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Oct 25 1983 (HC)

Jagannath Singh Vs. State of Rajasthan and ors.

Court : Rajasthan

Decided on : Oct-25-1983

Reported in : 1983WLN(UC)523

..... at the relevant time on which the said respondents could be substantively appointed.15. learned counsel drew my attention to the definition of substantive appointment' contained in rule 2 (j) of the service rules. according to the said definition 'substantive appointment' means an appointment made under the provisions of the rules to a substantive vacancy after due selection by any ..... prasad gupta, j.1. this writ petition raises a complex question about the seniority of assistant engineers (civil) in the rajasthan public health engineering department.2. the petitioner is a holder of degree of bachelor of engineering (civil) and he was initially appointed as a lecturer in civil engineering department in jodhpur polytechnic, after selection by a selection committee ..... of assistant engineer (civil), although , after due selection by the rajasthan public service commission, were after all temporary employees at the relevant time. according to rule 15(2) of the absorption rules, the seniority of a surplus employee appointed to a new post in a temporary capacity among the temporary employees holding same class of posts in ..... engineers (civil) on temporary basis until further orders, by the orders of the state government dated january 31, 1968 and february 19, 1968. by an order dated january ii 1975 the respondents nos. 3 to 8 were appointed as assistant engineers (civil), against permanent posts retrospectively from the date of their joining the public health engineering department and .....

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May 18 1983 (HC)

Meghji Vs. the State of Rajasthan

Court : Rajasthan

Decided on : May-18-1983

Reported in : 1983WLN(UC)91

..... pair of shoes recovered, fits in the feet of the accused. had there been any material in this regard, then it can be said definiteness along with the evidence of mogiya, that the shoes in fact belongs to the accused. even without employing the above circumstances, we have absolutely ..... no hesitation in our mind that from the evidence of mogiya, corroborated by the statement of lachhia and further corroborateed by the medical evidence, it is amply proved that it was the accused meghji, who caused kulhari blows on the person of the deceased resulting in his ..... our opinion, the testimony of mogiya is credible and dependable and it finds corroboration from the statement of lachhia and it further gets corroboration from the medical evidence. as already stated, the deceased had as many as six wounds. our attention has been invited by shri vyas to the testimony of dr ..... further placed reliance on the evidence of recovery and corroboration sought from the articles, which were found blood stained and corroboration was also sought from the medical evidence.3. we have heard shri s. d.vyas learned counsel for the appellant, end shri m.c. bhati, learned public prosecutor, for the ..... investigation from the witnesses, challan was produced against the accused. the accused was ultimately tried by the sessions judge, banswara.2. the accused was charged for the offence under section 302, ipc, to which he pleaded not guilty and claimed to be tried. at the trial the prosecution ex-mined .....

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Aug 01 1983 (HC)

Shyamsunder Vs. University of Jodhpur

Court : Rajasthan

Decided on : Aug-01-1983

Reported in : 1983WLN(UC)176

..... to engineering college. it is not a case where different medical standards are laid down for different candidates. i do not subscribe to the view of the learned counsel for the petitioner that a particular height ..... , vision and hearing which are not mentioned here as they are not relevant to this case. the petitioner cannot be heard to say that the medical standards laid down in para 7 of the instructions are discriminatory because these standards are laid down for all the candidates called for interview for admission ..... on the ground of having his height as 1.35 meters and weight as 33 kgs. only. para 7 of the instructions lays down certain medical standards for the candidates who are called for interview for admission to engineering college. the standards are that the height of the candidate should not be ..... is specially subnormal having his height as 1.35 meters and weight as 33 kgs. although his age is about 18 years and, therfore. he is medically unfit and not entitled to admission to the engineering course. in support of she reply to the show cause notice, mr. d.s. bhandari, reader ..... of jodhpur may be directed to call the petitioner for interview and grant him admission according to his merit in the speciality he is entitled to.2. the relevant facts giving rise to this writ petition may be briefly stated as follows: the petitioner claims a brilliant career in as much as .....

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Oct 20 1983 (HC)

Babulal Vs. State of Rajasthan

Court : Rajasthan

Decided on : Oct-20-1983

Reported in : 1983WLN(UC)547

..... it appears that the injury on the person of ram chandra was quite serious involving perforation of the greater vurvature of the stomach and, therefore, immediate medical aid for the injured was the first concern of ghanshyamdas. he, therefore, removed ram chandra immediately to the mahatma ghandhi hospital where an operation was ..... their testimony finds corroboration from the fact that from the report (ex p 1) lodged by ghanshyamdas (pw 1) as well as from the medical evidence and the recovery of the knife at the instances of the accused.7. shri bohra, the learned counsel for the appellant has submitted that reliance ..... the knife at the instance of the appellant. the additional sessions judge was also of the view that from the medical evidence it was ettablished that the injuries that were inflicted on the person of ram chandra were not only grievous but also dangerous to life ..... delay in making the report to the police. the addl. sessions judge also observed that the evidence of the eye witnesses finds corroboration from the medical evidence of dr. p. dayal and dr. mehta as well as the recovery of the blood stained clothes of ramchandra and the recovery of ..... . the offence which could be said to have been committed by the appellant was one punishable under section 304 part ii ipc and, therefore, the appellant can only be held guilty of the offence punishable under section 308 ipc. i find force in the aforesaid contention of shri bohra. from the evidence of asharam .....

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Dec 16 1983 (HC)

Modiya Vs. the State of Rajasthan

Court : Rajasthan

Decided on : Dec-16-1983

Reported in : 1983WLN(UC)372

..... record and hearing the appellant or bis pleader, if he appears, and the public prosecutor if he appears, and in case of an appeal under section 377 or section 378, the accused, if he appears, the appellate court may, if it considers that there is no sufficient ground for interfering, dismiss appeal, or ..... referred authorities.10. realising the necessity to provide free legal aid to an indigent accused in trial before the court of sessions, the legislature inserted section 304 in the code of criminal procedure. the necessity to provide legal aid was felt by even the law commission. the law commission in its ..... since the accused had no financial means to engage a defence counsel, the court appointed amicus curiae for his defence in accordance with the provisions of section 304 cr. pc3. the prosecution examined three eye witnesses and the doctor, in addition to many other witnesses. on the conclusion of trial, the ..... supreme court observed:that the requirement of compliance with natural justice was implicit in article 21 and that if any penal law (e.g., the passports act) did not lay down the requirement of hearing before affecting him, that requirement would be implied by the court, so that the procedure prescribed by ..... him to crossexamine the witnesses referred above viz., pw 1 dharma, pw 2 kapoora, pw 3 ota ram, pw 6 dr. s.p. purohit and pw 7 amar singh. we further direct that the accused should be examined under section 313 cr. pc and an opportunity should be given to him to produce .....

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Feb 02 1983 (HC)

Ram Bharose and ors. Vs. the State of Rajasthan

Court : Rajasthan

Decided on : Feb-02-1983

Reported in : 1983WLN(UC)47

..... has stated that the age of rajjo was above 18 years and trie injuries were of about 7 days duration. dr. agrawal also opined that no definite opinion could be given about rape till the receipt of the report from the chemical examiner. after completing the investigation the police submitted a challan against the ..... 500/-were removed from his person. on the basis of the said report, a case under sections 366/379 and 323 ipc was registered. the injuries found on the person of ramdas were examined by dr. s.l. agrawal, medical officer, primary health centre, roopbas on 2nd march, 1975 at 7 a.m. vide injury report ..... prosecution, in support of its case, examined seven witnesses out of whom ramdas pw 1 and mst. rajjo pw 2 are the eye witnesses of the occurrence. the appellants, in their statements recorded under section 313 cr.p.c. pleaded not guilty and submitted that they bad been falsely implicated.4. the sessions judge has ..... were armed with lathis and that shibbo had indicted the injuries on the person of her brother with the knife and where after lachari had inflicted 2-3 lathi blows on his person. according to rajjo none of the other accused persons took part in the assault she has also stated that shibbo ..... going to buy buffalos & that ramdas was carrying rs. 500/-with him and that rajjo was having, on her person, a gold chain weighing 1 1/2 tolas, gold earrings weighing 1 tola, gold rings weighing two tolas and one wrist watch. in the report it was also stated kamdas was also having a .....

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Mar 25 1983 (HC)

Mohansingh and ors. Vs. State of Rajasthan

Court : Rajasthan

Decided on : Mar-25-1983

Reported in : 1983WLN(UC)228

..... kanwar in relation to these three accused persons. thus, these three accused-persons are entitled to benefit of doubt, in the light of ex.p/8. however, it can be definitely found that the assailants of the deceased nandsingh, were mohansingh, saniya, kaniya, bhagwaniya and some others, whose identity is not established beyond doubt.17. so far as the accused ..... the accused-appellants, the prosecution relies on the occular testimony of p.w. 5 ramsingh, p.w 6 mst. bhanwarkanwar and p.w. 7 mst. sajjankanwar corroborated by the medical evidence and the first information report exp/8 lodged by gordhansingh (p.w. 8) on the day of occurrence and the circumstantial evidence of the recovery of blood-stained kulhari ..... six names in the first infromation report namely mohansingh, kaniya, rodiya, saniya, bhagawaniya and heeriya. he did not disclose the names of najariya, manohariya and bagliya although the specific acts have been attributed by mst bhanwarkanwar to the accused nazariya, manoheriya and bagliya. gordhansingh (pw 8) has stated that he had disclosed the names of the assalants, whatever were disclosed ..... and 302, ipc and the appsllants najariya, bhagwaniya, kaniya, manohariya and baliya were convicted of the offences under sections 147 and 302/149, ipc under section 148, ipc the appellants mohansingh and saniya have been awarded 2 years' rigorous imprisoment each and under section 302, ipc imprisonment for life. the other appellants in appeal no.71 of 1977 were awarded 1 year's .....

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Aug 24 1983 (HC)

Jama and Nathu Vs. State of Rajasthan

Court : Rajasthan

Decided on : Aug-24-1983

Reported in : 1983WLN(UC)513

..... found stained with human blood. so it appears that he wielded the lathi with greater force and the blow or blows, which he has inflicted, had definitely resulted into the death of the deceased. the same may be true with regard to the appellant jama, but the lathi recoverd on his information and ..... jama, there is further material on record with regard to his age. at the time of consideration of his bail application by the learned sessions judge, medical opinion was sent for in respect of his age. the doctor has given a certificate to the effect that the age of jama is between 12 ..... take their land. one witness dharma was examined in defence as dw 1. the learned sessions judge found both the appellants guilty of the offence under section 302 ipc, relying on the evidence of the two eye witnesses and the evidence of two other witnesses relating to dying declaration and he also relied ..... all the four accused person and they were ultimately tried by, the sessions judge, udaipur. the appellants jama and nathu were charged with the offence under section 302, ipc both the appellants pleaded not-guilty to the charges and claimed to be tried. the prosecution examined in all 12 witnesses. kalia (pw1) ..... the likely result of his act, that is, knowledge regarding the consequence of his act, can be attributed and not the intention. it cannot be said that he acted with any murderous intent or design. in our opinion, he can only be held guilty of the offence under section 304, part ii, ipc. but the same .....

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Mar 30 1983 (HC)

Yashwant Raj Vs. Mohan Lal and ors.

Court : Rajasthan

Decided on : Mar-30-1983

Reported in : I(1985)ACC342; AIR1984Raj144

..... unconscious for a period of about two weeks and even thereafter he used to cry on account of excessive pain in the head and was undergoing medical treatment for the same for a period of about 4 months. in such circumstances, the award of rs. 1,500/- as compensation in this respect ..... on account of pain in the head; thus there is ample reason to hold that yaswantrai underwent considerable physical pain and suffering and had to take medical treatment for a period of about 4 months. although, no permanent disability appears to have been caused to him on account of the accident, yet ..... is concerned, the tribunal has found that the existence of a permanent defect in the body or mind of yaswantrai has not been proved. no medical evidence has been produced on the record by the claimant yashwantrai to show that any injury was caused to his brain or that his brain or ..... 29, 1968 to june 10, 1968 on account of head injury involving multiple fractures. thereafter he remained at home and was under medical treatment for almost 3 months before he recovered.2. a claim petition was filed by yashwant rai on july 26, 1968 before the motor accident claims tribunal, jodhpur (hereinafter referred to ..... chandris v. (isbrandtsen moller co.. (1950) 2 all er 618 (cav we are therefore, of the view that although section 34 of the code of civil procedure does not in terms apply to a claims tribunal constituted under the motor vehicles act, the principles of the section apply and the tribunal in a proper case has .....

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Mar 21 1983 (HC)

Bhan Singh Vs. State of Rajasthan

Court : Rajasthan

Decided on : Mar-21-1983

Reported in : 1984CriLJ788

..... in the agricultural field and yet, the accused, bhansingh, had dared to appeal against the sentence of 5 years rigorous imprisonment after conviction under section 376, ipc.2. the girl was found unconscious on the spot on account, of the barbarous heinous crime committed by the accused. this ghastly tragedy resulted in a ..... could not resist the severe condemnation of the offence of rape and observed as under:the escalation of such crimes has reached proportions to a degree that exposes the pretensions of the nation's spiritual leadership and celluloid censorship, puts to shame our ancient cultural heritage and humans claims and betrays ..... time of the commission of offence and accused, bhansingh, was of 18 years. it has also been established by the eye witnesses, as well as medical evidence that the prosecutrix, bhanwari, was made victim of forcible sexual intercourse by accused bhansingh. it was in these circumstances that, on account of overwhelming ..... they have done 1o others.20. it should be noted that in shivji ram's ease the whole discussion is about the application of children act, as the accused was near about 15 years of age. in view of the special circumstances of the case that the accused was a child ..... a balmukand v. state 1952 raj lw 95 : 1952 cri lj 1136 for rapist of women in rajasthan case when whipping act was in force. abolition of whipping act, has encouraged such crimes and there is need for rethinking for it.23. we are firmly of the opinion that these circumstances .....

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