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Aug 26 2004 (HC)

Kokkiligadda Veeraswamy Vs. State of A.P.

Court : Andhra Pradesh

Decided on : Aug-26-2004

Reported in : 2005CriLJ869

..... the statement recorded by p.w. 11 as in ex. p17 and ex. p14 is the statement recorded by p.w. 13.9. p.w. 6 is one of the mediators who was present at the time of ex. p6 -- observation report scribed by the police and seizure of m.os. 1 to 7. he was also one of the ..... mediators who was present at the time of the inquest. p.w. 7 is the doctor, who examined the deceased and found no external or internal injuries. p.w. 8 is .....

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Nov 18 2004 (HC)

The Food Inspector, Div. Ii Vs. D. Ravindranath and ors.

Court : Andhra Pradesh

Decided on : Nov-18-2004

Reported in : 2005CriLJ1071

..... and paid rs. 63/- towards its cost and obtained a cash receipt from a-1 in the presence of jonna durga malleswara rao and ch. koteswara rao i.e., the mediators. subsequently, a notice in form no. vi was issued and served on a-1 informing that the said supari rawa will be sent to the public analyst for analysis and ..... the collection of samples. p.w. 2 is the attender of the said food inspector who had deposed about the details of taking the samples. p.w.3 is the mediator who had not supported the version of the prosecution.the case of the prosecution is that a-1 sold supari rawa which was said to have been manufactured by a .....

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Nov 11 2004 (HC)

Burla Venugopalakrishna Vs. State of A.P. and anr.

Court : Andhra Pradesh

Decided on : Nov-11-2004

Reported in : 2005CriLJ1164

..... -1 for medical examination to the hospital at 1 p.m. pw-13 also seized the clothes of pw-1 i.e., mo-1 to mo-3 under cover of mediators report and ultimately charge-sheet was filed after completion of investigation.8. the prosecution examined pw-1 to pw-14 and exs. p-1 to p-24 and mos. 1 ..... of mos. 8 and 9 from a-1 under ex. p-21 and also about the arrest of a-3 and seizure of mos. 10 to 13 under cover of mediators report ex. p-23 and filing memo before the viii metropolitan magistrate with a request to record section 164, cr. p. c. statement of pw-1 and also to conduct .....

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Nov 24 2004 (HC)

Pushpa Kumari (Smt.) Vs. Parichhit Pandey @ Ashutosh Pandey and anr.

Court : Jharkhand

Decided on : Nov-24-2004

Reported in : 2005(1)BLJR486; [2005(1)JCR134(Jhr)]

..... between the two is admitted. it is further stated that marriage was negotiated one and the own nephew of the respondent no. 2 mahesh tiwary who is an advocate was mediator in negotiation of the marriage. but parents of the plaintiff suppressed the material facts regarding character, status, nature and mental balance of the plaintiff. the fact is that after three ..... back to her husband's house till date. on the other, it is alleged that this being a negotiated marriage and nephew of nirmal tiwary (respondent no. 2) was the mediator and he and his father-in-law have suppressed the fast regarding character, status, nature and mental balance of the plaintiff-respondent. it is alleged that this plaintiff- respondent who .....

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Jan 20 2004 (SC)

Sardar Khan Vs. State of Karnataka

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : Jan-20-2004

Reported in : AIR2004SC1695; 2004CriLJ910; I(2004)DMC171SC; JT2003(1)SC556; 2004(1)SCALE606; (2004)2SCC442

..... deceased was kicked on her stomach when she was pregnant as a result whereof an abortion took place whereafter her father brought her to his own house. however, allegedly on mediation by elderly persons including pw 5, syed arif, the deceased was sent back to her matrimonial home. despite the same, the deceased allegedly used to complain to her parents about ..... 1) and saleem khan (pw 2) as also smt. asmathunnisa (pw 6), the mother of the deceased but also stands corroborated by the evidence of syed arif (pw 5) who mediated between the appellant and the deceased. it has also been proved that the jewelleries belonging to the deceased were pawned to one goutham chand (pw 10) by the appellant. the .....

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Feb 04 2004 (SC)

State of Andhra Pradesh Vs. T. Venkateswara Rao

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : Feb-04-2004

Reported in : AIR2004SC1728; 2004CriLJ1412; 2004(1)JKJ29[SC]; JT2004(2)SC154; 2004(2)SCALE227

..... for laying a trap. he also made necessary arrangements for requisitioning officers working in the office of the superintending engineer, nizamabad to act as mediators. pw-4 was one such person who was chosen to be the mediator. prosecution then alleges that on 24.4.1987 pw-5 accompanied by his staff and others including pws. 1 and 2 came to sanga .....

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Oct 09 2004 (HC)

Thomas Vs. Thomas

Court : Kerala

Decided on : Oct-09-2004

Reported in : II(2005)BC172; 2005(1)KLT297

..... rs. 68,000/- personally in 1994. even though many times the plaintiff demanded the amount from the defendant, he did not pay the same. ultimately, at the instance of the mediators, a cheque for rs. 4,50,000/- was issued by the defendant to the plaintiff taking into account the entire amount due to the plaintiff as well as the interest ..... /-was given. this part of the consideration is not proved. so also, how the total amount of rs. 4,50,000/- was arrived at is not seen. one of the mediators should have been examined to show how this amount was arrived at. thus, the consideration is proved only for an amount of rs. 1,73,011/- (1,35,953 + 37 .....

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Mar 23 2004 (HC)

Commissioner of Cus. (Port) Vs. Settlement Commission, Cus. and C. Ex.

Court : Kolkata

Decided on : Mar-23-2004

Reported in : 2004(171)ELT455(Cal)

..... is decided by it, and fair justice delivery system never demands the judge will sit for judgment of his own cause or is expected to sit on judgment and/or mediation of its own cause. factually, it was not so here. the power and duties under the provision for settlement of cases is to adjudicate ..... , mediate, and while doing so, to bring about a settlement in accordance with law so that the dispute in relation to any case mentioned therein is settled once for all, without .....

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Mar 29 2004 (TRI)

Cellular Operators Association Vs. Department of

Court : SEBI Securities and Exchange Board of India or Securities Appellate Tribunal SAT

Decided on : Mar-29-2004

..... of the involved parties that it defeats its basic objective of achieving a more liberal and equitably interconnection regime than what existing prior to its issuance. played the role of mediator and tried to get the parties to arrive at mutually agreeable terms on the basis of which the interconnection agreements could be finalized. there were 18 issues pending with the ..... the appellants, trai gave its determination on six issues that remained outstanding after its letter dated 13.11.2000 which was in complete departure from the role of trai as mediator which it had assumed until then. i have been taken through the grounds of appeal and i find that appellants had objected on the question of issue of revenue sharing .....

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Aug 02 2004 (HC)

P. Vasu and anr. Vs. State of A.P.

Court : Andhra Pradesh

Decided on : Aug-02-2004

Reported in : I(2005)DMC753

..... . a1 to a3 asked her to discuss the matter with the sister of a1, who is at sallur village. a panchayat was convened at sallur village. some caste elders were mediators. it was decided at the panchayat that they should pay rs. 15,000/- to a1 and a1 should lead married life with the deceased. on the following day, a1 to ..... . p.w, 2 requested him to intervene in the matter but he suggested to go to their caste elders for resolving the said dispute.15. p.w. 6 is the mediator for conducting inquest over the dead body of the deceased and he was called by the mandal revenue officer and he had spoken about the details.16. p.w. 7 .....

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