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Apr 28 2004 (HC)

Ramesh Chandra Sinha Vs. State of Jharkhand and ors.

Court : Jharkhand

Decided on : Apr-28-2004

Reported in : [2004(3)JCR181(Jhr)]

..... determine as to whether the second time bound promotion was granted to the petitioner on his misrepresentation or not? against the said order of single judge the petitioner filed letters patent appeal being lpa no. 60 of 2002, which was dismissed by a division bench on 14.7.2002 affirming the order of the single judge. from the order of division ..... bench in letters patent appeal it appears that with regard to recovery of the amount it was observed that the controlling officer shall pass an appropriate order in accordance with law.3. it is ..... (respondent no. 3) to pass an appropriate order in accordance with law pursuant to the order passed by this court in the aforesaid writ application as well as the letters patent appeal within a period of eight weeks from the elate of receipt/ production of a copy of this order.

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Feb 23 2004 (HC)

Feroza Khatoon and ors. Vs. Shiv Munda and anr.

Court : Jharkhand

Decided on : Feb-23-2004

Reported in : [2004(2)JCR549(Jhr)]

..... the extent of providing for interest at 9% per annum on the compensation awarded from the date of application before the tribunal until the date of payment.6. the letters patent appeal is thus allowed to the limited extent of modifying the award relating to interest and awarding it to the claimants at the rate of 9% per annum from the ..... interest from the date of the application for compensation. it is not clear whether this ground was argued before the learned single judge, though in the memorandum of this letters patent appeal, a ground in this regard has been taken. we think that the tribunal should have awarded interest from the date of the application rather than providing for interest on ..... of 15. the learned single judge also did not find any reason to interfere in the context of the case. sitting in further appeal under clause 10 of the letters patent, we are not satisfied that we will be justified in interfering with the adoption of 15 as the multiplier. in this context, we have also notice the argument of learned .....

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May 20 2004 (HC)

Tata Engineering and Locomotive Co. Ltd. Vs. the Regional Provident Fu ...

Court : Jharkhand

Decided on : May-20-2004

Reported in : [2004(4)JCR285(Jhr)]

..... judge held that there was no relationship of employer and employee between telco and the convoy drivers. the provident fund commissioner filed an appeal under clause 10 of the letters patent, as lpa no. 53 of 1988, challenging that decision.3. meanwhile, the telco convoy drivers mazdoor sangh, sought to raise an industrial dispute claiming that they are workmen employed by ..... .c.a.) and in rejecting the application made by the association for getting itself impleaded and even though, that association was a party to the writ petition and the letters patent appeal in which the direction was made to the commissioner to consider the question properly. thus, the first order was clearly vitiated by errors of law apparent on the fact ..... . it must be noticed that ttca was a participant in the proceedings when the order dated 23.6.1997 was passed and it was also a party to the letters patent appeal and to the interim order thereon pursuant to which the provident fund commissioner passed the second order dated 24.6.1999. we find that the provident fund commissioner has .....

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Jun 28 2004 (HC)

Janathan Das Vs. State of Bihar and ors.

Court : Jharkhand

Decided on : Jun-28-2004

Reported in : [2004(4)JCR251(Jhr)]

..... within the category of being patently absurd and/or perverse and consequently illegal and therefore deserves to be set aside by this court. the reasons which compel this court to come to the aforementioned conclusion are ..... of the constitution of india does not sit as an appellate authority in respect of an award passed by the labour court unless it is established that the award is patently illegal, arbitrary or perverse.4. after having looked into the award and the various documents brought on record, this court is clearly of the opinion that the instant case fails .....

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Aug 24 2004 (HC)

Shrenik Bhai Kasturbhai and ors. Vs. Ganpat Rai JaIn and ors.,

Court : Jharkhand

Decided on : Aug-24-2004

Reported in : 2004(2)BLJR1611; [2004(4)JCR1(Jhr)]

..... also its possession over it. the attempt, to separate an extent of 397 acres from the entire hill in touzi no. 20/1 made at the stage of the letters patent appeal, cannot be upheld. in fact, if one were to go by the plaint in t.s. no. 10 of 1967, no distinction had been made between the extent of ..... , taken by the state government pursuant to the vesting and in terms of section 4(g) of the act. no doubt, sitting in appeal, under clause 10 of the letters patent, we are free even to disagree with a finding of fact rendered by the learned single judge. but then, there must be adequate reasons for such disagreement. we have found ..... at between a sect of the jain community and the state government, was null and void.19. challenging the decision of the learned single judge in the appeals, these letters patent appeals were filed. the division bench heard the appeals and posted them for judgment on 21.7.2000. on that day, the presiding judge, justice chaudhury s.n. mishra pronounced ..... the government of bihar on 5.2.1965, exhibit 9(a), was null and void. feeling aggrieved, these appeals are filed; letters patent appeals nos. 332, to 336 of 1997 by the trustees of anandji kalyanji trust and letters patent appeal no. 346 of 1997 by the plaintiffs in title suit no. 23 of 1968 representing the digambaris. these appeals have a .....

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Feb 24 2004 (HC)

Mrs. Kanan Bala Tirkey Vs. State of Jharkhand and ors.

Court : Jharkhand

Decided on : Feb-24-2004

Reported in : [2004(2)JCR10(Jhr)]

..... ground that such appointments were made in violation of the provisions contained in articles 14 and 16 of the constitution of india. the said judgment was challenged in four letters patent appeals. the division bench delivered the judgment on 3.4.1996. since there was difference of opinion between two learned judges of the division bench the matter was referred by ..... and all the appointments of assistant numbering about 285 persons was declared illegal and quashed. the said judgment of single judge of the patna high court was challenged in letter patent appeal which was also dismissed. the appeal filed before the supreme court was also dismissed and thereafter bihar vidhan sabha secretariat issued order dated 10.12.1996 terminating the services ..... 52 candidates who were removed from service in the bihar legislative assembly were sorted out in view of the observation made in the letters patent appeal. learned counsel drawn my attention to the observation made by letters patent court, which has been quoted in para 16 of the counter affidavit.7. from perusal of the affidavits and the submissions made by the .....

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Mar 16 2004 (HC)

State of Jharkhand and anr. Vs. Pradeep Kumar Dey and anr.

Court : Jharkhand

Decided on : Mar-16-2004

Reported in : 2004(2)BLJR1326; 2005CriLJ2304; [2004(2)JCR499(Jhr)]

order1. heard both sides, with the consent of both sides, this appeal is being disposed of finally even at this stage.2. this letters patent appeal is filed by the state of jharkhand and its forest officials, the respondents in wpc no. 1206 of 2002. wpc no. 1206 of 2002 was filed by the writ .....

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Sep 23 2004 (HC)

JaIn Petrol Supply Company and ors. Vs. State of Jharkhand Through Its ...

Court : Jharkhand

Decided on : Sep-23-2004

Reported in : [2004(4)JCR291(Jhr)]

..... purposes of this act, a, public demand includes all arrears of revenue or any money due or demand payable which finds place in schedule i even by reference. it seems patent that the legislature has deliberately not attempted to define public demand or limiting the same. all the arrears of revenue, money or payable demands which the legislature choose to incorporate .....

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Jan 16 2004 (HC)

Sharda Construction Vs. State of Jharkhand and ors.

Court : Jharkhand

Decided on : Jan-16-2004

Reported in : [2004(2)JCR494(Jhr)]

..... arbitrator appointed in this proceeding, though this arose from a proceeding, initiated under article 226 of the constitution of india and the appeal was under clause 10 of the letters patent. the contractor also filed an additional affidavit expressing its willingness to have the disputes arbitrated upon by any one of the persons mentioned in that affidavit, to be appointed as ..... by virtue of the decision dated 18.11.1992 taken by the government, as can be seen from annexure-a produced along with the counter affidavit filed in the letters patent appeal on behalf of the respondents on 11.11.2003 and in that context, the mere fact that in the contracts entered into in the years' 1999 and 000. clause .....

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Jan 06 2004 (HC)

Jharkhand State Housing Board and anr. Vs. State of Jharkhand and ors.

Court : Jharkhand

Decided on : Jan-06-2004

Reported in : 2004(1)BLJR710; [2004(1)JCR429(Jhr)]

..... behalf of respondent no. i in c.w.j.c. no. 2789 of 1996 (r) disposed of on 24.2.1997, by this court.(5) that it was illegal and patent wrong on the part of sri. t.n. sharma to review a concluded order dated 23.3.1993, passed under section 90 of the c.n.t. act in the .....

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