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Jan 06 1986 (HC)

State of Maharashtra Vs. Ravindranath Arjunsingh and ors.

Court : Mumbai

Decided on : Jan-06-1986

Reported in : 1986(2)BomCR464

..... her case. it is then brought on record that one of the accused was suffering from veneral disease as was apparent from the medical evidence. the medical officer has accepted that if such a person has a seminal discharge then the victim would also show a corresponding symptoms of such a ..... in sessions case no. 136 of 1981 before the learned additional sessions judge, greater bombay, for an offence under section 376 simpliciter as also section 376 read with section 34 and or section 114 of the penal code on the allegations that all the five of them committed rape on the said prosecutrix on ..... while these accused went to the opposite direction. the learned trial judge has rightly observed that the entire story, as narrated, does not inspire enough degree of confidence.12. the matter, however, does not rest there inasmuch as there are some positive elements, which obviously tend to destroy the prosecution case ..... the reasons over again. a few aspects, however, may be restated.8. in the first instance, the girl's testimony does not inspire sufficient degree of confidence in view of obvious deficiencies and infirmities attached to that evidence. a few of such deficiencies can be catalogued. the first is that ..... taken to the terrace and thereafter to the kitchen. accused no. 1 forced her down on the floor and committed the act. then was the turn of accused no. 2. during all this time even on her own admission she was vigorously resisting and protesting and physically trying to shift her position .....

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Jan 10 1986 (HC)

V.B. Kori Vs. Assistant Professional Tax Officer

Court : Karnataka

Decided on : Jan-10-1986

Reported in : [1986]161ITR668(KAR); [1986]161ITR668(Karn)

..... individual,(ii) a hindu undivided family,(iii) a company,(iv) a firm,(v) an association of persons or a ..... partner amounts to double taxation and is not permissible under the scheme of the act. 6. sri sarangan, learned counsel for the petitioner, has advanced his argument largely based on the scheme of the income-tax act. in this context, he has relied upon the definition of 'person' in section 2(31) of the act, which defines 'person' as follows : 'person' includes - (i) an ..... or is employed in any manner in the state specified in the second column of the schedule, at the rates mentioned therein. 3. 'person' is defined under the act in section 2(h). it reads thus : '2. (h) 'person' means, any person who is engaged in any profession, trade, calling or employment in the state of karnataka and includes a hindu undivided family, ..... body of individuals, whether incorporated or not,(vi) a local authority, and(vii) every artificial juridical person, not falling within any of the preceding sub-clauses.' 7. section .....

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Jan 15 1986 (HC)

Ram Kumar and Vs. State

Court : Delhi

Decided on : Jan-15-1986

Reported in : ILR1987Delhi480

..... 5, 7, 13 and 15. samples of saliva of both the accused were taken and were sent for chemical examination. the chemical examiner could not give any definite opinion regarding the saliva of karambir, but as regards the saliva of ram kumar it was found to be of 'a' group.(22) the shirt seized from ..... years (ago found by the additional sessions judge to be 18 years as on 9th may 1980 on the basis of the medical report) residence of village tajpur were tried on the charges under sections 376 and 302 of the indian penal code in the court of shri g. s. dakha, additional sessions judge. the ..... krishna, elder sister of kamlesh. the witnesses who have given evidence regarding this incident are highly interested, and we do not feel safe at all in acting on this interested evidence.(45) great stress has been laid by bawa gurcharan singh on the motive vedo had transferred her land to tara chand, father of ..... investigating officer says that he did not take into possession the cot on which the deceased was lying. this we find difficult to believe. public witness 2 constable shiv raj singh states that in his presence the police had taken into possession the cot on which the deceased was lying. in a case like ..... which is dilated : external injuries : (1) abrasion on the left side neck upper part, size 1' x 1', placed horizontally, colour i.s reddish brown; (2) one abrasion on the left side neck near the submandibular angle size 2110^ x 1] 10^ reddish in colour. (3) one abrasion on the left side chest, 1 .....

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Jan 15 1986 (HC)

Nanney Khan Vs. State

Court : Delhi

Decided on : Jan-15-1986

Reported in : 1986(10)DRJ208

..... of the mind, as not to know the nature and quality of the act he was doing, or, if he did know it, that he did not know he was doing what was wrong.'(2) section 84 indian penal code has incorporated this definition of unsoundness of mind and in a catena of judgments the highest court of ..... this country has held that under section 84 indian penal code the crucial point of time at which unsoundness of ..... . the learned judges in that case inter-alia laid down as under : 'every man is to be presumed to be same and to possess a sufficient degree of reason to be responsible for his crimes, until the contrary be proved to their jury's satisfaction, and that to establish a defense on the ground ..... unsoundness of the accused. the accused has also not set up such a defense. in our view, thereforee, the accused is not entitled to the benefit of section 84 ipc. (3) we are, thereforee, of the view that the case against the appellant is amply proved and he has been rightly convicted and sentenced ..... to whether the accused - will be entitled to the benefit of exception under section 84 of indian penal code. we may notice the law on the subject which is very clear. the legal conception of insanity differs considerably from the medical conception. it is not every form of sanity or madness that is recognised by .....

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Jan 29 1986 (HC)

Amba Bhavani and ors. Vs. the Government of Andhra Pradesh and ors.

Court : Andhra Pradesh

Decided on : Jan-29-1986

Reported in : [1986]63STC40(AP)

..... person claiming the exemption under this sub-section. .......................' 18. sections 5c, 5d, sub-sections (1), (2), (3) of section 38 and the amendment of the definition clause relating to 'dealer' by insertion of sub-clause (iii-a) have been given retrospective effect from 2nd february, 1983, under sub-section (2) of section 1 of the amendment act no. 18 of 1985. the validity ..... 10th april, 1985, the andhra pradesh general sales tax (amendment) ordinance, 1985, amending certain definition clauses in section 2 such as 'dealer', 'sale', 'turnover', 'tax', etc., inserting new sections 5c, 5d and section 38 and making some other amendments to the principal act. some of the relevant provisions of the ordinance were given retrospective effect from 2nd february, 1983. ..... replaced by the andhra pradesh general sales tax (amendment) act (no. 18 of 1985). under section 6 of that act, section 5d has been inserted in the principal act. this section is given retrospective effect from 2nd february, 1983, as per sub-section (2) of section 1 of the amendment act. under this section, the assessing authority is conferred with the power to assess ..... constitution and was valid, and (2) assuming that section 6 of the constitution (forty-sixth amendment) act, 1982, was valid and validated the levy and collection of tax made on the foodstuff supplied by the petitioners, did it authorise the levy of sales tax on the supply of foodstuffs without amending the definitions 'sale' and 'turnover' in .....

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Feb 10 1986 (HC)

Poonacha Vs. New Government Electric Factory

Court : Karnataka

Decided on : Feb-10-1986

Reported in : ILR1986KAR3181

..... ved praksh gupta -v.- delton cable india (p) ltd, : (1984)illj546sc and in the light of the amendment to section 2(s) of the i.d. act (for short the act) raising the upper limit of salaries drawn by supervisors to rs. 1600/- so as to enable them to qualify themselves for the ..... control nor a subordinate of the petitioner. the doctor is an independent person and be is answerable for bis actions only to the indian medical council and not to the management or to the security department of the management. the petitioner in the position of security superintendent will not ..... ; that the was not aware that the records and registers maintained by any nursing home are open to scrutiny and verification by authorities like indian medical council and tax authorities etc; that he did not find any stamps, seal, endorsement or notings of the above said authorities in the register ..... the very persons who committed fraud on the management appeared as management witnesses and they narrated in detail how they obtained bogus certificates from the medical practitioners who had issued such certificates and how they withdrew the amounts by producing these certificates and other incidental facts leading to the exoneration of ..... as an act of fraud or an act which will impeach either the credibility of the petitioner or his honesty or his faithfulness in the discharge of his duties. the degree of care that has to be bestowed on a certain work varies from person to person and unless there are definite guidelines .....

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Feb 13 1986 (SC)

Capt. Virendra Kumar Through His Wife Vs. Chief of the Army Staff, New ...

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : Feb-13-1986

Reported in : AIR1986SC1060; 1986CriLJ848; 1986(2)Crimes353(SC); 1986(1)SCALE219; (1986)2SCC217

..... at a later stage. we also find the following notes appended to the section 38 of the army act in the manual of the armed forces:2. sub section (1)-desertion is distinguished from absence without leave under aa. section 39, in that desertion or attempt to desert the service implies an intention ..... was stated that the posting to nasik road camp as well as ambala were done keeping in view the judgment of the court and the medical condition of the officer. the two places were 'peace areas where hospital facilities were available'.9. subsequently captain virendra kumar filed a very lengthy ..... indicating the posting which is proposed to be offered to him. this, of course, will be subject to the petitioner's being found medically fit by the board which generally examines person for recruitment or posting in the army.necessary facilities and amenities of a decent comfortable existence will ..... an emergency commissioned officer. he sustained war injury. on september 30, 1980, he was released from the army having been placed in 'permanent low medical category'. his commission was revoked by a notification of the president. he challenged his release by filing a writ petition in the delhi high court ..... . he was admitted in the hospital for detailed examination and he was in the hospital from december 29, 1980 to february 2, 1981. on january 31, 1981, the army medical board, while noticing under the head 'defects or disabilities discovered as a result of physical examination':(a) old injury, lumvar .....

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Feb 21 1986 (HC)

Dasan and ors. Vs. State of Kerala

Court : Kerala

Decided on : Feb-21-1986

Reported in : 1987CriLJ180

..... citizens. we are constrained to say that the sessions judge has shown callous indifference and indiscretion in this respect. the sessions judge has also acted in disregard of section 235(2) of the cr. p,c. hearing the accused on the qsestion of sentence is not intended as a formality. it is intended to ..... was taken to the kuttilakkad govt. hospital from where without even removing the injured from the car he was carried to the cranganore hospital as per medical advice. before reaching there the patient died and the doctor examined and declared him dead. all these things transpired within less than one hour. unfortunately ..... the witnesses was affirmed by pw. 12 in re-examination. we do not find anything to disbelieve the oral evidence on the basis of the medical evidence. pws. 4 and 5 are persons who saw the accused going away from the scene after the incident with weapons and there is no ..... and the manner in which the injuries were received by him as spoken to by pws. 1 to 3 the injuries are not possible according to medical evidence and hence pws. 1 to 3 will have to be disbelieved. so also another argument was advanced that pws. 1 to 3 have ..... -witnesses is clear, cogent and consistent it can be accepted only if it is riot demolished by the medical evidence. that depends upon individual cases. if the apparent difference between ocular evidence and medical evidence is attributable to any acceptable reason which is capable of compromising the two apparently different versions, otherwise .....

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Feb 28 1986 (HC)

Sambasiva Rao (P) Vs. Hindustan Shipyard Ltd., Visakhapatnam

Court : Andhra Pradesh

Decided on : Feb-28-1986

Reported in : (1987)IILLJ547AP

..... a durwan in indian airlines corporation gets a salary of more than rs. 600 per month. it is unfortunate that the petitioner, who secured a medical degree, does not even compare favourably with a low-paid employee else-where. obviously for want of employment else-where and decent prospects to set up private ..... principles governing the employment of persons by state and public corporations, all that has to be examined in the present case is : whether the first respondent acted arbitrarily in dispensing with the services of the petitioner with effect from 1 march, 1985, and in refusing to consider the petitioner's case for regular ..... bench of this court in v. rajagopala reddy v. andhra pradesh state electricity board (1984-ii-llj-176). the decision of the supreme court in subba reddy v. andhra university (supra), is not applicable in case where the services of an employee ..... exercised violating art. 14 of the constitution. that was the view taken by my learned brother jeevan reddy, j., in ranga rao v. hindustan aeronautics (1981) 2 aplj 17 (soc) and p. a. choudary, j., in seshachalam (d. p.) v. administrative staff college of india 1984 lic 875 and also by a ..... time basis from time to time for specific period of 89 days as accepted by the petitioner and he was required to work for 4 1/2 hours a day without any claim or right for regular appointment. it is further pointed our that the petitioner was considered for selection by the .....

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Mar 05 1986 (HC)

Arun Prasad Vs. Chairman, Selection Committee

Court : Karnataka

Decided on : Mar-05-1986

Reported in : ILR1986KAR1331; 1986(1)KarLJ384

..... these rules including power of selection committee. these rules are applicable to selection of candidates to various post-graduate degree/diploma courses in state in respect of seats in government medical colleges as well as private medical colleges as indicated in schedule-i.'college' means any medical college in the state of karnataka, whether government or private imparting education for a post-graduate ..... orderdoddakale gowda, j.grievance of petitioner relates to allotment of his admission to study m.d. in medicine to a private medical college.2. petitioner though secured admission in merit pool has been assigned to gulbarga medical collage, an institution run by a registered society. his contention is that when he has secured admission in merit pool he must have been assigned ..... viz., before trenching upon the power of management to make admission, government should avail of all the facilities available in colleges maintained by it. clause (c) of sub-rule (2) of rule 11 is intended to meet such contingency and not to make selection in piece-meal or college-wise.9. sri t. s. ramachandra, learned counsel, when confronted ..... be added to the marks obtained in the respective subject in mbbs reduced to 100, for the candidates who have passed diploma course in the concerned xxx xxx(2) (a) the selection committee shall prepare a common list of candidates finally selected based on the total number of seats and thereafter allot the selected candidates to different colleges .....

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