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Dec 09 1964 (HC)

V.V. Krishna Iyer Sons Vs. New Era Manufacturing Co. Ltd., Palghat

Court : Kerala

Decided on : Dec-09-1964

Reported in : AIR1965Ker241

..... , 'an order will not be made if a sufficient case is not stated on the petition, even if such a case is proved in evidence.' also in re, spence's patent non-conducting composition and cement co., (1869) 9 eq. 9, where a supporting creditor was not allowed to rely upon his cause of action, which was not a cause of ..... the company have been mortgaged to an amount equal to or in excess of those assets or that the company has no assets was to render decisions like in re, patent artificial stone co. ltd., (1884) 34 l j ch 330, in re, lancashire brick and tile co ltd., (1865) 34 l j ch 331, in re, rica gold washing co .....

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Jul 20 1964 (HC)

Chacko Chacko Kaithakuttu Veedu and ors. Vs. Board of Revenue, State o ...

Court : Kerala

Decided on : Jul-20-1964

Reported in : AIR1966Ker46

..... or has not, in respect to the subject-matter of the statute or in the method of enacting it, transgressed the limits of its constitutional powers. such transgression may be patent, manifest or direct, but it may also be disguised, covert and indirect and it is to this latter class of cases, that the expression 'colourable legislation' has been applied in .....

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Oct 09 1964 (HC)

Enoch Pharma Vs. the State of Kerala and anr.

Court : Kerala

Decided on : Oct-09-1964

Reported in : AIR1965Ker280

..... above import of any tincture or other official pharmacopocial preparations will be permitted into the state.the above orders will not however affect the manufacture or import of patent or proprietary preparations'.it is clear from the above order that the manufacturers will be allowed to produce only the 15 items mentioned therein. this order of the board of .....

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Jun 05 1964 (HC)

P. Kannan Kunhimangalam Vs. the Food Inspector Cannanore Municipality

Court : Kerala

Decided on : Jun-05-1964

Reported in : AIR1965Ker37; 1965CriLJ171

..... ) air 1955 sc 633 at p. 639 has observed :'it therefore follows that while, subject to the other provisions of the code or any other law and of the letters patent, the finality of section 369 attaches to the judgments pronounced by all trial courts including the high court in the exercise of its original criminal jurisdiction, it certainly has no ..... ., enacts that save as otherwise provided by this code or by any other law for the time being in force or, in the case of high court by the letters patent or other instrument constituting such high court no court, when it has signed its judgment, shall alter or review the same except to correct a clerical error. but section 369 .....

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Jul 13 1964 (HC)

The Kanan Devan Hills Produce Co. Ltd. Vs. the Workmen of the Kannan D ...

Court : Kerala

Decided on : Jul-13-1964

Reported in : AIR1965Ker106; [1965(10)FLR216]; (1969)ILLJ483Ker

..... alleged was true and sufficient. now, whether or not the first assumption can be said to bean error of law, it seems to me that the second is --and a patent error at that.5. (i might mention that the labour court also observed that there was some force in the argument of counsel for the union that the fact that .....

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Jul 21 1964 (HC)

Kerala State Electricity Board Vs. State and ors.

Court : Kerala

Decided on : Jul-21-1964

Reported in : (1966)ILLJ488Ker

m.s. menon, c.j.1. the kerala state electricity board, respondent 1 in original petition no. 1949 of 1962, is the appellant before us. respondents 2 to 6 in this appeal were the petitioners in that original petition. respondent 2 in the original petition, the state of kerala, is respondent 1 before us. there is also an intervenor. he was brought on record in pursuance of our order in civil miscellaneous petition no. 1269 of 1964, dated 23 june 1964.2. respondents 2 to 6 and the intervenor are junior engineers in the service of the board. the junior engineers, both in the electrical wing and in the civil wing, consist of two categories of persons: those directly recruited; and those promoted from the grade of first-grade overseers.3. respondents 2 to 6 and the intervenor belong to the category of persons promoted from the grade of first-grade overseers, and they do not possess the higher qualifications prescribed for direct recruitment. the qualifications prescribed for direct recruitment, both in the electrical and civil wings, are higher; and we are assured that those who possess the higher qualifications are called by the board 'graduate junior engineers,' even though they may not possess a degree but only one of the other qualifications which the board has specified as equivalent to a degree. we shall employ the same phraseology in the judgment and style the junior engineers possessing the qualifications prescribed for direct recruitment as junior engineers as 'graduate .....

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