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Jun 24 1983 (FN)

Shaw Vs. Delta Air Lines, Inc.

Court : US Supreme Court

Decided on : Jun-24-1983

..... 97 employee benefit plan, in the normal sense of the phrase, if it has a connection with or reference to such a plan. [ footnote 16 ] employing this definition, the human rights law, which prohibits employers from structuring their employee benefit plans in a manner that discriminates on the basis of pregnancy, and the disability benefits law, ..... the continuance of disability, subject to the limitations as to maximum and minimum amounts and duration and other conditions and limitations in this section and in sections two hundred five and two hundred six. . . ." "2. the weekly benefit which the disabled employee is entitled to receive for disability commencing on or after july first, nineteen hundred seventy- ..... a)'s all-inclusive preemption provision and its enumeration of narrow, specific exceptions to that provision militate against expanding 514(d) into a more general saving clause. section 514(d)'s limited legislative history is entirely consistent with congress' goal of ensuring that employers would not face conflicting or inconsistent state and local regulation of employee ..... airlines (airlines), burroughs corporation (burroughs), and metropolitan life insurance company (metropolitan), provided their employees with various medical and disability benefits through welfare plans subject to erisa. these plans, prior to the effective date of the pregnancy discrimination act, did not provide benefits to employees disabled by pregnancy as required by the new york human rights law and .....

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Jun 17 1983 (FN)

Fnc Bank Vs. Banco Para El Comercio

Court : US Supreme Court

Decided on : Jun-17-1983

..... instituted a ban on the foreign sale of polish sugar. lord wilberforce agreed with the conclusion of the court below that, in the absence of "clear evidence and definite findings" that the foreign government took the action "purely in order to extricate a state enterprise from contractual liability," the enterprise cannot be regarded as an organ of ..... (b), the provision dealing with the circumstances under which a judgment creditor may execute upon the assets of an instrumentality of a foreign government, the house report states: "section 1610(b) will not permit execution against the property of one agency or instrumentality to satisfy a page 462 u. s. 628 judgment against another, unrelated agency or instrumentality ..... personnel requirements with which government agencies must comply. [ footnote 14 ] these distinctive features permit government instrumentalities to manage their operations on an enterprise basis while granting them a greater degree of flexibility and independence from close political control than is generally enjoyed page 462 u. s. 625 by government agencies. [ footnote 15 ] these same features frequently prompt governments ..... en banc, were denied. this court granted certiorari. 459 u.s. 942 (1982). we reverse, and remand the case for further proceedings. ii a as an initial matter, bancec contends that the foreign sovereign immunities act of 1976, 28 u.s.c. 1602-1611 (fsia), immunizes an instrumentality owned by a foreign government from suit on a counterclaim based .....

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Mar 31 1983 (HC)

Mahadeb Ghosh Vs. the State

Court : Kolkata

Decided on : Mar-31-1983

Reported in : 1983CriLJ1854

..... to say that in a case where the various links have been satisfactorily made out and the circumstances point to the accused as the probable assailant with reasonable definiteness and in proximity to the deceased as regards time and situation and if upon proof of. such facts the accused offers no explanation which might afford a ..... hospital, information was sent to p. s. and an u. d. case was started by pw 21. he started the case on receipt of intimation from the medical officer of the hospital. the intimation again has not been produced at the trial. we are therefore left with ext. l which is the available earliest recorded version ..... for by the time he came to know of the incident the case had already been initiated and it was the accused who was suspected to have committed the act. therefore, there was nothing for him to do on his own except to try to extricate himself from the situation in which he has been placed. the ..... the police submitted charge-sheet against the accused who is none other than the husband of the victim under section 302, i.p.c.4. as many as 22 witnesses were examined in this case although the material witnesses are pws 2, 3, 4, 10, 11 and 15. the case essentially was one depending on circumstantial evidence.5 ..... closeby and there were standing crops in the field at that time. therefore the more natural conduct of the assailant would be to commit the act, if at all in. the paddy field and not by the side of the village pathway where there was every possibility of the .....

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Apr 20 1983 (FN)

PG and E Vs. State Energy Comm'n

Court : US Supreme Court

Decided on : Apr-20-1983

..... waste disposal problem for existing reactors without necessarily encouraging or requiring that future plant construction be undertaken. pp. 461 u. s. 217 -220. (c) section 25524.2 does not frustrate the atomic energy act's purpose to develop the commercial use of nuclear power. promotion of nuclear power is not to be accomplished "at all costs." moreover, congress has given ..... if the law is invalid, petitioners' injury -- being prevented as a practical matter from building new nuclear powerplants -- will not be fully redressed, inasmuch as other sections of the warren-alquist act, not before the court, also prevent such construction. respondents also suggest that this lack of redressability rises to the level of an art. iii concern. both arguments ..... provide a reasonable assurance that the public and the environment will be adequately protected from the hazards posed by high-level radioactive waste and . . . spent nuclear fuel . . . ;" "(2) to establish the federal responsibility, and a definite federal policy, for the disposal of such waste and spent fuel." 96 stat. 2207. see also h.r.rep. no. 97-785, pt ..... this goal, but, as demonstrated infra, the court is incorrect in attributing this goal to congress. moreover, the degree to which a nuclear moratorium hampers achievement of the goal does not depend on the motives of its framers. [ footnote 2/4 ] address by congressman cole, chairman of joint committee on atomic energy, delivered at international congress on nuclear engineering .....

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