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Oct 08 1973 (HC)

The Collective Farming Society Ltd. and ors. Vs. State of Madhya Prade ...

Court : Madhya Pradesh

Decided on : Oct-08-1973

Reported in : AIR1974MP59; 1974MPLJ1

..... are found as contained in section 91 of the m.p. act. see section 92 of the assam act; section 62 of the bihar act; section 67 of delhi act; section 161 of gujarat act; section 111 of madras act; section 157 of maharashtra act; section 121 of mysore act; section 123 of orissa act; section 77 of punjab act; section 81 of rajasthan act; section 89 of travancore-cochin act; and section 56 of u. p. act. in all these corresponding provisions ..... some land was given to it by the state government under the provisions of section 162 of the m.p. land revenue code. the registrar, co-operative societies, in exercise of his powers under section 53 (1) of the act, and after issuing a show cause notice under sub-section (2), ordered removal of the committee and appointed shri n. k. shrimal to ..... of individuals, whether incorporated or not.'there is nothing to show that this inclusive definition will be repugnant to the context of section 53 (1) of the act we hold that even a corporate body is within, the meaning of the expression 'person or persons' as employed in section 53 (1). 40. we shall now advert to the decision of the ..... the section as unconstitutional and violative of article 245 of the constitution. 9. delegated legislation strives to relieve the over-burdened legislature of the strain by attending to the matters of detail within the scope of the policy and guidance furnished in the statute. in areas of socio-economic change. legislative delegation is growing and expanding in degrees. with .....

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Mar 14 1973 (HC)

Agarwal Medical and General Stores Vs. the State of Madhya Pradesh and ...

Court : Madhya Pradesh

Decided on : Mar-14-1973

Reported in : AIR1973MP255; 1973MPLJ697

..... as required to be maintained by rule 65 (4) and also as required by condition no. 4 of the licence. even if the bharat medical stores, from whom the petitioner alleges to have purchased these vials did not give it a cash memo, the petitioner was bound to maintain the ..... with other goods. later on, the petitioner gave in writing to the collector that the vials in question had been purchased by the petitioner from bharat medical stores, tularam chowk, jabalpur. the third stand taken before the appellate authority was that the vials bearing batch no. 9306 were not at all sold ..... , 1945, i hereby order that the licences in form 20,21,20-b and 21-b held in the name of m/s. agarwal medical and general stores be cancelled with immediate effect. the licensee is allowed a period of fifteen days to dispose of his stocks to other licensees and ..... purchase invoices of the drug in question were not available because 'they had been purchased from the local market; they were purchased from bharat medical, tularam chowk, jabalpur, which had not given a cash memo till then.' ('sambandhit dawaika purchase invoice uplabdh nahin hai kyonki local market kharid kiya tha. ..... ) respectively) under rules 61 (1) and 61 (2) of the drugs and cosmetics rules, 1945, (hereinafter called the rules) framed under the drugs and cosmetics act, 1940, (hereinafter called the act). these licences were subject to the conditions enumerated in them.3. section 18 of the act prohibits sale, etc., of any drug or cosmetic, .....

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Apr 21 1973 (HC)

Sudhir Kumar Suri Vs. Principal, Mahakoshal Arts Mahavidyalaya, Jabalp ...

Court : Madhya Pradesh

Decided on : Apr-21-1973

Reported in : AIR1973MP278; 1973MPLJ815

..... c. in board of education v. rice (1911 ac 179) afford a complete guide to the general medical council in the exercise of their duties.' 'with these reservations as to the utility of general definitions in this branch of the law, it appears to their lordships that lord loreburn's much quoted statement in ..... his presence and that he was not given opportunity to cross-examine her. 7. the only question in the case of inquiries conducted under sec. 10 of ordinance no. 2 is whether a fair opportunity was given to the student concerned to meet the charge of misconduct. now. the enquiry committee, which the principal ..... 1958 sc 398 at p. 409, that the rules of natural justice vary with the varying constitution of statutory bodies and the rules prescribed by the act under which they function and the question whether or not any rules of natural justice had been contravened should be decided not under any preconceived notions, ..... the nature of the accusation made; secondly, that ae should be given an opportunity to state his case; and thirdly, of course, that the tribunal should act in good faith. i do not myself think that there really is any thing 'nore.' (pp. 231-232).' in fernando's case, (1960) 1 ..... do not have any fixed content and they depend upon the circumstances of the case, the nature of inquiry, the rules under which the tribunal is acting and the subject-matter that is being dealt with. the following observations of the privy council in ceylon university v. fernando, (1960) 1 wlr 223 .....

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Sep 19 1973 (HC)

Smt. Sushma Mitra Vs. Madhya Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation ...

Court : Madhya Pradesh

Decided on : Sep-19-1973

Reported in : AIR1974MP63; 1974MPLJ16

..... . if the plaintiff. had stretched out her hand outside the window she was bound to sustain iniuries on her hand and fingers but from the medical evidence it is clear that the injury was to the elbow and to no other part of the body. it can, therefore, be reasonably inferred ..... which was relied upon in that case : 'a person is guilty of contributory negligence if he ought reasonably to have foreseen, if he did riot act as a reasonably prudent man, he might hurt himself. tha plaintiff is not usually bound to foresee that another person may be negligent unless experience shows ..... its setting in the circumstances of each case allowing the plaintiff to make assumptions that are reasonable. the plaintiff may expect that the defendant will act as a reasonable man. reasonable expectations of safety are just as much a part of ordinary prudent conduct as are expectations of danger. the scope ..... passengers. it is a matter of common experience that passengers who sit adjoining a window very often rest their arm on the window sill by which act the elbow projects outside the window. the driver of the bus must have these passengers also in contemplation and. therefore, while overtaking or crossing ..... question of his negligence is in issue. thus to determine when an act is negligent, it is relevant to determine whether any reasonable person could foresee that the act would cause damage. in daborn v. bath tramways motor co. ltd. (1946) 2 all er 333. asauith lj said 'in determining whether a party is .....

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Mar 22 1973 (HC)

The State of Madhya Pradesh Vs. Murarilal and anr.

Court : Madhya Pradesh

Decided on : Mar-22-1973

Reported in : 1973CriLJ1559; 1973MPLJ707

..... independent ol the information contained in the said memo, he argues that in order to make this statement admissible in evidence by virtue of section 27 of the evidence act, it is necessary that the information so given should have itself directly led to the discovery without tha further assistance of the owner of the ..... person which are detailed in the post mortem report (ex. p-22) and proved by p. w. 15, dr. d. l. ayyar. according to the medical opinion, the death was due to aspyxia as a result of strangulation. there is no dispute that the offences of robbery, murder and concealing the evidence of murder ..... it was known in the evening that the aforesaid ornaments (todar, mohar, nose-ring and hash') had been found. the dead body was found on 5-2-1971 and todar, mohar and nose-ring were also found the same day as a result of the information given by the other accused darbarilal. however, ..... to information received from him relating to the discovery of the diamonds in the custody of accused no. 3. (para 11 at p. 1939, col. 2).while dealing with this question their lordships of the supreme court laid down the principles on the basis of the aforesaid privy council decision as under:-.. the ..... being already in the village to enquire about the missing woman, a dehati nalishi (ex. p-3) was recorded the same day (i. e. 5-2-1971). the investigation led to the arrest of these two accused and their consequent trial for the aforesaid offences.5. the prosecution alleges that on information given by .....

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Dec 21 1973 (HC)

Mahendra Vs. the State of Madhya Pradesh

Court : Madhya Pradesh

Decided on : Dec-21-1973

Reported in : 1975CriLJ110

..... the news from hadu v. the state : air1951ori53 . a division bench of the orissa high court has explained section 6 of the evidence act as under :according to section 6 what is admissible is a fact which is connected with the fact in issue as 'part of the transaction'.a transaction ..... fully in agreement with the views expressed in the aforementioned decisions regarding the admis-sibility of evidence under section 6 of the evidence act. in the present case, omorakash (p.w. 1) and wamanrao (p.w. 2) have admitted that they reached the spot after the actual occurrence was over and did not see ..... where omprakash lodged the first information report (ex. p-l) naming the accused as the assailant. dr. r. v. paliwal (p.w. 11), chief medical officer, m. y. hospital, indore, performed the post-mortem on the dead body of the deceased and found the following injuries on his person:(after describing the ..... was sufficient in the ordinary course of nature to cause death. on these allegations the accused was prosecuted and committed to stand his trial under section 302 of the indian penal code.3. in defence, the accused pleaded not guilty and denied having any connection with the alleged offence.4. there ..... order that the chain of such acts may constitute the same transaction, they must be connected together by proximity of time, proximity or unity of place, continuity of .action and community of purpose or design. (see amrita lai v emperor air 1916 cal 188 at p. 196 : (16 cri lj 497)). hearsay .....

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