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Apr 27 1983 (HC)

Motilal Vs. the State of Rajasthan and ors.

Court : Rajasthan

Decided on : Apr-27-1983

Reported in : 1983WLN130

..... and suburbs inter se and hence they could not be included into a municipality or converted into a municipal board in view of proviso (1) to sub-section (2) of section 5 of the act. the above provision clearly prohibited the inclusion of any town or suburbs n a municipality with any other town or suburbs from which it is separated by more ..... panchayat without following the principles of natural justice. the petitioner has thus also prayed that proviso to section 4 of the rajasthan municipalities act amended by section 2 of the rajasthan municipalities (second amendment) act, 1974, may kindly be declared ultra vires to section 14 of the act.9. the state government in reply have stated that revenue village kishangarh renwal consisted of 60 dhanis ..... state government in its reply has clearly stated that village kishangarh renwal is an important town taking in view the transport and trade facilities. there is facility of water, electricity, medical etc. in the area. there are educational institutions, post-office and railway station and the action has been taken in overall development of the area & in the interest of ..... panchayat kishangarh renwal was more than eight thousand and it was an important place in view of the transport and trade facilities. there was proper facility of water, electricity, education, medical, post-office, railway station etc. and keeping in view the over all development of the area and in larger public interest, the state government had considered it just and .....

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Jan 17 1983 (HC)

Union of India (Uoi) Vs. Mohan Raj

Court : Rajasthan

Decided on : Jan-17-1983

Reported in : AIR1983Raj200; 1983()WLN258

..... therein that a partial delivery certificate may be issued to the consignee or his agent, but such certificate could have only been issued when it is definitely found by the railway officials that part of the goods were not received on account of loss or damage to such goods. but in the ..... approached the higher railway authorities at ahmedabad and bombay and also issued a notice to the chief commercial superintendent of the railway at bombay, under section 78b of the railways act. on january 11, 1966, the plaintiff received a letter from the station master. asarwa asking him to take delivery of the goods after ..... asarwa railway station was well aware of the identity of the goods contained in wagon no. 5594 and that the railway staff was guilty of 'high degree of mis-conduct' in refusing to give delivery of the goods contained in wagon no. 5594 to the plaintiff on november 26. 1965. it does ..... charges in respect of that part of the consignment which was still contained in wagon no. 26811. rule 1850 of the indian railway commercial manual (vol. ii) provides that:--'when on account of non-receipt, loss or damage of any package forming part of it, delivery of part consignment is effected, the ..... be subject to wharfage charges, if not removed within the time allowed for removal.'11. in rule 1837 of the indian railway commercial manual (vol. ii) a similar provision has been made which reads as under:--'1837. consignees must be advised in very clear terms that they cannot legally refuse t0 take .....

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Jan 19 1983 (HC)

Harshamal Shivbux Vs. Ramkishan Das Sagarmal and ors.

Court : Rajasthan

Decided on : Jan-19-1983

Reported in : AIR1984Raj34; 1983()WLN26

..... presidency towns for matters relating to insolvency, the p. t. i. act would not apply and it is the p. i act, which will apply. the p. i. act under sub-section (2) of section 1 provides extentof its application and the preamble of the p. i. act gives us an idea that it is an act to consolidate and amend the law relating to insolvency as administered ..... court'. the words 'any court' in sections 18 and 29, would, therefore, mean the court ..... jurisdiction under the p. i. act and the word 'court' occurring in p. i. act would mean the 'district ..... down that the district courts shall be the courts having jurisdiction under the p. i. act, the words 'any court' occurring in sections 18 and 29 of the two acts have to be considered in the light of the preamble of the two acts and in the light of the definition of the words 'the court' or the 'district court', which is the court having .....

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Jan 21 1983 (HC)

Bhanwar Lal Vs. Smt. Kamla Devi

Court : Rajasthan

Decided on : Jan-21-1983

Reported in : AIR1983Raj229; 1983()WLN322

..... expeditiously as possible before the trial of the main petition begins and at any rate definitely before the decision of the main petition. the proceedings in respect of an application under section 24 of the act should not be frequently adjourned and deferred for some reason or the other or without ..... amount of interim maintenance. learned counsel appears to be right in his submission, but the trial court was definitely wrong in disposing of the main petition earlier to the application under section 24 and in this revision petition i am not prepared to hold that the court is powerless to decide ..... should be allowed to obtain the requisite maintenance and litigation expenses from the other party, soon after the filing of the application under section 24 of the act, in order that the indigent spouse could maintain herself during the pendency of the proceedings, and also incur the legitimate expenses for contesting ..... maintenance. as such, in my view, the wife is entitled to get l/5th of the sum of rs. 12,000/- i.e. rs. 2,400/- per year by way of interim maintenance. thus, the interim maintenance, which the wife is entitled to get in the present case, is determined ..... an application under section 24 of the hindu marriage act, 1955 (hereinafter referred to as 'the act').2. it is not, disputed by the learned counsel for the appellant that under the amended provisions of section 28 of the act, no appeal lies against an order passed on an application under section 24 of the act. he, however .....

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Jan 24 1983 (HC)

Jaipur Wool and Namda Association and anr. Vs. State of Rajasthan and ...

Court : Rajasthan

Decided on : Jan-24-1983

Reported in : [1984]55STC153(Raj); 1983()WLN42

..... aforesaid decisions the state government issued the following notification on 21st august, 1979 :notificationjaipur, august 21, exercise of the power conferred by sub-section (2) of section 4 of the rajasthan sales tax act, 1954 (rajasthan act no. xxix of 1954), the state government being of the opinion that it is expedient in public interest so to do, hereby exempts retrospectively from tax ..... is given which includes all woollen fabrics under item no. 21 of the said schedule. the department took the view that the definition as given in the tariff at item no. 21 of the first schedule to the act was wide enough to include any woollen fabric, knitted, felted or bonded and textile material (woollen based) for the above purpose and ..... . the kerala high court in the above case considered notification issued under section 10(1) of the kerala general sales tax act, 1963, whereby the government of kerala granted exemption from sales tax on 'sale of medicines dispensed by a medical practitioner owning a dispensary and dispensing medicines to his patients from his own dispensary'. it was held that such exemption was ..... not general but was only for a limited purpose and under specified circumstances. the assessee was held not entitled to exemption under the central act.19. the crucial question to be determined .....

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Jan 25 1983 (HC)

Rajasthan Cooperative Dairy Federation Ltd. and anr. Vs. Manoharlal Sh ...

Court : Rajasthan

Decided on : Jan-25-1983

Reported in : 1983WLN237

..... rules relating to matters set out in the schedule. section 3(2) of the act says that the provisions shall be made in ..... the respondent and he supported the order of the learned single judge in this regard.6. article 12 of the constitution reads as under:12. definition. in this part, unless the context otherwise requires, ' 'the state' includes the government and the legislature of each of the siate and all ..... himself to be a 'workman' within the meaning of section 2(i) of the industrial employement (sending orders) act 1946(no. xx of 1946) (hereinafter referred to be the act,) as the duties which he is discharging are clerical in nature. the order (anx. 2) was, challenged by the petitioner by filing a writ ..... . he submitted that anx. 2 is an order of termination simpliciter and this order could be passed in view of item no. 8 of the schedule appended to the act read with clause 17 of the industrial employment (standing orders) central rules, 1946 section 2(g) of the act defines 'standing orders' as ..... follows:8. termination of employment, and the notice thereof to be given by employer and workmen. it exercise of the powers conferred by section 15 of the act, the state government made the rajasthan industrial employment (standing orders) rules, 1963 (rules of 1963' hereinafter) for regulating standing orders .....

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Feb 02 1983 (HC)

Ram Bharose and ors. Vs. the State of Rajasthan

Court : Rajasthan

Decided on : Feb-02-1983

Reported in : 1983WLN(UC)47

..... has stated that the age of rajjo was above 18 years and trie injuries were of about 7 days duration. dr. agrawal also opined that no definite opinion could be given about rape till the receipt of the report from the chemical examiner. after completing the investigation the police submitted a challan against the ..... 500/-were removed from his person. on the basis of the said report, a case under sections 366/379 and 323 ipc was registered. the injuries found on the person of ramdas were examined by dr. s.l. agrawal, medical officer, primary health centre, roopbas on 2nd march, 1975 at 7 a.m. vide injury report ..... prosecution, in support of its case, examined seven witnesses out of whom ramdas pw 1 and mst. rajjo pw 2 are the eye witnesses of the occurrence. the appellants, in their statements recorded under section 313 cr.p.c. pleaded not guilty and submitted that they bad been falsely implicated.4. the sessions judge has ..... were armed with lathis and that shibbo had indicted the injuries on the person of her brother with the knife and where after lachari had inflicted 2-3 lathi blows on his person. according to rajjo none of the other accused persons took part in the assault she has also stated that shibbo ..... going to buy buffalos & that ramdas was carrying rs. 500/-with him and that rajjo was having, on her person, a gold chain weighing 1 1/2 tolas, gold earrings weighing 1 tola, gold rings weighing two tolas and one wrist watch. in the report it was also stated kamdas was also having a .....

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Feb 04 1983 (HC)

Kamlesh Kumar Khatri Vs. the University of Jodhpur

Court : Rajasthan

Decided on : Feb-04-1983

Reported in : 1983WLN12

..... a question arose whether the petitioner in that case has legal or statutory right to compel the state government to appoint a commission of enquiry even when there is a definite matter of public importance. it was held that in view of the well settled provisions relating to the issuance of a writ of mandamus under article 226, the petitioner had ..... be the executive body of the university, and its constitution and the terms of office of its members, other than ex officio members, shall be prescribed by the statutes.section 17 of the act deals with academic council. it reads as follows:17. the academic council shall be the chief academic body of the university, and shall subject to the provisions of ..... .e. examination.19. reliance in this connection was placed on gir raj prasad kaushi v. state of raj. 1979 rlw 493, wherein while dealing with the right of admission to medical college, it was observed by the division bench (jaipur bench) of this court that the rules framed by the state govt. are of administrative nature, that these rules have no ..... is not for the high court to sit in judgment over the educational policy of the university of jodhpur especially when the impugned qualification for admission to part ii of the three year's degree course laid down in the amended ordinance no. 35 by the university is neither unreasonable, nor discriminatory.17. no plea was taken in the rep y to .....

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Feb 09 1983 (HC)

Karan Singh S/O Chittar Singh Vs. Collector and anr.

Court : Rajasthan

Decided on : Feb-09-1983

Reported in : 1983WLN154

..... mean 'removal' but, 'removal' simplicictor cannot mean 'dismissal', in the rajasthan civil services (classification, control and appeal) rules, 1958, the following major penalties are provided in rule 14-(i) censure;(ii) with holding of increments or promotion;(iii) recovery from pay of the whole or part of any pecuniary loss caused to the government by negligence or breach of any law ..... prakash begum bridge, meerut) at page 456, the following is relevant-ik`fkd (pri thank) adj. apart, separate, distinct; ik`fkd&ik;`fkd different; ik`fkd djuk (to differentiate/separate; (ii) to 'remove'; ik`fkd jguk to keep away.12. shri mathur then submitted that legal glossary of government of india publication, 1979, in which at page 76, the word, 'dismiss ..... ; fd;k gsa** however, in the final order, the petitioner has been dismissed. the order dated the 8th february, 1982 mentions the following words-^^dj.k flag dks fnukad 8&2&1982 dks jkt; lsok ls cj[kklr fml fel dj fn;k x;k gs a10. obviously, the terminology used in the show cause notice and the final order is ..... is a writ petition by karan singh who was patwari in the services of the state of rajasthan. the petitioner, karan singh, has been dismissed on february 2, 1982 vide an order (annexure i).2. a departmental inquiry was instituted against the petitioner in the year 1975. in that inquiry, the two charges were levelled against the petitioner and, after the inquiry .....

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Feb 18 1983 (HC)

ibrahim Khan Vs. State of Rajasthan and ors.

Court : Rajasthan

Decided on : Feb-18-1983

Reported in : 1983WLN56

..... by article 41 of the constitution.38. whether the petitioner can be appointed as a legal assistant or not, would certainly depend upon ultimate medical opinion looking to the nature of the disability of the petitioner. even in the rules for physically handicapped for 1976 a provision has been made ..... at large. to achieve progress in placing the blind in open employment or bringing into existence a net work of sheltered workshops hinges on the degree to which the needs of the blind are appreciated by the community.31. it would be interesting that what i said in chaturvedi's ..... employment to handicapped blind persons, should be immediately implemented.27. it was also pointed out that the prime minister has desired that the monitoring section of the departments should obtain reports within 3 months about the implementation of the scheme and the decisions to provide employment to physically handicapped blind ..... ) the petitioner is visually handicapped (blind) cursed by god if one believes in it or the nature, if one is a non-believer;(ii) the respondent state's most of the functionaries due to their non-acceptance and apathy towards the handicapped are exhibiting colour blindness being responsive to ..... a legal mandate having been given by the legislature it was legal duty of the state functionaries and the government under rule 4 to earmark 2% of the post in the various departments of the state for the handicapped i.e. blind, deaf and orthopaedically handicapped and speech defective persons .....

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