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Mar 28 1969 (HC)

The Union of India (Uoi) Represented by the Secretary, Ministry of Com ...

Court : Chennai

Decided on : Mar-28-1969

Reported in : (1970)1MLJ19

..... would thus appeal to be equitable that there should be a discrimination between individual private subscribers and firms, commercial concerns and corporation that would be a reasonable discrimination, which is patently equitable. the individual subscriber could be charged at lower rates, and the corporations of firms at higher tariffs. this seems to have been contemplated at one stage.49. in ..... (f), and the test is not that the person advancing this right should hold the entire proprietary interest. incorporeal rights can well be forms of property, including decrees of courts, patents, copyrights and even choses in action.39. it is in this context, and with this background of the development of the law, that we have to view the question, whether ..... in salmond on jurisprudence (12th edition), the broad division is 'corporeal' and ''incorporeal', corporeal property comprising land, chattels, and incorporeal property having two broad division, namely, jura in re propria (patents, copyrights, trade marks) and jura in re aliena (or encumbrances), namely, leases, mortgages and servitudes. the development of the case-law in the supreme court, on this aspect, is highly ..... an expression like ' as if enacted in this act ', which is not to be found in the case before us. that expression was examined, at some length, in institute of patent agents v. lockwood (1884) a.c. 347. but it is unnecessary for our present purpose to proceed, into the ramifications of the law here. certainly, such a clause is .....

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Dec 19 1969 (HC)

Pamela Williams Vs. Patrick Cyril Martin

Court : Chennai

Decided on : Dec-19-1969

Reported in : AIR1970Mad427; (1970)2MLJ539

..... apply to a proceeding for custody under section 25 of the act. that apart, the jurisdiction of the court is all embracing and wide under clause 17 of the letters patent and it is not controlled by the restrictions imposed on the court exercising jurisdiction under the act. so, we are of the view that the fact that the appellant is .....

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Mar 04 1969 (HC)

Maimoon Bivi and anr. Vs. O.A. Khajee Mohideen and anr.

Court : Chennai

Decided on : Mar-04-1969

Reported in : AIR1970Mad200

..... property was for the exclusive benefit of the first defendant and not as representing the co-heirs, and concluded.)9. in the result, the letters patent appeal is allowed and the decree and judgment of the trial court in regard to the second schedule property are restored. the parties will bear their ..... there is a specific inhibition under section 100, civil p.c., against interference on facts in second appeal, there no such inhibition under clause 15, letters patent. clause 15 is differently word-ed from section 100, civil p.o., and the appeal before us is from a judgment in a regular appeal under section ..... to this court, our learned brother, kailasam j., allowed the appeal upholding the plaintiffs claim for partition of the second schedule property also. the letters patent appeal is directed against the variation of the decree in respect of the second schedule property.2. the short question for consideration is whether the second schedule ..... by a single judge of the high court in first appeal, is not open to be challenged on facts under clause 15 letters patent. of course, in a letters patent appeal, this court will give the utmost consideration to an inference of fact made by learned single judge of this court and will be ..... the evidence of p.w. 2 should bo accepted or not are pure questions of fact, in respect of which this court in letters patent appeal would not reassess the evidence. it is said that the matter is now at the second appellate stage. we cannot agree. the appeal under .....

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Dec 18 1969 (HC)

Abdul Kareem and anr. Vs. Zuleika Bi and ors.

Court : Chennai

Decided on : Dec-18-1969

Reported in : AIR1971Mad184

..... that the suit is barred by limitation.22. for the foregoing reasons, the decree and judgment of ramakrishnan j. in s. a. 302 of 1963 are confirmed and the letters patent appeal is dismissed with costs.23. appeal dismissed.

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Aug 12 1969 (HC)

K.M. Mohammad Abdul Kader Firm Vs. Labour Court and anr.

Court : Chennai

Decided on : Aug-12-1969

Reported in : (1971)IILLJ130Mad

..... against on grounds which were not accepted by the labour court or on other grounds which might not have been taken notice of by the labour court, while they were patent on the face of the record. this position is made clear by the supreme court itself in northern railway co-operative credit society ltd. v. industrial tribunal, jaipur [1967] 31 ..... that case took the view that a decision reached by the labour court could be justified on another ground to which the labour court has not referred, but which is patent on the record. that was a case where the order of the labour court was the subject-matter of appeal before the supreme court under article 36 of the constitution ..... not supported by that evidence, it is not open to the 2nd respondent to support the finding of the labour court with reference to some other material not at all patent on the record, and not referred to by the labour court, whose attention was probably not drawn to the same. mr. k.v. sankaran for this purpose relied on the ..... was payable. on the other hand, the labour court proceeded on the basis that seven months' pay as bonus for each of the years was payable and this conclusion is patently erroneous on the part of the labour court. secondly, the 2nd respondent himself in his evidence before the labour court stated that he became a gumastha of the petitioner in .....

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Feb 12 1969 (HC)

P. Narayana Pillai Vs. S. Nagamoney

Court : Chennai

Decided on : Feb-12-1969

Reported in : (1970)1MLJ161

..... of the holdings (stay of execution proceedings) act, 1950 and also basing his claim under sections 144 and 151, civil procedure code. that application was dismissed by venkatadri, j., and the letters patent appeal, before us, arises in this connection.6. in our view, there is a very broad principle of justice relating to the processual law, upon which an application of this ..... procedure to be adopted, either by a landholder or a tenant, in respect of that act, and what the forum and form of application have to be.8. the letters patent appeal is accordingly allowed to the extent directed above. no order as to costs.

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Dec 08 1969 (HC)

Thava Pandian and ors. Vs. Veerappa Chettiar and ors.

Court : Chennai

Decided on : Dec-08-1969

Reported in : (1970)2MLJ625

..... fate as before in the execution court over again, which held that the point was barred by res judicata. with this view, kailasam, j., concurred. that is how the letters patent appeal comes before us.3. it has been pressed upon us for the appellants that the final decree is based upon the terms of the preliminary decree by reference and .....

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Feb 17 1969 (HC)

M. AllauddIn Vs. P.S. Lakshminarayanan

Court : Chennai

Decided on : Feb-17-1969

Reported in : AIR1970Mad247

..... to annie besant v. narayaniah, ilr mad 807 : air 1914 pc 41 , which held that the powers of the high court, in dealing with suits transferred under clause 13 letters patent, would be the powers which, but for the transfer, might have been exercised by the court, from which the transfer was made, and posed the test, in view of that .....

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Feb 14 1969 (HC)

In Re: Sister Gemma

Court : Chennai

Decided on : Feb-14-1969

Reported in : AIR1970Mad262

ismail, j.1. this petition has been presented under sections 4, 10 and 17 of the guardians and wards act 1890 and clauses 17 and 20 of the letters patent. the petitioner is a member of a christian religious congregation known as the salesian missionaries of mary immaculate. the members of the congregation are devoted to social work and care .....

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Feb 06 1969 (HC)

Konappa Mudaliar Vs. Kusalaru Alias Munuswami Pillai and ors.

Court : Chennai

Decided on : Feb-06-1969

Reported in : AIR1970Mad328

..... limitation act of 1908 applies. it is true that against the order of remand made by this court on the earlier occasion, no appeal lay. an appeal under the letters patent would have been preferred to a bench of this court and an appeal to the supreme court would be open only with special leave of the court. therefore, this is .....

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