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Jan 19 2009 (FN)

Mexico Versus United States of America

Court : International Court of Justice ICJ

Decided on : Jan-19-2009

..... it is not mexicos position that the failure to comply with the avena obligation is attributable only to the united states federal executive. what mexico has argued is that the definitive determination to deny the judicial review and reconsideration mandated by avena is attributable to the united states supreme court for having decided that : while a treaty may constitute an ..... has missed a splendid opportunity to settle issues calling for interpretation and to construe the meaning or scope of the avena judgment in certain respects incontrovertibly characterized by a degree of opacity. 2. before i embark on the process of setting out and explaining my points of disagreement with the judgment, i believe it useful to revisit some of the important ..... supreme courts determination that i.c.j. decisions are not binding on united states courts. as a result, medell n . . . cannot show that avena requires us to set aside section 5 and review and reconsider his vienna convention claim.? (ex parte medell n, 223 s.w. 3d 315, 321, 332 (2006); emphasis added.) 33. when submitting the brief for ..... united states president to enforce an international obligation, the supreme court stated : when the president asserts the power to enforce a non-selfexecuting treaty by unilaterally creating domestic law, he acts in conflict with the implicit understanding of the ratifying senate.? (ibid., p. 1369.) 43. three different interpretations are advanced as to the domestic effects of an international obligation. .....

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Feb 03 2009 (FN)

Romania Versus Ukraine

Court : International Court of Justice ICJ

Decided on : Feb-03-2009

..... agree otherwise. the elaboration of the new documents on the state border does not represent a revision of the existent border between romania and ukraine.? the definition of the boundary no longer includes the passage about the boundary passing? or going on? the exterior margin of the maritime zone from? ..... is so great as to justify the adjustment of the median line? (ibid., p. 50, para. 68; emphasis added). the court added that the degree of such adjustment does not depend upon a mathematical operation and remains to be examined? (ibid.). 167. the court further notes that in the delimitation of ..... is therefore to be regarded as irrelevant for the purposes of the present delimitation. 145. the court will now consider the base points on the section of ukraines coast opposite romanias coast. 146. it will start with cape tarkhankut, the most seaward point facing romanias coast on the crimean coast. ..... of ukraine informed the court that his government did not consent to the production of the new document, on the grounds that romania had not acted in compliance with practice direction ix, since it did not indicate why it considered it necessary to file this new document now, nor did ..... paragraph 4 therein, that would have been made clear in the agreement. romania contends that its position is supported by the terms of article 2, paragraph 2, of the treaty on good neighbourliness and co-operation, according to which the parties shall settle the problem of the delimitation of their .....

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Jul 13 2009 (FN)

Costa Rica Versus Nicaragua

Court : International Court of Justice ICJ

Decided on : Jul-13-2009

..... disregarded by nicaragua, the court must now determine its precise extent, in other words, its field of application. the parties disagree considerably over the definition of this field of application, i.e., as to the types of navigation which are covered by the perpetual right? granted to costa rica ..... for the purpose of meeting the essential needs of everyday life which require expeditious transportation, such as transport to and from school or for medical care. 79. the court is of the opinion that it cannot have been the intention of the authors of the 1858 treaty to ..... that nicaragua has exercised its powers of regulation regarding the matters discussed under subsections (2) (a), (b), (e) and (f) of section iii above in conformity with the 1858 treaty; but that it is not acting in conformity with the obligations under the 1858 treaty when it implements measures requiring visas ..... as the cleveland award); and the decision rendered, on the application of costa rica, by the central american court of justice on 30 september 1916. the first of these two decisions settled several questions concerning the interpretation of the 1858 treaty which divided the parties in that case; the ..... perpetual and exclusive proprietary rights? for the construction and maintenance of an inter-oceanic canal through the san juan river. on 24 march 1916 costa rica filed a case against nicaragua before the central american court of justice claiming that nicaragua had breached its obligation to consult with costa .....

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