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Dec 14 2005 (HC)

Aniruddha Basu Vs. Kolkata Municipal Corporation and ors.

Court : Kolkata

Decided on : Dec-14-2005

jyotirmay bhattacharya, j.1. the petitioner has filed this writ petition by challenging the inaction on the part of the concerned respondent of kolkata municipal corporation for not considering the petitioner's application for mutation as well as his application for reassessment of the flat in question.2. the petitioner purchased a flat being flat no. 5 in a multi-storied building namely heera apartment situated at premises no. 42f, bedia danga, 2nd lane (presently new ballygunge road, p.s. kasba) from the erstwhile recorded owner thereof by a registered deed of conveyance dated 29th october, 2004.3. immediately after purchase of the said flat, the petitioner applied for mutation of his name as owner of the said flat in the place of the petitioner's vendor in the municipal records. the requisite formalities which are required to be complied with, has all been completed by the petitioner in this regard.4. the grievance of the petitioner in this writ petition is against the municipal authority, as the said authority, in spite, of receipt of the petitioner's said application for mutation as back as on 1st march, 2005, has not taken any step in this regard till date.5. prior to the purchase of the said flat by the petitioner, the said flat was let out to a tenant by the erstwhile owner thereof. accordingly, the annual valuation of the said premises was assessed by the municipal authority by taking into account the actual rent which was payable by the tenant in respect of the said .....

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Feb 08 2005 (HC)

Barkat Bibi Vs. J and K Special Tribunal and ors.

Court : Jammu and Kashmir

Decided on : Feb-08-2005

Reported in : 2005(2)JKJ300

s.k. gupta, j.1. this appeal arises from the judgment and order of learned single judge dated 24.11.2004 passed in owp no. 168/2001 by virtue of which the writ petition preferred by the appellant was dismissed.2. petitioner approached the writ court seeking a direction to quash the order of respondent no. 1 (j&k; special tribunal, jammu) dated 05.03.2001 by which the restoration order dated 02.02.1980 passed by the custodian and order dated 16.02.1995 passed by custodian general affirming the order of custodian under section 8 of the evacuee's (administration of property) act, have been set aside.3. the dispute pertains to the devolution of the right of non-occupancy tenancy held by jumma on the appellant-daughter on the death of the deceased- tenant who was killed in the disturbances of 1947.4. the case of the appellant is that her father, jumma was in cultivating possession of the state land aggregating 54 kanals and 5 marias comprising survey nos. 683 and 696 located at village maheen sarkar, tehsil samba, district jammu as non occupancy tenant prior to 1947. jumma was killed at miran sahib in 1947. the land in issue came in cultivating possession of behari lal, predecessor- in-interest of respondents 4 to 8, udhay ram, kaiser and kashmiru lal, which, according to them, allotted in their favour under government orders lb-7 and 578-c respectively. they continued to be in possession of the said land till evicted in pursuance of order dated 02.02.1980 passed by the custodian .....

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Jun 22 2005 (TRI)

Motorola Inc., Erisson Radio Vs. Deputy C.i.T.

Court : Income Tax Appellate Tribunal ITAT Delhi

Decided on : Jun-22-2005

Reported in : (2005)96TTJ(Delhi)1

..... business opportunities in india for the assessee in relation to its products.further, it is specifically provided inter alia, that the indian counterpart has no role to play as a mediator between the assessee and any indian buyer, it cannot bind the assessee in any manner while promoting its products in india and that the final terms of contract for sale ..... or merchandise on behalf of the assessee. while dealing with the issue of "business connection", we have given a categorical finding that eci has no role to play as a mediator between the assessee and any buyer. it cannot bind the assessee in any manner while promoting its products in india and that the final terms of contract for sale of .....

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Jul 25 2005 (TRI)

income Tax Officer Vs. Mugatlal B and Sons

Court : Income Tax Appellate Tribunal ITAT Ahmedabad

Decided on : Jul-25-2005

Reported in : (2006)100TTJ(Ahd.)1042

..... the certificate, it was also mentioned as the assessee-firm was builder and distributor of tata pipe and genith pipe and fixtures, they have to pass on secret commission to mediators. our attention was also drawn to the affidavit of shri govardhan, proprietor of moti builders & organisers who was carrying on business as a builder and developer of immovable property for ..... of the nature of business the assessee was involved, there was a general practice that secret commission is given by the traders or suppliers to the purchasers or to the mediators of the purchasers. as per the certificate in the activities of builder and developer, plumber used to purchase on behalf of developer or builder, therefore generally trader passes on the .....

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Jun 27 2005 (FN)

Metro-goldwyn-mayer Studios Inc. Vs. Grokster, Ltd.

Court : US Supreme Court

Decided on : Jun-27-2005

..... the user can download desired files directly from peers computers. as this description indicates, grokster and streamcast use no servers to intercept the content of the search requests or to mediate the file transfers conducted by users of the software, there being no central point through which the substance of the communications passes in either direction.[ footnote 4 ] although grokster and ..... servers. the advantage of peer-to-peer networks over information networks of other types shows up in their substantial and growing popularity. because they need no central computer server to mediate the exchange of information or files among users, the high-bandwidth communications capacity for a server may be dispensed with, and the need for costly server storage space is eliminated .....

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Jul 15 2005 (HC)

Kuchanapalli Neelama and ors. Vs. Deekonda Sadanandam and ors.

Court : Andhra Pradesh

Decided on : Jul-15-2005

Reported in : 2005(5)ALD223; 2005(6)ALT60

..... 16-1-1973, for a valuable consideration. the said agreement of sale was not filed into court, by stating that it was handed over to one of the mediators, while disputes arose, and the mediator did not return it, thereafter. therefore, it emerges that the appellants failed to prove the transfer of the suit schedule property in their favour, from ramachandram.13 .....

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Aug 10 2005 (HC)

Kunduru Vinaya Reddy Alias Fathima Mareddy Vs. State of A.P.

Court : Andhra Pradesh

Decided on : Aug-10-2005

Reported in : 2005CriLJ3896

..... 19-6-2001 at 4.45 p.m. p.w. 11 arrested accused nos. 1 to 3 at rentachintala railway station and recorded their statements in the presence of the mediators. accused no. 1 disclosed that the weapons used in the crime were kept in the bushes near agricultural market-yard of rentachintala village. accordingly, p.w. 11 proceeded to the ..... market-yard and in the presence of the mediators, recovered two knives, an iron rod and one bloodstained shirt (m.os. 1 to 4) from the bushes in the market-yard. the case was taken on file as p .....

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Sep 09 2005 (HC)

K. Munirathnam Naidu Vs. K. Aadi Lakshmamma and ors.

Court : Andhra Pradesh

Decided on : Sep-09-2005

Reported in : 2005(6)ALD534

..... share of the produce from out of the schedule properties. third defendant has no right to do so and he is not justified in doing so. the efforts of the mediators also became futile. the plaintiff reliably learnt that the third defendant brought into existence some sham, nominal, collusive and fraudulent documents for a portion of the plaint schedule properties in ..... extent of ac.2-14 cents in 114 situated in pudipatla to five persons, in the year 1986. prior to the filing of the suit there was no mediation with regard to the so-called interest of the plaintiff in respect of the demands of her share in the suit properties. the plaint schedule properties are not joint family .....

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Oct 07 2005 (HC)

Yelchuri Manohar Vs. State of A.P.

Court : Andhra Pradesh

Decided on : Oct-07-2005

Reported in : 2005(2)ALD(Cri)751; 2005CriLJ4593

..... the presentation of ex. p. 1. p.w. 45 investigated into the case. an observation report of the scene of offence ex. p.30 was prepared in the presence of mediators, p.w. 33 and others. lot of incriminating material was seized by him, the details of which are unnecessary at this stage. he also held inquest over the dead body ..... of the accused, on 29-6-2004. ex. p. 34 panchanama under which the knife was seized does not state the presence of any blood-stains on the knife. the mediator p.w. 38 in whose presence the weapon-m.o. 1 was seized also does not say that the knife was blood stained. it is only p.w. 5, the .....

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Sep 30 2005 (HC)

Suruvu Parshaiah Vs. State of A.P.

Court : Andhra Pradesh

Decided on : Sep-30-2005

Reported in : 2005(2)ALD(Cri)806; 2006CriLJ824

..... of offence panchanama is not substantive evidence and that mere marking of panchanama is not sufficient and that the contents of panchanama are to be brought on record through the mediators or through the investigating officer through whom the panchanama is marked. i have come across several cases where the contents of panchanama were not brought on record and simply panchanamas ..... used only to corroborate the oral testimony given in the court. here in the instant case, ex. p-20 is said to have been prepared in the presence of two mediators viz. karunabathula premsagar rao and nandi rajendra prasad and they are cited as witnesses in the charge-sheet as lws-15 and 16. lw-15 was not examined and nandi .....

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