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Jan 14 1976 (FN)

Mathews Vs. Weber

Court : US Supreme Court

Decided on : Jan-14-1976

..... affirmed. held: in the context of this case, the preliminary review function assigned to the magistrate was one of the "additional duties" that the act contemplates magistrates are to perform. pp. 423 u. s. 266 -275. (a) section 636(b) was enacted to permit district courts to increase the scope of responsibilities that magistrates can undertake upon reference, as part of its ..... as a special master in an appropriate civil action, pursuant to the applicable provisions of this title and the federal rules of civil procedure for the united states district courts;" "(2) assistance to a district judge in the conduct of pretrial or discovery proceedings in civil or criminal actions; and" "(3) preliminary review of applications for post-trial relief made by ..... essence made the position analogous to the career service, replacing the fee system of compensation with substantial salaries; the act also gave both full- and part-time magistrates a definite term of office, and required that, wherever possible, the district courts appoint only members of the bar to serve as magistrates. magistrates took over most of the duties of the ..... of the secretary of health, education, and welfare that he was not entitled to reimbursement under the medicare provisions of the social security act, as added, 79 stat. 291, and amended, 42 u.s.c. 1395 et seq., for medical payments he made on behalf of his wife. such a suit for judicial review is authorized by 205(g) of the federal .....

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Dec 07 1976 (FN)

General Elec. Co. Vs. Gilbert

Court : US Supreme Court

Decided on : Dec-07-1976

..... , does not involve rules of that kind. rather, the rule at issue places the risk of absence caused by pregnancy in a class by itself. [ footnote 3/5 ] by definition, such a page 429 u. s. 162 rule discriminates' on account of sex; for it is the capacity to become pregnant which primarily differentiates the female from the male. the ..... majority as to the impact of geduldig, 519 f.2d at 668-669. we granted certiorari to consider this important issue in the construction of title vii. [ footnote 12 ] ii section 703(a)(1) provides in relevant part that it shall be an unlawful employment practice for an employer "to discriminate against any individual with respect to his compensation, terms, conditions ..... the working life of most women employees." "therefore, it is our opinion that, according to the facts stated above, a company's group insurance program which covers hospital and medical expenses for the delivery of employees' children, but excludes from its long-term salary continuation program those disabilities which result from pregnancy and childbirth would not be in violation of ..... 6, 1975). these policy formulations are reasonable responses to the uniform testimony of governmental investigations which show that pregnancy exclusions built into disability programs both financially burden women workers and act to break down the continuity of the employment relationship, thereby exacerbating women's comparatively transient role in the labor force. see, e.g., u.s. dept. of commerce, .....

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Jun 28 1976 (FN)

Kleppe Vs. Sierra Club

Court : US Supreme Court

Decided on : Jun-28-1976

..... the involvement even in that decision would be limited to timing alone. the court of appeals made clear that, so long as their decision was not arbitrary or capricious, "definition of the proper region for comprehensive development and, therefore, the comprehensive impact statement should be left in the hands of the federal appellees," 169 at ..... in which brennan, j., joined, post, p. 427 u. s. 415 . page 427 u. s. 394 mr. justice powell delivered the opinion of the court. section 102(2)(c) of the national environmental policy act of 1969 [ footnote 1 ] (nepa) requires that all federal agencies include a detailed statement of environmental consequences -- known as an environmental impact statement -- "in every recommendation or ..... april 28, 1976 decided june 28, 1976 * 427 u.s. 390 certiorari to the united states court of appeals for the district of columbia circuit syllabus section 102(2)(c) of the national environmental policy act of 1969 (nepa) requires that all federal agencies include an environmental impact statement (eis) "in every recommendation or report on proposals for legislation and other major ..... montana and northeastern wyoming, was suspended in 1972 with the initiation of the third study, the northern great plains resources program (ngprp). while the record does not reveal the degree of concern with environmental matters in the first two studies, it is clear that the ngprp was devoted entirely to the environment. it was carried out by an interagency, federal .....

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