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Feb 13 1976 (HC)

Commissioner of Income-tax, Gujarat-i Vs. S.L.M. Maneklal Industries L ...

Court : Gujarat

Decided on : Feb-13-1976

Reported in : [1977]107ITR133(Guj)

..... that account a mere licensee for a limited period of the technical knowledge of the swiss company with the right to use the patents and trade marks of that company. the assessee acquired under the agreements merely the right to draw, for the purpose of carrying on its business as a manufacture and dealer ..... contribution was allowable as business expenditure under section 10(2) (xv). the assessee did not under the agreement become entitled exclusively, even for the period of the agreement, to the patents and trade marks of the swiss company; it had merely access to the technical knowledge and experience in the pharmaceutical field which the swiss company commanded. the assessee was on ..... or drags, which might be useful to introduce licensed preparations and to promote their sale in india. it granted to the assessee full and sole right and licence under the patent listed in the agreement to make, use, exercise and vend the inventions specified therein in india and also a license to use certain specified trade marks in the territory subject ..... the written onsent of the swiss company, not to assign the benefit of the agreement or grant sub-licenses of the patents and trade marks; and (c) upon termination of the agreement for any cause to cease to use the patents and trade marks and to return to the swiss company all copies of information, scientific date or material sent to it .....

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Aug 03 1976 (HC)

Kiritkumar Mohanlal Shah Vs. State of Gujarat and ors.

Court : Gujarat

Decided on : Aug-03-1976

Reported in : (1977)18GLR218

..... of essential supplies, or (3) between two rival claimants of immoveable or moveable properties, or (4) between businessmen who raise a dispute in regard to rights in trade marks or patents, or (5) in proceedings between husband and wife for claiming all the aforesaid types of cases, the decision of the criminal court would not have any final or .....

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Jan 21 1976 (HC)

Yasinmian Amirmian Faroqui and ors. Vs. I.A. Shaikh and ors.

Court : Gujarat

Decided on : Jan-21-1976

Reported in : (1977)18GLR54

..... out of which the civil revision application arises were, in absence of the consent of the charity commissioner, maintainable.we, therefore, allow the letters patent appeal, set aside the order made by the learned single judge and restore the order made by the learned trial judge.18. so far as ..... our opinion, therefore, the learned single judge was with respect in error in taking the view that the original proceedings out of which the letters patent appeal has arisen were maintainable and could be tried on merits. similarly also the learned extra assistant judge was in error in holding that the original ..... relevant clauses of the schemes in question. that is the view which has found favour with the learned single judge against whose judgment this letters patent appeal has been filed. the argument advanced by mr. shah is not a sound argument and we are unable to uphold it. the schemes ..... public trusts act, 1950 it was maintainable. that order is challenged by the original opponent in this civil revision application.7. in the letters patent appeal as well as in the civil revision application the question which has arisen for our consideration is as follows:whether an application either for removal ..... 50 of the bombay public trusts act, 1950.5. it is that appellate order which is challenged by the original oppo nents in this letters patent appeal.6. civil revision application no. 989 of 1975 also raises a similar question. in that case the original applicants made an application to the .....

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Mar 31 1976 (HC)

Chokshi Metal Refinery Vs. Commissioner of Income-tax, Gujarat-ii

Court : Gujarat

Decided on : Mar-31-1976

Reported in : [1977]107ITR63(Guj)

..... respondent.' 14. thus, this decision of the supreme court clearly lays down that it is only a mistake apparent from the record, in the sense of being an obvious and patent mistake and not something which can established by a long drawn process of reasoning on points on which there may conceivably be two opinions that can be corrected in rectification ..... of the relevant provisions of the act in a proceeding under section 154 of the income-tax act, 1961. a mistake apparent on the record must be an obvious and patent mistake and not something which can be established by a long drawn process of reasoning on points on which there may conceivably be two opinions. as seen earlier, the high .....

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Apr 30 1976 (HC)

Anandji Haridas and Co., Pvt. Ltd. Vs. State of Gujarat

Court : Gujarat

Decided on : Apr-30-1976

Reported in : (1977)0GLR271

..... the rights of the parties have been regulated by this practice, we should be slow to overturn the decision unless it is found that the practice is go clearly and patently erroneous that it should, in the larger interest of justice, be upset. such is not the case here and we are of the opinion that it is desirable that in .....

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Oct 21 1976 (HC)

Miya Mohamed Abdulkarim Jariwala and anr. Vs. Collector of Surat and o ...

Court : Gujarat

Decided on : Oct-21-1976

Reported in : (1977)18GLR488

..... made by district judge, which came to be confirmed by the single judge of the high court, was clearly an order made in exercise of appellate jurisdiction and no letters patent appeal (l.p.a.) can lie against that decision of the single judge. it will appear from these observations that the question before the division bench was whether a l .....

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Jan 23 1976 (HC)

Kanbi Harji Hira Dubasia Vs. Kanbi Vasta Arian Limani

Court : Gujarat

Decided on : Jan-23-1976

Reported in : AIR1977Guj189; (1977)0GLR317

..... the finding recorded by the courts below. on an application made by the plaintiff to the learned single judge he granted certificate of fitness under clause 15 of the letters patent and on the strength of that certificate he has filed this appeal.7. it may be stated that the suit has not been decided on merits but has been dismissed .....

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Jul 13 1976 (HC)

Balubhai Amidas Khristi Vs. State of Gujarat and ors.

Court : Gujarat

Decided on : Jul-13-1976

Reported in : (1978)19GLR535

..... or depraved and contrary to the accepted rules of morality whether it is or is not punishable as a crime. this last decision was questioned in letters patent appeal and the decision of the letters patent appeal is reported in risal singh v. chhandgi ram 0065/1966 in which the division bench affirmed the decision of the learned single judge. the division .....

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Nov 04 1976 (HC)

Sankalchand Himatlal Sheth Vs. Union of India (Uoi) and anr.

Court : Gujarat

Decided on : Nov-04-1976

Reported in : (1976)17GLR1017

..... be preferred to advance the salutary purpose and suppress the mischief as intended by the legislature. vide kanai lal v. paramnidhi : [1958]1scr360 . even such ambiguity has to be a patent ambiguity as flowing directly from the term used and not any then or hypothetical imagined ambiguity. the provision being of a power of transfer by creating the authority, prescribing the ..... decision in s. narayanaswami v. g. panneerseham : [1973]1scr172 where the settled rule of construction was pointed out that courts may depart from the literal rule only to avoid a patent absurdity. no doubt it is the duty of the court to try and harmonise the various provisions of an act passed by the legislature. but it is certainly not the .....

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Aug 04 1976 (HC)

Dungarlal Harichand Vs. State of Gujarat and ors.

Court : Gujarat

Decided on : Aug-04-1976

Reported in : AIR1977Guj23; (1976)GLR1152(GJ)

..... was challenged by owners of two houses which were proposed to be acquired compulsorily under the scheme. viscount dunedin endorsed the opinion expressed by herschell l. c., in institute of patent agents v, lockwood, (1894) ac 347 at p. 360, who said:-'no doubt there might be some conflict between a rule and a provision of the act. well, there is .....

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