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Dec 06 1972 (HC)

A.M. Sali Maricar and anr. Vs. Income-tax Officer and anr.

Court : Chennai

Decided on : Dec-06-1972

Reported in : [1973]90ITR116(Mad)

..... way of levy, distraint and sale of the properties of the company were not available for recovery of the property tax levied by a municipality in cases of failure or refusal to pay. in view of this the supreme court of the united states held:' the ordinary remedies by ..... business, though the debtor might be a trader as held in lachhman das on behalf of the firm tilak ram ram bux v. state of punjab, : [1963]2scr353 . confiscation of property is also not allowed under articles 19(1)(f) and 19(5).23. the learned counsel for ..... the petitioners therein, who were dealers in motor spirit in hyderabad, did not submit their returns under the madras sales of motor spirit taxation act (act 6 of 1939), which was extended to andhra pradesh. thereupon, best judgment assessments were made against the petitioners and they were required to pay ..... the object sought to be achieved by the enactment.'38. the supreme court further held that the guidance may be gathered fromthe provisions of the act, its scheme, policy and purpose and the surroundingcircumstances which necessitated the legislation. the question for consideration in that case was whether section 3 ..... was cancelled and the other petitioners were threatened with cancellation of the registration certificate. thereafter, petitions were filed challenging the provisions of the act relating to cancellation of registration certificates on the ground that such cancellation was not a reasonable restriction on the fundamental rights of the petitioners .....

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Mar 16 1972 (HC)

Delhi Kiryana P. Ltd. and ors. Vs. Bulaki Dass Devi Dayal and ors.

Court : Delhi

Decided on : Mar-16-1972

Reported in : [1973]43CompCas367(Delhi)

..... been made by a single judge of the high court an appeal undoubtedly lay to a division bench of this court under section 483 of the act. in the present case, however, the original order was made by an additional district judge and against the decision of the additional district judge, ..... marks which have acquired reputation. the statute creates the registrar a tribunal for safeguarding these rights and for giving effect to the right created by the act and the high court as such, without more, has been given appellate jurisdiction over the decision of this tribunal, the high court, while exercising this ..... the case appears to us to be on all fours with the decision of the punjab chief court in basheshar nath v. kanhaya lal, [1914] 22 i.c. 250 punjab records no. 34 (punj.). section 169 of the indian companies act, 1882, was under discussion in that case. a bench consisting of johnston and ..... was in the context of an order made by the claims tribunal under the motor vehicles act, 1939, and the right of appeal to the high court ..... , which in terms is identical with section 483 of the companies act, 1956. that is not the point arising in the present appeal.13. we were, lastly, referred to a full bench decision of this court in municipal corporation of delhi v. kuldip lal bhandari, : air1970delhi37 . the question raised in that case .....

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Mar 16 1972 (HC)

Siri Ram and ors. Vs. Bulaki Dass and ors.

Court : Delhi

Decided on : Mar-16-1972

Reported in : ILR1972Delhi530B

..... of this court. the case appears to us to be on all fours with the decision of the punjab chief court in basheskar nath v. kanhaya lal (1913 punjab records no. 34)(5). section 169 of the indian companies act, 1882 was under discussion in that case. (14) a bench consisting of johnston and chevis jj ..... the high court. (10) the case does not appear to us to have any bearing on the question before this court. section 483 of the companies act, 1956 which provides for appeals from orders lays down that appeals from any order made, or decision given, in the matter of the winding up of ..... which have acquired reputation. the statute creates the registrar a tribunal for safe-guarding these rights and for giving affects to the right created by the act and the high court as such without more, has been given appellate jurisdiction over the decision of this tribunal. the high court while exercising this appellate ..... the question raised in that case was in the context of an order made by the claims tribunal under the motor vehicles act, 1939 and the right of appeal to ..... which in terms is identical with section 483 of the companies act, 1956. that is not the point arising in the present appeal. (13) we were lastly referred to a full bench decision of this court in the municipal corporation of delhi v. kuldip lal bhandari and others (1969 plr (delhi section) 318)(4). .....

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Mar 13 1972 (HC)

Zia--uddIn Vs. Abdul Majid and ors.

Court : Delhi

Decided on : Mar-13-1972

Reported in : AIR1972Delhi251

..... respondent no. 1 on the 15th april, 1971. 3. the petitioner took out execution and the executing court passed an order attaching the property bearing municipal numbers 177 and 183 to 188, church mission road, fateh puri, delhi as it was represented that the property belonged to the judgment-debtor. the attachment ..... court could not be a party to any proceeding where it found that the purpose of law was being defeated by an under hand arrangement. the punjab high court was dealing with the grievance that the auction of the property had been collusive and deserved to be set aside. 7. the illegality ..... this case stood on a higher footing. the executing court had without knowing it that the property allegedly vested in the custodian of enemy property acted on the assumption that it belonged to abdul majid, judgment-debtor and was liable to attachment in execution of a decree which the petitioner had obtained ..... the objections but that did not relieve the court of its judicial duty to give effect to the provisions of section 9 of the enemy property act. having passed the order of attachment if the court was to find that the property was exempted from attachment in view of the afore-quoted ..... is elementary that a successful bidder at an auction does not acquire any vested right in the property. section 9 of the enemy property act contained a substantive provisions of law. while complying with the procedural provisions contained in order 21 of the code an inquiry under section 9 of the .....

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Oct 26 1972 (HC)

Ganpat Ram Vs. State

Court : Delhi

Decided on : Oct-26-1972

Reported in : 1973RLR63

..... of this court in municipal corporation of delhi v. puran chana, 1971 food adulteration cases 326. (9) food inspector o.p. khurana appearing as public witness . 2 has deposed that ..... sample or taken into possession the container from which the milk was given, he should not be believed. reliance is placed upon a judgment of the punjab high court in ram dhun v. the state, criminal revision no. 316-d of 1965 decided on 20.5 1966, and a division bench decision ..... misbranded- (c) if it is sold by a name which belongs to another article of food ; 'theprevention of food adulteration rules have been made under the act. part iii thereof has the heading 'definitions and standards of quality'. it contains rule 5 which lays down : standards of quality of the various articles of ..... report was that the same is misbranded as the same is skimmed milk but has been declared as cow's milk.' whenprosecuted under sections 7/16 of the act, the petitioner's defense, as disclosed in his statement under section 342 of the code of criminal procedure, was that he gave 'skimmed milk' and not ..... the judgment of an additional sessions judge, delhi, upholding the conviction of the petitioner under section 7/16 of the prevention of food adulteration act (hereinafter referred to as 'the act', but reducing the sentences to four months rigorous imprisonment and fine of rs. 1,000.00 and in default of payment of fine .....

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Jan 04 1972 (HC)

Dewan Anand Kumar Vs. Union of India

Court : Delhi

Decided on : Jan-04-1972

Reported in : AIR1973Delhi102

..... was taken towards the development and a further amount of rs. 1.50 per sq. yard on account of other expenses in getting the plan sanctioned from the municipal corporation, the market value of undeveloped land in the area could in no case be less than rs. 40.00 per sq. yard in the year 1963.(15 ..... of 1000 square yards would be rs. 8500.00 or at the rate of rs. 8.50 per square yard.'the case went up in appeal before the punjab high court (being regular first appeal no. 91-d of 1961) which was disposed of on april 29, 1964. the division bench consisting of d.k. ..... purposes for which the property is compulsorily acquired.'(17) the existing condition of the appellant's land at the time of notification under section 4 of the act was such that it was a barren piece of land, but it had potential possibilities when laid out in an advantageous manner as a residential colony and ..... air 1967 s.c.465 followed the same principle and it was observed :- 'marketvalue on the basis on which compensation is payable under sec. 23 of the act means he price that a willing purchaser would pay to a willing seller for a property having due regard to its existing condition, with all its existing advantages, ..... the disinclination of the vender to part with his land and the urgent necessity of the purchaser to by must alike be disregarded. neither must be considered as acting under compulsion. this is implied in the common saying that the value of the land is not to be estimated at its value to the purchaser. but .....

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Jul 13 1972 (HC)

M. Nageswara Rao Vs. S. Ramachandra Rao

Court : Andhra Pradesh

Decided on : Jul-13-1972

Reported in : AIR1973AP86

..... this litigation are stated below ; the respondent is the owner of house bearing no. 5/122 situated in the main road, 5th ward of rajahmundry municipality. the appellant defendant is the owner of the house bearing door no. 5/123 and it adjoins the plaintiff's house on the north. the terraced ..... it as it is based on sound legal principles supported by authorities. 43. we may also observe here that the easements act does not apply to the province of punjab and the case in air 1933 lah 28 must have been decided on general principles rather than on any statutory provision.44. ..... also observed as follows :'but the affirmative easement differs from the negative easement in this, that the latter can under no circumstances be interrupted except by acts done upon the servient tenement, but the former, constituting as it does, a direct interference with the enjoyment by the servient owner of his tenement, ..... thus :-'the mere putting forward of a claim of ownership in legal proceedings is not conclusive against a right of easement, but if the acts done by the person claiming easement in respect of the property during the statutory period are only referable to a purported character of owner they cannot ..... such, with or without consent of the other or others, acquire an easement for the beneficial enjoyment of such property. 'section 15 of the easements act runs as follows :-'when the access and use of light or air to and for any building have been peaceably enjoyed therewith, as an easement, without .....

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Oct 13 1972 (SC)

Sri Amar Chand Inani Vs. the Union of India (Uoi)

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : Oct-13-1972

Reported in : AIR1973SC313; (1973)1SCC115; [1973]2SCR684; 1973(5)LC463(SC)

..... the proper court for instituting the suit on the ground that mohri railway station was within its jurisdiction. on the other hand, by invoking section 14 of the act, he impliedly asserted that the karnal court had no jurisdiction to entertain the plaint because that section proceeds on the basis that the court in which the proceeding ..... jurisdiction to entertain the plaint presented to it on march 2, 1959, and, therefore, that was the proper court for the purpose of section 4 of the act and that the suit was filed within time. he said that although the order passed by the panipat court on october 28, 1959, holding that it had no ..... precedent for the institution of the suit and has nothing to do with the period of limitation for a suit except that under section 15(2) of the act, the period of notice can be deducted in calculating the period of limitation.8. it was contended for the appellant that even if the karnal court was ..... was filed within the period of limitation.4. there is no dispute that the article applicable to the suit is article 22 of the indian limitation act, 1908, hereinafter called the 'act', which provided a period of one year for a suit for compensation for injury to the person from the date when the injury was committed. the ..... k. k. mathew, j.1. this appeal, by special leave, is from the judgment of the high court of punjab and haryana dismissing the appeal filed by the plaintiff against the decree dismissing his suit for recovery of damages to the tune of rs. 1 lakh. .....

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Feb 10 1972 (HC)

Uggar Sen Kashyap Vs. Union of India and ors.

Court : Delhi

Decided on : Feb-10-1972

Reported in : AIR1972Delhi256; 9(1973)DLT59

..... . i, thereforee, come to the conclusion that this notification is not vague. mr. bali on behalf of the petitioner has cited smt. gunwant kaur v municipal committee, bhatinda, in support of the proposition that inparticular circumstances a notification can be vague. in that case, a portion of khasra no. 2330 in bhatinda ..... of the case which does not require any great elaboration, mr. bali on behalf of the petitioner has cited subedar samandar singh v. state of punjab. i fully agree with that judgment which is to the effect that it is not necessary to specify the khasra numbers or owners of the land ..... the proceedings before the land acquisition collector and an award has been made. he is entitled to ask for a reference under section 18 of the act to establish his claim to compensation. it would have been a completely different matter if the petitioner had not participated in the proceedings. that question ..... the award as follows :- 'it has come to the notice that some filed nos. recorded in the notification under section 6 of the l. a. act do not tally with settlement record. however, the main khasra nos. and the area involved are not affected as such. hence there is no necessity of ..... by the notification under section 4. another objection is that the petitioner was never served with notices under sections 9 and 10 of the land acquisition act, 1894 in respect of the land involved in the acquisition. the petitioner also urges that the notification under section 4 dated 13th november, 1959 is .....

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Nov 16 1972 (HC)

Saran Dass Vs. Lipton (India) Limited

Court : Delhi

Decided on : Nov-16-1972

Reported in : ILR1973Delhi883

..... controller rightly held that the question whether the premises were used as a shop or establishment within the meaning of a statute such as 'punjab shops and commercial establishments act, 1958' or statutes in other states which are pari materia to the same was irrelevant for the purpose of the present case. for ..... or dealt with the premises in a manner contrary to any condition imposed on the landlord by the government or the delhi development authority or the municipal corporation of delhi while giving him a lease of the land on which the premises are situate'.therequirements of clause (k) may be analysed as follows ..... section 14. if the controller were to fix compensation payable by the tenant to the government, the provisions of section 14 of the delhi development act, 1957 would be contravened. in the present case, however, there is neither any pleading nor any evidence that the premises are situated in an ..... 1963. before that, the master plan for the planned development of delhi had already come into force from 1st september 1962 under the delhi development act. 1957. the document of lease is a cyclostyled one showing that the terms and conditions of these leases were standardised by the government. the ..... the landlord to the tenant, the petition for eviction under clause (k) of the proviso to section 14(1) of the delhi rent control act, 1958 was filed by the landlord against the tenant. the tenant defended the petition on the ground that the landlord had himself let out the .....

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