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Jan 30 2014 (FN)

Poh Cheng Chew Vs. K. P. Koh and Partners Pte Ltd. and Another

Court : Singapore Supreme Court

Decided on : Jan-30-2014

..... of the compromise under the settlement agreement. the reference to them in the defendants' summary of facts puts beyond doubt the fact that the additional works were covered by the mediation and the settlement agreement. the parties had, in my judgment, agreed that all claims or disputes would be superseded by the settlement agreement which would now encompass the parties' ..... not expressly provide for what would happen in this situation, i cannot imagine that the parties would have contemplated either: (a) that the entire settlement agreement they had reached through mediation would simply unravel and they would be left to pursue their original claims against each other; or (b) that the matter could be remitted to the same professional engineer who ..... crystallite for $498,000.20 the defendants were dissatisfied with chan's decision and did not make any further payment to the plaintiff under the settlement agreement. after unsuccessful further mediation, the plaintiff commenced the present suit on 16 august 2012. on the same date, the plaintiff filed a complaint to the peb against koh by way of a statutory ..... it appears that the plaintiff also wrote to the building and construction authority ("bca") on 20 february 2012 making a complaint against koh.8 6. the dispute was resolved through mediation on 12 march 2012 and the settlement agreement was entered into between the plaintiff and the defendants. pursuant to the settlement agreement, a professional engineer was to be appointed to .....

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Jan 17 2014 (HC)

Himalya International Ltd Vs. Simplot India Foods Pvt Ltd (Simplot Ind ...

Court : Delhi

Decided on : Jan-17-2014

..... to clause 12.4 either member may initiate the non-binding mediation by providing to the singapore mediation centre and to the other member a written request for mediation, setting forth the subject of the dispute. the singapore mediation centre mediation procedure shall apply to the mediation and the mediation will be held in singapore unless the members otherwise agreed. the members covenant that they will participate ..... in the mediation in good faith, and they will share equally in its costs 8. section 5 of .....

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Jul 25 2014 (HC)

Kamla Devi and Others Vs. Baldev Raj and Others with

Court : Punjab and Haryana

Decided on : Jul-25-2014

..... dated 6.11.2013. in view thereof, this appeal is disposed of in terms of the amicable settlement dated 6.11.2013, as reported by the mediator, mediation and conciliation centre of this court. the parties shall be bound by the aforesaid settlement which shall form part of the decree. . it may further ..... to present in person before the said forum on 06.11.2013. . on the basis of the aforesaid order, the matter was listed before the mediation and conciliation centre of this court, wherein following compromise was placed on record:- before the hon'ble high court of punjab & haryana at chandigarh smt. ..... ___sd/-__ mr. rajesh gaur-counsel for the respondents ___sd/- 06.11.2013 sd/- (mahesh dheer) sonia mediator . the director, mediation and conciliation centre placed the aforesaid report of the mediator before the chairman, mediation and conciliation centre of this court (mahesh kumar ashwani 2014.08.05 11:47 i attest to the accuracy ..... been shown to be signed by the appellants as well as respondents no.1 to 3. on the basis of aforesaid compromise, the mediator passed following order on 6.11.2013:- this mediation case no.___ of 2013 is arising out of rsa no.536 of 2013 kamla devi & ors. vs. puran singh & ors ..... centre of this court for amicable settlement of the dispute between the parties. as per report dated 6.11.2013 of the mediator, mediation and conciliation centre, both the parties have settled their dispute by way of an amicable settlement. the aforesaid amicable settlement has taken .....

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Jul 04 2014 (HC)

Dr.Sindhu K. Rajan Vs. Dr.Ajith M.

Court : Kerala

Decided on : Jul-04-2014

..... challenged the decree before this court in appeal. during pendency of the appeal, at the request of the counsel appearing for both the parties, this court referred the parties to mediation. the mediation succeeded, the parties settled their disputes and they executed a memorandum of op(fc) no.309/2014 16 agreement. when the case was taken up for consideration, the parties ..... ext.p4 judgment. a copy of the mediation settlement agreement is attached to ext.p4 judgment. as agreed in the mediation settlement agreement, the petitioner and the respondent jointly filed a petition for divorce under section 13b of the act before the family court, thrissur ..... between the parties as the wife approached this court with o.p.(fc) no.59 of 2014. in that proceedings, this court directed the parties to try a chance at mediation to settle the differences. pursuant to that direction, the parties approached the kerala mediation centre. it is to be noted that other litigations were also pending between the parties. in the ..... mediation, the parties settled all the disputes. as per the mediation settlement agreement dated 24.03.2014, executed between the parties, this court disposed of o.p.(fc) no.59 of 2014 vide .....

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Jul 21 2014 (HC)

Moideen Vs. State of Kerala

Court : Kerala

Decided on : Jul-21-2014

..... .m.c. no.4357 of20136 in registration of the crimes and filing of cases and the matter has been settled between the parties in the mediation held in the mediation centre, ernakulam and on account of the settlement, there is no possibility of conviction, this court feels that it is a fit case, where the power under section ..... and quash the proceedings to promote the settlement and restoration of harmony that has been brought between the family members of both the parties on account of settlement in the mediation.8. in view of the dictum laid down in the above decision, and also considering the fact that the parties are relatives and the family disputes between them resulted crl ..... of the cheque belonging to him which was misused and the case under section 138 of the act was filed. further, there were civil litigations also between them. in the mediation, all the disputes have been settled between the parties and they have decided to withdraw all the litigations and the family relationship has been restored. in view of the fact ..... . parties have decided to withdraw all the cases filed by them. accordingly, 2nd respondent has filed an affidavit before this court, stating that in view of the settlement of the mediation, the entire dispute between him and the petitioner has been settled and the family relationship between the two families has been restored. so, he has no objection in quashing the .....

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Jul 31 2014 (HC)

Saraswathy Vs. Rajalekshmi

Court : Kerala

Decided on : Jul-31-2014

..... . a fresh decree has to be drawn up in terms of the conditions stipulated in the mediation settlement agreement. the mediation settlement agreement shall form part of the decree and the same shall be appended with the decree. the entire court fee shall be refunded to the concerned parties ..... the a.s.609/1999 & 92/2000 :2. : mediation settlement agreement, and the memorandum of settlement shall form part of the decree.4. in the result, both these appeals are disposed of by modifying the impugned judgment and decree ..... .s. nos.609 of 1999 & 92 of 2000 ````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` dated this the 31st day of july, 2014 judgment ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ the matter was referred for mediation and it seems that the long standing dispute has been resolved and settled in mediation and a mediation settlement agreement has been prepared.2. heard the learned counsel for the appellants sri.k.s.bharathan and learned counsel for the ..... agreement has been signed by all the parties and the learned counsel appearing for the parties. on going through the terms and conditions of the mediation settlement agreement, it seems that all the terms being legal, the same can be given effect to, through a decree. a fresh decree has to be passed in terms of .....

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Dec 19 2014 (HC)

Nusaiba Vs. Faisal

Court : Kerala

Decided on : Dec-19-2014

..... that prompted her to live with the child separately and as per the mediation and on the basis of the undertaking, she had come back and resided with them. it is true that the respondent had filed an application for ..... in a way denied by rw1 in his evidence, though in the counter statement he had stated that he was made to sign certain documents in the mediation settlement under compulsion. so that also will go to show that there was something which is not possible for her to reside in the house happened and ..... not properly appreciated the evidence. in fact it was admitted by the respondent in the counter statement that he had made to sign certain documents in the mediation held at the instance of both the family members and also admitted that there is a criminal complaint filed alleging offence under section 498 a of the ..... due to the ill treatment met by her at the hands of the respondent and his family members, she was compelled to reside separately. though in the mediation as the respondent had agreed that he will not ill treat her she had started living together with him but the ill treatment continued. so she was ..... concern by name urutech. but it is also an admitted fact that earlier there was a mediation held and on account of the mediation, she had started living with the respondent. it was mentioned by pw1 that, in the mediation, r.p.(fc)no.426 of 2014 5 the respondent had agreed that he will not .....

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Mar 10 2014 (HC)

M/S. Vikram Private Limited Vs. Tata Aig General Insurance Company Lim ...

Court : Kolkata

Decided on : Mar-10-2014

..... . after hearing the parties and going through the record, it appears to me that the disputes involved can be amicably settled between the parties, if the parties are referred to mediation. it appears to this court that their exists element of a settlement which can be reached by and between the parties if the parties are referred to ..... . monthly list of july, 2014. the suit shall appear in the the parties are directed to cooperate with the learned mediator in disposing of the reference within the aforesaid time. it is needless to mention that in the event the mediation fails, the suit shall be heard on the merits and parties would come ready with the suggested issues on the returnable ..... date. mediator and all parties concerned are to act on the basis of the server copy of this order. (soumen sen, j ..... aforesaid, the dispute in the suit and other related matters are referred to mediation. the member secretary mediation centre, high court, shall take immediate steps for appointment of a mediator upon being served with a copy of this order. the mediator in consultation with the parties shall fix the remuneration. the cost of mediation and other expenses shall be borne by the parties equally. the .....

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May 16 2014 (HC)

Suresh Devi Vs. State of Haryana

Court : Punjab and Haryana

Decided on : May-16-2014

..... that he has tried to contact the petitioner a couple of times but no response has been received from her. he also states that on the various hearings before the mediation and conciliation centre when the complainant was present, the petitioner did not appear nor she arranged the payment of rs.2,000/- to the complainant for the hearing on which ..... article to the investigating officer. this stand was, however, disputed by counsel for the complainant. despite the same, a co-ordinate bench of this court referred the matter to the mediation and conciliation centre. the parties were directed to appear before the said centre on 27.11.2013. the petitioner was also directed to pay a sum of rs.2,000 ..... she was present. in view of the conduct of the petitioner in not appearing before the mediation and conciliation centre nor making the payment of rs.2,000/- to the complainant on each and every hearing before the mediation and conciliation centre, this court is of the considered view that she does not deserve the concession of anticipatory ..... /- to the complainant on every hearing before the mediation centre so as to facilitate her appearance and meeting her expenses. the matter was, thereafter, taken up by the mediator on a couple of occasions but every time, the petitioner did not appear. ultimately, the director of the .....

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Feb 10 2014 (FN)

Abt Vs. Abu

Court : Singapore Supreme Court

Decided on : Feb-10-2014

..... month. counsel for the plaintiff argued that no maintenance should be awarded. the plaintiff was initially paying s$10,500 per month in maintenance to the defendant, pursuant to the mediation agreement dated 27 october 2010. after paying 19 months worth from october 2010 to may 2011, the plaintiff reduced the amount to s$6,750 per month. after paying this ..... all the matrimonial assets. further, as noted above at [6], how the plaintiff arrived at the figure of 54% was questionable. as such, i am inclined to intervene, notwithstanding the mediation agreement. i find that a 50-50 split of the assets listed in [8] is appropriate. 11. i turn now to the issue of maintenance for the defendant. the defendant ..... . in august 2011, while the marriage was still subsisting, the defendant commenced maintenance proceedings against the plaintiff, claiming arrears for maintenance which the plaintiff agreed to pay pursuant to the mediation agreement since may 2011. in the midst of the maintenance proceedings, the plaintiff filed the writ of divorce on 6 october 2011. interim judgment was granted on 19 june 2012 ..... . they were married in the district of sudbury, in the county of suffolk, on 10 february 1997. they have one daughter, v?, born on 20 november 1998. pursuant to a mediation agreement reached by the parties on 27 october 2010, v was to stay with the defendant and parties were to have joint custody over her. in may 2011, v moved .....

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