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Jun 16 1998 (HC)

The Oriental Insurance Company Limited, Bangalore Vs. Thibbegowda and ...

Court : Karnataka

Reported in : 2000ACJ438; ILR1998KAR3733; 1998(5)KarLJ587

..... the error of the court below. section 115 of the code of civil procedure circumscribes the limits of that jurisdiction but the jurisdiction which is being exercised is a part of the general appellate jurisdiction of the high court as a superior court. it is only one of the modes of exercising power conferred by the statute; basically and fundamentally it is ..... when a person approaches the high court, he approaches high courts for exercise of its appellate jurisdiction over the order passed by the court subordinate to high court. it is general appellate jurisdiction. no doubt, its exercise is circumscribed by the conditions and manner provided as to when it shall be exercised. but as their lordships laid down, basically and fundamentally ..... of full bench of the allahabad high court in the case of h.c.d. mathur, secretary of the national federation of railways v e.i. railway administration through its general manager, their lordships held that.-'as a matter of fact, the question as to what are and what are not civil courts falls to be determined under two enactments relating ..... , '(1) the court of the district judge; (2) the court of additional judge; (3) the court of the civil judge; and (4) the court of the munsiff'. '(13) thus, while the law prevailing in the agra province limits the civil courts to the classes enumerated in the bengal, agra and assam civil courts act, the oudh act permits the creation of such courts by other .....

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Mar 16 2004 (HC)

V. Sreekantha Reddy and ors. Vs. Varanasi Rajeena Venugopal Reddy

Court : Andhra Pradesh

Reported in : 2004(5)ALD200

..... administration evidencing the grant to him of administration to the estate of the deceased, or(ii) a certificate granted under section 31 or section 32 of the administrator general's act, 1913 (3 of 1913), and having the debt mentioned therein, or(iii) a succession certificate granted under part x and having the debt specified therein, or(iv) a certificate granted under the succession ..... subject-matter of succession is only property of a deceased person and it is a succession to the property of the deceased that is the subject-matter of the act. property known to law is of various kinds moveable, immoveable, etc,17. the question is whether the succession certificate could be granted with reference to any one of the above-mentioned categories ..... country.9. part viii deals with the representative title to property of deceased on succession.10. part ix deals with the probate, letters of administration and administration of assets of deceased. this part also does not make any distinction for its ..... iii of the act. part vii of the act deals with the protection of the property of the deceased and this part does not recognize or place any restriction on the applicability of the part on the basis of the religion of the deceased person. in other words, the provisions of part vii have a general application to all the persons who are subject to law of the .....

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May 17 1993 (HC)

Baldev Singh Vs. State of Punjab and Others

Court : Punjab and Haryana

Reported in : AIR1994P& H47

..... property in his possession or under his management, if such magistrate considers that such direction is likely to prevent, or tends, to prevent, obstruction, annoyance or injury to any person lawfully employed, or danger to human life, health or safety, or a disturbance of the public tranquillity, or a rigot, or an affray.' similarly, under section l45, an executive ..... a bearing on the controversy in these cases. the legislature enacted the punjab gram panchayat act, 1952 with the object of providing for better administration in the rural areas of punjab through panchayats. in chapter i, provisions of a general nature have been made. chapter ii provides for the demarcation of the sabha areas and the establishment and constitution of gram ..... panchayat act, certain amendments were made. by way of illustration, it may be mentioned that in section 15(2) for the words 'a magistrate' the words 'an executive ..... independent of the executive. in furtherance of this objective, the state of punjab enacted the 1964 act so as to provide for 'the separation of judiciary and executive functions.' a provision has accordingly been made in the act amending various enactments specified in parts i, ii and iii of the schedule. even with regard to the provisions contained in the punjab gram .....

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Mar 15 1954 (SC)

M.P. Sharma and ors. Vs. Satish Chandra, District Magistrate, Delhi an ...

Court : Supreme Court of India

Reported in : AIR1954SC300; 1978(2)ELT287(SC); (1954)IMLJ680(SC); [1954]1SCR1077

..... evidence, 9th edition, pages 215 and 474). 7. these principles, as they were before the statutory change in 1898, were carried into the american legal system and became part of its common law. (see wigmore on evidence, vol. viii, pages 301 to 303). this was later on incorporated into their constitution by virtue of the fifth amendment thereof. the language of ..... would amount to 'an unreasonable search and seizure' and is hence unconstitutional as violating the fourth and fifth amendments. the case, therefore, does not lend support for any general doctrine that a search and seizure in all circumstances is tantamount to a compelled production in violation of the fifty amendment. that decision itself expressly recognizes the legality of various ..... and connected set of facts and are dealt with together. they arise under the following circumstances. the registrar of the joint stock companies, delhi state, lodged information with the inspector general, delhi special police establishment, to the following effect. messrs. dalmia jain airways ltd. was registered in his office on the 9th july, 1946, with an authorised capital of rs ..... of 1852 also declared the protection of witnesses against compulsion to answer incriminating questions. shortly thereafter in 1855, this protection was modified by section 32 of act ii of 1855 which made him compellable to answer even incriminating questions but provided immunity from arrest or prosecution on the basis of such evidence or any other kind of .....

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Oct 17 1977 (HC)

G.D. Iyer and ors. Vs. State

Court : Delhi

Reported in : 1978CriLJ1180; 15(1979)DLT138

..... 20 lakhs to rs. 3.30 lakhs for the import of cine laboratory equipments and also to secure customs clearance permit for rs. 19,000 for cine laboratory spare parts and accessories of picture and sound printing machine.(5) it is said that in pursuance of the conspiracy the aforementioned three persons demanded and accepted amounts of rs. 7, ..... the assent of the injured party. but crimes are offences against the state. all proceedings are in theory instituted on behalf of the crown or the state. the law of limitation did not apply to criminal proceedings unless it was made applicable to them by express provisions. now the parliament has done so in the hope that the ..... constituted under the delhi special police establishment act 1946. the administrative head of the organisation is the director, special police establishment (cbi) who is an inspector general of police. the delhi special police establishment was under the administrative control of the department of personnel, cabinet secretariat, ..... , thereforee, on november 7, 1974, requested the director, special police establishment to refer the matter to the department of personnel and administrative reforms as consent under section 196(2) was to be obtained from delhi administration through them. the delhi special pcl'ce establishment themselves could not approach the delhi administration directly.(8) the delhi special police establishment was .....

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Mar 28 1972 (HC)

New Delhi Municipal Committee Vs. Ishwar Dass Sahni and Bros.

Court : Delhi

Reported in : ILR1972Delhi535

..... separate province carved out of the part of the province of punjab and part of the territories of the united provinces of agraand oudh under two proclamations dated 17th september, 1912 and 22nd february, 1915. the province of delhi was administered by the chief commissioner and under section 3 of delhi laws act, 1912 and sections 2 and 3 of delhi laws act, 1915, various enactments were extended ..... with certain modifications to the province of delhi and they included the punjab municipal act iii of 1911. on 1st april, 1937, by notification no. f. 126/37-pub., the governor-general in council in pursuance of sub-section (3) of ..... section 94 of the government of india act, 1935, provided that ..... methods by which money can be made available, one is to give them a grant and the other is to allow them to raise funds by fees and taxes and generally the second method is followed and the legislatures in india at times out of number had invested these local-governing units with powers of taxation and no such legislation has .....

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Apr 01 1997 (HC)

L.K. Advani Vs. Central Bureau of Investigation

Court : Delhi

Reported in : 1997IIIAD(Delhi)53; 1997CriLJ2559; 1997(4)Crimes1; 66(1997)DLT618; 1997(41)DRJ274; (1997)116PLR1; 1997RLR292

..... as such, not admissible against the petitioners.(65) sections 5 to 55 of the evidence act deal with the relevancy of the facts under part i, chapter ii of the evidence act. part 2 - (sections 56 to100) - deals with the proof. part 3 - (sections 101 to 167) - deals with the production and effect of evidence. thus ..... .c.shukla are guilty of accepting illegal gratification under section 7 and criminal misconduct under section 13(l)(d) of the prevention of corruption act. there was general conspiracy amongst the petitioners i.e. jain brothers, namely, s/shri n.k.jain, b.r.jain and s.k.jain and their ..... of the indian penal code i.e. section 21, and legislative body corrupt practices bill, 1925, the provisions of the prevention of corruption act, 1947, criminal law amendment act, 1958 and the santhanam committee report which was submitted in 1964, found that the mla was not a 'public servant' within the ambit ..... been a subject matter of interpretation in american jurisprudence, iind edn.voi.63a, page i, .... ordinarily and generally, a public office is defined to be the right , authority, and duty created and conferred by law, the tenure of which is not transient, occasional, or incidental, by which for a given period an individual ..... 3 c.b.(n.s.) 412 . 'duties to perform which would constitute in law an office'.(41) a matter very much akin to the matter in hand also came up before their lordships of the privy council in attorney general of ceylon v. d.livera and another, 1962 (3) all.e.r. 1066. .....

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Jun 23 1975 (HC)

Advocate General Vs. Abraham George

Court : Kerala

Reported in : 1976CriLJ158

..... also not permissible to prove that the judgment of this court, which was adversely cruised, was wrongly rendered this court said so in the decision in. advocate general v. jahn. 1965 ker i.t 429 : (1965) 1 cri lj 176, the supreme court in perspective publication v. state of maharashtra. : ..... , alleppy. it is said that the res- pondent has committed criminal contempt falling within the scope of section 2(c) of the contempt of courts act 1971 {hereinafter referred to as the act).2. though the case came up on an earlier occasion before another division bench the matter was not disposed of ..... that a farce (of heavy) was held without recognising the principle that any priest and the respondent were equals clearly imputes partiality or bias on the part of the learned judges. these statements, we consider, do amount to scandalous attack of the court. these have been made in a petition addressed ..... to maintain the dignity and respect for the courts, as without this, the public confidence in the administration of justice will be imperilled and the law itself will fall into disrepute. naturally therefore there must be limitation to the privilege of criticism of decisions rendered by courts. while judgments are open ..... s. krishnamurthy iyer sitting there in the bench 'with his eves closed' suggesting that justice t. s. krishnamoorthy iyer did not play an independant part in the disposal of the appeal.3. the party appeared in person and argued his case. he reiterated hi stand that what was done by him .....

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Aug 23 2006 (HC)

Jayantilal Kuberdas Sharma Vs. State of Gujarat

Court : Gujarat

Reported in : (2007)1GLR99

..... to be dependent. in a criminal case, different pieces of evidence directed to establishing that the defendant did the prohibited act with the specified state of mind are generally dependent. a juror may feel doubt whether to credit an alleged confession, and doubt whether to infer guilt from the ..... interdependence of evidence and the confirmation of one piece of evidence by another, a learned author says : [see 'the mathematics of proof ii': glanville williams : criminal law review, 1979, by sweet and maxwell, p.340 (342)].the simple multiplication rule does not apply if the separate pieces of evidence are ..... . in this respect, the evidence of the complainant is corroborated by the above documentary evidence are available.29. now, coming to the second part of the episode and weighing the evidence about the demand and acceptance of bribe amount, in his deposition, complainant in categorical terms submitted that ..... app, therefore, submits that this eliminates the possibility that panchnama was dictated arbitrarily by p.i. keeping the panch out of taking any part on the said panchnama. in respect of decisions cited by learned advocate for the appellant in this respect in the matter of kanubhai kantibhai ..... the appellant and he found muddamal notes from front right pant pocket of the appellant. the numbers of these notes were confirmed by first part of the panchnama. the witness further states that the muddamal notes contained anthracene powder marks. those notes were seized by pi ranganekar. .....

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Mar 24 2005 (HC)

C.M.S. Evangelical Suvi David Memorial Higher Secondary School Committ ...

Court : Chennai

Reported in : 2005(2)CTC161; (2005)2MLJ335

..... committee members, the keeping of a registered office, the alteration of bye-laws, the holding of annual general meetings and the winding up of the society under the orders of the registrar and to regulate the same. the preamble states that the act is to provide for the registration of literacy, scientific, religious, charitable ..... the register of members maintained by the society. in case any change among the members of the society or the committee in terms of sub-rule (2) of rule 17, notice of such change shall be filed in form no. vii within three months from the date of such change to the registrar ..... of a certificate of registration to a society, enter in a register prescribed for the purpose of such particulars as may be prescribed under sub-section(2) of section 10. section 11 contemplates the change of name of registered society. any registered society, may by special resolution and with the approval in ..... before whom form vii is submitted and any change in the membership or in the committee should also be reported to him as per section 15(2) read with rule 17 in form vii, it is necessary for the registrar to be sure of the persons who are elected to the committee ..... order in writing in this behalf to hold, an enquiry, into the constitution working and financial condition of that registered society.(2) an application to the registrar under sub- section(2) shall be supported by such evidence as the registrar may require for the purpose of showing that the applicants have good reason .....

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