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Dec 30 1949 (PC)

Khalifa Janki Das Vs. Imperator

Court : Punjab and Haryana

Reported in : AIR1950P& H172; 1950CriLJ888

..... had to leave lahore because he was opposed to the ideology of the league in pakistan arid as a refugee settled down at delhi, where he was working as a secretary of the refugee rehabilitation mandal and had begun to expose the activities of jamiat-ul ulema and the ahrara and had issued ..... lahore, came to delhi and on 29th october 1949 he was arrested under an order made by the district magistrate of delhi under section 3, east punjab public safety act (act v [5] of 199) which has been extended to delhi, on the same day, the detenu was supplied with reasons as required in sub ..... really admissible in evidence. another affidavit has been made by the petitioner in which he has referred to a resolution which was unanimously passed by the east punjab provincial congress committee, but i am doubtful if this resolution is relevant to the issue now before me.7. the real points in issue are, ..... must bave been sent to him, beyond this that be has no information about them. the honourable dr. lohna singh sethi, minister of rehabilitation of the west punjab government has made an affidavit in which he has stated that saifi kashmiri who was known to the deponent for the last five years was ..... some differences with your father.since your arrival in delhi you started a malicious propaganda against the jamiat-ul-ulema and muslims. you have been acting on communal lines. recently you issued three posters which were very objectionable from a communal point of view. your effort is to deepen the differences .....

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Mar 30 1973 (HC)

Mirchumal Samandas and ors. Vs. the Union of India and ors.

Court : Gujarat

Reported in : AIR1974Guj174

..... the 31st day of may, 1953. under the east punjab refugees (registration of land claims) act, 1948 (east punjab act, xii of 1948) or under the patiala refugees (registration of land) (claims) ordinance 2004 (order 10 of 2004 bk) and verified by any authority appointed for the purpose b y the government of punjab, the government of patiala and east punjab states union, as the case may be, which ..... rule 2 (d) with which we are concerned in this case. rule 2 (c) which defines the express-ion 'compensation' may also be noted. ''compensation' includes rehabilitation grant where such rehabilitation grant is payable along with the compensation'. chapter 11 lays down the procedure for submission of compensation applications and determination of public dues. chapter iii lays down the procedure which ..... procedure for sale of property in the compensation pool. chapter xv deals with different classes of evacuee property which may be acquired. chapter xvi deals with payment of rehabilitation grants. chapters xvii to xx which deal with incidental matters need not be referred to. these chapters contain a large number of rules which deal with the cases of ..... in certain cases specified therein. these are the sections which lay down the procedure in relation to claims. section 11 enables the central government to pay rehabilitation grant or any other grants out of the compensation pool to a displaced person under such conditions and to such extent and in such form and manner as may be prescribed. we .....

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Sep 02 1978 (SC)

Sadhu Singh (Deceased) and ors. Vs. Union of India (Uoi) and ors.

Court : Supreme Court of India

Reported in : AIR1979SC1609; 1980Supp(1)SCC787; [1979]3SCR1279

..... allotment; (iii) where the allotment is to be cancelled or varied-(a) in accordance with an order made by a competent authority under section 8 of the east punjab refugees (registration of land claims) act, 1948; (b) on account of the failure of the allottee to take possession of the allotted evacuee property within six months of the date of allotment; (c) ..... the governments of india and pakistan.12. section 14 which provides for the constitution of compensation pool runs thus:14. (1) for the purpose of payment of compensation and rehabilitation grants to displaced persons, there shall be constituted a compensation pool which shall consist of:(a) all evacuee property acquired under section 12, including the sale proceeds of any such ..... rehabilitation of displaced persons.then came the two notifications nos. sro 129 dt. july 22, 1952 and sro 351 dated feb. 13, 1953 amending and recasting sub-rule (6) of rule 14 of the central rules of 1950 as under:(6) notwithstanding anything contained in this rule, the custodian of evacuee property in each of the states of punjab and patiala and east punjab ..... that by virtue of notification no. 697 dated march 24, 1955 issued under sub-section (1) of section 12 of the displaced persons (compensation and rehabilitation) act, 1954, all evacuee property allotted under the punjab government notification dated july 8, 1947 (excepting certain specified categories in respect of which proceedings were pending) was acquired by the central gevernment. it is in .....

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Apr 04 1984 (SC)

Union of India (Uoi) and anr. Vs. Avtar Singh and anr.

Court : Supreme Court of India

Reported in : AIR1984SC1048; 1984(1)SCALE822; (1984)3SCC589; [1984]3SCR391; 1984(16)LC1011(SC)

..... was no reference to the partition effected by harnam singh between himself his sons and his wife. on the introduction of the punjab refugees (registration of land claims) act, 1948 ('act' for short) on april 3, 1948 harnarn singh and his sons as also smt. tej kaur filed separate claims on the basis of the partition of the land which originally belonged to s. harnam singh ..... the central government in exercise of the power conferred under section 33 the judgment of the high court would be unsustainable.8. the act as its long title shows was enacted to provide for the payment of compensation and rehabilitation grants to displaced persons and for matters connected therewith. consequent upon the partition of the country, there was migration of population both the ..... time in june 1948 each claiming 48 acres of land which was reduced to 32 acres. it was specifically contended that the ..... and wife before he migrated to india. it was also contended that the claim lodged by harnam singh in april, 1948 was attested by shri harnam singh, then deputy custodian of evacuee property, east punjab and at the relevant time judge of the punjab high court. it is alleged that on the basis of the alleged partition, separate claims were lodged for the first .....

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Aug 08 2007 (HC)

Pradip Kumar Deb Alias Uttam Deb and ors. Vs. State of Tripura

Court : Guwahati

..... victim is graver than that of banamali. he is the first monster destroying her womanhood before it could blossom. however, keeping in mind the question of suitable rehabilitation of the victim, i direct that pradip kumar deb shall be liable to suffer five years rigorous imprisonment with a fine of rs. 25,000/- (rupees ..... victim from disclosing the matter earlier.14. though a helpless poor girl was brutally ravished by some animals in human form, no suitable provision exist for her rehabilitation. it is a sorry state of affairs prevailing in our unkind society. such a victim certainly deserves, in my considered view, suitable relief against the ..... facts and circumstances of the case it is possible to mould and impose a hefty amount of fine which could be given for her rehabilitation. a lesser term of imprisonment with higher amount of fine can be one way of moulding such a relief. keeping in mind the upper most necessity ..... of rehabilitation of the poor child who might have to live with a stigma through out her life, i am inclined to provide such a relief, ..... a case, such as this, the supreme court has made important observations in state of punjab v. ramdeb singh in : air2004sc1290 . the apex court observed in para 1 is quoted below:sexual violence apart from being a dehumanizing act is an unlawful intrusion on the right of privacy and sanctity of a female. it is .....

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Jul 03 2018 (HC)

Punditrao Dharenavar Vs. State of Karnataka

Court : Karnataka

..... and punjabi kannada languages research center so punjabi and kannada languages and largest group of citizens, has - 5 - literature can be learnt, understood by both punjab and kannada people which may ultimately lead to strong and vibrant composite culture of india. to direct respondents to frame policy for [f]. sikligar people who have been grate followers ..... knowledge may bring by establishing such university where the history and culture of other areas can be carried which ultimately leads to strong and vibrant composite culture of india. this act also enhance the constitutional article 51-a (e) and 51-a (f) of the constitution of india, the state, which is nothing but a the fundamental duty to a)promote ..... supreme to spread [b]. message of kirpana which is holy in nature according to sikh religion. constitution of india grants sikh community s right of wearing and carrying of kirpan; [explanation 1 below article 25]. even though the constitution of india grants special permission for sikhs to wear kirpan then also people of karnataka think kirpan as mere chaku (knife) and attack .....

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Sep 20 1979 (SC)

Ganga Sugar Corporation Ltd. and ors. Vs. State of Uttar Pradesh and o ...

Court : Supreme Court of India

Reported in : AIR1980SC286; (1980)1SCC223; [1980]1SCR769; [1980]45STC36(SC)

..... sucrose content is recovered as sugar, khandasari and, on a cottage industry basis, as gur. andhra pradesh, bihar, gujarat, haryana, kerala, karnataka, maharashtra, madhya pradesh, punjab, pondicherry,tamil nadu and uttar pradesh not only grow sugarcane but enjoy purchase tax, a majority of which levy by weight rather than on price. and we cannot lose sight ..... departments of government in the determination of the validity of classification. of course, in the last analysis courts possess the power to pronounce on the constitutionality of the acts of the other branches whether a classification is based upon substantial differences or is arbitrary, fanciful and consequently illegal. at the same time, the question of classification ..... u.p. legislation regulating sugarcane supply and purchase. certain sugarcane growers of uttar pradesh assailed the vires of the u.p. sugarcane (regulations of supply and purchase) act 1953. that statute reserved or assigned to sugar factories specified cane purchasing centers for the purpose. this regimentation of sugarcane growers and regulation of cane supplies to specified ..... its bosom.19. before we adventure into an assessment of the vulnerability of the provisions to the appellants' artillery, we must project a picture of the impugned act in its essentials, sufficient to appreciate the grievances and their constitutional merit, remembering the judicial limitation that where economic diagnostics and administrative pragmatics blend to produce a legislative .....

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Dec 13 1991 (HC)

Guran Ditta Vs. the Financial Commissioner (Revenue) and Secretary of ...

Court : Punjab and Haryana

Reported in : AIR1992P& H300

..... petition (mutalba arazi) had been filed by daulat ram as was required under the provisions of east punjab refugees registration of land (claims) act, 1948 nor was any application made within the date prescribed under rule 67-a of the displaced persons (compensation and rehabilitation) rules 1956 (hereinafter to be referred as the rules of 1956). this order was passed ..... migrated from west pakistan where he had left some agricultural land. by section 4 of the east punjab refugees (registration of land claims) act, east punjab act no. 12 of 1948 which was printed at page 185 of the land re-settlement manual by tarlok singh, refugees were asked to submit to the registering officer in the prescribed form and supported by an ..... property belonging to a displaced person in west pakistan.' 8. section 2(e) as has been reproduced above would show that there is provision in east punjab refugees (registration of land) (claims) act, 1948 which envisages registration of claims regarding land. the definition further envisages that only such claims would, be considered as verified as had been, registered under ..... of which a final order has been passed under that act or under the displaced persons (claims) supplementary act, 1954 (12 of 1954) and includes any claim registered on or before the 31st day of may, 1953 under the east punjab refugees (registration of land) (claims) act, 1948 (east punjab act xii of 1948) or under the patiala refugees (registration of land) (claims) ordinance 2004 (order .....

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Aug 30 1967 (HC)

Munshi Ram and ors. Vs. Financial Commissioner, Haryana and ors.

Court : Punjab and Haryana

Reported in : AIR1968P& H162

..... by the east punjab refugees (registration of land claims) act, 1948 (east punjab act no. xii of 1948), which came into force on 3rd of april, 1948. in that act also the definition of the words 'claim' and 'refugee' was the same as in the east punjab ordinance no. vii of 1948.23. then came the east punjab displaced persons (land resettlement) ordinance (east punjab ordinance no xiv of 1949) which was published in the east punjab gazette extraordinary ..... heirs of a displaced person, it was held that according to the definition of 'displaced person' in section 2 (b) of the displaced persons (compensation and rehabilitation) act, 1954 (hereinafter called the 1954-act), it is the original allottee who was the 'displaced person' entitled to allotment of land even though the formal communication of allotment was made shortly after his death ..... the mutation of that land was sanctioned jointly in favour of his five sons, the appellants, in equal shares. subsequently on 2nd of january 1956 permanent rights were also granted to them. the argument of the learned counsel for the appellants was that on the day when the allotment was made in the name of bishan dass i.e. ..... sons jointly with defined share of 24 standard acres and 13 units in the name of each brother, being one-fifth of the entire allotted area permanent rights were granted to the sons of bishan dass in due course on 2nd of january, 1956 the land was in occupation of different tenants against whom the five brothers jointly initiated .....

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Apr 22 1957 (HC)

Parduman Singh and anr. Vs. State of Punjab and ors.

Court : Punjab and Haryana

Reported in : AIR1958P& H63

..... of allotment; (iii) where the allotment is to be cancelled or varied - (a) in accordance with an order made by a competent authority under section 8 of the east punjab refugees (registration of land claims) act, 1948; (b) on account of the failure of the allottee-to take possession of the allotted evacuee property within six months of, the date of allotment; (c) in consequence ..... the chief minister but it appears to no purpose. in the end they made an application on june 9, 1951, to mr. p. n. thapar, then financial commissioner, relief and rehabilitation and custodian, who after some inquiry and treating the application as a revision petition, rejected the application on july 24, 1951, remarking 'that eeroon kangri is a separate revenue estate ..... the matter was entirely in his discretion he could take, among other matters, the advice of a body like the advisorj, committee, in reaching his conclusion whether or not to grant the licence.afterwards the licence was cancelled under the direction of the government and that was conveyed by the commissioner of police to the party concerned. the government had no ..... so far as that rule is relevant to this case, it reads thus -'14. cancellation or variation of leases and allotments. -- (1) ..... (2) in case of a lease or allotment granted by the custodian himself, the custodian may evict a person on any ground justifying eviction of a tenant under any law relating to the control of rents for the time .....

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