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Jan 22 1968 (HC)

Chaturvedi (R.P.) and ors. Vs. State of Rajasthan and ors.

Court : Rajasthan

Decided on : Jan-22-1968

Reported in : (1969)ILLJ169Raj

..... an indian university is a question relating purely to an academic matter and courts should naturally hesitate to express a definite opinion, specially when the selection board of experts considers a particular foreign university degree as so equivalent. 44. further on, their lordships have been pleased to observe ;it would normally be wise and safe for the courts to leave the ..... a principal i3 a part-time post and not a promotion post. it has also been submitted that the posts of principals in sardar patel medical college, bikaner; ravindra nath tagore medical college, udaipur; medical college, jodhpur ; and medical college, ajmer, are not the posts of purely principals, but the principals of these colleges are also the controllers of associated group of hospitals ..... and conditions of service, there could be some justification in challenging the validity of their appointments even on a temporary footing on the basis of the university act, statutes and ordinances. all the medical colleges and attached hospitals are run by the government of ra]asthan and both dr. ojha and dr. rishi have been appointed as professors not by the ..... to cultivate and promote the arts, science and other branches of learning. 24. section 28 provides for making of statutes. the first three clauses of section 28 read as under:(1) on the commencement of the act, the statutes of the university shall be those set out in the schedule.(2) the statutes may be amended, repealed or added to by statutes made by .....

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May 02 1968 (HC)

Shitabkhan Vs. Bar Council of India and ors.

Court : Rajasthan

Decided on : May-02-1968

Reported in : AIR1969Raj136

..... it shall be deemed to be a university for the purposes of university grants commission act. learned counsel has also referred to the definition of the word 'law graduate' as contained in section 2(h) of the 'act'. 'law graduate', according to this definition, means 'a person who has obtained bachelor's degree in law from any university established by law in india.' deriving support from this ..... definition mr. jain has argued that in order to be called a graduate in any subject, a ..... person must have obtained a bachelor's degree in that subject from ..... law obtained on or before the 30th june, 1964 from any university established by law in the territory of india be recognised for the purposes of section 24(1)(c)(iii) of the advocates act, 1961.2. resolved that no degree in law obtain-ed after the 30th june, 1964 from any uni-versity in the territory of india shall be recognised unless such .....

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Mar 23 1968 (HC)

Kailash Chandra JaIn and anr. Vs. the State of Rajasthan

Court : Rajasthan

Decided on : Mar-23-1968

Reported in : AIR1969Raj68; (1969)IILLJ44Raj

..... issued the notification that the provisions of these rules will cease to apply. industrial disputes act, 1947, confers a number of benefits on workmen in an industry and this act applies equally to industries run by the state government. the term 'industries' according to section 2 (j) of this act means: 'any business, trade, undertaking, manufacture or calling of employers and includes any calling, ..... be appointed in the service of the corporation. the fate of mohanlal's case, air 1966 raj 1 decided by this court turned on its own facts. there were definite orders passed by the rajasthan electricity board from which it could be inferred that mohanlal had been appointed in the service of the rajasthan state electricity board. the most important ..... two orders exs. 17 and 18 it is sought to be argued that the director of medical -and health services who passed the orders of absorption, was treating the corporation as a department of the state. learned counsel for the petitioner realised that there was no ..... certain disputes between the workmen represented by the state roadways workers' union and the rajasthan state roadways. exhibits 17 and 18 are the orders passed by the director of medical and health services, rajasthan for posting certain workmen to certain departments as they were declared surplus by the rajasthan state roadways transport corporation department. from the tenor of these .....

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Feb 02 1968 (HC)

Viney Kumar Majoo Vs. State and ors.

Court : Rajasthan

Decided on : Feb-02-1968

Reported in : AIR1968Raj227; (1968)IILLJ398Raj

..... 1963 sc 1914, their lordships were called upon to consider the implications of sub-section 2(eee) and section 25b as they stood prior to the amendment brought about in 1965. section 25b was then in the following terms:-- ''section 25b. definition of one year of continuous service. for the purposes of sections 25g and 25f, a workman who, during a period of twelve calendar months, has ..... that is maintained in connection with the buildings and roads is an industry. according to the definition of the term 'workman' any person employed in an industry to do any supervisory, technical or clerical work for hire or reward is a workman. clause (iv) of section 2(s) contemplates that a person employed in a supervisory capacity will also be a workman provided ..... of the opinion that what i have already said does not go against what their lordships were pleased to lay down. one year's period contemplated in sub-section (2) of section 25b of the act only furnishes a unit of measure and if during that unit of measure the period of service actually rendered by a workman is 240 days, then that workman ..... including the petitioner. in this order the petitioner's name occurs at serial no. 3. the relevant facts emerging from the writ petition are briefly these: 2. petitioner was an engineering graduate having obtained his degree in the year 1966. he came to be appointed as a junior engineer in the public works department (b and r). project organisation under an order .....

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Mar 01 1968 (HC)

Sudesh Kumar Vs. Mool Chand

Court : Rajasthan

Decided on : Mar-01-1968

Reported in : AIR1969Raj22

..... bond. the learned counsel for the petitioner in this connection has also referred to the definition of the word 'bond' contained in section 2(5) of the indian stamp act, 1899, and has particularly placed reliance on clause (a)of section 2(5), which is as under :--'bond' includes - (a) any instrument whereby a ..... , or is not performed, as the case may be.' 5. a bare perusal of this definition ..... person obliges himself to pay money to another, on condition that the obligation shall be void if a specified act is performed ..... the promissory note nor the receipt can be considered as a security bond. article 57 of the rajasthan stamp law (adaptation) act, 1952 on which reliance has been placed by the learned counsel for the petitioner is as under :--'57. security bond or mortgage-deed, executed ..... shop in question regularly. he has, therefore, contended that these two documents should have been stamped as required by article 57 of the stamp act as security bonds. i am however, unable to accept the contention of the learned counsel for the petitioner for the simple reason that neither .....

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Jul 29 1968 (HC)

Johari Mal and ors. Vs. State of Rajasthan and anr.

Court : Rajasthan

Decided on : Jul-29-1968

Reported in : AIR1969Raj146

..... then the ground of discrimination would not be available. making this postulate a spring-board, learned counsel argued that what the government was really doing under section 104 of the act was to act on behalf of the several municipal boards and it could thus impose taxes on different bases by separate notifications for different municipalities. learned counsel maintains that it ..... worship or towards such religious or charitable purposes. explanation i: 'charitable purpose' includes relief of the poor, education and medical relief. explanation ii. when any portion of any land or building is exempt from payment of tax under this sub-section such portion shall be deemed to be a separate property for the purposes of the said tax. (5) the state ..... people, that its laws are directed to problems made manifest by experience and that its discriminations are based on adequate grounds; (d) that the legislature is free to recognise degrees of harm and may confine its restrictions to those cases where the need is deemed to be the clearest; (e) that in order to sustain the presumption of constitutionality ..... in the municipal areas were to be established and certain important functions were assigned to the municipal boards. their primary and secondary functions are contained in chapter vi of the act. the functions are inter alia lighting public streets, watering public streets, cleaning public streets, removing filth, rubbish, night-soil, odour or any other noxious or offensive matter, .....

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Oct 29 1968 (HC)

Bikaner Gypsum Ltd. Vs. Commissioner of Income-tax

Court : Rajasthan

Decided on : Oct-29-1968

Reported in : [1969]73ITR778(Raj); 1968()WLN242

..... .26. in commissioner of income-tax v. basant rai takhat singh, [1933] 1 i.t.r. 197 (p.c.) it has beenheld that under sub-section (2) of section 12 of the indian income-tax act,1922, the allowance for any expenditure incurred must be an allowance forexpenditure incurred in the year in respect of which the income, profitsand gains forming the basis of ..... claimed a sum of rs. 7,453 in defending the monopoly right enjoyed by it under the aforesaid instrument of assignment of lease as an admissible expense under section 10(2)(xv) of the act. this claim was rejected by all the income-tax authorities. the tribunal has referred question no. 3 on these facts.14. notice of these references were given to ..... incidental to his business and, having regard to the accepted commercial practice and trading principles, was a deduction which, if there was no specific provision for it under section 10(2) of the income-tax act, was certainly an allowable deduction. the expenditure (sic) was actually incurred or the liability in respect thereof had accrued even though it may have to be discharged ..... to rs. 7,453 incurred in defending the monopoly right enjoyed by the assessee-company under an instrument of assignment of lease was an inadmissible expense under section 10(2)(xv) of the indian income-tax act '12. the facts stated in the statement of the case with regard to this question are as follows :in the terms of the indenture of assignment .....

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Apr 24 1968 (HC)

Syed Habib HussaIn and ors. Vs. Kamal Chand

Court : Rajasthan

Decided on : Apr-24-1968

Reported in : AIR1969Raj31

..... doubt true that custom gives rise to a customary right as well as a customary easement, there is a vital difference between the two as section 2(b) of the easements act makes it quite clear that the act does not deal with a customary right. the reason is that customary rights are rights arising by custom, but unappurtenant to a dominant tenement, while ..... .30. it has therefore to be seen whether the customary easement of privacy of the nature claimed by the plaintiffs is reasonable so as to be recognized under section 18 of the easements act. as the right is based on custom which, as has been stated, has to fulfil the requirement of reasonableness before it can claim its recognition in a court ..... virjee v. keshavji lakhamshi, air 1952 kutch 22, does not seem to benefit the respondent because, far from rejecting a claim for a customary right of privacy under section 18 of the easements act, it has been held therein that privacy could be claimed in respect of premises or those parts of premises which are secluded from observation. it is true that ..... and certain, but that it should also be reasonable, because this is another essential requirement of a valid custom. a custom will not therefore have the sanction of section 18 of the easements act if it is not reasonable, but wherever the claim has been found to be reasonable, it has been upheld by courts of law, a number of decisions have .....

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Aug 26 1968 (HC)

Jeevraj and anr. Vs. Lalchand and ors.

Court : Rajasthan

Decided on : Aug-26-1968

Reported in : AIR1969Raj192

..... nor did it arise for consideration. then it is pointed out that the aforesaid observations of their lordships of the supreme court do not contain a definite approval of the observations in maniram's case (1906) ilr 33 cal 1047 (pc) (supra) that an unconditional acknowledgment implied a promise to pay ..... the last contention of the advocate general, namely, that the entries in question are bonds or agreements by reason of the terms of sec-lion 6, stamp act, which contemplates that a document may fall into two categories and since every unconditional acknowledgment implies a promise to pay, therefore, all unconditional ..... further mentioned that this balance had been struck in the presence of kunanmal lalchand. then the entry is signed by the defendants nos. 2 to 4. defendant no. 2 mentioning with his signature that rs. 6022/- are to be paid. the argument addressed on behalf of the plaintiffs appellants is that in ..... 12, 1898; and at the close of dealings seth rupchand owed to motiram rs. 5841/9/1 on account of principal, and rs. 2801/2/-for interest. there was no dispute between the parties about the correctness of these amounts. the only dispute between the contending parties was whether the ..... plaintiffs whose money suit was decreed by the trial court, viz., civiljudge, sojat, but dismissed by the district judge, pali, on the defendants' appeal.2. the suit was based on a khata-entry ex. 1 appearing in the plaintiff's account books. the said entry was in the following language:--[original .....

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Oct 09 1968 (HC)

Kalusingh and ors. Vs. Transport Appellate Tribunal and ors.

Court : Rajasthan

Decided on : Oct-09-1968

Reported in : AIR1970Raj149

..... exercise of quasi judicial authority by the relevant tribunals.24. the power of drawing up a timetable is to be gathered under chapter iv of the act. section 48 (3) (iii) speaks of the exhibition of the time-table at speci-fied stands and halts on the route within the area. ..... that the change o timings though superficially appear to be innocuous may lead to the results which may affect the parties financially to a substantial degree. there cannot therefore be any distinction in principle why the legislature should have made a distinction in regard to the character of the enquiry between ..... the existing operators on other routes. this writ petition was contested by respondents nos. 2 to 13 on the ground that the petitioners have an alternative remedy by way of appeal under section 64 (b) of the act. the learned single judge held that in the circumstances, increasing the number of trips ..... there must be a specific mention in the permit of the maximum number of services. in our opinion. section 57 (8) will not be attracted unless in a permit the condition is attached ..... 3) (ii) there is a specific reference that a condition in the following terms may be imposed:'the maximum and minimum number of daily services will be maintained in relation to any route or area generally or on specified days and occasions.'we cannot ignore the word 'specified' which definitely means that .....

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