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Respublica Vs. Cobbett

Court : US Supreme Court

Decided on : Jan-01-1798

..... a state in the circuit court, and such is the uniform opinion of all who have ever commented on the constitution or expounded the law. 2 federalist 317-318, 323, 327; 2 dall. 436, 299, 402, 415. but surely the amendment to the constitution must put an end to every difficulty. it ordains ..... to the state courts, and not to the supreme court, and the generality of the terms might, upon the opposite construction, be extended to cases evidently not included in the reason of the provision or excluded by other parts of the law -- to suits below the value of $500, to suits for costs, ..... shall have original, but not exclusive, jurisdiction." when these exceptions were made, the concurrent jurisdiction of the state courts existed to satisfy them, and the act of congress does not, in any other section, name or describe the case of a state either upon the principle of an original, exclusive, or ..... judicial authority in the federal government, being a case between a state and a subject of a foreign state; art. iii, s. 2, that the 11th section of the judicial act, gives the circuit court "original cognizance, concurrent with the courts of the several page 3 u. s. 468 states, of all ..... an original jurisdiction, which, however, does not preclude the exercise of jurisdiction by way of appeal, particularly where the act of the state itself in resorting to her own tribunal leaves no alternative. ii. nor is there anything in the peculiar nature of the present suit to bar the federal jurisdiction. it is an .....

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