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Feb 23 1990 (HC)

Madras Industrial Linings Ltd. Vs. Income-tax Officer.

Court : Chennai

Decided on : Feb-23-1990

Reported in : (1990)37TTJ(Mad)59

..... products that are made in the territory in accordance with the said technical information and to export the same to all countries except in those countries outside the territory where patents exist preventing such use or sale. article 2.02 enables the appellant to sub-license the technical knowhow to other indian companies on terms to be specified by the eec ..... become a part of the technical information given under the licence and belonged to the eec. he next referred to article 8 which showed that there was no guarantee against patent infringement from the side of eec in favour of the assessee. he also pointed out that under article 9 the assessee had to pay for any component parts which it .....

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Apr 23 1990 (HC)

Southern Petrochemical Industries Corporation Ltd. Vs. Durga Iron Work ...

Court : Chennai

Decided on : Apr-23-1990

Reported in : 1995(2)CTC602

..... a suit for recovery of possession and in that view the learned judge held that the suit is one for land within the meaning of clause 12 of the letters patent of this court. the learned judge also expressed the view that the basis on which the full bench decided in velliappa chettiar and ors. v. saha govinda doss and ors ..... outside madras for specific performance of a contract to sell made in madras by parties resident therein, a suit for land within the meaning of clause 12 of the letters patent, and so not cognizable by the high court in its ordinary original civil jurisdiction.'there are discussions and expressions of views by the learned judges, who went to constitute the ..... damage, or value of the property used for does not exceed one hundred rupees.'dissected and rearranged conveniently, the implications of the relevant portions of clause 12 of the letters patent, relating to suits for land or other immovable property, can be summed up as follows:'(i) in the case of a suit 'for land or other immovable property', if such ..... to be resolved depends upon the interpretation that we should put on the set of expressions 'suits for land or other immovable property' occurring in clause 12 of the letters patent of this court. as already stated, the proposed suits are for recovery of money by enforcement of equitable mortgages clause 12, as a whole, reads as follows:'12. original jurisdiction .....

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Aug 23 1990 (HC)

Shantha V. Pai Vs. Vasanth Builders, Madras

Court : Chennai

Decided on : Aug-23-1990

Reported in : 1991CriLJ3026

..... respondent for the alleged contempt of court, such an order of refusal is not a 'judgment' within the meaning of clause 15 of the letters patent and as such, is not appealable under that clause. the second preliminary objection also, therefore, succeeds and the appeal is held to be not ..... premises. that judgment does not deal with the proposition under consideration. 24. as a result of the aforesaid discussion, we hold that a letters patent appeal under clause 15 would not lie against any order passed in exercise of the contempt jurisdiction by the high court where the trial judge ..... 19. from a review of the aforesaid judgments, it clearly emerges that the expression 'judgment', within the meaning of clause 15 of the letters patent, implies an order which effectively decides some right or liability in controversy between the parties to the main proceedings, irrespective of the fact whether such ..... decides a controversy which affects valuable rights of one of the parties, it must be treated to be a judgment, within the meaning of the letters patent.' and then held : 'thus, in other words every interlocutory order cannot be regarded as a judgment but only those orders would be judgments which decide ..... with the question, formulated four tests to determine whether an order of a single judge is a 'judgment' or not, under clause 15 of the letters patent. in the words of the full bench at page 8 : '........ the tests are (1) whether the order or judgment of the single judge terminates the .....

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Aug 27 1990 (HC)

Amrutanjan Limited Vs. AshwIn Fine Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals, Kash ...

Court : Chennai

Decided on : Aug-27-1990

Reported in : AIR1991Mad277

..... , it is a property and that there cannot be any dispute that such registered trade mark is a movable property as given by law, as it attracts incorporial rights like patent, copyright, trade-marks etc. then the question remains to be considered, is as to whether the situs of such property of the plaintiffs is at madras. it is provided under ..... plaintiffs at madras and their manufacturing, marketing and selling their product throughout the country, there is no difficulty in holding that on acombined perusal of cl. 12 of the letters patent and s. 20 of the code of civil procedure as well as s. 105 of the act, it can be safely held that the suit can be filed in this ..... that the original side of the high court comes within the definition of the word 'district' in the act, does not mean that the original side rules and the letters patent are not applicable to a suit instituted in the high court for infringement of a registered trade-mark. applying the principles of law thus laid down by the learned judge ..... cause of action arises in madras and consequently'; leave has been granted to the plaintiffs to sue in this high court, then by virtue of cl. 12 of the letters patent, this court has got jurisdiction on the basis of the cause of action, as has been averred by (he plaintiffs (paras 3 and 4 of the plaint). i agree with .....

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Sep 07 1990 (HC)

Association of University Teachers Vs. State of Tamil Nadu and anr.

Court : Chennai

Decided on : Sep-07-1990

Reported in : (1991)IILLJ31Mad

..... the generality of cases, a domestic enquiry against a teacher ought to be completed within a period of two months or say, within another two months. a provision founded so patently on plain reason is difficult to construe invasion of the right to administer an institution, unless that right carried with in the right to maladminister'. (page 1051 of a.i ..... constitution of a managing committee under the schools act came up for consideration before the supreme court in the pending appeals, the two learned judges of the supreme court noticed patent inconsistency between the two lines of judgments referred to above and deferred the decision pending reconsideration of the issue by a larger bench. in the light of this decision, we ..... the hon'ble the chief justice of the supreme court for the consideration of the appeals by a larger bench of not less than five judges having regard to 'some patent inconsistency' between the decisions of the supreme court reported in kerala v. mother provincial : [1971]1scr734 and st. xaviers college v. gujarat : [1975]1scr173 on the one hand and gandhi .....

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Mar 06 1990 (HC)

Kothari and Sons and Others Vs. N. Subramanian, Income-tax Officer, Ce ...

Court : Chennai

Decided on : Mar-06-1990

Reported in : [1992]196ITR82(Mad)

..... ] 168 itr 591, while considering the several sections under chapter xixa of the act observed that, in the light of section 245f of the income-tax act, 1961, it was patent that the settlement commission, during the pendency of proceedings before it, enjoyed all the powers which were vested in an income-tax authority before the act. sub-section (2) made .....

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Sep 12 1990 (HC)

Lakshmi Packaging Pvt. Ltd. Vs. Asstt. C.C.E., Salem Division

Court : Chennai

Decided on : Sep-12-1990

Reported in : 1997(91)ELT557(Mad)

..... that a writ in the nature of prohibition can be issued to an authority at the preliminary stage from prohibiting that authority from proceeding further only when there is a patent and total want of jurisdiction and not otherwise. but want of jurisdiction in such a case should be equated to 'corum non judice'. in the case on hand, it could .....

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Feb 08 1990 (HC)

The Idol of Sri Kannika Parameswari Amman and Others Vs. the Education ...

Court : Chennai

Decided on : Feb-08-1990

Reported in : AIR1990Mad337

..... also is answered in favour of the appellant. in view of the findings on these two points, referred above, the appeal is to be the result, the letters patent appeal is allowed and the judgment and decree passed in a.s. 632 of 1979 are set aside and instead the decree and judgment passed in o.s. 603 of ..... that is applied, the suit is liable to be dismissed.from the rival contentions made on behalf of both the parties, the points that arise for consideration in the letters patent appeal are :1. whether the appellant-plaintiff is entitled to file the suit as a public trust ? 2. what is the effect of the g.o. ms. no. 2000, home ..... the same, defendants 1 to 3 preferred a.s. no. 632 of 1979 before this court. as already stated, the said appeal was allowed. aggrieved by the same, this letters patent appeal is preferred by the plaintiffs.learned counsel appearing for the appellants, mr. m. raghavan, mainly submitted that in the instant case, in view of the findings rendered by the ..... orderk. m. natarajan, j. 1. this letters patent appeal is directed by the appellant-plaintiffs against the judgment and decree passed by the learned single judge of this court in a. s. no. 632 of 1979 allowing the .....

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Jan 09 1990 (HC)

National Insurance Co. Ltd. Madras Vs. A. Babu and Others

Court : Chennai

Decided on : Jan-09-1990

Reported in : II(1990)ACC313; 1990ACJ1003; AIR1990Mad305

..... and awarded compensation of rs. 26,500/- with proportionate costs against the appellant herein. the appellant has challenged the said award passed by the learned single judge in this letters patent appeal. 2. the learned counsel for the appellant, mr. a. r. ramanathan submitted that the learned single judge of this court erred in awarding compensation against the appellant when the .....

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Nov 14 1990 (HC)

Gautam Menon Vs. Sucharitha Gautam

Court : Chennai

Decided on : Nov-14-1990

Reported in : I(1992)DMC79; (1991)IMLJ212

..... before this court and to contest the proceedings, cannot have any basis when the question of jurisdiction is involved in this case. as stated above clause 17 of the letters patent confers jurisdiction on this court. when the question of jurisdiction is involved the question of convenience as alleged by the respondent does not arise at all for any consideration. hence ..... vizlanagarm v. secy, of state (1937) 44 l.w. 904 : a.i.r. 1937 madras 51 the division bench of this court has held as follows :'under cl. 32 letters patent of 1800, the jurisdiction of high court in regard to infants is plenary and is not subject to limitations as to person or place. so the high court can have ..... respondent herein, under sections 3 and 25 of guardians and wards act, 1890 and order 21, rules 1 and 2 of original side rules, read with cl. 17 of letters patent, 1865 to direct the respondent to deliver the minor children to the custody of the petitioner and for other reliefs. this petition was filed in this court on 19.7 ..... . in pamela williams v. patrick cyril martin : air1970mad427 division bench of this court by considering clause 17 of the letters patent held as follows :'the jurisdiction of the court is all embracing and wide under clause 17 of the letters patent and it is not controlled by the restrictions imposed and on the court exercising jurisdiction under the guardians and wards act .....

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