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Jan 22 2014 (HC)

Sewa Singh Vs. State of Punjab

Court : Punjab and Haryana

Decided on : Jan-22-2014

..... abide by the conditions as enshrined in section 438 (2) cr.p.c.he is directed not to leave the country without prior permission of the court concerned. . the mediation has, however, failed. petitioner is the father of the husband of complainant. on instructions from asi hardoop singh, learned state counsel submits that the petitioner has joined the investigation on ..... /- by way of bank draft to the daughter-in- law before the mediation centre on the date fixed. list on 22.1.2014. in the meanwhile, petitioner in the event of arrest would be admitted to bail by the investigating officer. petitioner shall ..... petitioner submits that son of the petitioner was arrested on 1.10.2013 and he has been granted regular bail on 8.10.2013. the matter is referred to the mediation centre of kataria rishu 2014.01.23 11:56 i attest to the accuracy and integrity of this document crm-m-30414-2013 -2- this court where the petitioner, his ..... son, the complainant and his daughter would appear on 30.10.2013. the mediator would be at liberty to fix more than one dates for the purposes of mediation proceedings but report be sent before the next date of hearing. the petitioner is directed to pay an amount of rs.20,000 .....

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Feb 21 2014 (HC)

Jacob @ Raju Vs. T.R.Harikrishnan

Court : Kerala

Decided on : Feb-21-2014

..... was confirmed in appeal.2. when the r.c.r. came up for hearing, the parties opted to have the disputes considered for settlement before the mediation centre. accordingly, the matter was referred to the mediation centre. r.c.r no.393 of 2013 2 3. the petitioner (the 2nd respondent in the r.c.p), the 1st respondent (the petitioner in ..... to the rent control court to dispose of the r.c.p. in terms of the settlement arrived at between the parties before the mediation centre. the original of the settlement arrived at by the parties before the mediation centre shall be forwarded to the rent control court. the rent control revision is disposed of as above. sd/- (k.t.sankaran, judge .....

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Feb 19 2014 (HC)

Parveen Saini and Others Vs. State of Haryana and Others

Court : Punjab and Haryana

Decided on : Feb-19-2014

..... the parties. the fir has been registered on the complaint of rameshwari (respondent no.3) as matrimonial dispute and differences have arisen between the parties. now, with the efforts of mediation and conciliation centre in the high court, the parties have agreed to settle their matrimonial dispute and differences amicably between themselves. the parties have decided to seek mutual divorce and ..... , matrimonial dispute arose between the parties and the above mentioned fir was got registered. during the cours.of proceedings for grant of anticipatory bail, the case was referred to the mediation & conciliation centre of this court, where a compromise was arrived at between the petitioners and the complainant. on the basis of the said compromise, a petition for grant of decree ..... that a compromise dated 23.7.2013 (annexure-p.2) has already been effected between the parties before the mediation and conciliation centre of the high court and she has received draft of `5 lacs as per the settlement before the mediation and conciliation centre of this court and she has no objection, if the fir and further proceedings are quashed. she .....

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Mar 17 2014 (HC)

Sajeev Kumar Payyankol Vs. State of Kerala

Court : Kerala

Decided on : Mar-17-2014

..... of the final report dated3011.12 in cc no.2105/12 on the file of judicial first class magistrate court1 kottayam. annexure b. copy of the settlement arrived at the mediation by the petitioners and the other accused persons. annexure c. affidavit dated2202.14 sworn by the2d respondent/defacto-complainant. respondent(s)' annexures: --------------------------------------------- n i l /true copy/ ..... , 342 and section 188 of indian penal code. the matter has been now settled between the parties on the basis of a conciliation entered into between the parties in the mediation. but, since some of the offences are non-compoundable in nature, they could not file the petition before that court for compounding namely judicial first class magistrate court no-i ..... miscellaneous petition." 3. second respondent appeared through counsel and submitted that the matter has been settled between the parties in the mediation and the entire dispute arose on account of a labour dispute which was also settled amicably in the mediation. so, they have no objection in allowing the application.4. the learned public prosecutor, on instructions, as directed by this court .....

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Apr 30 2014 (HC)

Metal Forging Pvt. Ltd. Vs. Dda

Court : Delhi

Decided on : Apr-30-2014

..... when the matter was listed before the learned single judge on september 30, 2011 was with respect to calculation of the composition fee, which in fact was earlier referred to mediation, and the settlement thereof was also reported on the said date of hearing. it is also pleaded in the appeal that the composition fee was being paid without prejudice to ..... undertaking, since the limited controversy with regard to the computation of the composition fee remained, as suggested by the parties they were referred for mediation to the delhi high court mediation cell. needless to state the purpose of the mediation was to work out an agreed composition fee payable by the appellant.10. on july 23, 2010 the parties arrived at a settlement .....

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May 20 2014 (HC)

Cr.Misc. M 9282 of 2014 Vs. State of Punjab

Court : Punjab and Haryana

Decided on : May-20-2014

..... has been filed for extraneous consideration to extract monetary benefits. he has further submitted that before the mediation centre the complainant had demanded transfer of land by the petitioner, in the name of her two daughters to secure her future. on account of said demand the matter could ..... kaur alleging that she has been maltreated by her husband and the petitioner. the petitioner is mother-in- law of the complainant. the matter was sent for mediation. it has been informed that the mediation between the petitioner and the complainant failed. the petitioner was required to pay a sum of rs.20,000/- to the complainant on her appearance before the ..... mediation centre to enable her to meet the litigation and other misc. expenses. the said amount has also not been paid. counsel for the petitioner has vehemently urged that the complaint .....

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May 26 2014 (HC)

Ayyappan Vs. Radha and Another

Court : Kerala

Decided on : May-26-2014

..... sentence in this revision.4. pending this proceedings the parties expressed willingness to have the dispute resolved amicably by mediation. accordingly the case was referred to mediation, and the parties earnestly took part in the process of mediation. but the report of mediation submitted by the mediator is not something that can be enforced under the law, as a report of amicable settlement or resolution .....

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May 21 2014 (HC)

Amit Joshi Vs. Risha

Court : Punjab and Haryana

Decided on : May-21-2014

..... that he may be allowed to withdraw the appeal. after giving our thoughtful consideration, we are satisfied that the compromise that has been reached at between the parties in the mediation and conciliation centre of this court is bonafide. the cm for withdrawing the appeal is supported by an affidavit of appellant amit joshi. therefore, in the facts and circumstances, it ..... in appearance in this court on 9.10.2013 and on the same day the matter was referred to the mediation and conciliation centre functioning in the high court premises. mediation proceedings were carried out and a settlement was reached at in the mediation and conciliation centre on 6.12.2013. the terms and conditions reached at between the parties were reduced into ..... writing by the mediator, which was duly signed by both the parties in the mohan brij 2014.05.28 16:47 i attest to the accuracy and integrity of this document chandigarh cm no. .....

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Mar 20 2014 (HC)

Ajay Rajasekhar Vs. Tripti

Court : Karnataka

Decided on : Mar-20-2014

..... children to the petitioner between 02:00 p.m. to 05:00 p m., instead of granting interim custody. 7. as rightly submitted by the learned counsel for the petitioner, mediation centre is crowded on saturdays. the respondent has no objection for the petitioner to see the children m bangalore club. the timing fixed for meeting the children is also inconvenient ..... rival contentions of the parties, the court below has allowed the application on 26.08.2013 by granting him the visitation right of the children in the premises of bangalore mediation centre on 1st and 3rd saturday of every month between 02:00 p.m. to 05:00 p.m. the petitioner has challenged the validity of the said order in ..... the custody of the minor children to the petitioner. it is further submitted that the timing fixed for meeting the children at the mediation centre between 02:00 p.m. to 05:00 p.m. is highly inconvenient. the mediation centre is over crowded on saturdays. therefore, it is impossible to spend time with the children. 3. on the other hand, learned .....

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Feb 18 2014 (FN)

Qingjian International (South Pacific) Group Development Co. Pte Ltd. ...

Court : Singapore Supreme Court

Decided on : Feb-18-2014

..... or otherwise. as an aside, one troubling aspect of this case was that the parties had already been engaged in aa 105/2013 and had settled it by way of mediation without any issue being taken as to the existence of a contract in writing within the meaning of the act. this fundamental issue was only raised in the adjudication response ..... without completing all the documentary formalities" alluded to in singapore construction adjudication review [2005-2007] (chow kok fong, christopher chuah and mohan pillay gen eds) (sweet and maxwell asia, singapore mediation centre, 2009) at para 2.4. it would accordingly be consistent with the policy and purpose of the act as outlined in terence lee at [2]-[5] as well as ..... july 2013. the plaintiff attempted to file an adjudication response at 4.35pm on 29 july 2013 and the defendant took objection on the basis that pursuant to the singapore mediation centre rules, the adjudication response would be considered as lodged the next day as it was lodged after 4.30pm. the adjudicator agreed with the defendant and did not consider ..... the position that the defendant was claiming against the wrong party and that it ought to look to the plaintiff for payment instead. aa 105/2013 was eventually settled at mediation on 18 july 2013 and, in exchange for a cheque payment from the plaintiff, the defendant re-issued, inter alia, the 8 january 2013 quotation by addressing it to the .....

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