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Aug 02 2005 (SC)

Salem Advocate Bar Association, Tamil Nadu Vs. Union of India (Uoi)

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : Aug-02-2005

Reported in : AIR2005SC3353; 2005(5)ALD1(SC); 2005(5)ALLMR(SC)876; 2005(3)ARBLR81(SC); 2005(3)AWC2996(SC); 2005(3)BLJR1934; 2005(6)BomCR839; (2006)2GLR1312; JT2005(6)SC486; 2005(6)KarLJ5

..... suit or in any other suit or proceedings.(vii) such other categories of persons as may be notified by the high court.rule 6 : venue for conducting mediation :the mediator shall conduct the mediation at one or other of the following places:(i) venue of the lok adalat or permanent lok adalat.(ii) any place identified by the district judge within the ..... commit to participate in the proceedings in good faith with the intention to settle the dispute, if possible.rule 20 : confidentiality, disclosure and inadmissibility of information:(1) when a mediator receives confidential information concerning the dispute from any party, he shall disclose the substance of that information to the other party, if permitted in writing by the first party.(2 ..... directed to examine it and if agreed, it shall request the planning commission and finance commission to make specific financial allocation for the judiciary for including the expenses involved for mediation/conciliation under section 89 of the code. in case, central government has any reservations, the same shall be placed before the court within four months. in such event, the ..... , the court may reformulate the terms of a possible settlement and refer the same for--(a) arbitration;(b) conciliation;(c) judicial settlement including settlement through lok adalat; or(d) mediation.(2) where a dispute has been referred--(a) for arbitration or conciliation, the provisions of the arbitration and conciliation act, 1996 (26 of 1996) shall apply as if the .....

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Jul 25 2005 (HC)

N. Mahadeva Naidu and anr. Vs. P. Rasool Bee (Died) by Lrs. and ors.

Court : Andhra Pradesh

Decided on : Jul-25-2005

Reported in : 2005(5)ALD614

..... demanded d-1 to d-4 for her 1/7th share in the plaint schedule properties by metes and bounds and put her in separate possession. though plaintiff convened a mediation for the division of the plaint schedule properties through elders, they did not heed the words of the elders at the advice of d-7. therefore, the plaintiff got issued .....

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Feb 28 2005 (HC)

Satish Kumar Singal and ors. Vs. Jagdish Chander Singal and ors.

Court : Punjab and Haryana

Decided on : Feb-28-2005

Reported in : (2005)140PLR481

..... applied to the facts of the present case, it becomes evident that there is no written agreement of arbitration attracting the provisions of arbitration act. a mere reference to the mediation of a third party during the pendency of the appeal filed by the defendant-respondents against grant of interim order passed by the learned civil judge would not amount to .....

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Oct 21 2005 (HC)

Uppu Govinda Lakshmi Vs. Uppu Narayana @ Narayana Rao

Court : Andhra Pradesh

Decided on : Oct-21-2005

Reported in : 2006(1)ALD24; I(2006)DMC622

..... not have been entertained. on receipt of summons, according to the petitioner, she contacted the respondent and his grand-mother, but they made a demand for additional dowry. when the mediation was failed, she contacted an advocate at tadepalligudem to pursue the matter, who promised to look after the matter, but as he had not shown any interest, the ex parte .....

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Jul 14 2005 (HC)

J. Kubera Mandadi and ors. Vs. K. Doraswamy Mandadi and ors.

Court : Andhra Pradesh

Decided on : Jul-14-2005

Reported in : 2005(4)ALT728

..... in the cross-examination, this witness deposed that akkayamma and govindamma executed ex. b-5-letter in favour of d.w. 1 in the presence of the mediators. d.w. 4 is the identifying witness in relation to ex. b-3, who deposed that both govindamma and akkayamma voluntarily executed ex. b-3 and ..... a separate suit for partition o.s. no. 274/84 on the file of principal subordinate judge, tirupati, the present suit. this witness deposed about the mediation and in the mediation, after receiving rs. 19,000/-govindamma and akkayamma executed a regd. relinquishment deed, ex. b-3. the said amount under ex. b-3 was deposited ..... and d-3, and when d-1 cut the trees in suit property, the 1 st plaintiff objected and this witness and 5 others tried to mediate in the matter and they gave verdict that d-1 has to pay rs. 19,000/-to the deceased 1st plaintiff towards cutting of the trees and ..... to 3 in that regard.the 1 st defendant pleaded in paras 12 and 13 of his written statement, as hereunder:-(12) this defendant submits that there was a mediation by elders consisting of d.venkatachalapathi raju, c. veeraswami reddy, g. vadivelu reddy, a. madhava reddy, k. jagannatham, r. chiranjeevi raju and k. sambasiva ..... pendency of o.s. no. 44/90 and o.s. no. 45/90 of this court. it is further stated in the written statement that there was a mediation by elders consisting of d. venkatachalapathi raju, c. veeraswami reddy, g. vadivelu reddy, a. madhava reddy, k. jagannatham, r. chiranjeevi raju and k. sambasiva reddy .....

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Nov 14 2005 (FN)

Schaffer Vs. Weast

Court : US Supreme Court

Decided on : Nov-14-2005

..... , special education expenditure project). congress has also repeatedly amended the act in order to reduce its administrative and litigation-related costs. for example, in 1997 congress mandated that states offer mediation for idea disputes. individuals with disabilities education act amendments of 1997, pub. l. 105 17, 615(e), 111 stat. 90, 20 u. s. c. 1415(e). in 2004, congress added ..... , evaluation, or educational placement of the child, or [2] to the provision of a free appropriate public education, of the child, has the opportunity to resolve such disputes through a mediation process. 20 u. s. c. a. 1415(a), (b)(6)(a), (k) (supp. 2005). the act further provides the parent with an opportunity for an impartial due process hearing provided ..... the state hearing(s), to bring a civil action in a federal district court. 1415(i)(2)(a). in sum, the act provides for school board action, followed by (1) mediation, (2) an impartial state due process hearing with the possibility of state appellate review, and, (3) federal district court review. the act also sets forth minimum procedures that the parties .....

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Jul 18 2005 (HC)

Rt. Ref. T. Aruldoss, Bishop, Tamil Evangelical Lutheran Church Vs. D. ...

Court : Chennai

Decided on : Jul-18-2005

Reported in : 2005(4)CTC362

..... on my part. i sincerely regret for such action and i once again tender my unconditional apology. as a measure of true repentance i undertake to pay the tamil nadu mediation and conciliation centre, high court, madras a sum of rs. 10,000 within three days. i once again pray that this hon'ble court may be pleased to accept my ..... as donation. accordingly, the same is treated as donation.20. in view of the undertaking that the appellant would pay a further costs of rs. 10,000 to tamil nadu mediation and conciliation centre, high court, madras, it would be appropriate to direct him to pay the said costs namely, rs. 10,000 as donation to the tamil nadu ..... mediation and conciliation centre, within three days from today, since in our opinion, it would reflect the realisation of the mistake committed by him. accordingly, the same is ordered.21. it .....

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Nov 02 2005 (HC)

Kusa Lingaiah Vs. Pandiri Laxmaiah

Court : Andhra Pradesh

Decided on : Nov-02-2005

Reported in : AIR2006AP121; 2006(2)ALD98; 2006(2)ALT228

..... cross-examination there are several admissions made by d.w.1 and this witness made admissions relating to the loan transaction with the bank and also deposed relating to the mediation and the terms settled. however, denies several suggestions.18. it is pertinent to note that certain of the answers made by d.w.1 are contrary to certain of the ..... carefully scrutinized, it is clear that these parties had referred the dispute to elders and even in chief examination d.w.1 deposed about the details of mediation. d.w.1 also deposed about p.w.1 informing the elders that there was no need to go for the accounts and either p.w.1 or d.w ..... denied several suggestions and also deposed that defendant maintained the accounts and was supervising and there are no account books to the partnership firm. this witness also deposed about the mediation and the details relating to those aspects. this witness further deposed in detail about ex-a4 and what happened before the elders. if the evidence of d.w.1 is .....

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Dec 15 2005 (FN)

Percy (Ap) (Appellant) Vs. Church of Scotland Board of National Missio ...

Court : House of Lords

Decided on : Dec-15-2005

..... there was a case to answer, and the presbytery began making preparations for holding a trial by libel, that is, trying a formal disciplinary charge against ms percy. at a mediation meeting arranged by the church ms percy was counselled to resign and demit status as a minister. in december 1997 she demitted status, that is, she resigned as an ordained ..... has happened, such an agreement would be possible, even with the help of a skilled and independent mediator. in hoping that it might be, i have in mind that mediation is a process to which each party comes on equal terms, in which the mediator is able to detect and redress any imbalance in their bargaining powers, and through which they are assisted .....

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Dec 01 2005 (HC)

Katragadda Sivaramakrishnaiah Vs. Katragadda Prasad Rao and ors.

Court : Andhra Pradesh

Decided on : Dec-01-2005

Reported in : 2006(2)ALD326

..... sukhavasi nagabhushanam, that the first defendant has been in wrongful possession and enjoyment and misappropriating the properties, that the legitimate share of the plaintiff is denied, that there was a mediation as noted in the plaint, that the first defendant is accountable, that the various items of 'a' and 'b' schedules are partible and belong to joint family, that the registered ..... in possession of the said property and not this defendant. there were no efforts at all by the plaintiff to take possession of 'a' schedule property or that there was mediation etc., as falsely alleged. sukhavasi nagabhushanam, kavuri basavaiah who are enimical to this defendant are having their evil eyes on the property of the plaintiff and this defendant with dishonest ..... during that time. it is not out of his love and affection that the said property was purchased in his name and not on account of the intervention of the mediators. he has to contact a loan of rs.1,200/- towards the consideration for the purchase of the said land. it was a dry land fetching an income of 400 ..... made sincere efforts in vain to get his share in the b schedule properties and possession of the a schedule property, to which he is sole and absolute owner, through mediators and his maternal and paternal grandfathers, sri sukhavasi nagabhushanam and sri kavuri bhavaiah. the 1st defendant in his fiduciary capacity as the natural guardian of the plaintiff and manager of .....

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