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Jul 26 2007 (HC)

Milkfood Limited Vs. Union Bank of India

Court : Delhi

Decided on : Jul-26-2007

Reported in : 2007(2)CTLJ362(Del)

..... aforesaid, delhi courts will have jurisdiction in the present matter. the issue is thus decided accordingly.issue 3 does the present suit suffer from misguide of cause of action and multifariousness as disclosed in preliminary objection no.3? opd43. the issue was not pressed by learned counsel for the defendant.4. is the suit barred by limitation qua bank guarantee no ..... court to try and entertain the suit for the reasons disclosed in the preliminary objection no.2? opd3. does the present suit suffer from misguide of cause of action and multifariousness as disclosed in preliminary objection no.3? opd4. is the suit barred by limitation qua bank guarantee no.614, 615 and 626 for the reasons disclosed in preliminary objection no .....

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Mar 09 2007 (TRI)

Dr. Ashok P. Arbat Vs. Ketki Research Institute of

Court : Company Law Board CLB

Decided on : Mar-09-2007

Reported in : (2007)2CompLJ508

..... was dismissed by the trial court for want of jurisdiction, or for default of plaintiffs appearance, or on the ground of non-joinder of parties or misjoinder of parties or multifariousness or on the ground that the suit was badly framed, or on the ground of a technical mistake, or for failure on the part of the plaintiff to produce probate .....

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Nov 14 2007 (HC)

Piru Vs. Balbir Singh and ors.

Court : Punjab and Haryana

Decided on : Nov-14-2007

Reported in : (2008)149PLR655

..... is barred by the principle of res-judicata? opd(9) whether the plaintiffs have no locus standi to file the present suit? opd(10) whether the suit is bad for multifariousness? opd(11) whether the plaintiffs are estopped and barred from filing the present suit by their acts and conduct? opd(11-a) whether the defendant no. 1 has become the .....

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May 07 2007 (HC)

Ratan Das Vs. State of West Bengal

Court : Kolkata

Decided on : May-07-2007

Reported in : 2007(4)CHN1059,2007CriLJ3307

..... this petition, a writ petition has been instituted and a copy thereof has been served on some of the respondents therein. it is undesirable that a litigant indulges in such multifariousness.this petition is dismissed. the order of dismissal should not be construed as a pronouncement on the grounds urged in the petition for transfer. this will also not preclude the .....

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Aug 29 2007 (HC)

Abbireddi Sarojini and Four ors. Vs. Batchu China Kamalam

Court : Andhra Pradesh

Decided on : Aug-29-2007

Reported in : 2008(1)ALD56

..... ?2. whether the defendant is entitled to the benefits of rent control laws?3. whether this court has jurisdiction to entertain the suit?4. whether the suit is bad for multifarious reliefs?5. whether the valuation and the court fee paid are incorrect?6. whether the plaintiff is entitled to injunction prayed for?7. to what relief?the plaintiff examined himself ..... control act, and the contra allegations of the plaint are not true, and the valuation and court fee of the suit is not correct, and the suit is bad for multifarious reliefs.10. subsequent to the filing of the written statement, 1st defendant died and defendants 2 to 6 were impleaded as his legal representatives. the 2nd defendant filed written statement .....

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Jan 08 2007 (HC)

Sheo Balak Singh Vs. Union of India (Uoi) and ors.

Court : Guwahati

Decided on : Jan-08-2007

..... a particular officer should be posted. courts neither possess the expertise that would be required for such determination nor the court can be expected to be well versed with the multifarious considerations that are required to go into the decision making process in this regard. it is because of these facts that the courts have carved out for themselves a very .....

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Jan 29 2007 (HC)

Kangaro Industries (Retd.) and ors. Vs. Jaininder JaIn and anr.

Court : Delhi

Decided on : Jan-29-2007

Reported in : 2007(34)PTC321(Del)

..... , who would have, perhaps, been well advised to strive to sort out amicably their ongoing dispute over use of trademark 'kangaro' instead of slugging it out by entangling themselves in multifarious litigious bouts.2. the learned single judge's description adequately summarized the nature of a business family's feud which had transversed the borders of the country and found itself .....

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Nov 23 2007 (TRI)

Damodar Valley Corporation Vs. Central Electricity Regulatory

Court : Appellate Tribunal for Electricity APTEL

Decided on : Nov-23-2007

..... petitioner corporation.' 34. before proceeding to determine tariff, we wish to clarify that we are conscious of the special factors pertaining to the petitioner corporation viz. its statutory status, multifarious responsibilities, the tariff fixation procedure hitherto followed, and the past financial and other commitments with the legitimate expectations borne out of the earlier procedures for tariff fixation. we would ..... submitted that actual debt-equity ratio of 15:85 prevailing as on march 31, 2004 has to be considered keeping in view its special status as a statutory body with multifarious social and other activities. dvc has submitted that as on 31 mar. 2004 gross fixed assets are of rs. 3543.65 crores funded by contribution of rs. 1105. ..... the said clause even though not mentioned in the impugned order.issue of jurisdiction for tariff determination 97. dvc is a statutory body constituted under dvc act, 1948 with multifarious functions for an integrated development of the damodar valley which are carved out within the territories of the two states namely west bengal and jharkhand who are also major ..... agricultural, industrial, economic and general well-being in the damodar valley and its area of operation 54. as seen from the para 53 above the dvc is mandated to perform multifarious functions which, apart from the generation, transmission and sale/supply of electricity, also include the activities for the promotion and operation of schemes for irrigation; water supply; drainage; .....

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Dec 31 2007 (TRI)

Shri Raj Kumar Gupta, Shri RobIn Vs. Shri R. Gupta, Shri Sanjeev Gupta

Court : Company Law Board CLB

Decided on : Dec-31-2007

..... . t.v. chandran and ors. 1994 (079) compcas 0213 ker.10. further, it was argued that the present petition is not maintainable. the petitioners have been dragging the company into multifarious litigations between the parties which are pending in the civil court suit no. 194 of 2006. (shri robin gupta v. lotus industries and ors.) pending in tis hazari court; company ..... to fend for itself to be able to operate its current account. besides, the petitioners have written to the banker against the company. furthermore, the petitioners have embroiled themselves into multifarious litigation including filing of winding up petition by one of the petitioners who has given his consent to the filing of this petition. the reliefs claimed in the ..... multifarious litigation are similar to the ones claimed in this petition. the facts and circumstances to which my attention was drawn point out to a situation where i find that the .....

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Apr 27 2007 (HC)

National Insurance Co. Ltd. Rep. by Its Branch Manager Vs. Mahadevan,

Court : Chennai

Decided on : Apr-27-2007

Reported in : 2009ACJ1373

..... . in a decision in captain singh v. oriental insurance co. ltd. reported in : 112(2004)dlt417 , the delhi high court following the decision in lata wadwa's case, evaluated the multifarious services of the deceased as housewife on the date of accident and determined the annual income of the deceased.15. in a decision in new india assurance co. ltd., v ..... wives, who died in the accident, in paragraph 10 of the judgment, the supreme court held that,but even in the absence of such datas and taking into consideration the multifarious services rendered by the housewife's for managing the entire family, even on a modest estimation, should be rs. 3,000/- per month and rs. 36,000/- per annum. this ..... of rs. 15,000/- for the purpose of computing dependancy compensation. he further submitted that in the absence of any proof of income, the tribunal has to take note of multifarious services rendered by the house wife and ought to have followed the dictim laid down by the hon'ble supreme court in lata wadhwa and ors. v. state of bihar .....

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