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Oct 03 1980 (HC)

i.C. Chittaranjan Dass Vs. State Special Police Establishment

Court : Andhra Pradesh

Decided on : Oct-03-1980

Reported in : 1981CriLJ495

..... the period, the accused was treating some members of his family and it was usual for dw-8 to pay amounts varying from rs. 5/- for such medical visits made by the accused. dw-9 also worked at rajahmundry as a railway guard from 1960 to 1974. he also gave evidence that the accused used ..... under rule 204. he not a railway doctor occupying any position in the administrative rank. rule 205 provides for a restricted private practice and permits the asstt. medical officers of the rank of the accused to collect some fees and they also provide how regarding such collections, the fees should at all be shared or ..... the railway and private practice was not prohibited. limited private practice is, in fact, permitted as can be seen from ex. d-2 and rules 205 to 209 of the indian railway medical manual. the evidence of dws. 8 and 9 who are working as railway guards and the evidence of dw. 10 a grocery merchant ..... of one year's imprisonment provided for the said offence should have been at least imposed against the accused. 2. the prosecution case in short is that the accused while working as an assistant medical officer, class-ii in the railway department was found to be in possession of rs. 46,456.77 p. and could not ..... e. cases, hyderabad, in which the appellant in the former was tried for an offence under s. 5(1)(e) read with s. 5(2) of the prevention of corruption act and was convicted and sentenced to undergo imprisonment till the rising of court and also to pay a fine of rs. 40,000/- in default .....

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Sep 12 1980 (HC)

Ahmedunnisa Begum Vs. the Life Insurance Corporation of India

Court : Andhra Pradesh

Decided on : Sep-12-1980

Reported in : AIR1981AP50

..... request of the defendant-corporation to submit a medical report from dr. k. damodar reddy and the medical report ex. b-2 was submitted by the doctor on 29-5-1973 to d.w. 1, the branch manager. it is the finding ..... did all that he ought to do and what was left was only the consideration of the question of revival of the policy on the basis of medical report, the policy could be revived by the corporation even after the death of the policyholder. according to him, the policy-holder complied with the ..... even refuse to revive it. it was asserted that the mere payment of premium and submission of a declaration or medical report do not automatically revive a lapsed policy, nor do they clothe the policyholder to claim any revival much less to deem the policy as revived. ..... warangal and that the revival was not a matter of right rested in the policyholder and it would not automatically follow even after the receipt of the medical report. it was further averred that at the time of the revival of the policy the defendant could place restrictions on extra-premiums and it could ..... on the date specified in the policy as that on or before which it was payable -- namely. july 31, 1915, that the offer on august 7, 1916, to pay the premiums in arrear was consequently too late, and that the policy had lapsed'.14. from the aforesaid discussion devoted to the limitations and conditions .....

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Mar 31 1980 (HC)

imandi Sathiraju Vs. State of Andhra Pradesh

Court : Andhra Pradesh

Decided on : Mar-31-1980

Reported in : 1981CriLJ78

..... drowning. there is not even a fraction or farthing of evidence in support of anyone of the three possible inferences. it cannot be said with any degree of certainty that in the circumstances of the case, the deceased insisted on the accused not to marry p.w. 10's daughter and on the ..... missing and the learned trial judge unfortunately supplied that missing link evidently on account of the suspicion excited in his mind by the other circumstances. the medical evidence does not disclose any injuries or traces of violence on the dead body. what all the doctor says is that the death of the deceased ..... was then wearing merely drawers and a baniyan and that the accused then was also having his pant and shirt over his shoulder. in his statement under section 161, cr.p.c., the witness did not mention all these details particularly about the pant and shirt being carried on the shoulder. the learned ..... 3. on 19-8-1978 at about 11-00 a.m. the deceased told her sister, p.w. 1, that she was going to vizianagaram for medical treatment. she was then wearing the gold ornaments, m.os. 1 to 4, on her person. she went to the bus stop at madanapuram and when she ..... file of the visakhapatnam sessions division is the appellant. he was convicted under sections 302 and 379 of the penal code and was sentenced to suffer imprisonment for life and rigorous imprisonment for one year respectively. the sentences were directed to run concurrently. 2. the case of the prosecution is : yalla sanyasamma, the deceased in .....

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Sep 05 1980 (HC)

L. Chandran Vs. Venkatalakshmi and anr.

Court : Andhra Pradesh

Decided on : Sep-05-1980

Reported in : AIR1981AP1

..... be delivered into the custody of the guardian.'thus the court can, nay it should consider the welfare of the child. the court can under section 25 of the above act, handover the custody to the father only subject to the overriding consideration of the welfare of the minor child. it is, therefore, possible to ..... sons of the grand-mother by name hariharan is in the army as a captain drawing about rs. 2,400 per month, that another son by name natarajan is working as a medical representative drawing around rs. 2,000 per month and the respondent herself is getting a family pension of rs. 150 per month and ..... sound position to bring up the child cannot be accepted. the first respondent's sons are well appointed in life. two of them earn each around rs. 2,000 per month. the third one is expecting appointment within a couple of months. in addition to that, the first respondent has house property fetching about rs. ..... absolute rights in a social order. in a social formal rights can only be relational. as recently said by lord diplock in maharaj's case, (1978) 2 wlr 902, 909, in a society one man's freedom is another man's restriction. the fetish of right has hitherto been the cause of many a confusion ..... child's grandmother, the first respondent, for the production of the child into this court and for handing over the baby to the custody of the petitioner.2. the petitioner's mainstay of his case is his argument based on his paternal right to the custody of the child. he being the father and the .....

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Aug 19 1980 (HC)

S. Ramayya and ors. Vs. Government of Andhra Pradesh and ors.

Court : Andhra Pradesh

Decided on : Aug-19-1980

Reported in : AIR1981AP8

..... also the judicial pronouncements may now be noticed. the object of the tirumala trupathi devasthanjms act, 1979, hereinafter referred to as 'the act', is laid down in the preamble as under:'an act to provide for the better administration and governance of the tirumala tirupathi devasthanams.' section 2 (m) of the act defines 'tirumala tirupathi devasthanams' as under:' 'tirumala tirupathi devasthanams' means the temples specified ..... vice of excessive delegation to the executive officer when it conferred the right of issuing licences or permits as there is sufficient guideline in the policy underlying the act. (b) sub-section (3) of section 27 is not bad because of the mere existence of unbridled and unfettered discretion conferred on the executive officer as it has not been shown that the ..... the chief administrative officer of the tirumala tirupathi devasthanams and he shall, subject to the control of the committee have general power to carry out the other provisions of this act, section 20 (1) (b) lays down that the executive officer shall, inter alia, arrange for the proper collection of the offerings made in the temples specified in the first schedule. ..... , from an order or decision of the executive authority or executive officer of a local authority to the local authority, shall lie instead to the director of medical and health services. (3) (a) subject to such rules as may be prescribed it shall be lawful for the executive officer by order to prohibit within the tirumala hills .....

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Sep 30 1980 (HC)

Shree Farm Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. Vs. Baba Rao Tulshiram Sande and ors.

Court : Andhra Pradesh

Decided on : Sep-30-1980

Reported in : [1983]53CompCas729(AP)

..... as follows (headnote at p. 821) : 'the court in exercising its discretion in sanctioning a scheme of compromise with members and creditors under section 391(2) of the companies act, 1956, must treat it as cardinal that its function does not extend to usurping the views of the members or creditors. it must look at ..... not mentioned in the notice, but i do not think this omission by itself is fatal to the maintainability of the petition under s. 391(2) of the act. 31. it is next contended by sri damle that unsecured creditors were not fairly represented, because the bank should be treated as a separate class ..... majority of creditors representing 3/4ths in value did not approve of the scheme, and that there is no compliance of s. 391(2) of the act. under s. 391(2), each class of creditors should approve the scheme by 3/4ths majority and then only the sanction of the court binds all the ..... , it is stated that doris (india) engineers (private) ltd., madras, did not file the authorisation as required under s. 187 of the companies act and r. 70(2) of the companies (court) rules, 1959, and its ballot paper was rejected and the value of its debt was not taken into account. therefore, ..... industries ltd., calcutta, and (4) the central scientific supplies co. ltd., hyderabad, did not file authorisations as required under s. 187 of the companies act and r. 70(2) of the companies (court) rules, 1959, and their ballot papers were rejected and the value of the debts was not taken into account. however, it .....

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Feb 22 1980 (HC)

Aluva Balaiahgari Chandra Reddy Vs. the Revenue Inspector, Rajampet an ...

Court : Andhra Pradesh

Decided on : Feb-22-1980

Reported in : 1980CriLJ1169

..... same time. though such a course does not strictly offend the rule of prohibition against double jeopardy, still, if a single act of assault, which is an offence under section 353 i.p.c., is under investigation with regard to its truth, it is but proper that the investigation is allowed to ..... authority in regard to the truth or otherwise of the allegations in the complaint of the revenue inspector before he passed the preliminary order under section 111, cr.p.c. he accepted the allegations made by his subordinate and initiated judicial proceedings in the exercise of judicial powers vested in him ..... breach of the peace or of abetting the same or of committing criminal intimidation (under section 106, cr.p.c.) and, (2) from a person likely to commit a breach of the peace or disturb the public tranquillity (section 107, cr.p.c.). security for good behaviour can be demanded from persons disseminating ..... , cr.p.c. is directed against the proceedings under section 107, cr.p.c. initiated by the sub-divisional magistrate, rajampet, in m.c. no. 24 of 1979. the petitioner is the sole accused in the case. 2. the facts of the case are few and they are : the revenue inspector, rajampet, ..... seditious matters, (section 108, cr.p.c.) suspects and vagrants and habitual offenders or dangerous criminals .....

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Aug 06 1980 (HC)

Sri Rajagopal Oil Mills Co. Vs. Collector of Central Excise and Custom ...

Court : Andhra Pradesh

Decided on : Aug-06-1980

Reported in : 1983(13)ELT873(AP)

..... of all the petitioners has raised the following contentions : 1. de-oiled rice bran is not at all animal feed within the meaning of item 21 of schedule ii of the customs tariff act. de-oiled rice bran is produced by the solvent extraction process using hexane which has a pungent smell, and in view of the presence of this product, it ..... the petitioners between the period 22-1-1977 and 13-5-1977. notices were issued to the exporters of rice bran during this period item 21 of schedule ii to the customs tariff act. challenging the validity of these notices, these writ petitions have been filled. 3. sri babulu reddy, the learned counsel for some of the petitioners who has addressed arguments ..... on the business of manufacturing rice bran oil by the solvent extraction process and export de-oiled rice bran to the foreign countries. on 2-8-1976, there was an amendment to schedule ii of the customs tariff act, 1975 whereby item no. 21 was introduced at the end of the schedule and it was stated that this item viz., animal feed is ..... liable to export duty at the rate of rs. 125 per tonne. on the same day, a notification was issued in exercise of the powers conferred under section 25(1) of the customs act .....

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Feb 11 1980 (HC)

Commissioner of Income-tax, Andhra Circle-i, Hyderabad Vs. Rameswar an ...

Court : Andhra Pradesh

Decided on : Feb-11-1980

Reported in : (1980)18CTR(AP)119; [1981]130ITR51(AP)

..... 1970 (i.e., after april 1, 1968), the quantum of penalty to be levied should be as per the amended provisions of section 271(1)(ii) brought into effect from april 1, 1968 ?' 2. m/s. rameswar & co., zaheerabad, is a registered firm the assessee, constituted with fifteen partners. the assessee carried on the ..... steel ltd. v. state of orissa : [1972]83itr26(sc) , a case under the orissa sales tax act, 14 of 1947, the supreme court observed (p. 29) : 'an order imposing penalty for failure to carry out a statutory obligation is the result of a ..... not impose penalties unless a deterrent punishment on facts is warranted and even when imposition is justified, the courts and tribunals, which include the authorities under act 43 of 1961, have ample discretion to consider the circumstances before a penalty is levied, for, such are the incidents of penalty proceedings. in hindustan ..... facts. on that premise, a minimum of penalty applying the provision of s. 271(1)(c) as existed prior to the amendment of the finance act of 1968 was ordered to be computed. 5. the question on the facts of the instant case, whether on the day when the original returns were ..... the amount of penalty thus ordered was a little more than the minimum of the penalty under s. 271(1)(c) of the act as amended by the finance act of 1968. 4. the appellate authority and also the appellate tribunal affirmed the order of the ito on aspects touching the concealment but .....

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Jul 03 1980 (HC)

Bhagwandas Jhawar Vs. Collector of Central Excise, Hyderabad and ors.

Court : Andhra Pradesh

Decided on : Jul-03-1980

Reported in : 1985(22)ELT40(AP)

..... an option to pay fine in lieu of confiscation. when the authorities did not choose to exercise this discretion and give an option, it cannot be said that they are acting illegally or contrary to the rules. 6. it was also argued that the confiscation of the gold was out of proportion to the violation of the relevant rules. in this ..... connection reference was made to a decision of a bench of this court in. w.a. no. 321 of 1969, dated 23-11-1972 where dealing with the customs act, it was observed that the primary purpose of levying the penalty is to make the levy a deterrant and not to treat the punishment as retributive. this case has no ..... on account of a marriage and a feast in his house he could not submit the gold and the form from into the bank. after an enquiry under the customs act, the collector disbelieved the appellant's case that he wanted to invest the gold in gold bonds. he observed that the form produced by the appellant does not appear to ..... -5-1970 of the government of india confirming the order of the gold control administrator, ministry of finance, which in turn confirmed the order of the collector, central excise, hyderabad. 2. on 30-4-1966 the officers of the headquarters preventive intelligence unit (gold cell) attached to the hyderabad central excise collectorate office visited the appellant's premises and enquired whether .....

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