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Nov 18 1959 (HC)

Sorabji Hormusha Joshi and Co. Vs. V.M. Ismail and anr.

Court : Chennai

Decided on : Nov-18-1959

Reported in : AIR1960Mad520

..... trial judge. we set aside the decree and judgment of basheer ahmad sayeed, j., and restore the decree and judgment of the trial judge. this letters patent appeal is allowed with costs.anantanarayanan, j.(31) i agree that, upon the merits of the evidence and the findings of fact in this case, ..... a buyer is privileged to return goods found to be defective will vary with many circumstances, as, for instance, the nature of the defects, whether patent or concealed. we think assent to appropriation is something more immediate and certain. it does not signify an acceptance so definitive and deliberate as to bar rescission ..... : mc. kenzie and co. (1919) ltd. v. nagendranath ilr (1946) 1 cal 225 : 50 cal wn 213. this condition exists in regard to patent defects as well, if there has been no examination of the goods by the buyer.if there has been one, the seller's responsibility for them ceases and ..... goods are free from such defects.the proviso to s. 16 of the act, however, divides all such defects into two kinds, often called patent and latent defects. patent defects are those which can be found on examination by a person of ordinary prudence with the exercise of due care and attention. latent defects ..... ' suit. on appeal our learned brother came to an opposite conclusion and decreed the plaintiff's claim covering all the 17 bales. hence, this letters patent appeal by the defeated defendant company.(5) on a review of the entire circumstances of the case, we have come to the same conclusion as the .....

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Nov 05 1959 (HC)

All India General Insurance Co. Ltd. and anr. Vs. S.P. Maheswari

Court : Chennai

Decided on : Nov-05-1959

Reported in : AIR1960Mad484

..... do not flow either the evidence on record of flow the settled law on the subject, and restore the dismissal of the suit by the learned trial judge. this letters patent appeal is allowed but in the circumstances without costs.anantanarayanan, j.(37) i am in entire concurrence with my learned brother that this appeal ought to be allowed. since we ..... parliament lord bacon said: 'doth not the wise merchant in every adventure of danger give part to have the rest assured?' a chamber of insurance was established in london under patent granted by queen elizabeth in 1574. but for many years after its introduction into that country, the law of insurance was unknown to the common law courts, and insurance disputes ..... ramaswami, j.(1) this letters patent appeal is directed against the decision of our learned brother basheer ahmad sayeed, j. in c. c. c. appeal no. 54 of 1954, reversing the decree and judgment of the .....

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Sep 17 1959 (HC)

Varadarajulu Iyer Vs. Arumugha Goundan and ors.

Court : Chennai

Decided on : Sep-17-1959

Reported in : AIR1960Mad203

..... heard the appeal, agreed with the conclusions arrived at by the lower courts, and dismissed it. while so doing, the learned judge granted leave under cl. 15 of the letters patent for a further appeal.(5) under the agreement of sale, ex. a. 1, it was stipulated that respondents 1 and 2, who happened to be in possession of the properties ..... (1) this is an appeal under cl. 15 of the letters patent, against the decree and judgment of krishnaswami nayudu j. in s.a. no. 1087 of 1953.(2) the suit, to which the appeal relates, was one for specific performance of .....

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Jul 21 1959 (HC)

T.i. Muhammad Zumoon Sahib Vs. Fathimunnissa Alias Bibijan and ors.

Court : Chennai

Decided on : Jul-21-1959

Reported in : AIR1960Mad80

..... defendant could not raise any further objection. he therefore dismissed the appeal. from the judgment of the learned judge, this appeal has been filed by the defendant under the letters patent.(3) mr. srinivasa aiyar vehemently contended that it is only the order of the registrar under s. 35 which confers a right on the heirs of the original registered proprietor .....

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Nov 04 1959 (HC)

Gulam Ahmed Mustafa Saheb Vs. K.T.A. Basheer Ahmed Dawood and ors.

Court : Chennai

Decided on : Nov-04-1959

Reported in : AIR1960Mad399; (1960)IIMLJ570

anantanarayanan, j.(1) this is a letters patent appeal by the first respondent in c. c. c. appeal no. 135 of 1952 before basheer ahmed sayeed, j. which was itself an appeal by the plaintiff in o. s. .....

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Dec 18 1959 (HC)

The State of Madras Vs. Ramanatha Rao and anr.

Court : Chennai

Decided on : Dec-18-1959

Reported in : AIR1960Mad436; (1960)IIMLJ55

..... of the learned subordinate judge, and allowed the appeal with costs in both the courts, made payable by the government. against this decision, the state government has preferred his letters patent appeal.(12) the learned government pleader urged in the first instance, that there was no satisfactory documentary or oral evidence, to establish the claim of the first respondent in this .....

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Apr 24 1959 (HC)

N. Vajrapuri Naidu and anr. Vs. the New theatres Carnatic Talkies Ltd.

Court : Chennai

Decided on : Apr-24-1959

Reported in : AIR1960Mad108

(1) this letters patent appeal is directed against the judgment and order of panchapakesa aiyar j. in c. m. p. no. 1835 of 1958 in a. s. no. 255 of 1957 on the file .....

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Oct 13 1959 (HC)

The Workers and Staff Employed Under the Express Newspapers (Pr.) Ltd. ...

Court : Chennai

Decided on : Oct-13-1959

Reported in : (1960)ILLJ351Mad; (1960)ILLJ351Mad

..... progressing industrial society. it is in the public interest that such tribunals should function, and their working must not be impeded, unless the tribunal is about to exceed its powers patently and unmistakably. we shall now proceed to consider those grounds upon which the learned judge thought that the employer in this case was effecting a 'closure' and not 'lockout', and ..... not in doubt or controversy, where, upon the merits, such interference is justified. but obviously this must be a case where the absence of jurisdiction of the tribunal is so patent ab initio, that it would be an abuse of power, or an injustice, to permit it to proceed further.13. for, jurisdiction is one thing, and propriety is quite another ..... anantanarayanan, j.1. these are connected letters patent appeals from the order of balakvishna aiyar, j. in w. p. nos. 443 and 450 of 1959 before him, in both of which the petitioner was the management of the .....

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Aug 19 1959 (HC)

Employees' State Insurance Corporation, Madras vs. Md. Ismail Sahib an ...

Court : Chennai

Decided on : Aug-19-1959

Reported in : AIR1960Mad64; 1960CriLJ242

..... stated before issue was joined on the merits, and in reliance on that plea he objected to the case being tried and withheld his objections to the validity of the patent." finally their lordships held that they were unable to hold that such a consent to a transfer operated as waiver of the defendant's preliminary pleas and they were consequently ..... .c. were available, the high court could not order transfer or direct the court which has no local jurisdiction, to try offences of the type in question. but the very patent distinction which exists between the powers exercisable under s. 24 c.p.c. and the powers exercisable under section 526(1)(a)(i) cri.p.c. seems to have been .....

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Sep 04 1959 (HC)

Thalai Vadivu Anandar Vs. Venugopala Chettiar

Court : Chennai

Decided on : Sep-04-1959

Reported in : (1960)1MLJ356

..... evict the respondent. the learned judge therefore allowed the appeal and dismissed the execution petition filed by the decree-holder's legal representative but granted leave to file a letters patent appeal.3. mr. a.v. narayanaswami ayyar, learned counsel for the appellant, contended, relying upon the well-known rule against implying retrospective operation of statutes, that section 7 of the ..... of his application. we do not know what prompted the learned district judge to pass the ex parte order. in the absence of even a specific ground in the letters-patent appeal, we do not think the appellant should be allowed to raise a new point at this late stage. the appeal fails and is dismissed with costs.

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