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Oct 09 1998 (HC)

Kantamani Seeta Ramachandra Rao and Others Vs. Meesana Mohana Rao and ...

Court : Andhra Pradesh

Decided on : Oct-09-1998

Reported in : 1999(1)ALD177; 1999(1)ALT154

..... . the trial court settled the following issues for trial:1. whether the plaintiff is entitled for specific performance of the suit agreement of sale; 2. whether suit is bad for multifariousness; and 3. whether the suit is barred by time. the plaintiff got himself examined as pw1 and got marked to a7. the 1st defendant got himself examined as ..... . on a consideration of the oral and documentary evidence on record the trial court held that the suit is not barred by time, that the suit is not bad of multifariousness and that the plaintiff is entitled for specific performance of the suit agreement with respect to item no.1 only. the trial court held that the time is not the .....

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Apr 29 1998 (HC)

Sarupa and ors. Vs. the Panchayati Akhara and ors.

Court : Punjab and Haryana

Decided on : Apr-29-1998

Reported in : (1998)119PLR713

..... they cannot be challenged in civil court. on the pleadings of the parties, the following preliminary issues were framed on 6.8.1968 :1. whether the suit is bad for multifariousness ?2. whether the relief sought in the plaint has not been correctly assessed for purpose of court-fee and jurisdiction ?3. whether the full particulars of the land have not ..... jurisdiction to entertain and try the suit?6. whether no valid notice under section 80 c.p.c. was served by the plaintiff ?7. whether the suit is bad for multifariousness ?8. whether the relief sought in the plaint has not been correctly assessed for purposes of court-fee and jurisdiction ?9. relief.4. on consideration of evidence brought on record .....

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Dec 18 1998 (HC)

M/S. Asia Private Limited, Bangalore and Others Vs. Union of India and ...

Court : Karnataka

Decided on : Dec-18-1998

Reported in : ILR1999KAR1317; 1999(2)KarLJ259; (1999)ILLJ1239Kant

..... is the determination of the legislative policy and its formulation as a rule of conduct. obviously it cannot abdicate its functions in favour of another. but in view of the multifarious activities of a welfare state, it cannot presumably work out all the details to suit the varying aspects of a complex situation. it must necessarily delegate the working out of .....

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Dec 17 1998 (HC)

Gram Panchayat Vs. Smt. Lokesh Devi and ors.

Court : Punjab and Haryana

Decided on : Dec-17-1998

Reported in : (1999)122PLR741

..... of inherent powers under section 151 of the code of civil procedure and would prevent the abuse of process of courts to meet the ends of justice. leaving parties to multifarious actions in the suit where interim orders are passed, cannot be treated as a solution to a threatened violation of the orders of the court, nor could that be the .....

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Dec 15 1998 (HC)

The Union Carbide (India) Ltd. Vs. Ramesh Kumbla and Others

Court : Mumbai

Decided on : Dec-15-1998

Reported in : 1999(1)ALLMR540; 1999(1)BomCR705; 1999(2)MhLj63

..... ' and continued to render the service in that post till his services were terminated. as an assistant, he was designated as a group leader. question was where an employee has multifarious duties and if a dispute arises as to whether he is workmen or not, the court must find out what are the primary and basic duties of the person concerned .....

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Dec 10 1998 (SC)

income-tax Officer and anr. Vs. S. Radha Krishnan and anr.

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : Dec-10-1998

Reported in : [2002]254ITR561(SC); (2001)9SCC406

order1. the respondent has been served but does not appear. the respondent objected to the inclusion of a sum of rs. 34,375 representing the gross dividend from a company called bms private limited for the assessment year 1972-73. the assessee's case was that, by virtue of section 104 of the income-tax act, 1961, the said amount had already suffered tax because it was undistributed profits in the hands of the company ; when it was distributed to the company's shareholders thereafter, the levying of further tax thereon amounted to double taxation. the objection was rejected by the authorities,whereupon a writ petition was filed before the high court. by the order under appeal, a learned single judge upheld the case of the assessee on the basis that taxation of the same amount in the hands of the company and the shareholder amounted to double taxation.2. the learned judge was in error. the question of double taxation must be decided having regard to who the assessee is. if the assessee is different, the question of double taxation would not arise. in the present case, the fact that the company had been made liable to tax on the amount did not mean that that amount, when paid as income to the shareholder, could not be taxed as income in the hands of the shareholder. the character of the amount changed, it being now the income of theshareholder.3. in the premises, the appeal is allowed. the judgment and order underappeal is set aside. the writ petition filed by the respondents in .....

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Nov 16 1998 (HC)

M. NazruddIn Vs. the Idol of Arulmigu Navaneedha Krishnasami and Durga ...

Court : Chennai

Decided on : Nov-16-1998

Reported in : (1999)1MLJ747

..... the said decree was sent for execution to the same court in 246 of 1998 on the execution side. a civil court can have dual capacity or multifarious capacities like original side jurisdiction, execution side jurisdiction, insolvency jurisdiction and also the rent control jurisdiction and the like. therefore it cannot be said in the present case that the .....

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Oct 28 1998 (SC)

Rajendra Pratap Singh Vs. Rameshwar Prasad

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : Oct-28-1998

Reported in : AIR1999SC37; 1999(1)BLJR67; 1999(1)CTC87; JT1998(7)SC347; (1999)IMLJ51(SC); 1998(5)SCALE690; (1998)7SCC602; [1998]Supp2SCR444; 1999(1)LC76(SC)

..... edition) the word 'execute' is given the meaning as 'to complete as a legal instrument; to perform what is required to give validity to.' an instrument is usually executed through multifarious steps of different sequences. at the first instance, the parties might deliberate upon the terms and reach an agreement. next the terms so agreed upon would be reduced to writing .....

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Oct 26 1998 (HC)

S.S. Janardhan Rao Vs. Andhra University and anr.

Court : Andhra Pradesh

Decided on : Oct-26-1998

Reported in : 1998(6)ALD480

..... aforesaid characteristics of the duties attached to the post of physical director, the supreme court held as follows:'from the aforesaid affidavit, it is clear that a physical director has multifarious duties. he not only arranges games and sports for the students every evening and looks after the procurement of sports material and the maintenance of the grounds but also arranges .....

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Sep 23 1998 (TRI)

K.R.S. Mani and ors. Vs. Anugraha Jewellers Limited and

Court : Company Law Board CLB

Decided on : Sep-23-1998

Reported in : (2000)100CompCas665

..... or they should withdraw the present petition before the company law board and continue with the earlier proceedings.anyway, he submitted that the petitioners cannot be allowed to proceed with multifarious legal proceedings on the same allegations.4. ramani, advocate for the petitioners argued that the criminal complaint filed by the petitioners was under section 406 of the indian penal code .....

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