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Nov 07 1984 (HC)

Jayant Vrajlal Ajmera and anr. Vs. Jayantkumar Motichand Doshi and ors ...

Court : Gujarat

Decided on : Nov-07-1984

Reported in : AIR1986Guj10; (1985)2GLR102

..... . even examining this contention, it would amount to an order made in proceedings with would be tantamount to numerically a second appeal and, therefore, also letters patent appeal would not be competent. the learned advocate general, however, urged that the point which is being canvassed is that the impugned order which has been made is one made ..... (see:nagendra nath dey v. suresh chandra de and shankar ramchandra, v. krishnaji dattatraya : [1970]1scr322 ). it would not, however, follow from this settled position of law that a letters patent appeal is competent from an order made in exercise of the revisional jurisdiction because the revisional jurisdiction is ultimately a part of the larger appellate jurisdiction of the high court ..... order made in exercise of the revisional jurisdiction and not an interim order made in revisional proceedings. in our opinion, this interpretation would lead to such an absurd position letters patent appeal would not be competent from final order though it would be competent from interim orders made in course of revisional proceedings. it is no doubt true that revisional jurisdiction ..... on behalf of the applicants, the order in question is an order made in exercise of the original jurisdiction though of course, in. revision proceedings and, therefore, the letters patent appeal is competent. we are afraid this is too specious a contention with which we can agree. in. the first place, the contention amounts to saying that the exception carved .....

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Jun 26 1984 (HC)

Kaviraj Ramlal Chaturbhuj Vs. Prant Officer, Dahod Prant and anr.

Court : Gujarat

Decided on : Jun-26-1984

Reported in : (1984)2GLR1477

..... tribunal rejecting the petitioners' appeal for compensation for trees situated in the forest lands acquired under the acquisition act will have to be quashed and set aside as suffering from patent errors of law and jurisdiction. rule issued in the petition is accordingly required to be made absolute. the decision of the tribunal at annexure 'b' is quashed and set aside ..... any compensation for acquisition of trees standing on s. nos. 40 and 146 under the provisions of the acquisition act. he submitted that the aforesaid view was not only patently erroneous in law but was also contrary to the evidence on record which clearly shows that the lands in question were surveyed and settled prior to the appointed day viz ..... ia challenge by the petitioners in the present proceedings as noted earlier.3. mr. j. d. patel, learned advocate for the petitioners vehemently contended that the tribunal had committed a patent error of law in taking the view that in light of the decision of the supreme court in waghach's case (supra) the petitioners were not entitled to be paid .....

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Dec 28 1984 (HC)

Thakore Chandrasingh Taktsingh Vs. State of Gujarat and anr.

Court : Gujarat

Decided on : Dec-28-1984

Reported in : (1985)2GLR701; (1986)ILLJ27Guj

..... same charge. 2. the petitioner had not committed any misconduct as per the provisions of the bombay police act, 1951 or rules and hence also, the order of dismissal was patently bad. 3. the order of dismissal passed against the petitioner and as confirmed by the higher authorities is violating the guarantee of arts. 14 and 16 of the constitution as .....

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Apr 04 1984 (HC)

Atic Employees Union Vs. State of Gujarat

Court : Gujarat

Decided on : Apr-04-1984

Reported in : (1984)IILLJ336Guj

..... . 2 - employer. detailed reasons are given by the first respondent for rejecting the application for reference. it has been held that claim raised in the dispute by the union is patently frivolous and the impact of the claim on the general relations between the employer and the employees in the region is likely to be adverse and that it is, therefore ..... the question as to whether its power to make a reference should be exercised under s. 10(1) read with s. 12(5) or not. if the claim made is patently frivolous, or is clearly belated, the appropriate government may refuse to make a reference. likewise, if the impact of the claim on the general relations between the employer and the .....

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Jul 05 1984 (HC)

Union of India and anr. Vs. Narayanbhai Keshavlal Patel

Court : Gujarat

Decided on : Jul-05-1984

Reported in : AIR1985Guj31

..... is true as for instance the reason of arrears, and he may have nothing to present by way of objection. on the other hand it may be a case where patently there is an error in the approach and the subscriber may be able to convince the authority of it, given a chance. we read r 421 as needing such an ..... one telephone and there is no reason why despite this the matter should have been taken in appeal by the telephone department.5. we find no merit in this letters patent appeal. dismissed notice discharged. no order on civil application.6. appeal dismissed. ..... 1. this is a letters patent appeal against a decision in appeal from order no. 90 of 1984. (reported in air 1984 guj 206). that appeal was an appeal against an interim order passed in civil .....

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Dec 14 1984 (HC)

Dr. H.G. Patel Vs. Dr. (Mrs.) K.S. Parikh and ors.

Court : Gujarat

Decided on : Dec-14-1984

Reported in : (1985)2GLR1385

..... shall decide about the recommendation by 31st january, 1985 and report back about the same to this court.24. the result is that these letters patent appeals are allowed accordingly by setting aside the order of the learned single judge. having regard to the fact that this was a question of ..... were not offered to her and, therefore, she was not willing to take registration in any other subject. dr. ragini patel appellant of letters patent appeal no. 305 of 1984 by her letter of december 14, 1983 addressed to the director of post-graduate studies informed that she wanted to ..... that she wanted to do studentship in paediatrics only though residency and registration in general medicine was offered to her.21. dr. dhru appellant of letters patent appeal no. 304 of 1984 by her letter dated nill addressed to the dean, b.j. medical college, stated that her first preference was obstetrics ..... the contention we may shortly refer to those letters by which the offers in residency were declined. dr. h.g. patel petitioner-appellant of letters patent appeal no. 302 of 1984 by his letter of december 14, 1983 addressed to the director of postgraduate studies and research stated that he has ..... the petitioners in the interview and their consequent appointment as residents in the subjects of their choice, except dr. ragini patel the appellant of letters patent appeal no. 305 of 1984 who was appointed as a resident in peadiatrics. there were some candidates who were aggrieved since their chances of appointment .....

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Nov 09 1984 (HC)

Balkrishna Chatrabhuj Thacker and ors. Vs. Devabai and ors.

Court : Gujarat

Decided on : Nov-09-1984

Reported in : AIR1985Guj133; (1985)1GLR321

..... or cross-objection in the district court.3. when this second appeal came up for admission before this court, the following substantial question of law was formulated: -'whether it was patently illegal, erroneous and unjust approach of the lower appellate court not to accept, rely, and apply a binding full bench judgment reported in : air1976guj161 to the facts and circumstances of ..... , raised before it and that is what the lower appellate court had done in that case. it appears that a letters patent appeal was filed against the decision of the learned single judge and the division bench hearing, the letters patent appeal referred the matter to the full bench which decision of the full bench is reported in s. m. s. subramanian .....

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Aug 31 1984 (HC)

Vasanti M. Shah Vs. All India Handloom Fabrics Marketing Co-op. Societ ...

Court : Gujarat

Decided on : Aug-31-1984

Reported in : (1985)1GLR281; (1986)ILLJ69Guj

..... intervention of this court and have submitted that the order of the labour court, ahmedabad rejecting their reference raising an industrial dispute regarding termination of employment of these petitioners is patently illegal and hence required to be quashed. 2. x x x x x x3. the facts leading to these petitions deserve to be noted in brief at the outset. petitioner ..... were sought to be thrown out. it was further urged by the petitioners that the action of the respondent in picking out the petitioners for such a hostile treatment was patently discriminatory and amounted to victimization and unfair labour practice. that all the 21 employees of the handloom house had struck work from 21st february, 1975 to 10th march, 1975. the ..... entire period between 21st february, 1975 and 10th march, 1975 is not based on any legal evidence and hence, that finding is liable to be set aside as involving a patent error of law. 2. the labour court equally erred in law in holding that the management had not discriminated against the petitioners as compared to other workers who were permitted .....

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Nov 26 1984 (HC)

Gujchem Distillers India Ltd. Vs. Regional Provident Fund Commissioner

Court : Gujarat

Decided on : Nov-26-1984

Reported in : (1985)2GLR45; (1986)ILLJ19Guj

..... the earlier unit so much so that with the collapse or closing of the earlier one, the latter unit was bound to go into liquidation. these are the cases of patent inter-dependability, which is nonexistent in the case on hand. even if the billimora unit, say, goes dry, the ankleshwar unit can exist because it has to depend on the .....

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Mar 03 1984 (HC)

Sarjubhaiya Mathurbhaiya Kahar Vs. Deputy Commissioner of Police and a ...

Court : Gujarat

Decided on : Mar-03-1984

Reported in : 1984CriLJ1474; (1984)1GLR538(GJ)

..... liberation, with 'do or die' patriotism, was launched be sapped by formalistic and pharisaic prescriptions regardless of essential standards? an enacted apparition is a constitutional illusion. proconsul justice is writ patently on article 21. it is too grave to be circumvented by a black letter ritual processed through the legislature.117. so i am convinced that to frustrate article 21 by .....

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