amar Singhji Vs. State of Rajasthan

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : Apr-15-1955

Reported in : AIR1955SC504; [1955]2SCR303

..... of the treaty was the resumption of the lands usurped by the nobles, and the reduction of the nobles to their proper relation of subordination to the maharaja. through the mediation of sri david ochterlony agreements were entered into in 1819 similar to those made at udaipur. the usurped lands were restored to the maharajah and the nobles were guaranteed in ..... that there was a dispute between rawat himmat singhji the then holder of the estate, and the maharajah of udaipur, and that it was settled in march 1855 through the mediation of the then agent to the government, sir m. montgomery, and that under the terms of the settlement, the tikana was recognised as the exclusive property of the holder. the .....

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Oct 21 1955 (SC)

Ponnammal Vs. R. Srinivasarangan and ors.

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : Oct-21-1955

Reported in : AIR1955SC162

..... for his deceased brother's daughter and daughter's sons, through the unselfish efforts of the lawyers named above who were both competent and willing to render their services to mediate between them and the 1st defendant.there cannot, therefore, be the least doubt that there was a genuine dispute between the parties which was sought by disinterested friends and relations ..... conclusions can be summed up in its own words as follows:--'so there were clearly rival claims, and a real family dispute, and a 'bona fide settlement thereof by respectable mediators, acting to the best of their lights and interested in both parties, and making a 'bona fide' settlement of the dispute with the consent of both sides, and their active ..... vitiated by undue influence, that there was really no dispute, much less any bona fide dispute, which could have been amicably settled, nor was there any genuine and bona fide mediation.padmasani's consent to the document was also assailed on the ground that she was not the legal guardian of the plaintiffs and had in interest adverse to theirs. doraiswami .....

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Nov 08 1955 (HC)

P.S. Ranga Iyer Vs. Chidambara Iyer and ors.

Court : Chennai

Decided on : Nov-08-1955

Reported in : (1956)1MLJ503

..... follows:2. ' while we were living as members of a joint hindu family, we decided to become divided and three schedules, namely a, b and c were prepared through the mediation of messrs. t.g. ramaswami ayyar, p.r. ramakrishna ayyar, v.v. subramania ayyar and t.s. narayana ayyar and all of us signed those schedules. a schedule properties were ..... branch and the family business were also kept undivided. further it is stated that instead of completing the partition by the award the parties accepted the schedules prepared by the mediators and in respect of the properties comprised in these schedules division has become complete and the other properties are kept in common. paragraph 7 provides that 'the undivided properties which ..... the mortgage in question is one among the various items dealt with thereunder. paragraph 1 of the document states that for the purpose of dividing the joint family properties certain mediators, were appointed who prepared three schedules for allotting the properties to the three main branches of which samu bhattar's branch was one. the schedule intended to be allotted to .....

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Dec 23 1955 (SC)

J.K. Iron and Steel Co. Ltd., Kanpur Vs. the Iron and Steel Mazdoor Un ...

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : Dec-23-1955

Reported in : AIR1956SC231; (1956)ILLJ227SC; [1955]2SCR1315

bose, j.1. we are concerned here with three appeals. they arise out of a dispute between the j.k. iron and steel company limited and the iron and steel mazdoor union. we will call them the company and the mazdoor union respectively. the facts are as follows. 2. the company had its factory and other works at kanpur in uttar pradesh. on 10-4-1948 the ministry of commerce in the government of india ordered the company to shift its jute baling hoops factory from kanpur to calcutta. 3. as no land was available in calcutta no effect could be given to this order till the year 1950-51. on 19-3-1951 the iron and steel controller ordered the company to stop the rolling of jute baling hoops at once. accordingly, the production of these hoops was stopped from that date. 4. at the same time there was scarcity of scrap iron and the company's case is that that forced it to reduce the working of its furnace from three shifts a day to one. 5. the company states that because of these two causes it was obliged to retrench its staff. therefore, it issued the following notice, dated 15-5-1951 to 128 of its workers : 'consequent to transfer of the rolling mill to calcutta and want of scrap to furnace department in full, the services of the persons as per list attached are dispensed with from today. their wages and other dues in full settlement will be paid after 2 p.m.' 6. twenty-five of the 128 accepted their wages and other dues in full settlement but the remaining 103 refused. their cause was .....

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Feb 03 1955 (SC)

The Automobile Products of India Ltd. Vs. Rukmaji Bala and ors.

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : Feb-03-1955

Reported in : AIR1955SC258; (1955)ILLJ346SC; [1955]1SCR1241

..... for securing and preserving amity and good relations between the employers and workmen. the appropriate government is authorised by section 4 to appoint conciliation officers charged with the duty of mediating in and promoting the settlement of industrial disputes and by section 5 to constitute a board of conciliation for promoting the settlement of industrial disputes. section 6 empowers the appropriate .....

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Feb 07 1955 (FN)

Tee-hit-ton Indians Vs. United States

Court : US Supreme Court

Decided on : Feb-07-1955

..... longer occupied by its ancient inhabitants, was parceled out according to the will of the sovereign power and taken possession of by persons who claimed immediately from the crown, or mediately, through its grantees or deputies." pp. 21 u. s. 590 -591. see buttz v. northern pacific r. co., 119 u. s. 55 , 119 u. s. 66 ; martin v. waddell, 16 .....

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Mar 04 1955 (HC)

V.V. Muvva Gopalakrishna Yachendra and ors. Vs. V.V. Sarvagna Krishna ...

Court : Andhra Pradesh

Decided on : Mar-04-1955

Reported in : AIR1955AP264

..... fact, the sum of rs. 1,000/- was not the amount mentioned by one party and accepted by the other. this was fixed by the rajah of bobbili as a mediator who arrived at the figure after taking into consideration several factors mentioned therein.(15) it may also be mentioned taht the parties, namely, the appellants always treated this allowance as ..... last being a minor, by his father and guardian kumar yachama nayudu bahadur, appointed the rajah of bobbili as mediator to determine the amount of allowance to be given to the three above-named brothers and to their purusha santhathi. the mediator taking fully into consideratioin the status of all the parties, the condition and respectability of the estate and all other .....

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Aug 22 1955 (HC)

Kuppammal Vs. Mu. Ve. Pethanna Chetty

Court : Chennai

Decided on : Aug-22-1955

Reported in : AIR1956Mad250; (1956)1MLJ52

..... that the suit pronote was executed nominally and that at a settlement effected between the parties the pronote was discharged and the stamp was torn in the presence of the mediators, but was left with the defendant in connection with the settlement of the disputes with a third party. one of the issues framed in the suit was whether the suit .....

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Aug 24 1955 (HC)

Commissioner of Income-tax, West Bengal, Calcutta Vs. Malchand Surana, ...

Court : Kolkata

Decided on : Aug-24-1955

Reported in : AIR1956Cal537,[1955]28ITR684(Cal)

..... the hand of another person, or that if another person does sign it on the addressee's behalf, the presumption is that it never was delivered to the addressee himself mediately or immediately. for instance, if a servant in the addressee's house saw a notice handed in by the postman carried to the addressee and handed to him, that servant .....

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Sep 05 1955 (HC)

Chakko Bhai Ghelabhai Vs. State of Orissa and ors.

Court : Orissa

Decided on : Sep-05-1955

Reported in : 21(1955)CLT521; [1956]7STC36(Orissa)

..... state. the term 'court' has acquired the meaning of 'a place where justice is administered' and also applies to persons who exercise judicial functions under authority derived either immediately or mediately from the sovereign power. all tribunals, however, are not courts in the sense in . which the term is understood. thus arbitrators, committees of clubs and the like though they may .....

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