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Jan 09 1980 (HC)

K.T. Doctor Vs. Commissioner of Income-tax, Gujarat Iv

Court : Gujarat

Decided on : Jan-09-1980

Reported in : (1980)15CTR(Guj)43; [1980]124ITR501(Guj)

..... trust (see p. 488 supra). in that case also, there was a power to the trustees to carry on business of marketing the product with the use of inventions and patents settled upon the trust and that was to be done with the idea of raising funds for the fulfilment of the aims and objects of the trust. when such activity .....

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Mar 19 1980 (HC)

Commissioner of Income-tax, Tamil Nadu-v Vs. Lakshmi Card Clothing Man ...

Court : Chennai

Decided on : Mar-19-1980

Reported in : [1984]149ITR712(Mad)

..... the licence granted under clause 3, i. e., right to manufacture and sell the card clothing and accessories on the basis of the foreign company's designs and manufacturing methods, patented or unpatented, and for the services rendered under clause 9, an annual payment of 6,000 francs had to be paid to the foreign company. it is significant to note ..... , the foreign company gives to the assessee the sole exclusive non-transferable right to manufacture and sell card clothing and accessories in certain territories on the designs and manufacturing methods patented or unpatented. under clause 9, the foreign company for a period of ten years has to forward to the assessee-company any new data, specifications, processes, revised and additional manufacturing ..... claimed.on appeal, the aac held that the consideration for the services in the shape of technical advice and for the grant of license to exploit the foreign company's patents in india is partly for services and partly in the nature of royalty and it is, therefore, on revenue account and qualified for deduction. on further appeal, the tribunal, after ..... , the kingdom of nepal and neighboring countries of india expect europe, card clothing and accessories as specified in para. (2) on the basis of graf's designs and manufacturing methods patented or unpatented. 9. during a period of ten years from the conclusion of this agreement, graf will forward from time to time to lakshmi any new data, specifications, processes, revised .....

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Apr 15 1980 (FN)

United States Vs. Mitchell

Court : US Supreme Court

Decided on : Apr-15-1980

..... . 162a (investment of funds of tribe and individual allottee); 25 u.s.c. 318a, 323-325 (roads and rights-of-way); 25 u.s.c. 349, 372 (issuance of fee patents to allottees or heirs found to be capable of managing their affairs); 25 u.s.c. 406, 407 (sale of timber); 25 u.s.c. 413 (collection of administrative expenses ..... , 25 u.s.c. 407. the secretary was also authorized to consent to the sale of timber by the owner of any indian land "held under a trust or other patent containing restrictions on alienations." id. 8, as amended, 25 u.s.c. 406(a). the secretary page 445 u. s. 546 was directed to pay the proceeds of these sales ..... use and benefit of the indian to whom such allotment shall have been made . . . and that at the expiration of said period the united states will convey the same by patent to said indian . . . in fee, discharged of said trust and free of all charge or incumbrance whatsoever: provided, that the president of the united states may in any case in ..... the benefit of the allottees: "upon the approval of the allotments provided for in this act by the secretary of the interior, he shall cause patents to issue therefor in the name of the allottees, which patents shall be of the legal effect, and declare that the united states does and will hold the land thus allotted, for the period of twenty .....

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Apr 16 1980 (HC)

Commissioner of Income-tax, Tamil Nadu-ii Vs. Seshasayee Bros. P. Ltd.

Court : Chennai

Decided on : Apr-16-1980

Reported in : (1981)20CTR(Mad)299; [1981]127ITR218(Mad)

..... sought the question that has been referred. 3. among the objects of the company as seen from the memorandum were the following : '3. (1) to purchase or otherwise acquire any patents, brevets and inventions, licences, concessions and the like conferring any exclusive or non-exclusive or limited right to use any invention or privilege, which may seem capable of being used .....

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Apr 16 1980 (FN)

Andrus Vs. Idaho

Court : US Supreme Court

Decided on : Apr-16-1980

..... secretary to contract with the state upon the state's proper application. this is permissive language, as compared with the obligatory statutory language requiring the secretary to issue a patent once he has contracted with the state and the state has satisfied the contractual and statutory conditions. furthermore, the secretary may act only with the approval of the president, ..... for summary judgment, idaho submitted that the carey act had been an immediately effective grant, or at least that the united states was firmly obligated to contract with and patent the statutory acreage to idaho when and if idaho satisfied the statutory preconditions. in the state's view, carey act applications took precedence over prior withdrawals. the secretary, therefore ..... of desert lands, authorizes the secretary of the interior, upon proper application, "to contract and agree, from time to time . . . binding the united states to donate, grant, and patent" such desert lands, not exceeding a specified acreage, as the state should cause to be irrigated, reclaimed, and occupied, provided, however, that the lands would be restored to the public ..... desert lands, "authorize[s] and empower[s]" the secretary of the interior (secretary), with the president's approval, upon proper application by a state to donate, grant, and patent such desert lands, not exceeding a specified acreage, as the state should cause to be irrigated, reclaimed, and occupied, provided however, that the lands may be restored to the public .....

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May 14 1980 (HC)

Ramesh Suri Vs. Custodian General of Evacuee Property and anr.

Court : Delhi

Decided on : May-14-1980

Reported in : 18(1980)DLT454

..... to account for his share of royalty. the arrangement thus was, as noticed in werderman v. sociate generale delectricite (1881) xix gh. d. 246 at 253 that the owners of patent (in this case the copyright) would work it to the best advantage, to keep proper accounts and to. pay a share of profits to the owner. thus if no royalty ..... bankrupt owner or in the custodian under the legislation dealing with the enemy property. in noveilow and co. ltd. v. hinrichsen edition and another 1951 (2)ch.d. 457 the patents, designs, copyright and trade marks (emergency) act, 1939, permitted the controller to grant license in the copyright belonging to an enemy who is subject .to restrictions imposed under trading with ..... rajindar sachar, j.(1) this is letters patent appeal against the order of the learned single judge by which he dismissed the writ petition and held that the right to receive royalty vested in the custodian on the .....

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May 19 1980 (FN)

Andrus Vs. Utah

Court : US Supreme Court

Decided on : May-19-1980

..... have been classified and opened to entry after notice to the permittee by the secretary of the interior, and the lands shall remain a part of the grazing district until patents are issued therefor, the homesteader to be, after his entry is allowed, entitled to the possession and use thereof: provided, that upon the application of any person qualified to make .....

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Jun 02 1980 (FN)

Andrus Vs. Shell Oil Co.

Court : US Supreme Court

Decided on : Jun-02-1980

..... . . . is entitled to substantial weight," post at 446 u. s. 676 , the dissent ignores this contemporaneous administrative practice. the best evidence of the 1920 standard of patentability is the 1920 interior department practice on the matter. the suggestion of the dissent that "future events [such] as market changes" were not meaningful data under the castle v. womble ..... (1) whether a finding of lean surface deposits warranted the geological inference that the claim contained rich "valuable" deposits below; and (2) whether present profitability was a prerequisite to patentability. both issues were decided in favor of the oil shale claimant: the geological inference was deemed sound, and the fact that there was "no possible doubt . . . that ..... ," the decision in freeman v. summers had liberalized the traditional valuable mineral test. but it found that congress, in 1931 and again in 1956, had considered the patentability of oil shale and had implicitly "ratified" that liberalized rule. alternatively, the district court concluded that the department was estopped now from departing from the freeman standard, which ..... spouse. in 1960, mrs. schuyler incorporated respondent d. a. shale, inc., and transferred title to the claims to the corporation. three months later, the corporation filed patent applications. in 1964, the department issued administrative complaints alleging that the mountain boys claims and the shoup claims were invalid. the complaints alleged, inter alia, that oil shale .....

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Jun 09 1980 (HC)

Commissioner of Income-tax (Central), Calcutta Vs. Anglo India Jute Mi ...

Court : Kolkata

Decided on : Jun-09-1980

Reported in : [1981]129ITR352(Cal)

..... that capital gains are assessable in the case of transfer of goodwill, the indian act did not have in contemplation, when enacting section 12b, that self-created assets like copyright, patents and goodwill should be subjected to capital gains arising on their transfer. it is enough to say that, complex and difficult as this question is, we are not satisfied that ..... that capital gains are assessable in the case of transfer of goodwill, the indian act did not have in contemplation when enacting s. 12b that self-created assets like copyright, patents and goodwill should be subjected to capital gains arising on their transfer and hence capital gains on the transfer of a goodwill were not liable to be taxed under s .....

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Jun 16 1980 (FN)

Diamond Vs. Chakrabarty

Court : US Supreme Court

Decided on : Jun-16-1980

..... have it -- with the routine problem of "unanticipated inventions." ante at 447 u. s. 316 . in these two acts, congress has addressed the general problem of patenting animate inventions and has chosen carefully limited language granting protection to some kinds of discoveries, but specifically excluding others. these acts strongly evidence a congressional limitation that excludes bacteria ..... of certain bacteria. in particular, the two researchers discovered plasmids capable of degrading camphor and octane, two components of crude oil. in the work represented by the patent application at issue here, chakrabarty discovered a process by which four different plasmids, capable of degrading four different oil components, could be transferred to and maintained stably ..... and scientific considerations involved, and to determine whether living organisms produced by genetic engineering should receive patent protection. in support of this position, the petitioner relies on our recent holding in parker v. flook, 437 u. s. 584 (1978), and the statement that ..... expressly authorizes such protection. his position rests on the fact that genetic technology was unforeseen when congress enacted 101. from this it is argued that resolution of the patentability of inventions such as respondent's should be left to congress. the legislative process, the petitioner argues, is best equipped to weigh the competing economic, social, .....

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