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May 02 2008 (HC)

Narendra Kumar Vs. Union of India (Uoi) and ors.

Court : Delhi

Reported in : 2008(103)DRJ294

..... . their lordships, however, referred to the provisions under section 3 of cofeposa which contemplate the passing of detention orders with a view to preventing any person from acting in any manner prejudicial to the conservation or augmentation of foreign exchange. their lordships opined that 'in cases where the export value is not correctly stated, but there is an intentional over invoicing for ..... upon smuggling, learned counsel for the petitioners have lost sight of the preceding words which refer to action prejudicial to the conservation or augmentation of foreign exchange.25. ms. bhayana has relied on the decision of a single judge of the punjab & haryana high court in s.p. goyal v. union of india 2003 1 rcr 83. dealing with the question ..... that the detention of late roshan lal stood vitiated because his representation dated 17.1.1975 was not considered/decided and furthermore, the documents demanded in that representation were not supplied. in the counter affidavit, however, it has been averred that the state government had rejected the representation vide order dated 11.2.1975. it is significant that in the counter ..... . state of karnataka : air2003sc3724 , that the ratio decidendi of a judgment can be obtained only from a reading of its entirety. this is also the opinion of the court in punjab national bank v. r.l. vaid : 2004crilj4246 . in state of gujarat v. akhil gujarat pravasi : air2004sc3894 , the hon'ble supreme court has observed that 'any observation made during the .....

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Oct 12 2004 (HC)

Punjab Urban Development Authority and ors. Vs. Dashmesh Educational S ...

Court : Punjab and Haryana

Reported in : (2005)139PLR238

..... 90 days even when the application was not submitted under any specific provisions of the act or in the prescribed proforma and to the appropriate authority?2. whether the provisions of land preservation act, 1900, indian forest act, 1927. the punjab new capital (periphery) control act, 1952 and the forest (conservation) act, 1980 are attracted in the present case?3. whether the plaintiff/respondent could justify ..... understood according to its dictionary meaning. this description covers all statutorily recognised forests whether designated as reserved, protected or otherwise for the purpose of section 2 (i) of the forest conservation act. the term 'forest land' occurring in section 2 will not only include 'forest' as understood in the dictionary sense, but also any area recorded as forest in the ..... for parties, (ix) kitchen and stage for functions, (x) lakes and other landscaping features, (xi) road networks, (xii) electrical and telecommunications layouts, (xiii) water tank and laying of water supply lines, (xiv) tented accommodation within the area, etc for which the plaintiff-respondent no. 1 engaged world famous archietects from singapore; the country club is functional and the activities are ..... of m.e. mooda sons limited v. perin r. burjorjee a.i.r. 1932 privy council )18;(ii) sha shivraj gopaljit v. edappakath avissa bi and ors., a.i.r. 1949 privy council 302;(iii) yeshwanl deorao v. walchand ramchand, a.i.r. 1951 s.c. 16;(iv) m.k. ranganathan v. government of madras, a.i.r. 1955 s .....

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Jan 15 2004 (SC)

The State of West Bengal Vs. Kesoram Industries Ltd. and ors.

Court : Supreme Court of India

Reported in : (2004)187CTR(SC)219; [2004]266ITR721(SC); JT2004(1)SC375; 2004(1)SCALE425; (2004)10SCC201

..... v. bombay tyreinternational ltd.,. tracing the principles from the leading authority ofre.: a reference under the government of ireland act 1920 and section 3 ofthe finance act (northern ireland) 1934, (1936) a.c. 352, passing throughralla ram v. province of east punjab, 1948 fcr 207, and treading throughthe law as it has developed through judicial pronouncements one after theether, this court ..... 1976 (1)scc 468], it was held that the entire field of "electricity" ascontemplated under entry 38 of list iii is covered under indian electricityact, 1910 and electricity (supply) act, 1948.for the purpose of finding out the true nature and character of theact and the legislative entry whereunder it was enacted, the statement ofobjects and reasons and the purport ..... the reason is that theimposition has not for its object the raising of revenue but looks ratherto the regulation of relative rights, privileges and duties as betweenindividuals; to the conservation of order in the political society, to theencouragement of industry, and the discouragement of perniciousemployments. legislation for these purposes it would seem proper to lookupon as being made ..... validity of cess upon the land quantified byreference to the quantity of its produce was held to be a levy on the landand hence constitutional in ralla ram, air 1949 fc 81, moopil nair, andajoy kumar mukherjee. it does not become excise duty on manufacture andproduction of goods merely on account of having relation with the quantityof product .....

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Apr 23 1958 (SC)

Mohd. Hanif Quareshi and ors. Vs. the State of Bihar

Court : Supreme Court of India

Reported in : AIR1958SC731; [1959]1SCR629

..... is only available during the monsoon months and much of this is wasted by the lack of country-wide arrangements for its conservation. the estimated requirements and the present supply of food stuffs for animals is also given in table v at p. 23 of the memorandum on human nutrition vis-a ..... total ban on the slaughter of any animal as defined. in 1951, the c.p. and berar animal preservation act, 1949, was amended by the madhya pradesh act xxiii of 1951. by this amending act the words 'by prohibiting or' were added to the long title and the preamble before the word 'controlling' and ..... , there is another important consideration which is perhaps more important from the standpoint of human food supply. it is the bullock that takes the largest share in meeting the power requirements for our agricultural production. based perhaps on age old experience indian ..... this country. 36. if milk yielding capacity were the only consideration the comparatively smaller number of female buffaloes which produce 54% of the total milk supply of our country would obviously have deserved a far greater preference over the cows in our estimation. but, as pointed out by pandit thakurdas bhargava ..... in bihar, according to the first five year plan, p. 247, there was a surplus of about 40,00,000 of bullocks while in the punjab and pepsu the number available was just adequate to meet the demands. if, however, account is taken of the other purposes for which bullocks may be .....

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Aug 08 2000 (SC)

The Quarry Owners Association Vs. the State of Bihar and ors.

Court : Supreme Court of India

Reported in : AIR2000SC2870; 2000(3)BLJR2043; JT2000(8)SC539; 2000(5)SCALE538; (2000)8SCC655; [2000]Supp2SCR211

..... the challenge of vires of a provision. it held:.thus, if the preamble and the relevant section of the earlier act are read in the light of the preamble of the present act, it would be difficult to distinguish this act from the essential supplies act with which this court was concerned in harishankar bagla's case : 1954crilj1322 . incidentally we may also observe that in ..... the rate of the royalty. similarly, section 18 which refers to the mineral development as aforesaid casts an obligation on the central government to take all such steps for the conservation and systematic development of minerals in india and for the protection of environment by preventing or controlling any pollution for which it may make rules and sub-section (2), in ..... and anr. : [1968]3scr251 , the question of delegation of power to the municipal corporation and the state gov-ernment was considered in which avinder singh and ors. v. state of punjab and ors. : [1979]1scr845 was referred and relied as under:in the municipal corporation of delhi case, the proposition that where the power conferred on the corporation was not unguided ..... in respect of minor minerals. section 15 empowers the state to make rules in respect of minor minerals. section 16 entrusts power to modify mining leases granted before 25th october, 1949. section 17 gives special power to the central government to undertake prospecting or mining operations in certain lands. section 18 refers to the mineral development. licences and mining leases under .....

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Dec 30 1981 (SC)

S.P. Gupta Vs. President of India and ors.

Court : Supreme Court of India

Reported in : AIR1982SC149; 1981Supp(1)SCC87; [1982]2SCR365

..... public injury, it will be justified in upholding the plea of privilege.489. it is true that recent english decisions have made a slight departure from the consistent and somewhat conservative view taken by them in the earlier cases, but despite this change, the central theme and the contours and parameters within which the plea of privilege can be allowed have ..... the government of the day. i therefore, think that, that is also a dangerous proposition.(vide constituent assembly debates 1949, vol. 8, page 258) (emphasis supplied.)in other words the object of providing for such consultation clearly is that the same should act as a controlling or limiting factor on the discretion vested in the president while performing his executive function of making ..... cases dealing with subordinate judiciary by as catena of decision commencing from state of west bengal v. n.n. bagchi : (1968)illj270sc and ending with shamsher singh v. state of punjab : (1974)iillj465sc it has been authoritatively laid down that in matters concerning the conduct and discipline of district judges, their further promotion and confirmations, disputes regarding their seniority, their ..... the producers and the cost of bringing milk to a liquid market. in effect the complaint was that the price differential worked unfairly against the producers in the popular south-east region where milk was more valuable, the cost of transport was less and the price of laud was higher. there had been many previous requests to the board but .....

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Jul 11 1997 (SC)

Samatha Vs. State of A.P. and ors.

Court : Supreme Court of India

Reported in : AIR1997SC3297; JT1997(6)SC449; 1997(4)SCALE746; (1997)8SCC191; [1997]Supp2SCR305

..... when promulgated by the governor shall have the same force and effect as any act of the appropriate legislature which applies to such area and has been enacted by virtue of the powers conferred on that legislature by this constitution. 153. part. iv related to the state of east punjab, clause 17 provided as under:- 72 (2) the governor may also make ..... aggregate or partnership firm etc. is unconstitutional, void and inoperative. 118. the a.p.s.m.d. is required to exploit minerals in conformity with law, namely, forest conservation act, 1980, e.p. act etc. enclosures - whether government can lease the lands in mining operation 119. it is an admitted position that five enclosures comprise of 426 acres of land occupied by the ..... "human rights freedoms are indivisible and interdependent; equal attention and urgent consideration should be given to the implementation, promotion and protection of civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights (emphasis supplied) and clause (3) thereof enjoins that "the states should take steps to eliminate obstacles to development. article 8 enjoins that "the state should undertake, at the national level, all necessary ..... 103: (air 1968 sc 637) and relying upon the above decisions as also those rendered in riel v. queen (1885) 10 ac 675 and chenard and co. v. joachim arissol (1949) act 127, it was held that the power of the president to make regulations under art 240 was very wide and the president could make regulations with respect to a union .....

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Apr 11 1989 (HC)

Nanjanayaka and Etc. Etc. Vs. State of Karnataka and Others

Court : Karnataka

Reported in : AIR1990Kant97; 1989(2)KarLJ202

..... of price to be charged by the association of which the appellant was the president as per direction given on 26-8-1949.madhya bharath essential supplies (temporary powers) amendment act, 1950 (act 52 of 1950) under which the essential supplies (temporary powers) act of 1946 was extended to part b, state, with effect from 17-8-19500.the question that arose for consideration was -- whether ..... stated thus :'if the main part of sub-sec. (4) stood alone without the proviso, the effect would have been not merely a repeal of the madhya bharat essential supplies (temporary powers) act, 1948 which was 'a corresponding law' which was inforce in that state, but with that repeal, all the subordinate legislation enacted thereunder including the control orders as well as ..... declaration by parliament by law that regulation and development of mines should be under the control of the union in public interest. therefore, if a central act has been passed for the purpose of providing for the conservation and development of minerals, and if it contains the requisite declaration, then it would not be competent to the state legislature to pass an ..... to a case of repeal even if there is a simultaneous enactment unless a contrary intention appears from the new enactment. as observed by this court in the state of punjab v. mohar singh (air 1955 sc 84), whenever there is a repeal of an enactment, the consequences laid down in s. 6 of the general clauses .....

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Mar 05 1986 (SC)

D.K. Trivedi and Sons and ors. Vs. State of Gujarat and ors.

Court : Supreme Court of India

Reported in : AIR1986SC1323a; (1986)2GLR1250; 1986(1)SCALE1133; 1986Supp(1)SCC20; [1986]1SCR479; 1986(2)LC301(SC)

..... of leases in respect of certain types of minor minerals may be adversely affected but private interest cannot be permitted to override public interest. conservation of minerals and their proper exploitation result in securing the maximum benefit to the community and it is open to the state governments to ..... by a lessee, whether the mine is worked or not.' section 6(1) conferred power upon the central government to make rules for the conservation and development of minerals. under clause (i) of section 6(2), in particular, and without prejudice to the generality of the power conferred by ..... madhya pradesh high court in banku bihari sana v. state government of madhya pradesh and ors. : air1969mp210 , the punjab and haryana high court in dr. shanti saroop sharma and anr. v. state of punjab and ors. and amar singh modi lai v. state of haryana and ors. and the rajasthan high court in ..... the 1948 act conferred wide rule-making power upon the central government to regulate the grant of mining leases and for the conservation and development of minerals. it also knew that in the exercise of such rule-making power the central government had made the mineral concession rules, 1949, and that ..... (amendment) act, 1940, conferred upon the central government the power to make such rules as appeared to it 'to be necessary or expedient for securing the defence of british india, the public safety, the maintenance of public order or the efficient prosecution of war, or for maintaining supplies and services .....

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Dec 20 1984 (HC)

JaIn Exports (P) Ltd. Vs. Union of India and ors.

Court : Delhi

Reported in : 1987(29)ELT753(Del); ILR1985Delhi164

..... . the collector of customs 1978 tax law review 1735x36). as proceedings under section 111 are taken in the interest of national economy and conservation offoreign exchange, goods having been prohibited from importation no one can be allowed to argue that he bonafide believed he could import these goods ..... in imports following the liberalisation of import policyand a need for augmenting the local availability of certain mass consumption items which were in short supply......................subsequent quantities of edible oils had also to be imported to keep domestic prices under control. steps have been initiated to reduce progressively ..... the constitutional interpretations have occasionally fallen assunder.and most note able has been the case of l.c. golak nath andothers v. state of punjab and another, : [1967]2scr762 in the contact of kesavananda bharti sripadagalavaru,(1973) supp. s.c.r. 1(80). the propriety of service ..... subsequently imposed on the license, being non-statutory, cannot be treated as prohibitions imposed by theimport and export (control) act, 1947 and customs act thereforee, confiscation orders are without jurisdiction. east india commercial co. : 1983(13)elt1342(sc). this principle was reiterated by the supreme court in civil appeal no ..... sought to deny the assessed for the year 1950-51 to 1954-55 an exemption which it had been held entitled to under 1949-50 under the orders of appellate board of review. the assessed set up the plea of estoppel in seeking to reopen the .....

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