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Nov 12 2012 (HC)

Sri Dillip Kumar Mohanty Vs. State of Odisha and Others

Court : Orissa

Decided on : Nov-12-2012

..... for amicable settlement of the dispute through discussion. however, due to the attitude of the petitioner, the dispute could not be resolved. again for amicable settlement of the dispute through mediation, meetings were called on 9.3.2011 and 22.3.2011. on both the occasions the petitioner remained absent. opposite party no.2 also asked for a clarification from the .....

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May 04 2012 (TRI)

M/S Thayar Dairy Vs. Thayar Food Products and Another

Court : Intellectual Property Appellate Board IPAB

Decided on : May-04-2012

..... was running a provision store in the name of thayar dairy and was in fact marketing the respondents products. suddenly, a cease and desist notice was issued, all efforts at mediation failed. there is absolutely no dishonesty in adoption and respondents are the registered owner. they have filed the partnership deed of thayar food products, the adoption of the mark, the .....

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Jan 20 2012 (HC)

Moolchand Kharaiti Ram Hospital and Vs. Moolchand Kharaiti Ram Hospita ...

Court : Delhi

Decided on : Jan-20-2012

..... steps will be taken to enforce the impugned award in the present writ petition". 1.3 during the pendency of the petition attempts were made to settle the disputes through mediation. the management entered into individual settlements with some of the employees and on that basis it filed an application cm no. 7977 of 2004 seeking to set aside the impugned .....

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Jan 16 2012 (HC)

Rajinder Kumar Gupta Vs. Rameshwar Prasad Gupta

Court : Delhi

Decided on : Jan-16-2012

..... to prepare the drawings and take photographs and make video of the premises. direction issued was that the assistant engineer would submit a report which would be considered by the mediator..16. rajender did not permit the commission to be executed. he filed an application under order vii rule 11 cpc, rfa (os) 89-90/2011 page 4 of 7 registered ..... this request made pertained to physical partition and thus held that the best place to sort out the matter would be the table of a mediator and thus referred the parties to mediation, with a mandate to the mediator to evolve, by consent, any appropriate mode to physically partition the property..15. envisaging that without a visit to the property and without understanding ..... a qualified architect be appointed to assist the mediator in measuring the property at site. various other directions were also sought. vide order dated 01.09.2009, the learned single judge disposed of ia no.11209/2009 directing the ..... the physical contours thereof the learned mediator may not be able to evolve consensus, rameshwar filed ia no.11209/2009 praying to the learned single judge that .....

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May 10 2012 (SC)

Abdul Nawaz Vs. State of West Bengal.

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : May-10-2012

..... dinghy which they had left behind while they had escaped from the spot in the other dinghy. it is not the case of the prosecution that there was any pre-mediation to commit the murder of the deceased. it is also common ground that the appellant was not armed with any weapon. the weapon allegedly used by him to assault the .....

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Mar 16 2012 (HC)

Tamilnadu Tourism Development Vs. Kasiammal

Court : Chennai

Decided on : Mar-16-2012

..... to leave the premises immediately after her work was over. she has stopped from coming to work from 1.11.2007. the conciliation officer, as he could not bring about mediation, gave a failure report. on the strength of the failure report, she filed a claim statement before the 2nd respondent labour court on 28.9.1998. the labour court registered .....

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Mar 07 2012 (HC)

Ms.Mettur Spinning Mills Ltd Vs. the Revenue Divisional Officer.

Court : Chennai

Decided on : Mar-07-2012

..... disputes act do not prohibit the private parties from negotiating the settlement between the parties. many a times negotiations have taken place in the pressing of the employees' association with mediation centres and private arbitrators. therefore, in the absence of any legal prohibition, this court do not think that the 3rd respondent has committed any grave irregularity or illegality in sending .....

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Mar 06 2012 (HC)

R.Kalidoss Vs. the Managing Director

Court : Chennai

Decided on : Mar-06-2012

..... have also been terminated from service. therefore, they raised an industrial dispute before the labour officer for conciliation. the conciliation officer after issuing notice as he could not bring about mediation, gave a failure report.7. on the strength of the failure report, each one of the workman filed a claim statement on 13.1.1998. their dispute was registered as .....

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Jul 04 2012 (SC)

Vishwanath Son of Sitaram Agrawal Vs. Sau. Sarla Vishwanath Agrawal

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : Jul-04-2012

..... various decisions in the field, this court took note of the fact that the wife had neglected to carry out the matrimonial obligations and further, during the pendency of the mediation proceeding, had sent a notice to the husband through her advocate alleging that he had another wife in usa whose identity was concealed. the said allegation was based on the .....

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Feb 23 2012 (HC)

M.Neelakandan Vs. the Presiding Officer

Court : Chennai

Decided on : Feb-23-2012

..... . aggrieved by the said order of dismissal, the petitioner preferred an industrial dispute before the government labour officer (conciliation) at pondicherry. as the conciliation officer could not bring about the mediation, sent a failure report dated 14.8.2002 to the government of pondicherry. the government of pondicherry, by their letter in .....

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