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Aug 10 2009 (HC)

Electrohomoepathic Doctor's Association Vs. State of Punjab and Ors.

Court : Punjab and Haryana

Decided on : Aug-10-2009

Reported in : (2010)157PLR67

..... only when granted after a specified date?. section 25 of the aforesaid act deals with provisional registration on fulfillment of certain conditions. it may be noticed that the medical degrees act, 1916 is in respect of with western medical science and that too recognizes degrees etc. by limited number of institutes, whereas the medical council act, 1933 and its successor- the medical council act, 1956 dealt with ?modern scientific medicine?. it needs ..... included in the schedules shall be sufficient qualification for enrollment on any state medical register. (2) save as provided in section 25, no person other than a medical practitioner enrolled on a state medical register,- (a) - (b) shall practise medicine in any state; (c) - 2. definitions.- in this act, unless the context otherwise requires,- (a) 'approved institution' means a hospital, health centre or other such institution recognized by ..... in issue came to be developed in the later part of 19th century i.e., later than the invention of allopathic system of medicine. the ?medicine? in section 2(f) of the act in inclusive definition to mean modern scientific medicine in all its branches including surgery and obstetrics but excludes veterinary medicine and surgery. it is thus not earlier than allopathic system of .....

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Jun 09 2009 (HC)

Chandigarh Administration Vs. Nemo

Court : Punjab and Haryana

Decided on : Jun-09-2009

Reported in : (2009)156PLR489

..... lays down the circumstances wherein the pregnancy can be terminated and the competence of the medical practitioner[s], who can assist. section 5 of the act is an exception to section 3 and 4 of the act. the aforesaid provisions read as follows:2. definition:- in this act, unless the context otherwise requires,-[a] 'guardian' means a person having the care of the person of a minor ..... later legislations, the provisions of some of which have earlier been referred to by us. he urged that there is an inherent fallacy in understanding section 3 of the 1971 act to construe that howsoever severe may the degree of mental retardation be, the consent of the retardee alone would be required, whereas in the case of mental illness, howsoever mild it may ..... else than the guard of the institute, is enough for us to form a firm opinion that the victim has been treated like a subject, traumatised to the highest degree and has been made to witness all possible miseries. we are at pains to observe that the mechanical approach and callousness with which the welfare institutions are being apparently run ..... by j.k.mason; and[v] international human rights text and materials by dr. rebecca wallace.while dsm-iv-tr explains the universally accepted and approved methodology of determining the degree of mental retardation, the book mental retardation highlights the inherent disabilities suffered by the mental retardees and how the prejudiced misconceptual theory of 'disablism' is being practised against them by .....

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Oct 06 2009 (HC)

Commissioner of Income-tax Vs. Village Life Improvement Foundation

Court : Punjab and Haryana

Decided on : Oct-06-2009

Reported in : [2010]320ITR188(P& H)

..... 1967 to 1970 and on behalf of the ford foundation as sr. economic advisor to the government of saudi arabia. dr. gill was the first indo canadian to earn a medical degree from the university of british columbia and the first indo canadian to practice medicine in canada. so far as the delay in filing the application is concerned, the plea of ..... in the circumstances of the case and in law, the order of the hon'ble, income-tax appellate tribunal in condoning the delay in filing the application for registration under section 12a of the income-tax act, 1961, is perverse as it is based on wrong facts and since the registration was not granted on the basis of the original trust deed ..... ?2. the assessee is a trust which was created on february 26, 2002, and was registered with the sub registrar, chandigarh. application under section 12a of the act was made on may 29, 2007, which was beyond the stipulated time. the assessee filed application for ..... 1. the revenue has preferred this appeal under section 260a of the income-tax act, 1961 (for short, 'the act') against the order dated july 31, 2008, passed by the income-tax appellate tribunal, chandigarh bench 'a' in i.t.a. no. 66/chandi/2008 for the assessment year 2003- .....

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Apr 24 2009 (HC)

Dharam Paul Aggarwal and ors. Vs. the State of Punjab and ors.

Court : Punjab and Haryana

Decided on : Apr-24-2009

Reported in : (2009)156PLR231

..... under the conditions of his service which are similar to the benefits conferred by the esi act. in my view, the facts of the instant case do not fall under first part of the section as the medical reimbursement does not cover by the definition of wages. section 2(22) of the esi act defines 'wages', which is reproduced as under:'wages' means all remuneration paid or payable ..... do not want to press the prayer of quashing the order dated 13.8.1986 (annexure p3). however, he submitted that in view of section 72 of the esi act the respondent-milk-fed cannot discontinue the medical reimbursement of rs. 50/- which was available to the petitioners under the conditions of their service. he submitted that the benefits provided by the ..... excludes any sum paid to the person employed to defray special expenses entailed on him by the nature of his employment it also includes the medical reimbursement.9. as far as second part of section 72 of the esi act is concerned, it provides that no employer shall directly or indirectly reduce or discontinue, except as provided by the regulations, any benefits payable ..... employer prior to the enforcement of esi act can be discontinued or reduced only if so provided under section 97(1) of the esi act. according to the learned counsel, the benefits provided under the esi act are supplementary to the medical benefits received by the petitioners under the service conditions and the same cannot be discontinued .....

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Jan 06 2009 (HC)

Milap Kumar S/O Nand Ram Vs. State of Punjab

Court : Punjab and Haryana

Decided on : Jan-06-2009

Reported in : 2009CriLJ1277

..... be a sudden quarrel. he further submitted that, if any offence, is made out, that can, at the most be said to be under section 304 part ii of the indian penal code. he further submitted that even both the dying declarations i.e. po, recorded by balwinder singh, sub inspector, ..... dying declarations, have been subjected to indepth scrutiny, and the same have been found to be reliable. both these dying declarations also find corroboration, through the medical evidence of dr. v.k. munjral, who gave the certificate, that raj bala, was fit and conscious to make statement, dr. ajay kumar, emo ..... gave up, prem chand and phool piari, two prosecution witnesses, as having been won over, by the accused.7. the statement of the accused under section 313 cr. p. c, was recorded. he was put all the incriminating circumstances, appearing against him, in the prosecution evidence. he pleaded false implication. ..... v. sub-divisional officer, guntur : air2008sc19 , in support of his contention, that the dying declarations, being not reliable, the trial court, was wrong, in acting upon the same, to convict the accused and award sentence to him. in raju's case (supra), there were 98% burn injuries, on the body of ..... police station, regarding the admission of raj bala and dr. davinder kumar, medical officer, civil hospital, fazilka, pw4, who conducted the post-mortem examination, on the dead body of the deceased. according to him, there were 1st to second degree burns, present on the body i.e. face, neck, back and .....

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May 30 2009 (HC)

Gurleen Kaur and ors. Vs. State of Punjab and ors.

Court : Punjab and Haryana

Decided on : May-30-2009

Reported in : AIR2009NOC2988(F.B)(P&H)

..... guru ram das charitable hospital trust, amritsar. and as such, according to the counsel for the petitioners, the definition of the term "sikh" under section 2(9) of the gurdwara act of 1925, would also be binding on the medical college. in other words, the medical college is obliged to admit students under the sikh minority community quota, out of such candidates who favourably answer ..... for the petitioners, that for purposes of admission to the respondent medical college, the management of the respondent medical college could not incorporate any further condition for determining, whether or not the petitioners are sikhs, besides the ingredients contained in the definition of the term "sikh" in section 2(9) of the gurdwara act of 1925. detailed submissions on the instant issue, as have ..... and "patits" are different strains of sikhs. according to the learned counsel for the petitioners, all the aforesaid strains of sikhs, fall within the definition of the term "sikh" under section 2(9) of the gurdwara act of 1925. it is reiterated, that it is not open to the authorities to limit admissions to an educational institution, to one or more categories ..... by ubs publishers' distributors pvt. ltd.). ramesh chander dogra (one of the authors of the book) is a scholar on the subject of sikhism. he received his m.phil degree at the university of london and has written 11 books and 25 articles, particularly in the fields of indology and sikhism etc.. he retired as librarian (south asian studies) at .....

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Mar 03 2009 (HC)

Commissioner of Income-tax Vs. Sunil Kumar Goel

Court : Punjab and Haryana

Decided on : Mar-03-2009

Reported in : [2009]315ITR163(P& H); [2009]183TAXMAN53(Punj& Har)

..... act, which has been relied upon by the learned counsel for the respondent-assessee, is being extracted hereunder:273b. notwithstanding anything contained in the provisions of clause (b) of sub-section (1) of section 271, section 271a, section 271aa, section 271b, section 271ba, section 271bb, section 271c section 271ca section 271d, section 271e, section 271f, section 271fa, section 271fb, section 271g, clause (c) or clause (d) of sub-section (1) or sub-section (2) of section 272a, sub-section (1) of section ..... the respondent-assessee. relying upon the judgment rendered by this court in cit v. saini medical store : [2005] 277 itr 420 that bona fides and genuineness of the transaction would constitute a 'reasonable cause' for not invoking the provisions of sections 271d and 271e of the act, the income-tax appellate tribunal arrived at the conclusion that the respondent-assessee has been successful ..... and 269t of the act.16. having given our thoughtful consideration to the submissions advanced by the learned counsel for the rival parties, we are of the view that the finding that there was reasonable cause shown by the respondent-assessee, is a finding of fact. this emerges from the decision rendered by this court in saini medical store's case [2005 .....

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Jun 22 2009 (HC)

Food Corporation of India Vs. State of Punjab and anr.

Court : Punjab and Haryana

Decided on : Jun-22-2009

Reported in : (2010)157PLR1

..... 'infrastructure'. learned counsel also referred to clause (i), (vi), (vii) & (viii) of sub section 2 and sub-section 3 of section 20 of the 2002 act, to highlight the ..... was issued under the powers derived under the 1998 act itself.28. learned counsel submitted that the 1998 act was repealed by the punjab infrastructure (development and regulation) act, 2002 (the 2002 act). while arguing in support of the 2002 act, learned counsel referred to subsections 2, 11, 13 and 15 of section 2 of the 2002 act, which contain the definition of 'board', 'development fund', 'fee', and ..... the matters in this list, but not including fee taken in any court.(emphasis supplied).list iii (concurrent list):20. economic and social planning.25. education, including technical education, medical education and universities, subject to the provisions of entries 63, 64, 65 and 66 of list i; vocational and technical training of labour.36. factories.38. electricity.47. fees ..... case.45. a full bench of this court in the case of subhash chander kamlesh kumar v. state of punjab and ors. : 1990-2)98 p.l.r. 666 while dealing with the nature and degree of quid pro quo (one thing in return for another) between the fee realised and the costs of the services rendered, has held as .....

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Sep 15 2009 (HC)

Amrit Lal Jindal and Sons (Huf) Vs. the Wealth Tax Officer

Court : Punjab and Haryana

Decided on : Sep-15-2009

Reported in : (2010)228CTR(P& H)189

..... on any agricultural operations on the portion of the land not acquired by the govt. therefore, the said portion of the land is included in the definition of the assets under section 2(ea) of the wealth-tax act, 1957. the value of such land is accordingly, liable to wealth-tax. we accordingly hold that the value of land measuring 28 kanals 14 marlas ..... 'assets' in relation to the assessment year commencing from april 1, 1993 and/or subsequent assessment years. the 'urban land' is included in the definition of 'assets'. however, clause (b) of the explanation to section 2 (ea) of the act elaborates what is 'urban land' and which landed property is not to be included and covered by that expression. it would be necessary to ..... pointed out, it is not every asset which is assessable to tax from 1.4.1993 as per the provisions of the wealth-tax act. only such assets which are included in the definition of the assets under section 2(ea) elsewhere in this order and we are unable to find the 'right to receive the compensation' to fall within the category of any ..... the government and the value was as per the rate fixed by the assessing authority. in the process the tribunal has referred to the definition of expressions 'asset' as well as 'urban land' given in section 2(ea) of the act. learned counsel then referred to the order of rectification dated 16.6.2008, whereby the tribunal has excluded land measuring 78 kanals 1 .....

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Aug 19 2009 (HC)

Daler Singh Vs. District Food and Supplies Controller

Court : Punjab and Haryana

Decided on : Aug-19-2009

Reported in : (2009)156PLR446

..... agreement. obviously, such an understanding, even if there be any, cannot be construed as an arbitration agreement within the meaning of section 2(1)(b) read with section 7 of the act.16. in the present case, the arbitration agreement was not said to be on oral, but was part of contract entered into ..... in our view, to constitute an arbitration agreement between the parties and the action taken on behalf of the appellant and in view of section 7 of the act and considering the principles laid down by the aforesaid two decisions of this court, as noted herein earlier, we are of the view ..... the petitioner was not to gain anything by filing the objections late.11. this contention is again mis-conceived. once, the provisions of section 5 of the limitation act are not applicable, the question of condonation of delay did not arise at all.12. the learned counsel for the petitioner also contended, ..... ltd v. post graduate institute of medical education & research (supra) goes against the petitioner. the hon'ble supreme court in the said case has been pleased to lay down as under:a tender ..... 728, great offshore ltd. v. iranian offshore engineering & construction company : jt 2008(9) sc 339, unissi (india) pvt. ltd v. post graduate institute of medical education & research jt 2008(11) sc 89, is also totally mis-conceived. rather the judgment of the hon'ble supreme court in m/s unissi (india) pvt. .....

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