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Jul 19 2004 (TRI)

Lancer Army School Society Vs. Asstt. Cit

Court : Income Tax Appellate Tribunal ITAT Ahmedabad

Decided on : Jul-19-2004

Reported in : (2004)90TTJ(Ahd.)1024

..... an instrument utilised by the trustees for their own personal benefits. the learned departmental representative relied upon the seized documents, bs-2, bs-28 and the two statements of the patents, shri alkesh patel and shri dipankar dutta, in support of his argument that donations have been collected by the assessee-trust from the parents which have not been accounted for .....

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Oct 05 2004 (TRI)

Addl. Cit Vs. Kwality Frozen Foods Ltd.

Court : Income Tax Appellate Tribunal ITAT Mumbai

Decided on : Oct-05-2004

Reported in : (2005)1SOT243(Mum.)

..... assessing officer relied on "accountancy", authored by william pickles, third edition, in support of his proposition. the said commentary states that goodwill arises mainly for patent and trademark protection and the purchaser of goodwill acquires the trademarks, patents, copyrights etc. of the business as well as the benefits of contracts and all the benefits accruing from the location, reputation, connection, organization and .....

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Dec 08 2004 (FN)

Kp Permanent Make-up, Inc. Vs. Lasting Impression I, Inc.

Court : US Supreme Court

Decided on : Dec-08-2004

..... defense that a descriptive use be [un]likely to deceive the public. hearings on h. r. 102 et al . before the subcommittee on trade-marks of the house committee on patents, 77th cong., 1st sess., 167 168 (1941) (hereinafter hearings) (testimony of prof. milton handler). footnote 5 see also hearings 72 (testimony of wallace martin, chairman, american bar association committee on ..... appeals courts took it to be so, and the disputed facts do not matter to our resolution of the issue.[ footnote 1 ] in 1992, lasting applied to the united states patent and trademark office (pto) under 15 u. s. c. 1051 for registration of a trademark consisting of the words micro colors in white letters separated by a green bar within .....

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Aug 06 2004 (HC)

Dr. Ambedkar Memorial Educational Trust, by Its President and ors. Vs. ...

Court : Karnataka

Decided on : Aug-06-2004

Reported in : AIR2005Kant41; ILR2004KAR4584; 2004(7)KarLJ416

..... charge to meet the cost of a regulation that primarily benefits society.''fees must be paid to secure the enjoyment of a particular government service such as the provisions for patents, copyrights or the registration of mortgages, and the services of a court or a public official.'22. it is further held by the apex court that if the essential character .....

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Oct 07 2004 (SC)

P.S. Sathappan (Dead) by Lrs. Vs. Andhra Bank Ltd. and ors.

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : Oct-07-2004

Reported in : AIR2004SC5152; 2004(5)CTC209; JT2004(8)SC464; (2005)1MLJ105(SC); RLW2005(1)SC19; 2004(8)SCALE601; (2004)11SCC672

..... 1 of the cpc.c) there is no inconsistency between section 104 read with order 43 rule 1 and the appeals under letters patent, as letters patent in any way does not exclude or override the application under section 104 read with order 43 rule 1 which shows that these ..... in the appeal against the ultimate decree in terms of section 105 thereof.nature and extent of power of the high court under letters patent :36. letters patent is a special statue but in the event of a conflict, as would appear from the discussions made hereinafter, the provisions of the ..... court exercising appellate jurisdiction, provided the judgment appealed against is not one which was preferred against an appellate order, meaning thereby that no letters patent appeal would lie against an order passed by a single judge in second appeal, or an order passed in revisional jurisdiction, the latter part ..... 1988]2scr1043 and dipak chandra ruhidas v. chandan kumar sarkar, : air2003sc3701 .52. even in the aforementioned cases also, it has been held that a letters patent appeal may be barred by implication.appeal under special statute:53. the question, however, may be different when an appeal is provided for under a special ..... election petition expressly provided under section 116a of the representation of the people act, it will be evident that a right of appeal under the letters patent had been held to have been taken away by necessary implication. (see n.p. ponnuswami v. returning officer. namakkal constituency and ors. 1952 .....

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Apr 19 2004 (HC)

Uma Shankar Vs. Hindustan Carbide Pvt. Ltd.

Court : Delhi

Decided on : Apr-19-2004

Reported in : 111(2004)DLT270; [2004(101)FLR1038]; (2004)IIILLJ520Del; 2004(3)SLJ344(Delhi)

..... thereafter was to be paid month to month. the management had approached the hon'ble division bench against the orders under section 17b and upon issuing notice of the letters patent appeal no. 339/2001, the division bench recorded the undertaking of the learned counsel for the management that the entire awarded amount would be deposited within six weeks. the division ..... operation of the impugned order under section 17b, conditional on this deposit being made. the challenge to the order under section 17b ended or. 10.12.2001 when the letters patent appeal no. 339/2001 was disposed of with the direction that the aggregate of the last wages drawn should be released to the workman unconditionally, but so far as the ..... regret that counsel for the appellant has not honoured his undertaking to the court to deposit the entire awarded amount within six weeks, at the first hearing of the letters patents appeal no. 339/1991 as is evident from a reading of orders dated august 9, 2001. no deposit was made, but even then the only effect of this failure would .....

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Mar 30 2004 (TRI)

Bpl Refrigeration Ltd. Vs. Assistant Commissioner of Income

Court : Income Tax Appellate Tribunal ITAT

Decided on : Mar-30-2004

Reported in : (2005)272ITR47(Bang.)

..... considering the transaction to be sham, applied the provisions of section 35a. the cit(a) ought to have given a finding that the provisions of section 36a apply only to patents and copyrights and not to trademarks, and that further, for the provisions of section 35a to apply, the amount spent must be capital in nature, i.e., an outright acquisition .....

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Mar 30 2004 (TRI)

Bpl Refrigeration Limited Vs. Asst. Commissioner of Income Tax

Court : Income Tax Appellate Tribunal ITAT

Decided on : Mar-30-2004

Reported in : (2004)91ITD203(Bang.)

..... .without considering the transaction to be sham, applied the provisions of section 35a. the commissioner ought to have given a finding that the provisions of section 35a apply only to patents and copy rights and not to trademarks, and that further, for the provisions of section 35a to apply the amount spent must be capital in nature, i.e. an outright .....

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May 03 2004 (FN)

Jones Vs. R. R. Donnelley and Sons Co.

Court : US Supreme Court

Decided on : May-03-2004

..... the constitution, laws, or treaties of the united states ); 1338(a) ( the district courts shall have original jurisdiction of any civil action arising under any act of congress relating to patents, plant variety protection, copyrights and trademarks ). footnote 6 see, e.g., christianson v. colt industries operating corp., 486 u. s. 800 , 808 (1988) (a case may arise under federal law ..... if federal law is a necessary element of [a claim] ); holmes group, inc. v. vornado air circulation systems, inc., 535 u. s. 826 , 830 (2002) (a claim arises under patent law if either federal patent law creates the cause of action or the plaintiff s right to relief necessarily depends on resolution of a substantial question of federal ..... patent law ). footnote 7 see, e.g., heckler v. ringer, 466 u. s. 602 , 615 (1984) (a claim arises under the medicare act for purposes of 42 u. s. c. 405( .....

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Sep 01 2004 (HC)

Brihan Maharashtra Sugar Syndicate Vs. Meher Distilleries Pvt. Ltd. an ...

Court : Mumbai

Decided on : Sep-01-2004

Reported in : 2005(1)MhLj1132

..... facie evidence. what is the effect of such provision fell for consideration in the case of dwarakadas dhanji sha v. chhotalal ravikarandas & co. : air1941bom188 , while considering identical provision of the patents and designs act, 1911; wherein this court held thus :'the words of section 46(3) however are the entry with regard to the name and address of the proprietor or ..... new or original work. the same consideration holds good even in cases arising from the provisions of the copyright act as the scheme of the copyright act as also the patent and designs act referred to hereinabove is more or less similar.30. with the above understanding of section 48, if one turns to the plaint pleadings, it is clear that .....

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