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Jan 04 1907 (PC)

Mahmud Fatima and anr. Vs. Parbati Kunwar and ors.

Court : Allahabad

Decided on : Jan-04-1907

Reported in : (1907)ILR29All267

..... the learned judges in this expression of their view of the law. we may also refer with approval to two decisions in this high court in which the question of multifariousness was considered. the one is that of indar kuar v. gur prasad (1888) i.l.r., 11 all., 33 and the other the case of mazhar all khan v. sajjad ..... the landlord, and having obtained possession, was forcibly dispossessed by the defendants in collusion with the landlord, the defence of the defendants mainly was that the suit was bad for multifariousness inasmuch as they were severally in possession of distinct and definite portions of the land, under different demises, and that there was no community of interest between them. in delivering ..... their father to recover their shares of his property, and that that cause of action accrued to them upon their father's death. if the authorities on the question of multifariousness are conflicting, two decisions of the calcutta high court commend themselves to us: one is in the case of ishun chunder hazra v. rameshwar mondol (1897) i.l.r., 24 ..... ground of appeal we are concluded by the finding of fact of the lower appellate court.5. the next question is whether or not the claim of the plaintiffs is multifarious. both the lower courts have held that it was not so. the claim, it is to be observed, is for the recovery from parties in possession, said to be wrongfully .....

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May 27 1907 (FN)

Virginia Vs. West Virginia

Court : US Supreme Court

Decided on : May-27-1907

..... v. piatt, 3 how. 333, 44 u. s. 411 ; gaines v. chew, 2 how. 619, 43 u. s. 642 . but we do not mean to rule that the bill is multifarious. it is true that the prayer contains, among other things, the request "that all proper accounts may be taken to determine and ascertain the balance due from the state of ..... constitutes multifariousness, as an abstract proposition; that each case must depend upon its own circumstances, and much must be left where the authorities leave it, to the sound discretion of the court ..... passed upon on demurrer. kansas v. colorado, 185 u. s. 125 , 185 u. s. 144 -145. and this also furnishes sufficient ground for not considering at length the objection of multifariousness. page 206 u. s. 322 the observations of lord cottenham, in campbell v. mackay 1 mylne & craig 603, that it is impracticable to lay down any rule as to what .....

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Dec 02 1907 (FN)

Bitterman Vs. Louisville and Nashville R. Co.

Court : US Supreme Court

Decided on : Dec-02-1907

..... . co. v. reeves, 85 n.y.supp. 28, but the reasoning there relied on, in our opinion, is inconclusive. page 207 u. s. 226 the proposition that the bill was multifarious because of the misjoinder of parties and causes of action was not assigned as error in the circuit court of appeals, and therefore might well be held not to be ..... complete remedy at law to redress such wrongs. " page 207 u. s. 220 "3. there was an improper joinder of defendants and of independent causes of action. the bill is multifarious and the case does not fall within the rule concerning the avoidance of a multiplicity of suits." "4. the circuit court was without jurisdiction, notwithstanding the colorable averments contained in ..... will deprive the company of its right to resort to equity to restrain such wrong dealings. an action against a number of defendants is not open to the objections of multifariousness and of misjoinder of parties if the defendants' acts are of a like character, the operation and effect whereof upon the rights of complainants are identical and in which the .....

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Jan 07 1907 (FN)

Kann Vs. King

Court : US Supreme Court

Decided on : Jan-07-1907

..... undoubted fact is there was cooperation between the defendants to use the tax certificate to the detriment of the complainant's rights, and there being such cooperation, the defense of multifariousness cannot prevail. the one purpose of the bill is to relieve the complainant from the effect of this tax certificate and of the tax title based upon it." for the .....

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Jul 25 1907 (PC)

In Re: Goolbai and Lilbai

Court : Mumbai

Decided on : Jul-25-1907

Reported in : (1907)9BOMLR923

..... the elder minor. the minor's sister strongly urges that they should be allowed to remain with shantibai and her wishes carry weight with me.12. amongst the many and multifarious duties that a judge in chambers performs by far the most onerous duties are those cast upon him by the guardians and wards act. i have devoted my most anxious .....

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