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May 08 1950 (FN)

Automobile Workers Vs. O'Brien

Court : US Supreme Court

Decided on : May-08-1950

..... become effective." "2. upon receipt of such notice, it shall be the duty of the board to exercise the powers herein granted to effect a settlement of such dispute by mediation between the parties. prior to the calling of an election as provided hereinafter, it shall be the duty of each of the parties to such dispute to actively and in ..... it conflicts with the federal act. the michigan law calls for a notice given "[i]n the event the parties . . . are unable to settle any dispute" to be followed by mediation, and, if that is unsuccessful, by a strike vote within twenty days, with a majority required to authorize a strike. under the federal legislation, the prescribed strike notice can be ..... 1947 act. it established certain prerequisites, with which appellants complied, for any strike over contract termination or modification. 8(d). these include notices to both state and federal [ footnote 4 ] mediation authorities; both did participate in the negotiations in this case. in provisions which did not affect appellants, congress forbade strikes for certain objectives and detailed procedures for strikes which might ..... . 339 u. s. 459 . page 339 u. s. 455 mr. chief justice vinson delivered the opinion of the court. the constitutionality of the strike vote provision of the michigan labor mediation law [ footnote 1 ] is before us in this case. appellants struck against chrysler corporation in may, 1948, without conforming to the prescribed state procedure. the strike was called to enforce .....

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Apr 10 1950 (FN)

Slocum Vs. Delaware, Lackawanna and Western R. Co.

Court : US Supreme Court

Decided on : Apr-10-1950

..... handed down, we explained them as follows: "this result was reached because of this court's view that jurisdictional disputes between unions were left by congress to mediation, rather than adjudication. 320 u. s. 320 u.s. 302 and 320 u. s. 337 . that is to say, no personal right of ..... contrary, the legislative history of the railway labor act shows a consistent purpose on the part of congress to establish and maintain a system for peaceful adjustment and mediation voluntary in its nature." [ footnote 2/8 ] 204 u. s. 204 u.s. 426, 204 u. s. 440 -441: "for if, ..... accept its awards. [ footnote 2/12 ] we held that the issues in those cases were not justiciable in the federal courts, since the "concept of mediation is the antithesis of justiciability." [ footnote 2/13 ] here, the controversy relates to the interpretation of contracts, a function courts have always performed, and ..... we upheld the right of employees to sue the carrier although the employment relationship still existed. the case before us is quite different from switchmen's union v. mediation board, 320 u. s. 297 , and general committee v. m.-k.-t. r. co., 320 u. s. 323 . those concerned controversies of ..... virginian r. co. v. system federation, 300 u. s. 515 , 300 u. s. 547 -548. the act also sets up machinery for conciliation, mediation, arbitration and adjustment of disputes, to be invoked if negotiations fail. in this case, the dispute concerned interpretation of an existing bargaining agreement. its settlement would have .....

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May 29 1950 (FN)

Ewing Vs. Mytinger and Casselberry, Inc.

Court : US Supreme Court

Decided on : May-29-1950

..... that the only review of the issue of probable cause which congress granted was the one provided in the libel suit. cf. switchmen's union of north american v. national mediation board, 320 u. s. 297 , 320 u. s. 305 -306. the purpose of the multiple seizure provision is plain. it is to arrest the distribution of an article that is .....

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Apr 14 1950 (HC)

Minor Ramalingam Reddi by Next Friend Vanajakshi Ammal and anr. Vs. Ba ...

Court : Chennai

Decided on : Apr-14-1950

Reported in : AIR1951Mad431; (1950)2MLJ597

..... parties to the original sale dated 9-1-1940. the dispute between the parties was settled by by a compromise, ex. p-3, arrived at as the result of a mediation. exhibit p-3, dated 19-1-1944 provided inter alia (1) that the plaintiff should pay rs. 2700 to the defendants within two months, with interest at 6 per cent .....

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Aug 24 1950 (HC)

Gomraj Punamchand Vs. Sogmal Dhanaji

Court : Chennai

Decided on : Aug-24-1950

Reported in : (1951)1MLJ85

..... by the defendant on the basis of the settlement evidenced by exs. b-1 and b-2. the case of the plaintiff is that what took place was merely a mediation and not a strict arbitration proceeding which resulted in an award as such. the defendant in his written statement pleaded that the parikhat and the katha referred to in the .....

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Mar 14 1950 (SC)

Prandas Vs. the State

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : Mar-14-1950

Reported in : AIR1954SC36

fazl ali, j.1. this is an appeal by special leave from the decision of the high court at nagpur, allowing the appeal of the government of the central provinces and berar under section 417, criminal p. c., against the acquittal of the appellant by the sessions judge of bilaspur, and convicting him for committing murder of one gayaram and causing hurt to his wife, bahartin, and sentencing him to transportation for life and three months' rigorous imprisonment under sections 302 and 323 respectively of the indian penal code.2. the case of the prosecution as presented in the trial court may be shortly stated as follows. in village taga, which adjoins village dhanwa, where the alleged crime is said to have been committed, there is a field belonging to the deceased, gayaram, and his sons, in which paddy was sown in 1948. on 15-8-1948, hiraram, one of gayaram's sons, arranged to bring water into this field from the field of one tiharu, one of his relations, by making an opening in the ridge of an adjoining field belonging to one sadhram. on the same day, in the afternoon, one sukhchaindass, brother of the appellant, prandas, stopped the water flowing from sadhram's field, alleging that prandas had asked him not to allow the water to pass through that field, as he had purchased it from day, while hariram and his father, gayaram, were sitting in the verandah of one thandaram, the latter proposed to prandas, who was in his own verandah (opposite to that of thandaram) that .....

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Apr 11 1950 (HC)

Gutta Radhakristnayya Minor, by Mother and Guardian Nagarattamma Vs. G ...

Court : Chennai

Decided on : Apr-11-1950

Reported in : AIR1951Mad213; (1950)2MLJ338

..... document contains the following recital:'in the said settlement the mediators settled to give the hereunder schedule a items 1 and 2 of property to me, the schedule b mpntioned property to the minor, and ..... by the respective parties are detailed; the covenants of mutual indemnity are also embodied in the document, it was signed by the plaintiff and the mediators attested the same. in short, all the terms in regard to the partition of the properties between them are embodied in the docu-ment. the ..... . the document gives in detail the nature of the disputes between the parties and also the settlement of the same through the intervention of the mediators. the properties allotted to the respective parties are minutely described. it provides for payment of money for equalization of the shares; the debts payable ..... 16th february 1944 is admissible in evidence as it only recorded a completed partition that was entered into between the parties through the intervention of the mediators; (2) that the defendant having been put in possession of the properties that fell to his share is entitled to defend the suit on ..... the family properties and for profits.2. the defendant inter alia, pleaded that there was a partition of the family properties through the intervention of mediators and he wag put in possession of the properties that fell to his share. he relied upon a document em. bodying the arrangement between the .....

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Aug 27 1950 (HC)

Dwarkadas Shrinivas Vs. the Sholapur Spg. and Wvg. Co. Ltd. and ors.

Court : Mumbai

Decided on : Aug-27-1950

Reported in : AIR1951Bom86; (1951)53BOMLR218; ILR1951Bom473

..... with the effect of appointment of directors of the company by the central govt. & the effect is : (1) that all the directors of the company who were holding office im.mediately before the issue of the order appointing new directors shall be deemed to have vacated their offices; (2) any contract of management between the company & any managing agent thereof shall .....

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Mar 03 1950 (HC)

The Public Prosecutor Vs. Annavarapu Ramasubba Rao and anr.

Court : Chennai

Decided on : Mar-03-1950

Reported in : AIR1950Mad551

..... acquit them under section 245 (1), criminal p. c.'5. i think the order of acquittal cannot stand. the learned magistrate seems to have been under a misapprehension that a mediator, nama was absolutely necessary to evidence the taking of a sample of powder by p. w. 1 from the shop of the accused. it is not necessary to prepare a .....

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Mar 17 1950 (HC)

In Re: Dasan Gangaraju

Court : Chennai

Decided on : Mar-17-1950

Reported in : AIR1950Mad778

..... removal by the petitioner to its place of hiding where it lay and it was taken out by the petitioner and produced before p. w. 14 in the presence of mediators' and adds that these two witnesses, p. ws. 1 and 13, had managed to screen the facts from the investigating officers till 2nd june 1948. after going through the evidence .....

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