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Oct 04 1961 (HC)

Sm. Prova Debi Vs. Mrs. Fernandes

Court : Kolkata

Decided on : Oct-04-1961

Reported in : AIR1962Cal203,66CWN577

..... in criminal procedure cede a warrant of arrest would issue. instead of inflicting that harsh measure, in view of the particular nature of offences under calcutta municipal act, the magistrate has been empowered to hear and determine the case in the absence of the accused. if upon evidence the magistrate is of the view ..... question arose after conviction and therefore, in the absence of any prejudice caused to the accused the convictions were upheld.133. the decision of high court of punjab in the case of was pronounced by d. falshaw j. sitting singly. the question arose in that case in exactly the form it is before us ..... accused when the accused himself had been granted an exemption from appearance would not satisfy the requirements of the section.61. it now remains to consider the punjab decision in the case of , and decided by falshaw, j. sitting singly, in this case his lordship was of the view that the accused must ..... to be represented by a pleader, and that the magistrate is not competed to examine the accused personally under section 342 of the code only the punjab high court has taken the opposite view.26. we now come to the decisions of the calcutta high court. the earliest cases cited viz. in ..... of any obligation of the court to direct his personal attendance for any purpose, even for the purpose of examining him under section 342.'23. only the punjab high court has taken the opposite view. in the case sadhuram v. mt amar kaur. a decision by falshaw, j. it was observed as follows .....

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Apr 28 1961 (HC)

Surajmull Nagarmull and ors. Vs. the Commissioner of Income Tax

Court : Kolkata

Decided on : Apr-28-1961

Reported in : AIR1961Cal578

..... be remedied by appropriate action, (pannalal binjraj (s) : [1957]1scr233 , ibid). 10. the wide powers given to the state government under sec. 2 of the punjab special powers (press) act, 1956 (act no. 38 of 1956) were upheld on the ground that quick executive decision and swift effective action was the essence of the powers, and the exercise of it ..... description in the authorisation letter in respect of premises no. 61, harrison road, covering places, connected therewith or in connection therewith, notwithstanding non-mention therein of the particular municipal number of the said other premises, namely, 63/1, harrison road. in matters like these, the substance and not the form should prevail. any other view would lead ..... alia, of inter-communication and mutual access would ordinarily be sufficient for including properties under the same and one authorisation in respect of one of those properties or particular municipal premises and places, connected therewith. the test is sufficient identification for purposes of search and seizure under the particular authorisation letter and, in my opinion, that test is ..... premises.' this to my mind, means that other places connected with the premises mentioned will be included within the authorisation. particular places could be identified not merely by municipal number but also by any other reasonable expression to identify or indicate reasonably the place intended. after all premises are not always numbered and such numbers are not available .....

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May 02 1961 (HC)

Commissioners for the Port of Calcutta and anr. Vs. Asit Ranjan Majumd ...

Court : Kolkata

Decided on : May-02-1961

Reported in : AIR1962Cal530

..... . the supreme court held there that the prohibition became absolute in the absence of provision authorising the issue of a licence, and, inasmuch as the municipal board had, further, put it out of its power to grant a licence to the petitioner by granting a monopoly, the restrictions imposed were not reasonable ..... of : [1950]1scr566 , which had already been distinguished by mahajan, c. j. in the case quoted above. there the bye-law of the municipal board provides that no person shall establish any new market or place for wholesale transactions without obtaining the previous permission of the board, and no person shall sell ..... right to sell intoxicating liquor although there the state only regulated such sate and did not itself carry on the business. in distinguishing the case of rashid ahmad v. municipal board of kairana : [1950]1scr566 , mahajan, c. j. in (1954) scr 873 at p. 881: (at p. 223 of air) said :'that ..... bradley, j., new orleans gas light co. v. lousiana light and heat producing and . v. the state of punjab : [1960]2scr239 , because a bare analysis of the calcutta port act and the indian ports act will plainly show the special nature and character of the port and its functions, control, possession, ownership and management. no ..... for the port of calcutta; therefore this dock area is their property held under section 55 of the calcutta port act. they pay municipal rates as owners of the docks and exercise all rights of ownership. it is their duty under section 83 of the .....

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Feb 03 1961 (HC)

Asit Ranjan Majumdar Vs. Calcutta Dock Labour Board and anr.

Court : Kolkata

Decided on : Feb-03-1961

Reported in : AIR1961Cal365

..... supra). mr. choudhury argues that the two parts are severable. he cites the case of virendra v. state of punjab, : [1958]1scr308 where the provisions of the punjab special powers (press) act, 1956 were held constitutional except with regard to one section of the act, namely, section 3. in that case, however, section 3 was found severable and, therefore, throws very little light ..... then the port commissioners would have to consider as to whether such registration was 'expedient or necessary', i have already stated above that these words, taken inthe background of the act and the particular evilwhich it is' intended to remedy, are not vague or unspecified. the trouble, however, is that thereis another condition laid down, namely, that in each ..... 367 of the constitution lays down that, unless the context otherwise required, the general clauses act, 1897 is to be applied tor the interpretation of the constitution. the word 'local authority' has been defined, is sec. 3(28) of the general clauses act and means a municipal committee, district board, board of port commissioners or other authority legally entitled to, or ..... entrusted by the government, with the control or management of a municipal or a local fund. therefore, for the purpose of part iii of the constitution, dealing with .....

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Aug 11 1961 (HC)

Sm. Mukul Dutta Gupta and ors. Vs. Indian Airlines Corporation

Court : Kolkata

Decided on : Aug-11-1961

Reported in : AIR1962Cal311

..... . these rules were carefully framed and represent file combined wisdom of the jurists of different nations assembled at warsaw convention. they are now embodied in the municipal statute of different countries including u. k. and india to be the law of the land. subject to minor alteration to suit local conditions and requirements ..... jhuman v. duba by a division bench reported in air 1923 lah 646. principles of section 55(2) of the transfer of property act have been applied in punjab by the punjab high court in the case of dala singh v. bela singh reported in air 1925 lah 92. principles of sections 58(4) and ..... 67 of the transfer of property act have been applied by a division bench of the punjab high court in the case of md. abdullah v. md. yasin, reported in air 1933 lah 151. in the case of ..... cases like the one we are considering as rules of justice, equity and good conscience.21. reference has already been made to the carriage by air act (act xx of 1934). it purports to adopt warshaw convention for the unification of certain rules relating to international carriage by air. these rules relating to ..... transport of goods by land or by inland navigation. it does not deal with the air transport nor yet transport of passenger. the carriage by air act (act xx of 1934) regulates international transport by air both of passengers and of goods. it does not regulate the rights and liabilities of carriers engaged .....

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