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May 08 2002 (TRI)

Kwality Zipper Ltd. Vs. Commissioner of Central Excise

Court : Customs Excise and Service Tax Appellate Tribunal CESTAT Delhi

Decided on : May-08-2002

Reported in : (2002)(145)ELT296TriDel

..... ), all the properties, assets, work-in-progress, current assets, investments, powers, authorities, allotments, approvals and consents, licences, registrations, contracts, engagements, arrangements, rights, titles, interests, benefits and advantages of whatever nature, patents, trade marks, trade names, etc., stood vested in the transferee company i.e.appellant. all debts, liabilities, duties and obligations as per clause (f) of the scheme sanctioned by the .....

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Dec 09 2002 (TRI)

Tenneco Mauritius Limited Vs. Bangalore Union Services

Court : Company Law Board CLB

Decided on : Dec-09-2002

Reported in : (2004)122CompCas199

..... dealing with the merits of these cases, it is necessary to narrate the background in brief. the company was incorporated in 1953 in the name of m/s armstrong's patents (india) limited and was subsequently changed into the present name in the same year. the main object of the company is to carry on the business of manufacture etc.of .....

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Sep 04 2002 (HC)

Duken Hengra Tea Pvt. Ltd. Vs. Union of India (Uoi)

Court : Guwahati

Decided on : Sep-04-2002

..... or other narcotic drugs or other narcotic other than those medicines which are exclusively ay-urvedic, unani, sidha or homeopathic12 1/2 % adv.10% of the basic duty chargeableexplanation i. - 'patent or proprietary medicines' means any drug or medicinal preparation, in whatever form, for use in the internal or external treatment of, or for the prevention of ailments in human beings ..... 'as necessary now as it was when lord coke reported heydon's case.' the rule was reaffirmed by earl of halsbury in eastman photographic material company v. comptroller general of patents, designs and trade marks, 1898 ac 571 in the following words:'my lords, it appears to me that to construe the statute in question, it is not only legitimate but .....

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Jan 11 2002 (HC)

Nandkumar Nivrutti Baptiwale Vs. Automotive Research Association of In ...

Court : Mumbai

Decided on : Jan-11-2002

Reported in : 2002(3)ALLMR110; 2002(4)BomCR231; (2002)2BOMLR460; 2002(2)MhLj191

..... , acquiring, and lending any articles and things in the ordinary course of his business for profit and otherwise under any licence or permission in respect of any discovery, invention and patents resulting from the work of the association. 85. if upon the winding up or dissolution of the association there remains, after the satisfaction of all its debt and liabilities any .....

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Nov 27 2002 (HC)

Allied Auto Accesories Ltd. Vs. Allied Motors Pvt. Ltd. and anr.

Court : Mumbai

Decided on : Nov-27-2002

Reported in : 2003(3)BomCR367; 2003(27)PTC115(Bom)

..... a specification of goods has been said to a question for the consumer and not a matter to be determined by expert scientific evidence.'in a treatise entitled 'intellectual property : patents, copyright, trade marks and allied rights' by w.r. cornish (third edition, first indian reprint 2001), again, it has been emphasised that the division of the trade marks register into ..... that the goods fell in class 12. that decision is final under sub-section (2) of section 8 unless the registrar has acted mechanically without any material or on a patently erroneous basis ;(vii) the question of classification is required to be answered by considering (i) the nature of the goods and the purpose and function of the goods ; (ii) the .....

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Nov 21 2002 (HC)

Vajara Yojna Seed Farm and ors. Vs. Presiding Officer, Labour Court Ii ...

Court : Allahabad

Decided on : Nov-21-2002

Reported in : (2003)1UPLBEC496

..... in lokmat newspapers pvt. ltd. v. shankar prasad : (1999)iillj600sc . stated that 'if a single judge exercises jurisdiction under article 22, letters patent appeal would be maintainable, but if the jurisdiction is exercised under article 227 it will not be maintainable'. but with an explanation that if the single ..... division courts thereof shall, with the necessary modifications apply in relation to the new high court................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................17. as from the appointed day-(a) the letters patent of her majesty, dated the 17th march, 1866, establishing the high court of judicature for the north-western provinces and chapter ii of the ..... legislative council. clause 35 is extracted below :-'35. and we do further ordain and declare that all the provisions of these our letters patent are subject to the legislative powers of the governor general in legislative council, and also of the governor general in council under section seventy- ..... labour court is fully maintainable under chapter viii, rule 5 of the court. elaborating his submissions. dr. padia contended that under clause 10 of letters patent of allahabad high court special appeal is maintainable even against award of labour court. reliance has been placed by dr. padia on apex court judgment in .....

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Jan 11 2002 (SC)

Ganesh Trivedi Vs. Sundar Devi and ors.

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : Jan-11-2002

Reported in : AIR2002SC676; 2002(4)AWC2714(SC); JT2002(Suppl1)SC38; 2002(1)SCALE199; (2002)2SCC329; [2002]1SCR189; 2002(2)LC974(SC)

..... xxx xxx xxx xxx(g) 'family', in relation to a landlord or tenant of a building, means, his or her-(i) spouse,(ii) male lineal descendants,(iii) such patents, grandparents and any unmarried or widowed or divorced or judicially separated daughter or daughter of a lineal descendant, as may have been normally residing with him or her,and includes .....

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Aug 08 2002 (HC)

National Industrial Corpn. Ltd. Vs. Cit

Court : Delhi

Decided on : Aug-08-2002

Reported in : [2002]124TAXMAN413(Delhi)

..... '). the relevant portion of section 32(1) reads as under :'32 depreciation.(1) in respect of depreciation of(i) buildings, machinery, plant or furniture, being tangible assets;(ii) know-how patents, copyrights, trademarks, licenses, franchises or any other business or commercial rights of similar nature, being intangible assets acquired on or after the 1-4-1998,owned, wholly or partly, by .....

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Feb 15 2002 (HC)

Perry Bottling Company Vs. S.S. Soda and Soft Drinks Company and ors.

Court : Rajasthan

Decided on : Feb-15-2002

Reported in : 2003(26)PTC555(Raj); RLW2003(1)Raj77; 2002(3)WLC333; 2002(2)WLN593

..... to the learned counsel for the respondents, the work or the words 'fruit beer' is not invention of the plaintiff otherwise the plaintiff would have got its registration under the patents act, 1970 (hereinafter referred to as 'the act of 1970'). i perused the various provisions of the act of 1970 also. section 6 of the act of 1970 provides the ..... persons who are entitled for submitting application for getting patent under the act of 1970, as provided under the act of 1958, the provisions are there in the act of 1970 for giving ..... damages in case of infringement of the patent right of patentee.17. the learned counsel for the respondents could not point out that how the person holding registration under the act of 1958, cannot maintain a suit for ..... patent to the inventors of their work. section 48 of the act of 1970 confers exclusive right to make, use, exercise, sell or distribute the invention of the patent. section 108 of the act of 1970 empowers the court to grant injunction and relief of .....

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Aug 13 2002 (HC)

Britannia Industries Ltd. Vs. Commissioner of Income-tax and anr.

Court : Kolkata

Decided on : Aug-13-2002

Reported in : [2002]257ITR681(Cal)

..... . the beginning of section 32 is in the following terms : '32. depreciation.--(1) in respect of depreciation of- (i) buildings, machinery, plant or furniture, being tangible assets ; (ii) know-how, patents, copyrights, trade marks, licences, franchises or any other business or commercial rights of similar nature, being intangible assets acquired on or after the 1st day of april, 1998, owned, wholly .....

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