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Jul 19 1972 (HC)

Smt. Laxmi Devi Vs. Babu Lal

Court : Rajasthan

Decided on : Jul-19-1972

Reported in : AIR1973Raj89; 1972()WLN463

..... a woman, with functioning ovaries, but with a congenital abnormality of the vagina which was only about two inches long and small in diameter, according to the report of the medical inspectors. this is a very different situation from the one which confronts me. there are. i think certain dangers in attempting to analyse too meticulously the essentials of normal sexual ..... be no conception of children, the wife having no uterus. it was considered that inability to conceive was no around for finding incapacity to consummate the marriage and further the degree of sexual satisfaction obtainable was immaterial. the learned lord justices came to the conclusion that the fact that lull penetration could only be rendered possible either by surgery eradicating a ..... and it was found that she had a vagina 3' long admitting two fingers and that she was fit for intercourse.5. taking into consideration the statements of the medical witnesses as also the various certificates and the direct testimony of the husband the learned district judge had no hesitation in reaching the conclusion that the wife was impotent at ..... directed against the judgment and decree of the learned district judge, jaipur district annulling her marriage under section 12 of the hindu marriage act, 1955, hereinafter to be referred as the 'act', on the ground of wife's impotency and her consequent incapacity to consummate the marriage.2. smt laxmi devi, the wife, and babulal, the husband, were married according to hindu rites .....

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Mar 16 1972 (HC)

Shyam Singh Vs. the State of Rajasthan and anr.

Court : Rajasthan

Decided on : Mar-16-1972

Reported in : 1973CriLJ441; 1972()WLN165

..... is the effect likely to be produced upon the minds of the public as to the fairness of the administration of justice and this is a question of degree to be decided in every case: see r. v. london justices ex parte south metropolitan gas co. (1908) 72 j.p. 137 (c.a ..... joshi was personally interested in the case and, therefore, he was not competent to hear it in the capacity of the city magistrate by virtue of section 556, criminal procedure code. mr. joshi had previously held the post of the deputy commissioner. devasthan, jaipur and in that position he had conducted an inquiry about ..... simply accorded sanction for the prosecution of the accused. it has further been observed in the supreme court case that personal interest within the meaning of section 556 is not limited to private interest and it may well include official interest also. this case also does not help ravi shanker and mst. ..... and had recommended that the said property should be taken over by the devasthan department. that order had been passed by the deputy commissioner when proceedings under section 145, cr.p.c. had already been initiated in the court. later on mr. tara prakash joshi took over charge as city magistrate jaipur city. ..... requesting him to act, or acquiescing in his acting, the proceedings are not rendered void. but a party does not waive his right to take an objection when he does not know that he is entitled to it see r. v. essex justices (1927) 2 k.b. 475. in allinson v. general medical council (1891) all .....

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Nov 09 1972 (HC)

The Jaipur Spinning and Weaving Mills Ltd. Vs. the State of Rajasthan ...

Court : Rajasthan

Decided on : Nov-09-1972

Reported in : 1972WLN1097

..... the industrial disputes act in section 2(1) as follows:'section 2(1) lock-out' means the closing of a place of employment, or the suspension of work or the refusal by an employer to continue to employ any number of persons employed by him;14. according to this definition, lock-out can ..... be declared in three ways viz. (1) by closing the place of employment, (2 ..... of work and, therefore, their entry in the mill precincts during the lock-out cannot fall within the mischief of the definition of 'trespass' as given in section 441 of the indian penal code.11. these rival arguments of the parties give rise to a very important question to ..... the work for the time being, and it is in this light that i have to examine the question whether the act of the workmen falls within the definition of criminal trespass' or not.17. mr. agarwal in support of his contention that the entry made by the ..... definitely of opinion that if a complaint is filed by the management to the police authorities disclosing reasonable grounds for believing that offence under section 447 indian penal code was being committed, the police authorities were bound to take action under section 55 or 166 of the criminal procedure code and under section 55 of the mysore police act .....

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Sep 25 1972 (HC)

Sahib Zada Adbul Bais Khan Vs. Budh Singh Bapna

Court : Rajasthan

Decided on : Sep-25-1972

Reported in : AIR1973Raj201; 1972()WLN908

..... of compensation in accordance with the scale laid down in the second schedule, and the provisions of the rajasthan pensions act. 1958, shall apply to such payments.' 11. section 2 (i) and section 8 of the rajasthan pensions act read: '2. definitions.-- in this act, unless the subject or context otherwise requires,-- (i) 'grant of money' includes any amount payable on the part ..... of the state government in respect of any right, privilege, perquisite or office; but does not include a cash jagir to which the rajasthan cash jasirs abolition act. 1958 ..... hora-garashak' in the hands of the mamlatdar, was exempt from attachment by virtue of section ii of the pensions act 1871. that section is analogous to section 8 of the rajasthan pensions act, 1958. it will be useful to recall the language of section 11 of the pensions act 1871. it reads '11. exemption of pension from attachment. no pension granted or ..... purview the grants made under the raiasthan cash jagirs abolition act 1958 (section 2 (i) ). civil suits are barred for obtaining 'grants of money' and 'pensions' (section 3) excepting after obtaining a certificate from collector concerned f section 5). section 4 provides the mode for making claims to the col-lector. section 6 lays down that subject to rules the collector shall .....

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Aug 23 1972 (HC)

Dhanraj JaIn Vs. Smt. Suraj Bai

Court : Rajasthan

Decided on : Aug-23-1972

Reported in : AIR1973Raj7; 1972()WLN623

..... -mother. even if we look to the table of heirs given in schedule under class ii under section 8 of the hindu succession act. step-mother has been put in entry vi to class ii heirs under the head 'father's widow', whereas the natural mother has been put in class i heir ..... therefore, it must follow that giving and taking ceremony was obligatory for the adoption of minors only. according to him clause (vi) of section 11 of the act which deals with the ceremony of physical giving and taking of the child also limits the same to the adoption of minor persons only and does ..... thought fit to keep it necessary in case of a minor only. his contention is that the use of the expression 'child' in section 11(g) of the act clearly gives an indication to the legislative intent that the term has been used for minor persons only. he further submitted that the fact that ..... ad-optive father and after him to the adoptive mother. there is no substance in the suggestion of the learned counsel ,witth reference to explanation to section 9 of the act. the term 'father' and 'mother', in our opinion, have clear reference to the natural father and mother as contradistinguished from step-father and step ..... a person who has not attained the age of majority .....where the word 'child' is used with reference to parentage, it means a descendant of the first degree, a son or a daughter and has no reference to age'.their lordships agreed with this observation of beaumont, c. j. and adopted the meaning of the .....

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Sep 26 1972 (HC)

Purshotam Kewalia Vs. Smt. Devki

Court : Rajasthan

Decided on : Sep-26-1972

Reported in : AIR1973Raj3; 1972()WLN654

..... a suit has been dismissed after trial, such dismissal is a decree within the meaning of section 2, civil procedure code, but dismissal of an ap-plication under the act will not amount to a decree. section 21 of the act provides that subject to the other provisions contained in this act and to such rules as the high court may make in this behalf, all proceedings ..... be. order the payment of maintenance by the other spouse. the act contemplates in all four kinds of decrees : (1) for restitution of conjugal rights vide section 9,(2) for judicial separation vide section 10,(3) for divorce vide section 13. and (4) annulment of marriage which is void vide sections 11 and 12. under section 2, civil procedure code the term 'decree' means the formal expression of an ..... per month as permanent maintenance to the wife under section 25 of the act.2. the appellant purshotam kewalia and smt. devki respondent were married according to hindu rites in july, 1937. at that tune they were both children, while the husband was 15, ..... this is a husband's appeal directed against the judgment of the learned district judge, bikaner dated 25-2-1970 whereby the learned judge dis-missed the husband's application under section 10 of the hindu marriage act, 1955, hereinafter to be referred as the 'act', for judicial separation and while dismissing the application the learned judge awarded an amount of rs. 40/- .....

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Mar 14 1972 (HC)

The Regional Director, Employees State Insurance Corporation Vs. the A ...

Court : Rajasthan

Decided on : Mar-14-1972

Reported in : 1972WLN215

..... been done in official capacity as contemplated by the aforesaid section.14. i may turn to the definition of the term 'act' as given in the general clauses act. sub-section (2) of section 3 lays down: 'act', used with reference to an offence or a civil wrong, shall include a series of an acts & words which refer to acts done, extend also to illegal omission.' failure to pay contribution ..... of employees' contribution is one such matter. sub-section (3) of this section lays down that no civil court shall have jurisdiction to decide or deal with any question or dispute as aforesaid or to adjudicate on any liability which by or under this act is to be decided by a medical board, or by a medical appeal tribunal or by the employees' insurance court ..... . section 76 provides for institution of proceedings of this act and any rules made by the state government, all proceedings before the employees'. insurance court shall be .....

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Mar 13 1972 (HC)

His Highness Maharaja of Jaipur Vs. State of Rajasthan and anr.

Court : Rajasthan

Decided on : Mar-13-1972

Reported in : 1972WLN186

..... for the levy of a duty in respect of admission to theatres, cinemas and other places of public entertainment. therefore, an entertainment to come within the definition of section 2(b) and of the provisions of the act must be some exhibition, performance, amusement, game or sport for the purpose of entertainment, that is, for affording some sort of amusement and gratifications to those ..... who see or bear it.the bench further observed-the c.p. and berar entertainment duty act, 1936, is closely on the lines of the english act of 1916 at least so far as the charging provisions and the definition clauses are concerned. the practice of display of fabrics, cloth, costumes and dresses by mannequins is very common in england ..... general acceptation, we may also refer to butterworths 'words and phrases'- legally defined. there it has been stated 'an entertainment to come within the provisions of the finance (new duties) act, 1916 (repealed) must be some 'exhibition, performance, amusement, game or sport' provided, though not necessarily by the owner of the place of entertainment, for the purpose of entertaining those who pay .....

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Sep 08 1972 (HC)

Sua Lal Vs. State of Rajasthan

Court : Rajasthan

Decided on : Sep-08-1972

Reported in : 1972WLN738

..... judged by this test, there can, i think, be no doubt whatever that the accused, who obviously intended to commit rape, did more than one definite act in part execution of his criminal design. there is the statement of mst. pushpa,' aged 6 or 7 years, as to how she had been caught ..... it considerable violence is used, there is often laceration of the fourchette and perinacum.taylor in his monumental work, principles and practice of medical jurisprudence, 12th edition, volume ii, writes at pages 60-62:i is impossible to conceive and forcible intercourse should take place in children without bruising, effusion of blood, ..... the penetration taken place, the male organ should have caused some injury in its attempts to enter the child's vagina.6. explanation, appended to section 375, i.p.c., reads;penetration is sufficient to constitute the sexual intercourse necessary to the offence of the case of reg v. ..... of india. 4th edn., p. 602, it is said:where a full grown man has carried the offence upon a child beyond the minimum degree of penetration which brings him within the law, it is probable that he will cause injuries for exceeding the mere destruction of virginity which are ..... witness and the answers furnished by her. this shows that the child understands the duty of speaking the truth oaths act does not deal with the competency and under section 13 of that act omission to take oath does not affect the admissibility of the evidence. apart from the above mentioned minor infirmities, .....

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Sep 21 1972 (HC)

Sugan Chand Vs. Govindram Bansal

Court : Rajasthan

Decided on : Sep-21-1972

Reported in : 1972WLN732

..... lie to the high court from every order made by the judge under sub-section (1) or sub-section (2) section 44.(2) the high court shall subject to the provisions of this act, have the same powers, jurisdiction and authority, and follow the same procedure, with respect of an appeal under this section as if the appeal were an appeal from an original decree passed by ..... its earlier view reported in mohindra supply (sic) case air 1962 sc 266. he further invited out attention to a number of decisions, namely, fateh chand v. rup chand air 1916 pc 20; haung ba thaw and anr. v. ma fin air 1934 pc 81; hem singh and ors. v. basant das and anr. a1r 1936 pc 93; adaikappa v. chandrasekhara ..... put on section 48.13. in ram singh's case a1r 1936 pc 93 considered punjab sikh gurdwara act, 1925 did not contain any words of finality and therefore this case is clearly distinguishable.14. we are doubtful if the argument advanced by mr. mehta that the judge who decides an election petition under the act is a persona designate for the definition of ..... the term given in gaborn's concise law dictionary quoted with approval in central talkies ltd., kanpur v. dwarka prasad : 1961crilj740 does not appear to squarely fit in the language of section 40 of the act. therefore, we need not be taken to have expressed .....

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