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Dec 15 1992 (HC)

Amarsinh Swaroopsinh and ors. Vs. Jagdish Processors

Court : Gujarat

Decided on : Dec-15-1992

Reported in : (1993)2GLR1398; (1994)ILLJ743Guj

..... . this is consistent with the object sought to be achieved by the provision of the act. the act aims at settlement of disputes by agreement or through conciliation or through mediation of different officers. emphasis is on settlement of disputes. therefore, the correct interpretation of the expression 'no such application shall lie unless....' and of the expression 'no agreement has been ..... for settlement of industrial disputesand machinery has been provided at differentlevels to see that the employer and the employee settle their disputes either by agreement or through conciliation or through mediation of different officers. attempt has been made to see that as far as possible few matters should betaken to the labour court and industrial court. the prime object of the .....

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Mar 04 1992 (HC)

Uday T. Valia Vs. Mahendra Prasad, Joint Secretary to the Govt. of Ind ...

Court : Mumbai

Decided on : Mar-04-1992

Reported in : 1992CriLJ2460

..... stated that he came in contact with b. k. joshi and d. shah through local advertisements. he also admitted having received rs. 1.5 lakhs as his commission for this mediation. in the grounds of detention it is further stated that in petitions which were filed in the court of the additional chief metropolitan magistrate, bombay, which were dated 12th march .....

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Aug 20 1992 (HC)

P.G. Hariharan and Ors. Vs. Padaril Deceased Kunhambu's Children Balac ...

Court : Kerala

Decided on : Aug-20-1992

Reported in : AIR1994Ker36

..... as joint family properties of makkunni, plaintiff and defendants, all such contentions were later withdrawn as a result of ext. a1 compromise reached between the parties in the presence of mediators and the suit itself was decreed on the basis of the said compromise. as per the compromise two items of properties were kept in common including them in a separate ..... was a serious dispute regarding the assets of the family between its members which lead to the filing of the earlier suit for partition. the said dispute was settled by mediation during the pendency of the suit by entering into a compromise evidenced by ext.a1. there is no case for the parties that it was not a bona fide compromise .....

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Nov 13 1992 (HC)

S. Abboy Naidu Vs. R. Sundararajan and Others

Court : Chennai

Decided on : Nov-13-1992

Reported in : 1994CriLJ641

..... hearing her noise, p.w. 3 along with the accused went and put down the fire. beyond that his evidence is of no use. p.w. 5 is only a mediator and his evidence is not in any way incriminating. the court below has given convincing reasonings for not accepting his evidence. 8. the fact that the deceased has committed suicide ..... document or independent evidence has been produced to substantiate this. further, even according to the case of the prosecution, p.w. 5 and others, who are related to the accused, mediated and took the deceased to the house of accused, thereafter, they were living happily and the deceased gave birth to a female child. hence the same cannot be an incriminating ..... also quarrelled on that account. subsequently, the relations of the accused came to the house of the deceased's parents and took the deceased to the accused's house after mediation. thereupon, the deceased was living with her husband, the accused, and she became pregnant and gave birth to a female child. it is stated that the accused insisted that the .....

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Apr 21 1992 (HC)

Reckitt D Colman of India Limited Vs. Medicross Pharmaceuticals Privat ...

Court : Mumbai

Decided on : Apr-21-1992

Reported in : 1992(3)BomCR408

..... of 'medication', 'medicare', 'medical' and 'meditation'. only when 'medi' is not followed by a consonant but by a vowel, 'me' will be pronounced as 'mi' as in the case of 'mediation', 'media' and 'medieval'. the word `medisprin', when pronounced, cannot be mistaken for 'disprin' as it is thus phonetically different although the entire word 'disprin' is absorbed by it. the prefix .....

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Jan 07 1992 (HC)

Muniyamma and Others Vs. Arathi Cine Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. and Others

Court : Karnataka

Decided on : Jan-07-1992

Reported in : [1993]77CompCas97(Kar); ILR1992KAR1262; 1992(2)KarLJ614

..... asserts it. respondents nos. 3 to 6 have set up a plea that the shares held by the petitioners in the first respondent-company were transferred to them with the mediation of respondent no. 2. therefore, the burden was upon respondents nos. 3 to 6 to prove the alleged transfer of shares. therefore, it is not possible to agree with the .....

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Jun 17 1992 (HC)

T.P.S. Lakshmanan and Others Vs. Sree Balraj Paper and Straw Board Mil ...

Court : Chennai

Decided on : Jun-17-1992

Reported in : [1995]82CompCas760(Mad)

..... the company petition that he was retaining all the account books, records and the documents of the company under his custody as requested by the mediators. this position was admitted by pw-1 in the cross-examination wherein he has stated that the entire books of account for the period from ..... managing director of the company with effect from february 1, 1988. the allegation made in paragraph 6 in regard to the alleged settlement before the mediators has also been denied as false. the respondent submits that the petitioners have not established their case of inability of the respondent-company to pay its ..... account books and records of the company. however, he has failed and neglected to pay and honour his commitments which he has agreed before the mediators. the petitioners issued a notice on march 2, 1989, by registered post with acknowledgment due to the company to its registered office calling upon ..... the said outstandings to the petitioners in spite of repeated requests and reminders. the petitioners further state that as per the mediators' request, the first petitioner is retaining all the account books, records and documents of the company under his custody and as per the understanding, ..... recover the said outstandings earlier since l. k. a. jayaraman, the present director-in-charge of the affairs of the company agreed before the mediators to pay the said sum in the first week of february, 1989, itself. however, he did not make any attempt to pay and settle .....

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Nov 20 1992 (HC)

Dhusasan Samal Vs. the State of Orissa

Court : Orissa

Decided on : Nov-20-1992

Reported in : 75(1993)CLT515; 1993(I)OLR116

..... minati mentioning about her tonure for non-payment of dowry. the evidence of pw 3 thus cannot be accepted on its face value. pw 4 is said to be the mediator in the marriage of the appellant with minati. he has not stated anything about the allegation that minati was subjected to cruelty or harassment by her husband for or in ..... the statement of pw 1. he has further stated that on refusal to give dowry the talk of marriage failed and after about fifteen days, at the instance of the mediator (pw 4) the talk was again resumed in the village of the appellant when pw 1 agreed to give cash of rs. 2000/- and a 'palanka' and other articles. the ..... mediator who was examined as pw 4 has stated nothing about the discussion over payment of dowry in the house of the appellant. in the cross-examination he has clearly stated .....

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Aug 24 1992 (SC)

Pioneer Rubber Plantation, Nilambur Vs. State of Kerala and Another

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : Aug-24-1992

Reported in : AIR1993SC192; JT1992(5)SC144; 1992(2)SCALE231; (1992)4SCC175; [1992]3SCR972; 1992(2)LC724(SC)

..... explanation deems land used for schools, hospitals and playground meant for the workers as land ancillary to cultivation of the crops. but precisely because the said purposes are remotely or mediately connected with the cultivation of the crops in question that they are specifically mentioned in the explanation. it also further appears that the needs of education, medical facilities and sports .....

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Jun 24 1992 (FN)

Lee Vs. Weisman

Court : US Supreme Court

Decided on : Jun-24-1992

..... tenth amendment in condemning such proclamations by a national officer. i do not, in any event, understand petitioners to be arguing that the establishment clause is exclusively a structural provision mediating the respective powers of the state and national governments. such a position would entail the argument, which petitioners do not make, and which we would almost certainly reject, that incorporation .....

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