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Nov 27 1973 (HC)

Bibi Balbir Kaur Kathuria Vs. Raghubir Singh Kathuria

Court : Punjab and Haryana

Decided on : Nov-27-1973

Reported in : AIR1974P& H225

..... rs. 100/- per month with effect from the date (15-4-1972) of her application made in the court of first instance under section 24 of the act. there is no interference with the amounts fixed as litigation expenses in the two courts. the parties shall bear the costs incurred by them ..... also been held by a division bench of this court in usha v. sudhir kumar, ilr (1973) 2 punj and har 248, that in the wife's application under section 24 of the act, the provision for necessities of the minor children can also be taken into account while fixing the quantum or ..... we have also to keep in mind that both the children are not keeping good health and the mother has to bear the expenses of their medical treatment. considering the times, the expense of bringing up the two minor children with indifferent health would be quite heavy. according to the accepted notions ..... and her husband shri raghbir singh, respondent, is a foreign qualified engineer. she feels, naturally, aggrieved and has come up in appeal.2. the parties were married in 1965 and could live together for hardly a couple ..... section 24 of the act. the husband's application for interim maintenance was dismissed and he has not filed any appeal. the wife, shrimati balbir kaur, m.a., b.ed., was granted interim maintenance at the rate of rs. 35/- per months by the learned trial court in spite of the fact that she is possessed of multiple academic degrees .....

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Mar 22 1973 (HC)

Basti Ram Vs. Ved Parkash and ors.

Court : Punjab and Haryana

Decided on : Mar-22-1973

Reported in : AIR1974P& H152

..... that of his five sons. this, 1/6th share was inherited by his widow under sub-section (2) of section 3 of the hindu women's rights to property act, 1937(hereinafter referred to as '1937 act'). section 5 of 1937 act provides that a person shall be deemed to die intestate in respect of all property of which ..... he has not made a testamentary disposition, which is capable of taking effect. sub-section (2) of section 3 and section 5 are as follows:-- '3(1) ... ... ... ... (2) when ..... the suit in which such issue has been subsequently raised, and has been heard and finally decided by such court. the matter, according to the said section, should be directly and substantially in issue in the earlier suit. the word 'substantially' means a matter of some importance and value. if the matter ..... strictly speaking, arise in that case. after making the said observation, he observed that the will did not create an estate unknown to hindu law. section 11 of the code of civil procedure says that no court shall try any suit or issue in which the matter in issue has been directly and ..... the close of a life in being, and (2) it is made to a person in existence at the date of the gift or at the death of the testator as the case may be. in cases, however, governed by the hindu disposition of property act, 1916, a gift by a of remainder may be .....

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Dec 10 1973 (HC)

Nanak Singh Vs. Chhindo and anr.

Court : Punjab and Haryana

Decided on : Dec-10-1973

Reported in : AIR1974P& H220

..... .' 10. the point that requires determination is whether the provisions of sub-section (1) or (2) of section 14 will apply in the instant case. this section has been the subject-matter of several decisions of the supreme court. it has now been repeatedly held that sub-section (2) of section 14 of the act will come into operation only if acquisition in any of the methods indicated ..... , or by purchase or by prescription, or in any other manner whatsoever, and also any such property held by her as stridhana immediately before the commencement of this act. (2) nothing contained in sub-section (1) shall apply to any property acquired by way of gift or under a will or any other instrument or under a decree or order of a civil ..... with the date of the alienation. it concerns itself with the power to contest an alienation. that power cannot be allowed to be exercised after the amendment of section 7 by the amending act. it is a well-established principle of law that any change in law, which has taken place between the date of the decree and the decision of the ..... they were governed. 4. on 14th july, 1959, the senior subordinate judge held that the property was ancestral and the parties were governed by custom. the defendants were the third degree collaterals of bela singh and the plaintiff was his daughter. she was therefore, entitled to get possession of the property in question for her maintenance and retain the same till .....

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Mar 28 1973 (HC)

Pritpal Singh and ors. Vs. New Suraj Transport Co. (P) Ltd. Amritsar a ...

Court : Punjab and Haryana

Decided on : Mar-28-1973

Reported in : AIR1974P& H39

..... may be prescribed. sub-section (2) of section 29 of the limitation act 1963 clearly provides that the provisions of sections 4 to 24 apply to all enactments. it means that the aforesaid provisions are also a part of the act. the main question for determination is whether the claim filed by the appellants fall within the definition of the word 'suit' under section 6 of the limitation ..... cases the limitations of which are provided in the schedule or it applies to other cases also of which the limitation is not provided in the schedule. sub-section (2) of section 29 of the limitation act provides that where any special or local law prescribes for any suit, appeal or application, a period of limitation different from the period prescribed by the schedule ..... prescribed by the schedule. as the schedule is amended by virtue of sub-section (2) of section 29 by the provisions of the act, the claim application can be dismissed under section 3 of the limitation act, if it is not filed within the limitation prescribed by the act. the limitation provided under the act will be taken to be a part of the schedule for the purposes ..... the contention of the counsel for the respondent and find no force in it. the appeal is maintainable under section 110-d of the motor vehicles act, 1939(hereinafter referred to as 'the act') wherein it is provided that, subject to the provisions of sub-section (2) any person aggrieved by the award of a tribunal may within 90 days from the date of the .....

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Jan 12 1973 (HC)

Subash Chander and ors. Vs. State of Haryana and ors.

Court : Punjab and Haryana

Decided on : Jan-12-1973

Reported in : AIR1974P& H54

..... before the investigating officer later the same day. both of them are disinterested witnesses and sham lal was studying for his master of arts degree in those days. both these witnesses are definite that the bus was not going at a fast speed. the photographs, exhibits r. w. 8/1 to r.w. 8/8 ..... class in the tests and his parents were quite affluent. the parents had claimed a sum of rs. 30,000/- as damages under sections 1a and 2 of the fatal accidents act but the district judge had granted them a sum of rs. 6,000/- only. the appeal had been dismissed by their lordships of ..... . 5,000/- by the time he was due to retire. after his retirement, he would have lost perquisites like the government residence at reasonable rent and medical reimbursement etc. his pension of about rs. 270/- per month would have been only sufficient for a reasonably comfortable living for himself and his wife. his ..... the heirs who could file a claim and the right to be compensated was not necessarily restricted to the heirs mentioned in section 1a of the fatal accidents act. even if the motor vehicles act can be given a wider scope on just grounds in certain matters, the basic principles for granting compensation would however remain ..... subject to all the risks of life such as illness, accident and death was also taken into account. in bishen das v. ram labhava. air 1916 lah 133(2) a brother was found not entitled to any compensations even though he was living jointly with the deceased. the same view was taken by a .....

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Oct 09 1973 (HC)

The Hindustan Commercial Bank Ltd. Vs. Jagtar Singh

Court : Punjab and Haryana

Decided on : Oct-09-1973

Reported in : AIR1974P& H208

..... affirm the finding of the trial court that the suit is within limitation.11. the learned counsel for the respondent has also placed reliance on section 15 of the act which says that in computing the period of limitation prescribed for any suit or application for the execution of a decree, the institution or execution ..... agree to pay interest, and in case it does not agree, the amount should be deposited in this court by 6-2-53. plaintiff was to appear as a witness today. a medical certificate showing that she is ill has been put in. she should appear as a witness on that date. plaintiff should ..... deposit the amount in court. thus, the respondent has clearly suffered a loss of interest. he has claimed interest for that period at the rate of 2 3/4 per cent, per annum which, in my view, is not excessive, as he could get higher rate of interest by investing that amount in ..... the suit was barred by limitation. on the pleadings of the parties, the trial court framed the following issues:--1. whether the suit is within limitation ? 2. whether the plaintiff is entitled to recover interest on the amount deposited from 11th july, 1948 to 18th august, 1959 if so, as what rate? 3 ..... hindustan commercial bank ltd., jullundur city, hereinafter referred to as the bank, for a period of twelve months. the amount carried interest at the rate of 2 3/4% per cent, per annum. karamjit singh thereafter died. jagtar singh plaintiff obtained a succession certificate for the said amount and interest from the court .....

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Aug 31 1973 (HC)

The State Vs. Mehar Singh and ors.

Court : Punjab and Haryana

Decided on : Aug-31-1973

Reported in : 1974CriLJ970

..... powers are commonly exercised.41. in air 1955 sc 196 : 1955 cri lj 526, the court was concerned with a case under section 5(2) of the prevention of corruption act, an argument was raised that investigation having been conducted bv an officer subordinate to the deputy superintendent of police, the accused could not ..... sides an opportunity of being heard, either discharges him or frames a charge against him. the framing of a charge is meant to convey a definite information to the accused about the precise case which he has to meet. if after that stage, the investigating agency were to continue with or to ..... it has been completed a chalan shall be filed. complete and incomplete are relative terms and the difference only is of degree. the word has not been used in the section in its absolute sense. it has been observed by the supreme court in some cases that judicial inquiries and trials can ..... in jail until that unattainably high degree of perfection or completion has been reached. it has, therefore been provided in paragraph 4 of chapter 11-b of punjab high court rules and ..... material that may be revealed later on. the police may take years if not decades or generations in attaining an absolute state or a high degree of perfection or completion in its investigations and the law does not contemplate that the persons who have been taken into custody may continue rotting .....

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Dec 14 1973 (HC)

Kapoor Chand Rikhi Ram Mahajan Vs. Hakim Jagdish Chand Siripat Rai and ...

Court : Punjab and Haryana

Decided on : Dec-14-1973

Reported in : AIR1974P& H215

..... 9) also contain that the plaintiff-respondent was 'haziq-ul-hukma' and 'mahiro-tibbo-jarahat' from bhupindera tibya college, patiala, and that his name had been duly registered as medical practitioner in the relevant register. bhupindera tibya college, patiala, was a recognised institution in the erstwhile patiala and east punjab states union. at serial no. 451, the name of ..... ' held by the bhupindera tibya college, patiala, in 1949, and that his name was also duly entered as medical practitioner in the relevant register. the allegation of the appellant and abhai kumar that the plaintiff-respondent had purchased the aforesaid degree and diploma from one asghar ali, without taking the aforesaid examination, is not substantiated by any satisfactory evidence and ..... slander and also for malicious prosecution which had been instituted against him by them, are briefly as under.2. the parties are residents of sunam. jagdish chand was practising there as hakim duly registered as medical practitioner under the pepsu ayurvedic and unani practitioners act, 2008 bk. he claimed to have taken examination conducted by the bhupindera tibbia college, patiala, in 1943 ..... -tibbo-jarahat', held by bhupindera tibya college, patiala, in 1943, and had passed it and that he was awarded degree in 'haziq-ul-hukma' and diploma in 'mahiro-tibbo-jarahat' by the said college. copy (exhibit p-3) of the aforesaid degree, and copy (exhibit p-4) of the said diploma, were tendered by him in evidence on 18th april, 1961 .....

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Jan 03 1973 (HC)

Dhanti and ors. Vs. Isheri and ors.

Court : Punjab and Haryana

Decided on : Jan-03-1973

Reported in : AIR1974P& H120

..... collaterals. on this material and considering that sisters are now very high up in the list of heirs according to hindu law and the plaintiffs are 12th degree collaterals and relying on the decision of the privy council in ahmad khan v. channi bibi. ilr 6 lah 502 = (air 1925 pc 267 the ..... proved, the parties could fall back upon hindu law under which the sister would be preferential heir, and reliance was placed on hindu law of inheritance (amendment) act, 1929. 6. at this stage it will be proper to deal with the decision relied upon by the learned counsel for respondent, namely mt. harnam kaur ..... estate. the reasoning of the learned judge is as follows:-- 'i am also satisfied that the conclusions of the learned sub-judge on issue no. 2 are also correct. the learned counsel for the appellants argued that as the right of representation is recognised amongst the agriculturists of this state, and as ..... these heirs. our law reports are full of these cases and they need not be quoted again. the evidence in the case discloses that only 2 witnesses besides the plaintiffs supported the claim of distant collaterals against sisters and only two instances were proved and of them one was based on the ..... principal controversy in the suit. the remand was confined to the decision of the following two issues:-- '1. are the defendants sister's daughters of dalipa 2. if so, are they entitled to succeed to the non-ancestral property left by dalipa in preference to the plaintiffs? 3. the trial court came to .....

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Aug 29 1973 (HC)

Gurinder Pal Singh and anr. Vs. State of Punjab and ors.

Court : Punjab and Haryana

Decided on : Aug-29-1973

Reported in : AIR1974P& H125

..... learned counsel for the respondent has placed before me a brochure relating to the admissions to the ist year class of the m.b.b.s. course at the government medical colleges at patiala and amritsar. regarding backward area candidates, the following conditions have been laid down:--'backward area candidates:candidates claiming admission from backward areas of the state should submit ..... the constitution. in paragraph 9 of he written statement filed by the learned counsel for the respondents, it has been conceded that petitioner no. 2 miss kiranjit dhooria has already been selected for admission at the medical college, amritsar. regarding gurinder pal singh petitioner it has been stated that his name was being kept on the waiting list. it is further averred ..... of punjab is pleased to order than reservation for admission in m.b.b.s. class in state medical colleges against 50% seats will now be made as under:--(i) scheduled castes/tribes 20% (ii) backward classes 2% (iii) backward areas 10% (iv) sportsmen/women 2% (v) central government nominees including from jammu and kashmir 6% (vi) women candidates 1% (vii) candidates from ..... . this judgment will dispose of c. ws. nos. 2288 and 2626 of 1973.2. gurinder pal singh petitioner in c.w. no. 2288 of 1973 passed his pre-medical examination from the punjabi university securing 411 marks without optional paper. he had applied for admission to the two government medical colleges in the state. the dates of interview for the selection of candidates .....

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