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Apr 27 1983 (HC)

Motilal Vs. the State of Rajasthan and ors.

Court : Rajasthan

Decided on : Apr-27-1983

Reported in : 1983WLN130

..... and suburbs inter se and hence they could not be included into a municipality or converted into a municipal board in view of proviso (1) to sub-section (2) of section 5 of the act. the above provision clearly prohibited the inclusion of any town or suburbs n a municipality with any other town or suburbs from which it is separated by more ..... panchayat without following the principles of natural justice. the petitioner has thus also prayed that proviso to section 4 of the rajasthan municipalities act amended by section 2 of the rajasthan municipalities (second amendment) act, 1974, may kindly be declared ultra vires to section 14 of the act.9. the state government in reply have stated that revenue village kishangarh renwal consisted of 60 dhanis ..... state government in its reply has clearly stated that village kishangarh renwal is an important town taking in view the transport and trade facilities. there is facility of water, electricity, medical etc. in the area. there are educational institutions, post-office and railway station and the action has been taken in overall development of the area & in the interest of ..... panchayat kishangarh renwal was more than eight thousand and it was an important place in view of the transport and trade facilities. there was proper facility of water, electricity, education, medical, post-office, railway station etc. and keeping in view the over all development of the area and in larger public interest, the state government had considered it just and .....

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Jul 04 1983 (HC)

Manoranjan Hotel Disco and anr. Vs. State of Rajasthan and ors.

Court : Rajasthan

Decided on : Jul-04-1983

Reported in : 1983WLN338

..... f hold that apparatus used in the video cassette recorder and television squarely falls within the definition of cinematograph, as defined in section 2 of the indian cinematograph act, 1952.17. section 3 of the rajasthan cinemas (regulation) act, 1952 provides that save as otherwise provided in this act no person shall give an exhibition by means of a cinematograph elsewhere than is a place ..... any conditions and restrictions imposed by the licence.11. in this very act in section 2 'cinematograph' his been defined which reads as under.2(a) 'cinematograph' includes any apparatus for the representation of moving pictures or series of pictures.the definition given in the cinematograph act of 1952 and the rajasthan cinema peculation act, 1952 so far as 'cinematograph' word is concerned, is the same ..... impact in the movie theatre a highly magnified image fills the central part of the field of vision in ah otherwise darkened hall, exciting curiosity and response to a degree far beyond that obtained by the very small television screen in a relatively unmarked living room. the great, fully loaded images of the big screen from griffith's intolerance ..... of 1916 to the russian war and peace of 1968, have involved the investment of large sums of money in what is called 'production value' the accumulated content of those images .....

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Jan 19 1983 (HC)

Harshamal Shivbux Vs. Ramkishan Das Sagarmal and ors.

Court : Rajasthan

Decided on : Jan-19-1983

Reported in : AIR1984Raj34; 1983()WLN26

..... presidency towns for matters relating to insolvency, the p. t. i. act would not apply and it is the p. i act, which will apply. the p. i. act under sub-section (2) of section 1 provides extentof its application and the preamble of the p. i. act gives us an idea that it is an act to consolidate and amend the law relating to insolvency as administered ..... court'. the words 'any court' in sections 18 and 29, would, therefore, mean the court ..... jurisdiction under the p. i. act and the word 'court' occurring in p. i. act would mean the 'district ..... down that the district courts shall be the courts having jurisdiction under the p. i. act, the words 'any court' occurring in sections 18 and 29 of the two acts have to be considered in the light of the preamble of the two acts and in the light of the definition of the words 'the court' or the 'district court', which is the court having .....

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Dec 19 1983 (HC)

The State of Rajasthan Vs. B.K. Roy

Court : Rajasthan

Decided on : Dec-19-1983

Reported in : 1983WLN(UC)569

..... not be such as is expected for sustaining a criminal conviction, it need only establish a high degree of probability.9. the question of availability of the presumption under section 4 of the act for the charge under section 5 (2) read with section 5 (1)(d) came for determination before their lordships of the supreme court in the case ..... written this fact in the report ex.p. 3 this version shatters the prosecution case that the money was given to the doctor in order to avoid the medical examination of the ladies of the village.19. yaswant singh (pw 6) happens to be the real brother of lal chand (pw 4) towards whom the ..... . he has also stated that he had neither told the police nor any body else that dhanpat (pw 5) had told him that the doctor would medically examine all the women of the village and that it was for the first time in the court that he was stating so. he also admitted that ..... currency note was received by the doctor as illegal gratification for giving any favourable report so that women of the village bair may not be put to medical examination. he found substance in the defence version of the payment of the amount being made by lal chand to the respondent by way of fees and ..... . according to him if he would have felt it necessary to get he would have got the ladies medically examined by the doctor. he expressed his ignorance about the authority of the doctor to medically examine all the women without his asking him to do so. he further stated that in his presence no body .....

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Sep 20 1983 (HC)

Mukand Das Vs. State of Rajasthan

Court : Rajasthan

Decided on : Sep-20-1983

Reported in : 1983WLN(UC)263

..... to the judgment debtors under order 21 rule 22 cpc. it may be that in a particular case where the executing court makes a report under section 2 cpc and inspite of the said report no steps are taken by the state for the satisfaction of the decree, the court may dispense with the ..... fit for promotion to such grade. the aforesaid matters which involve a separate and i dependent cause of action cannot be considered in these execution proceedings. the definition of 'suitable post' consained in stroud's judicial dictionary and the decision of the supreme court in p.r.nayak v. union of india, have, therefore ..... had been promoted as compounder grade i with effect from 1st april, 1955 . in support of his aforesaid submission shri gaur has placed reliance on the definition of the word, 'suitable' as contained in stroud's judicial dictionary i supplement 4th edn. shri gaur has also placed reliance on the decision of the ..... relevant time, laid down that where in a suit by or against the government or by or against a public officer in respect of any such act as aforesaid a decree is passed against the union of india or a state or as the case may be a time shall be specified in the ..... payable to the decree holder by the judgment-debtors was rs. 1343.20.2. the appellant was an employee of the government of rajasthan. by order dated 23-1-1956 passed by the director medical and health services jaipur, respondent no. 2 the services of the appellant were terminated. the appellant filed a suit wherein .....

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Jan 25 1983 (HC)

Rajasthan Cooperative Dairy Federation Ltd. and anr. Vs. Manoharlal Sh ...

Court : Rajasthan

Decided on : Jan-25-1983

Reported in : 1983WLN237

..... rules relating to matters set out in the schedule. section 3(2) of the act says that the provisions shall be made in ..... the respondent and he supported the order of the learned single judge in this regard.6. article 12 of the constitution reads as under:12. definition. in this part, unless the context otherwise requires, ' 'the state' includes the government and the legislature of each of the siate and all ..... himself to be a 'workman' within the meaning of section 2(i) of the industrial employement (sending orders) act 1946(no. xx of 1946) (hereinafter referred to be the act,) as the duties which he is discharging are clerical in nature. the order (anx. 2) was, challenged by the petitioner by filing a writ ..... . he submitted that anx. 2 is an order of termination simpliciter and this order could be passed in view of item no. 8 of the schedule appended to the act read with clause 17 of the industrial employment (standing orders) central rules, 1946 section 2(g) of the act defines 'standing orders' as ..... follows:8. termination of employment, and the notice thereof to be given by employer and workmen. it exercise of the powers conferred by section 15 of the act, the state government made the rajasthan industrial employment (standing orders) rules, 1963 (rules of 1963' hereinafter) for regulating standing orders .....

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May 04 1983 (HC)

Kewal Chand Nai Vs. State of Rajasthan and ors.

Court : Rajasthan

Decided on : May-04-1983

Reported in : AIR1983Raj252

..... court. 'investigation' under section 2 (h) is defined as including all the proceedings under this code for the collection of evidence conducted by a police officer or by any person (other than a magistrate) who is authorised by a magistrate in this behalf. a perusal of the aforesaid two definitions clearly shows that the ..... also contended by mr. sharma that the provision of section 17 (4a) of the act should be struck down on the ground that no opportunity for showing cause is given to such person before suspending him. it was also ..... as such no trial is pending against him and the state government is not empowered to suspend the petitioner under the aforesaid provisions of section 17 (4a) of the act it is contended by the learned counsel for the petitioner that the trial only commences after framing of charge and till that stage ..... of the supreme court the case of madho ram's case ((1950) 51 cri lj 1522) is not good law. the scheme of section 17 (4a) of the act also goes to show that it empowers the state government to suspend any, panch, sarpanch and upsar-panch against whom an inquiry stood started ..... when criminal proceedings in regard to an offence involving moral turpitude is pending trial against such person, he cannot be permitted to take part in any act or proceedings of the panchayat and the legislature in its wisdom thought it proper to empower the state government to suspend such person.5. it was .....

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Dec 12 1983 (HC)

Narayan Singh Vs. State of Rajasthan and ors.

Court : Rajasthan

Decided on : Dec-12-1983

Reported in : AIR1984Raj69

..... has come to the court rather too soon. 9. all said and done therefore, i hold that the notice delivered by the petitioner to the collector under sub-section (2) of section 39 of the act remains valid and effective till he complies with it and that the mere fact that the collector has not convened (a) meeting within a period of 30 days ..... samiti to consider the motion of no-confidence against the pradhan, sri chand, on a date beyond the period of thirty days from the date on which notice under sub-section (2) of section 39 of the act had been delivered to him. for a better appreciation of the argument raised, it would be useful to reproduce here the relevant portions of ..... of considering a motion of no-confidence against a pradhan under section 39 of the act. the collector has the exclusive and unfettered power under section 39 to deal with a notice delivered to him under sub-section (2) of that section, but he must deal with it in accordance with the provisions of that section. the state government has no power to interfere in any manner ..... with the proceedings of the collector taken by him pursuant to a notice delivered under section 39 (2) of the act. this view is in line with an earlier .....

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Jan 24 1983 (HC)

Jaipur Wool and Namda Association and anr. Vs. State of Rajasthan and ...

Court : Rajasthan

Decided on : Jan-24-1983

Reported in : [1984]55STC153(Raj); 1983()WLN42

..... aforesaid decisions the state government issued the following notification on 21st august, 1979 :notificationjaipur, august 21, exercise of the power conferred by sub-section (2) of section 4 of the rajasthan sales tax act, 1954 (rajasthan act no. xxix of 1954), the state government being of the opinion that it is expedient in public interest so to do, hereby exempts retrospectively from tax ..... is given which includes all woollen fabrics under item no. 21 of the said schedule. the department took the view that the definition as given in the tariff at item no. 21 of the first schedule to the act was wide enough to include any woollen fabric, knitted, felted or bonded and textile material (woollen based) for the above purpose and ..... . the kerala high court in the above case considered notification issued under section 10(1) of the kerala general sales tax act, 1963, whereby the government of kerala granted exemption from sales tax on 'sale of medicines dispensed by a medical practitioner owning a dispensary and dispensing medicines to his patients from his own dispensary'. it was held that such exemption was ..... not general but was only for a limited purpose and under specified circumstances. the assessee was held not entitled to exemption under the central act.19. the crucial question to be determined .....

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Jul 20 1983 (HC)

Ratan Rice and Flour Mills Vs. State of Rajasthan and anr.

Court : Rajasthan

Decided on : Jul-20-1983

Reported in : [1985]59STC131(Raj); 1983()WLN589

..... has been canvassed by the learned counsel for the petitioner in this writ petition is that the provisions of section 5cc of the rajasthan sales tax act, 1954 (hereinafter referred to as 'the act') is violative of the guarantee of equality of law enshrined in article 14 of the constitution. learned counsel ..... during the teething period. similar incentives have been offered by the union government in respect of new industrial undertakings in sections 80hh, 80hha, 80j and 80k of the income-tax act, 1961. the purpose of enacting these provisions is to encourage the establishment of new industrial undertakings and the object ..... force with effect from april 20, 1970. section 5cc, as it was enacted by act no. 5 of 1970 reads as under :5cc ..... industries with new units shall be treated as notified industries for the purpose of section 5cc. it may be pointed out here that section 5c, which was introduced by the amending act no. 13 of 1963, with effect from march 2, 1963 provides that tax payable on the sale to or purchase by a ..... of the benefit envisaged under the provisions of section 5cc is alleged to be arbitrary and as such discriminatory and violative of the provisions of article 14 of the constitution.2. section 5cc was inserted in the rajasthan sales tax act by section 4 of the amending act no. 5 of 1970, which came into .....

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