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Aug 08 1985 (HC)

Madhusudan Vegetable Products Co. Ltd. Vs. Rupa Chemicals, Vapi and or ...

Court : Gujarat

Decided on : Aug-08-1985

Reported in : AIR1986Guj156; (1986)1GLR101

..... 1894, bombay public trusts act, 1950, etc. we should not be taken to have expressed any opinion on the question whether s. 100a bars letters patent appeals against decisions of single judges of 'the high court while exercising appellate jurisdiction under such special statutes. all that we are concerned with in the ..... a single judge decides an appeal from an appellate decree or order, his decision will not attract the applicability of cl 15 of the letters patent as such appeal would be expressly barred in view of the aforesaid legislative provision. it. is obvious that from decisions in all appeals from appellate ..... entirely different and, that is, to the effect that a decision rendered under o. 43, r. 1 in miscellaneous appeal cannot be assailed in letters patent appeal because of s. 104, sub-section (2). that question never arose before the supreme court in the aforesaid decision in : [1953]4scr1028 and ..... s. 202,pf the companies act and other similar local or special acts. if these special acts could without affecting the jurisdiction of the letters patent or overriding the same provided a supplementary or additional jurisdiction, there was no reason why the civil p.c. also could not do the ..... that the judges followed a fallacious process of reasoning. according to their opinion, the appeals under the civil p.c. and those under the letters patent were, so to say two separate compartments having different spheres of their own. with due deference, we might point out that such a view is .....

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Feb 21 1985 (HC)

indravadan Joshi Vs. Govt. of Gujarat and ors.

Court : Gujarat

Decided on : Feb-21-1985

Reported in : (1985)1GLR549; (1985)IILLJ571Guj

..... primary teachers with necessary training for ultimately being employed in primary schools which would be either government schools or non-government schools should be excluded and their such exclusion is patently arbitrary and violative of art. 14 of the constitution of india. (2) there cannot be any question of delay on the part of the petitioners which can be urged now .....

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Aug 16 1985 (HC)

Chatrasinh Mansinh Mahida Vs. Indravadan Ratilal Patel and ors.

Court : Gujarat

Decided on : Aug-16-1985

Reported in : (1986)1GLR297

..... judgment, the supreme court has clearly held that in case errors, irregularities or illegalities touching jurisdiction or procedure committed by an inferior court or tribunal of first instance is so patent and loudly obtrusive that it leaves on its decision an indelible stamp of infirmity or vice which cannot be obliterated or cured on appeal or revision, then the same can .....

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Oct 14 1985 (HC)

Jitubhai Jibhaibhai Solanki Vs. District Magistrate and anr.

Court : Gujarat

Decided on : Oct-14-1985

Reported in : (1986)2GLR995

..... was no other material available to the detaining authority and the aforesaid material is the only material on the basis of which the impugned order has been passed. it is patently clear that save and except general allegations about bad reputation of the detenu, there was nothing available on record before the detaining authority on the basis of which he could .....

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Aug 07 1985 (HC)

Nalinikant J. Baxi Vs. Chairman and Managing Director Bank of India an ...

Court : Gujarat

Decided on : Aug-07-1985

Reported in : (1987)ILLJ388Guj

..... interest on that amount is left open, to be agitated at the time of final hearing of the special civil application no. 5973 of 1983 letters patent appeal and civil application accordingly disposed of'. the aforesaid order has been clarified by the division bench as per its order dated august 8, 1985 wherein ..... not directly involved in this petition. but in view of the observations made by the division bench of this high court in the order passed in letters patent appeal no. 81 of 1984, the petitioner had preferred civil application no. 732 of 1985 requesting that the bank should be directed to pay him ..... keeping good health and that the performance of the petitioner was not up to the mark for the year 1982, have been added when the letters patent appeal was filed and during the hearing of the appeal. on behalf of the petitioner, it is submitted that the grounds added subsequently cannot be ..... he should have been allowed to resume duties. in the context of these facts, the order reproduced hereinabove was passed by me. the matter was carried in letters patent appeal and the division bench of this high court (coram : p. r. gokulakrishnan c.j. and r. c. mankad, j.) dismissed the same summarily ..... have understood the controversy and on the basis, the matter has been argued. 6. the effect of the interim relief granted (and confirmed in letters patent appeal) was that the petitioner continued to serve at ahmedabad and he was not transferred to bhopal. it may be noted that the bank never came .....

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Aug 14 1985 (HC)

United India Fire and General Insurance Co. Ltd. Vs. Bachu Kaba Satrot ...

Court : Gujarat

Decided on : Aug-14-1985

Reported in : 2(1986)ACC180; (1986)1GLR463

..... claim out of fatal injuries caused to the passengers would be only rs. 10,000/- per passenger. consequently, the award of the tribunal which extends upto rs. 16,000/- is patently erroneous against the appellant.4. in that view of the matter, the present appeal is allowed. the award of the claims tribunal shall stand modified as under. the liability of ..... policy even to meet the claims arising out of death or bodily injuries caused to persons. consequently, it must be held that the reasoning adopted by the learned tribunal is patently erroneous when we turn to the requirements of section 95(2) of the motor vehicles act as existing at the time of the accident which clearly started in the face .....

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Feb 14 1985 (HC)

Dynamo Dilectrics Vs. Union of India

Court : Gujarat

Decided on : Feb-14-1985

Reported in : 1995(76)ELT41(Guj)

..... is the process of impregnated, coating or laminating on the fabrics and then calling them as textile fabrics and a strange application of entry 22b is made. so, on this patent reading of the provisions of entry 22f, we have no hesitation in holding that the decision of the respondent no. 3 in respect of glass fabrics (epoxy b stage) and .....

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Nov 27 1985 (HC)

Patan Proper Fal and Shak Bhaji Kharid Vechan Sahakari Mandli Ltd. Vs. ...

Court : Gujarat

Decided on : Nov-27-1985

Reported in : AIR1987Guj33

..... competent election authorities.30. in that view of the matter we pass the following orders.l.p.a. 382 85 for the reasons aforesaid, letters patent appeal no. 382 of 1985 is allowed and the original petition being special civil application no. 5620/85 is dismissed. there should be no order ..... takes part in the said election by standing as a candidate or by exercise of his right of franchise therein especially when the impugned election is patently illegal and void ab initio due to the fact such as it being held pursuant to an ultra vires provision in a statute or the rules ..... the voters' list without holding any sort of inquiry which he was obliged to under the rules. 20. similarly the following two questions arise in letters patent appeals nos. 442, 443, 445 and 446 of 1985 :1. whether this court has jurisdiction and/or can interfere in exercise of such jurisdiction under ..... . 28 of the rules. 2. whether the original petitioners are entitled to be enrolled as voters. 19. similarly the following two questions arise in letters patent appeal no. 430/85:1. whether this court has jurisdiction and/or can interfere in exercise of such jurisdiction under art. 226 of the constitution of ..... . it should be noted that the original petitioners also feel themselves aggrieved by the order of the learned single judge and they have accordingly preferred letters patent appeal no. 445/85. their grievance is that when the learned single judge held that the capacity of the petitioners is not lost, he ought .....

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May 02 1985 (HC)

NitIn I. Trivedi Vs. the Executive Engineer (Mechanical), Gujarat Mari ...

Court : Gujarat

Decided on : May-02-1985

Reported in : AIR1986Guj141; (1985)2GLR860

..... special civil application that after setting aside the auction, a fresh auction be held in accordance with law. the facts for the purpose of the disposal of the present letters patent appeal is, that the appellant bid at the auction for the sale of coal ash at the rate of rs. 371/- per tonne and that the second respondent herein bid ..... facts of the present case.4. for all these reasons, we are of the view that the dismissal of the special civil application is correct and as such, the letters patent appeal is dismissed.5. appeal is dismissed. ..... gokulakrishnan, c.j.1. this letters patent appeal is against the order passed in special civil application no.2337 of 1985. the learned single judge of our high court dismissed the special civil application which was filed .....

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Jan 25 1985 (HC)

Rashmikant Babubhai Patel and anr. Vs. Gujarat Electricity Board, Baro ...

Court : Gujarat

Decided on : Jan-25-1985

Reported in : AIR1986Guj12; (1985)2GLR1064

..... was ultra vires the powers of the board under article 14 of the constitution since it has been arbitrarily terminated, have preferred this appeal tinder clause 15 of the letters patent. before we state the necessary facts on which this challenge has been made, it should be recalled that the learned single judge could not persuade himself to admit the petition .....

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