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Jul 20 2007 (HC)

Sukhdev Chand Vs. State of H.P.

Court : Himachal Pradesh

Reported in : 2007CriLJ4103,2007(3)ShimLC189

..... ) of the rules framed under the act reads as follows:2. definitions.-- in these rules, unless there is anything repugnant in the subject or context-(a) to (dd) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (e) to (ea) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(ee) 'registered medical practitioner' means a person-(i) holding a qualification granted by an authority specified or notified under section 3 of the indian medical degrees act, 1916 (7 of 1916), or specified in the schedules to ..... the indian medical council act, 1956 (102 of 1956 ..... ); or(ii) registered or eligible for registration in a medical register of a state meant for the registration of persons practicing the modern scientific system of medicine excluding .....

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Apr 25 1975 (HC)

Dr. Prakash Chandra Tiwari Vs. the State of Madhya Pradesh and ors.

Court : Madhya Pradesh

Reported in : AIR1976MP50

..... , were made under the act, rule 2 (ee) of these rules contains the definition of registered medical practitioner. this rule, as amended by notification dated 5th june 1972 and in so far as relevant, reads as follows:'2(ee) registered medical practitioner means a person- (i) holding a qualification granted by an authority specified or notified under section 3 of the indian medical degrees act, 1916 (7 of 1916), or specified in ..... council act, 1956 (102 ..... the schedules to the indian medical .....

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Sep 06 2001 (HC)

Dr. Mehboob Alam Vs. State of U.P. and ors.

Court : Allahabad

Reported in : 2002CriLJ1218

..... have to be looked into are as under :u. p. acts (1) the united provinces medical act, 1917 ( u. p. act no. iii of 1917) (2) the united provinces indian medicine act, 1939 (u. p. act x of 1939) central acts (1) indian medical degrees act. 1916 (act no. vii of 1916) (2) indian medicine council act. 1956 (act no. 102 of 1956) (3) indian medicine central council act, 1970 (act no. 48 of 1970) (4) homoeopathy central council ..... of degree or diploma or certificate in ashtang, ayurveda, siddha or unani tibb is not included in the schedule and he cannot get his name entered in the register of medical practitioner which is maintained under this act as the schedule refers to only allopathic qualification.14. now we come to most important enactment namely, the indian medical council act, 1956. section 2 of the act gives that definition ..... act, 1973 (act no. 59 of 1973) (5) drugs and cosmetics act. 1940 (act no. 23 .....

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Apr 17 2001 (HC)

Kalkisinh Imanallah Duleray Godsan Vs. State of Gujarat and ors.

Court : Gujarat

Reported in : AIR2002Guj1; (2001)2GLR1521

..... the council of alternative systems of medicine & anr. v. state of west bengal & ors., reported in 1991 (2) clj 173. the said decision, after having considered the scope and effect of indian medical council act, 1956 and indian medical degrees act, 1916, particularly considers the scope and effect and application of the system of therapy popularly known as 'naturopathy'. in this context ..... a cure by controlling diet, the senses and breathing, does not contravene any statute. however, as already noted hereinabove, the definition 'to practice any system of medicine' as found in section 2 of the gujarat medical practitioners act, 1963, defines that the practice of naturopathy ipso facto shall not be deemed on that account only, to be a practice ..... where professional degrees would be awarded. 4. so far as the first concept is concerned, viz., 'practice of naturopathy', it would appear that the same would not require any professional qualification under any law for the time-being in force. 5. in this context, it is relevant to consider section 2 of the gujarat medical practitioners' act, 1963, ..... 12. in the context of prayer (c) it merely requires to be noted that the gujarat ayurved university act, 1965 establishes 'the gujarat ayurved university'. section 2, sub-section (4) defines 'ayurvedic system of medicine' which includes the nisargopachar system. section 27 deals with affiliation, recognition and approval of colleges applying for affiliation to the university (for the broader purpose .....

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Oct 08 1998 (SC)

Dr. Mukhtiar Chand and ors. Vs. the State of Punjab and ors.

Court : Supreme Court of India

Reported in : 1998VIIAD(SC)457; AIR1999SC468; JT1998(7)SC78; 1998(5)SCALE501; (1998)7SCC579; [1998]Supp2SCR143

..... means a person-(i) holding a qualification granted by an authority specified or notified under section 3 of the indian medical degrees act, 1916 (7 of 1916), or specified in the schedules to the indian medical council act, 1956 (102 of 1956); or(ii) registered or eligible for registration in a medical register of a state meant for the registration of persons practising the modern scientific system of medicine (excluding ..... government framed the drugs rules. rule 2 contains the definition of the terms and expressions used in the rules. rule 2(ee), which was inserted by so 1196 dated april 9, 1960 with effect from 14.05.1960, defines the expression 'registered medical practitioner'.25. for purposes of the pharmacy act, 1948, the expression medical practitioner is defined by substituting section 2(f) therein with effect from 01 ..... claim of those who have been notified by state governments under clause (iii) of rule 2(ee) of the drugs rules and those who possess degrees in integrated courses to practise allopathic medicine is sought to be supported from the definition of the indian medicine in section 2(e) of 1970 act, referred to above, meaning the system of indian medicine commonly known as ashtang ayurveda .....

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Feb 14 2020 (HC)

Sambhram Charitable Trust Vs. Union of India

Court : Karnataka

..... shall be issued pursuant to the final examinations, to the... petitioner-students who have been admitted with the permission of the respondent no.2-council, shall become a valid and recognized degree under the indian medical council act.81. therefore, it is for the state government to take appropriate steps forthwith to submit the formal proposal of the students in order to protect ..... are mandatory.12. it is the further contention of the petitioners that in discharge of its statutory obligations towards maintenance of highest standards in medical education in the country, by virtue of provisions of section 33 of the act, the mci has been empowered with the prior 36 approval of the central government to frame the regulations for laying down minimum standards ..... and on failure of the petitioners in rectifying the same, the 2nd respondent decided to grant hearing to the petitioner 46 medical college under section 10a(4) of the act. accordingly, by the letter dated 11.5.2019, requested the petitioner medical college to appear before the hearing committee on 17.5.2019 in order to present their case and the hearing committee ..... patients. one had very old completely healed scar probably of some years back. data in ot registers were manipulated without any actual operations. there was nil normal delivery & nil caesarean section on the day of assessment. icus: there was nil patient in nicu/picu & only 1 patient each in iccu, micu, sicu on day of assessment.10. radiological investigations were .....

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Feb 14 2020 (HC)

Shabana Salahudheen Vs. Union of India

Court : Karnataka

..... . that there is a contract between the corpn/college on the one hand and the petitioners on the other; a contract is an agreement enforceable by law says section 2 (h) of the indian contract act, 1872; for an agreement to come into existence, there must be an offer followed by the acceptance; thus, invariably there need to be an offerer & the ..... against constitutional prohibition enacted in article 23; after all, 27 the fundamental rights being in the nature of a prohibition addressed to the state or its instrumentalities falling within the definition of article 12 cannot be waived or contracted away by an individual subject to all just exceptions vide basheshar nath vs. income tax officer, 1959 suppl. (1) scr528 the ..... text and context of the above provision cannot be construed so as to include the power to prescribe compulsory service to the candidates seeking admission to the medical courses in the respondent- colleges; c) section 92 which was heavily banked upon by the learned panel counsel vests power in the central government to give direction from time to time inter alia ..... done in terms of rule 15 of karnataka conduct of entrance test for selection and 28 admission to post-graduate medical and dental degree and diploma courses rules, 2006; these rules have been promulgated under karnataka educational institutions (prohibition of capitation fee) act, 1984; thus there was statutory enablement unlike in the present writ petitions; therefore, the challenge to the enforcement of .....

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Feb 03 2020 (HC)

Sri N M Premkumar Vs. State of Karnataka

Court : Karnataka

..... he shall be liable to punishment either under the pocso act or under ipc., which is greater in degree. therefore, the trial court was not proper in passing sentence against the accused for both the offences under section 376(2)(i) of ipc and section 6 of pocso act.6. the case of the prosecution is that, on ..... issued a false certificate as per the say of police.9. the prosecution has examined p.w.13-doctor, who has subjected the victim for medical examination and issued certificate as per ex.p15 stating that the victim was aged about 16 to 18 years at the time of examination i.e., ..... on the said statements, which is not admissible in evidence. he contends that when the victim herself has completely denied the case of the prosecution and medical evidence also being negative and does not support the case of the prosecution, the trial court was not justified in convicting the accused. he submits ..... sexual assault on her. 17 22. the prosecution has examined p.w.14-lady medical officer, before whom the victim was taken for medical examination. p.w.14 has stated that the victim girl has refused to undergo any medical examination and in this regard, she has issued ex.p19. hence, there is absolutely ..... no medical examination ensuring that there was any sexual intercourse committed against the victim girl.23. the trial court has relied upon the .....

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Jan 14 2020 (HC)

T Narayanappa Vs. State

Court : Karnataka

..... person any valuable thing or pecuniary advantage, he would be guilty of criminal misconduct. sub-section (2) of section 13 speaks of the punishment for such misconduct. section 13(1)(d) read with section 13(2) of the p.c. act lays down the essentials and punishment respectively for the offence of criminal misconduct by a public ..... in accordance with the first schedule or under any other law for the time being in force, arrest without warrant. 92 section 2(d) of cr.p.c. defines complaint means any allegation made orally or in writing to a magistrate, with a view to his taking action under ..... cbi/acb which is based upon the terms of the complaint at ex.p.129, a private complaint filed by pw.14 who is an advocate. section 2(c) of cr.p.c defines cognizable offence means an offence for which, and cognizable case means a case in which, a police officer may, ..... this code, that some person, whether known or unknown, has committed an offence, but does not include a police report. a conjoint reading of the definition of cognizable offence and so also, the complaint as enumerated in the code of criminal procedure, it is relevant to refer to the terms of complaint ..... act, 1947. 38 15. adverting to the facts of the present case it has already been noticed that the only allegation against the appellant is that he had prevailed upon rites and ircon to take the four employees in question on deputation for the sole purpose of sending them to london in connection with the medical .....

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Jan 02 2020 (HC)

Karnataka State Legal Services Authority Vs. State of Karnataka

Court : Karnataka

..... (1) whenever a recommendation is made by the court or an application is made by any 16 victim or his dependent under sub section (2) of section 357-a of the act to the district legal service authority, the district legal service authority shall examine the case and verify the contents of the claim with ..... and based upon this provision, the state has framed the scheme called s victim compensation scheme, 2011. as per sub- section (2) of section 357-a, the court can recommend for compensation and the dlsa or slsa shall decide the quantum of compensation and as per sub ..... also fairly admitted that even if the accused is discharged from the charges under the pocso act, the court has power to award compensation. however, on perusal of the case records i.e. ex.p.5, the medical certificate of the victim, goes to show that absolutely there is no physical injury or ..... bruises on her body which clearly goes to show that there is no injury sustained by the victim due to the act of the accused. that apart, the charges were also framed by the court only under section 354 ..... section 357 of less. an undertaking to this effect shall be given by the victim/claimant before the disbursal of the compensation amount. the act, whichever is (3) the district legal service authority shall decide the quantum of compensation to be awarded to the victim or his dependents on the basis of loss caused to the victim, medical .....

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