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Apr 28 1967 (HC)

Shah (Dr. D.R.) Vs. State of Rajasthan and anr.

Court : Rajasthan

Decided on : Apr-28-1967

Reported in : (1969)IILLJ261Raj

..... .p.s (med.) (bom.) granted by the college of physicians and surgeons, bombay, is included in the first schedule to the indian medical council act, 1956, and recognized by this council. the question of its equivalency to the postgraduate degree does not arise.the council at its meeting held on 27 march 1955 noted the opinion of the executive committee that these f ..... .s. with necessary postgraduate qualification.note (1).--necessary post-graduate qualification means a post-graduate degree or any other qualification recognized as equivalent by medical council of india.note (2).--post-graduate diploma will be equal to a post graduate degree in such subjects in which such a degree is not awarded by any university.note (3).--public service commission may relax the prescribed number ..... . or canada.(b) must have practised independently for five years in medicine as independent incharge of a ward at least in a big hospital of grade i or ii or incharge of grade ii hospital including beds pertaining to this and the age same as for posts nos. 3 and 5, respectively. house job or residentship shall not count towards ..... rule 11(a)(i) government have power to recognize a qualification as equivalent to a degree in medicine and surgery of an indian university. under rule 11(a)(ii), the government have power to recognize a qualification of a foreign country as equivalent to a post-graduate degree or diploma of an indian university. but under rule 23 read with the schedule and .....

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Aug 18 1967 (HC)

Sampat Raj Vs. Ladu Ram and ors.

Court : Rajasthan

Decided on : Aug-18-1967

Reported in : AIR1968Raj179

..... not passed by the learned single judge in respect of an order and decree of a subordinate court in its appellate jurisdiction, the application of sub-section (2) of section 18 of the ordinance is ruled out. 4. mr. kalla appearing for the respondents urged that the impugned order passed by the learned single judge ..... the order which has been impugned before us was definitely passed by the learned single judge in the exercise of his second appellate jurisdiction. our view finds support from the following observations of hon'ble chief justice ..... decided by the learned judges on an entirely different provision of law. in that case the judgment was based on the provisions of section 12(1) of the oudh court act which provided that on appeal from an order of a single judge shall lie to a bench consisting of two judges of the ..... 1962 sc 256 and also on the judgment of thy calcutta high court in mathura sundari dasi v. haran chandra saha. ilr 43 cal 857 = (air 1916 cal 361) but in our opinion these cases hardly throw any light on the question that has been posed before us for our determination as they have no ..... the matter it is difficult for us to accept the contention of mr. hasti mal that the learned single judge while deciding the review application did not act in the exercise of his appellate jurisdiction in respect of an appellate decree or order of the subordinate court. in other words, we can say that .....

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Aug 01 1967 (HC)

Ramlal Vs. Vishveshwar Nath

Court : Rajasthan

Decided on : Aug-01-1967

Reported in : AIR1968Raj249

..... in aimer parliamentary constituency. all the assembly constituencies included in aimer parliamentary constituency were in ajmer district.45. the contention on behalf of the petitioner is that section 10 (2) of the delimitation commission act, 1962 which lays down that upon the publication in the gazette every such order shall have the force of law and shall not be called in question in ..... could not be regarded as employees of government. a reference was made to the decision in tamlin v. hannsford. (1950) 1 kb 18 it was found that the insurance medical practitioners were appointed by the surgeon-general to the state of bombay. they were liable to dismissal or removal or to other disciplinary action by the same authority. part of ..... member of the rajasthan legislative assembly.12. dr. deorao laxman v. keshav laxman, air 1958 bom 314. the question which arose for decision in the case was whether an insurance medical practitioner appointed under the employees state insurance corporation was disqualified under article 191(1)(a). the corporation was a body incorporate having perpetual succession and a common seal and was ..... the remuneration payable to the insurance medical practitioners came out of the revenues of the state. on these findings it was held that the insurance medical practitioners held office under the government of bombay.13. it was observed that the principal tests for deciding whether an .....

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Feb 13 1967 (HC)

Municipal Council, Jaipur Vs. Prabhu Narain

Court : Rajasthan

Decided on : Feb-13-1967

Reported in : AIR1968Raj297; 1968CriLJ1449

..... air 1964 all 497, the inspector had filed the complaint after obtaining the consent of the medical officer who was authorised to consent within the meaning of section 20 of the act. the accused was acquitted and the medical officer applied for special leave to appeal. it was held that the appeal was not maintainable ..... is brought on the record is as much the complainant for purposes of the trial as the person who has filed the complaint. thus the strict definition of the 'complainant' as formulated on the basis of the complaint breaks down in a case of the death of the complainant, who filed ..... whether known or unknown, has committed an offence, but it does not include the report of a police officer'. this is a technical definition. if we adopt this technical definition for 'complainant,' it must mean, unless a different intention appears from the subject or context, the person who has filed the complaint.the ..... taken in other cases. reference in this connection may be made to mahomed azam v. emperor, air 1926 bom 178, jitan dusadh v. damoo sahoo, air 1916 pat 152 and anand rao v. gadi, air 1932 nag 72. this court has accepted the latter view in gajraj singh v. rup narain, ilr (1955 ..... in section 4 (1) (h) of the code of criminal procedure is quite ample and adequate according to that definition 'complaint' means the allegation made to a magistrate, with a view to his taking action under the law, that a person has committed an offence. it would follow, therefore, that a complainant ii a .....

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Jan 19 1967 (HC)

Rafiq Mohammad Vs. Mangilal and ors.

Court : Rajasthan

Decided on : Jan-19-1967

Reported in : AIR1968Raj3

..... civil judge. the learned civil judge declined to grant him rateable distribution of this decree on this ground that no application for rateable distribution was made what section 73 lays down is that in order to claim rateable distribution a decree-holder must have applied under order 21 rule 11 of the code for execution ..... entitled to the whole of the amount that it can be said that the receipt of the cheque amounts to receipt of assets within the meaning of section 73. rafiq mohammad therefore did not become entitled to receive the whole of the amount of the cheque in execution of his decree for rs. 2000 ..... court of munsif 5. the first contention on behalf of rafiq mohammad is that the assets were received by the court of munsif within the meaning of section 73 on the date on which the cheque for rs. 2165.24 was received by that court from the executive engineer. irrigation, kankroli. from the record ..... the date of the institution of the suit namely 14-4-64. he filed execution case no 52/65 in the court of munsif. udai-pur on 2-3-85 and prayed for the attachment of the amount payable lo lalchand judgment-dehtor. which was lying with the executive engineer, irrigation. kankroli this amount was ..... for rs 3948.80 and granting rateable distribution to mangiial in respect of a decree for rs 8142.24 the application has been contested on behall of mangilal.2. rafiq mohammad had a decree against lalchand for rs. 2000/. plus rs. 143.75 costs plus pendenle lite and future interest at 6 p.c. per .....

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Mar 28 1967 (HC)

State of Rajasthan Vs. Ratanlal

Court : Rajasthan

Decided on : Mar-28-1967

Reported in : (1968)ILLJ475Raj

..... hesitation in coming to the conclusion that the observations made by the deputy inspector-general of police generally in considering the various stories cannot be equated with a definite finding on charge (2), particularly when in the operative part of his order he recorded a clear finding that umed singh and the plaintiff-respondent prepared false farads and made false ..... two years.4. the plaintiff-respondent filed an appeal before the inspeotor-general of police, rajasthan, jaipur, but that proved unsuccessful.5. the plaintiff, thereafter, after serving notice under section 80, civil procedure code, filed a suit against the rajasthan state, inspeotor-general of police, rajasthan, and the deputy inspector-general of police, jodhpur, praying for setting aside the orders of ..... for the deputy government. advocate to contend that non-compliance with rule could not afford any cause of section to the plaintiff-respondent.28. lastly, it was contended that the provisions of the police act and the police regulations made under the act provide for the enquiry into the case of a police officer and that it was not necessary to ..... the police station, barmer, but subsequently he was let off by umed singh and the plaintiff and was not produced before the customs authorities and that in doing so, he acted dishonestly. the seoond charge against the plaintiff-respondent was that dharnidhar, naraindas, sheoshanker and rawatmal had made entries in the roznamcha, dated 4 october 1951, about the incident .....

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