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Dec 08 1953 (HC)

S.K. Dutt Vs. Law Book Co. and ors.

Court : Allahabad

Decided on : Dec-08-1953

Reported in : AIR1954All570

..... or in certain of the details, but whether keeping in view the idea and general effect created by the original, there is such a degree of similarity as would lead one to say that the alleged infringement is a copy or reproduction of the original'.14. it was in ..... the implied consent of the first publisher, others interested in advancing the same art of science may commence where the prior author stopped. this includes medical and legal publications, in which the entire community has an interest, and which the authors are supposed to give forth, not only for their ..... practising in this court, has filed this suit purporting to be one under section 13, copyright act, 1914. the plaintiff alleges that he is the author and sole owner of the copyright in the work entitled 'the indian partnership act by mukerji and dutt'. this work, the plaintiff alleges, he published in ..... argument counsel for the defendants classified the alleged infringements into seven groups, (1) consisted of passages which had been taken verbatim from lindley on partnership, (2) passages which had been taken from other standard authors, (3) passages which had been taken from judgments reported in law reports, (4) passages which ..... it has had sales in the united states of america, in england and practically throughout this country. the plaintiff's case further is that defendant no. 2, namely, j.n. bagga, published a work entitled 'law book company's commentaries of law & practice of partnership & private companies in india' in .....

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Mar 10 1953 (HC)

Dr. D.N. Kesarbani Vs. U.P. Medical Council, Through the Registrar, Lu ...

Court : Allahabad

Decided on : Mar-10-1953

Reported in : AIR1953All580

..... in modern systems of medicine is also imparted. whether the standard reached by the gurukul kangri university is equivalent to that of indian universities conferring medical degrees is a question which is not relevant for our purposes. the bearing of these remarks will be evident later. we may also quote from ..... that he was registered as a medical practitioner by the medical council under section 13, u. p. medical act, 1917. on 19-12-1947 he was entitled to be so registered as he had a degree of the university of rome which was within the meaning of the indian medical act a royal university of ..... and surgery on presentation of the following documents:1. high school certificate from the residential university of gurukul at hardwar dated the 24th april 1924. 2. diploma certificate with examinations and marks obtained at the faculty of medicine at the same university, signed by vigishwar, secretary and vishwanath, vice-chancellor. ..... conduct in a professional respect:'the master of the rolls has adopted a definition which, with his assistance and that of my brother davey, i prepared. i will read it again: 'if it is shown that a medical man in the pursuit of his profession has done something with regard to ..... study at gurukul medical faculty as purely or even mainly confined to indigenous methods.we have referred on this point to the eminent authority of dr. chopra. we may say that mr. ramsay macdonald who was at one time the prime minister of england wrote in 1916 about gurukul in .....

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Dec 22 1953 (HC)

Lalta Prasad Vs. Inspector General of Police and ors.

Court : Allahabad

Decided on : Dec-22-1953

Reported in : AIR1954All438

..... this application as that task has been done by my brother mootham. i shall, therefore, go straight to the points to which i wish to draw special attention.13. section 7, police act (act 5 of 1861) authorises the inspector-general, assistant inspector general and district superintendents of police under such rules as may be framed by the local government to dismiss, suspend ..... had confined anybody wrongfully. as soon as this explanation was handed to the second respondent the latter passed an order suspending the petitioner and informed him that proceedings under section 7, police act would be started then and there against him.4. it appears that seventeen witnesses in support of the allegations made against the petitioner were then at the superintendent's ..... 'certiorari' quashing the orders of the deputy inspector general and of the inspector general on the ground that the enquiry under section 7, police act was conducted in such a manner as to deprive him. of an adequate opportunity of defending himself.2. the case is one of some difficulty. no counter-affidavit has been filed on behalf of either of the respondents ..... the act mentioned strikes me that the use of the word 'think' in section 7 is somewhat deliberate. one of its dictionary meaning is 'to judge, to form or hold as an opinion, to consider.' it would thus appear to be milder than the expression 'found' or 'established', for, it requires a less degree of positive certainty than those words as .....

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Nov 24 1953 (HC)

Brij Kishore and anr. Vs. Rent Control and Eviction Officer and ors.

Court : Allahabad

Decided on : Nov-24-1953

Reported in : AIR1954All428

..... of the accommodation let out to the tenant.he cannot give any notice to the district magistrate under clause (a) of sub-section (1) of section 7 of the act. the original tenant continues to be his tenant and the landlord, therefore, cannot accept another person to whom the rent control and ..... of the above, we quash the order of allotment passed by the rent control and eviction officer in favour of the annapurna cafetaria opposite party no. 2 on the 4th or 5th of march, 1953, with respect to premises no. 17/3, the mall, kanpur, except one back room previously in ..... b. d. khanna. it is in connection with these repairs that the supplementary counter-affidavit mentions that the annapurna cafetaria had spent over rs. 2,000/- in making the necessary repairs. in the supplementary rejoinder affidavit, two assertions deserve is with respect to the alleged notice issued on ..... the order of allotment, dated the 4th of march, 1953, passed by opposite party no. 1 in favour of opposite parties nos. 2 and 3, namely, the annapurna cafetaria, kanpur, through the secretary, district food advisory committee, kanpur and mrs. rathore, president, district pood advisory committee, kanpur, ..... be quashed.2. the facts leading to this application are :3. the applicants are the landlords of certain buildings in a compound with one municipal number 17/3 .....

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Nov 17 1953 (HC)

Sagir Ahmad and ors. Vs. the Govt. of the State of Uttar Pradesh and o ...

Court : Allahabad

Decided on : Nov-17-1953

Reported in : AIR1954All257

..... is necessary at this stage to have a picture, in outline, of the impugned act. section 1 of the act lays down the extent and the date on which it is to come into effect -- it may be stated that the act came into effect from february 10, 1951. section 2 contains definitions.section 3 confers power on the state government to run transport services. this was the ..... on the trade, commerce and intercourse directly or indirectly. attempt was made in this case to advance the argument on behalf of the petitioners by giving the matter a higher degree of definition than it admitted. 73. sri pathak relied on the observations of dixon j. in the case of -- 'o. gilpin ltd. v. commr for road transport and tramways (new south ..... on its own facts and in its own setting of time and circumstance ......' the conception of 'freedom of trade, commerce and intercourse in a community regulated by law presupposes some degree of restriction upon the individual, i andtheir lordships observed that two general propositions arose out of this conception :'(1) that regulation of trade, commerce andintercourse among the states was compatible ..... justified. though differing procedures might involve disparity in treatment of persons tried under them, such disparity is not in itself sufficient to outweigh this presumption and establish discrimination unless the degree of disparity goes beyond what the reason for its existence demands, e.g., when it amounts to a denial of a fair and impartial trial.'in that case fazl ali .....

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Nov 13 1953 (HC)

Hansa and ors. Vs. State

Court : Allahabad

Decided on : Nov-13-1953

Reported in : AIR1954All381

..... them there; but if the owner of a field attempts to seize them while actually trespassing, he is within his rights in capturing them before they have definitely made their escape from the spot, even though they were not actually inside the field when captured. a previous nagpur case -- 'bhagwant rao v. champat ..... i do not think that the words can be stretched to cover the circumstances of the present case. at the most, the act of seizure may be within section 10, cattle trespass act, if it is effected at a spot within easy reach of the field damaged, but in this case the distance is very great ..... the accused, provided ' notice of trespass was taken immediately and the complainant waspursuing the cattle in order to take them to the pound. section 10 of the cattle trespass act gives a cultivator or occupier of any land a right to seize any cattle 'trespassing on such land and doing damage thereto' and to ..... cannot, by any means, be said to be an unduly long period. all the nine persons mentioned in the report were sent up for trial under the sections mentioned above. the learned sessions judge acquitted four of the accused persons, viz. govinda, balla, jodha, sheoraj and convicted the five appellants and sentenced them as ..... , 1950. his post mortem examination was held on the 1st of june 1950 at 10-30 a.m. and the medical osicer noticed four injuries on his person. injuries nos. 1 and 2 were two contusions on the front part of the head towards the right. injury no. 3 was an abrasion on the .....

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Nov 05 1953 (HC)

Motibhai Lalloobhai and Co. Vs. Union of India (Uoi) and anr.

Court : Allahabad

Decided on : Nov-05-1953

Reported in : AIR1957All84

..... new rates were made effective by the amendment of the first schedule to the central excise and salt act, 1944.4. sub-section (2) of section 7 of the finance act, 1951, further provides that:'(2) the amendments made in the central excise and salt act, 1944, by sub-section (1) shall be deemed to have had effect on and from the first day of march, 1951, and ..... petition no. 100 of 1952 has supplemented this argument by a number of further submissions. he has contended, first, that when sub-section (2) of section 7 speaks of 'amendments' made in the central excise and salt act of 1944 by sub-section (1) all that referred to is additions to or deletions from the list of dutiable articles, variations in the rate of existing ..... notices of demand.7. in our opinion the question of the liability of the petitioners for the payment of additional duty turns on the meaning and effect of section 7 (2) of the finance act, 1951. it is not a dispute in these petitions that parliament can enact legislation which has retrospective effect, and once this is conceded we can see no particular ..... in re central provinces and berar sales of motor spirit and lubricants taxation act , where again a similar argument was advanced. we think the argument must be rejected.13. fourthly, learned counsel attached great importance to the words which have not been collected' in clause (b) of sub-section (2) of section 7, his argument being that the effect of these words is wholly .....

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Oct 27 1953 (HC)

Khalil Ahamad Khan Vs. Malka Mehar Nigar Begum and ors.

Court : Allahabad

Decided on : Oct-27-1953

Reported in : AIR1954All362

..... (d) in respect of any matter which the custodian-general or the custodian is empowered by or under this act to determine.' 117. this has to be read with the definition of 'evacuee property' and section 11 of the act, which are as follows :'section 2(f) 'evacuee property' means any property in which an evacuee has any right or interest (whether personally or as a ..... all 261 (t) but with all respect to misra end chandiramani jj., i cannot find anything in this decision which might be said to take a view in the slightest degree at variance with the view taken in air 1936 oudh 213 (fb) (a). the question that raised was whether a wakif who had appointed himself a mutwalli could resign office ..... not drawn to the fact that the appointment of mutwalli after one's death was in the nature of a testamentary disposition of the office of mutwalli.150. in -- 'air 1916 mad 116 (o)', the question now under consideration was not considered at all.151. in : air1932all248 ', the question was of altering the terms of the waqf in connection with the ..... shia and the remarks of the learned judges as to the sunni law were in the nature of obiter dicta.98. in 'mohideen saib maghribi v. ghulam mahomed ali', air 1916 mad 116 (o) which was also a madras case, no question arose as to whether the wakif could remove the mutwalli without reserving to himself that power in the deed .....

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Oct 23 1953 (HC)

Prabhakar Yajnik Vs. Dist. Magistrate, Bulandshahr and ors.

Court : Allahabad

Decided on : Oct-23-1953

Reported in : AIR1954All415

..... which have been addressed to us in this case it is convenient to read the relevant parts of three sections of the u. p. municipalities act, 1916, (as amended by act vii of 1953) and of two clauses of the uttar pradesh municipalities (preparation and revision of electoral rolls ..... ) order, 1953, an order which it is convenient to refer to as the 1953 order. these are sections 12-b, sub-sections (1) and (2), section 12-c and section 12-d, sub-section ..... of the foregoing provision, it may, if the petition is found to be frivolous, direct that the deposit mentioned in sub-section (2) shall be transferred to the state government.' now, it has been pointed to us that the powers which the tribunal will ..... (1), and sub-clause (c) of clauses 8 and 9 of the 1953 order. they read as follows:'12-b. 'electoral roll for every ward'. -- (1) there shall be an electoral roll for every ward which shall be prepared in accordance with the provisions of this act ..... under the supervision of the director of elections (local bodies). (2 .....

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Oct 22 1953 (HC)

Durgeshwar Dayal Seth Vs. Secretary, Bar Council and ors.

Court : Allahabad

Decided on : Oct-22-1953

Reported in : 1954CriLJ1485

..... has been made by any legislature or authority having power to make such provision, the amalgamation order remains in force. it follows that section 1(2) of the principal act refers to the new high court. but that seems to me to be the only effect; it has not the effect of conferring ..... allahabad constituted by the u. p. high court amalgamation order' in place of the word 'allahabad' in section 1(2) of the principal act. the object of the amendment act was to apply the principal act with some modifications to the persons claiming a right to practise before the court. thus the pith and substance ..... to practise before the high courts'. the amendment act is not said to be with respect to any of the matters mentioned in list ii, ('state list') and therefore, it is left out of consideration. in list iii, there is entry no. 26 'legal, medical and other professions'.the matters dealt with in ..... the principal and the amendment acts undoubtedly come within entry no. 26 of list iii ..... , but it was contended on behalf of the applicant and denied on behalf of the opposite parties, that the matters dealt with in the amendment act are included .....

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