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May 30 1975 (HC)

Kangra Valley Slate Company Ltd., India Vs. the Union of ors.

Court : Delhi

Decided on : May-30-1975

Reported in : AIR1976Delhi51

..... : air1959ap485 the state government has power to carry on trade or business as prescribed by article 298 of the constitution as amended in its , form by the seventh amendment act, 1956 and, a private individual cannot question the right of government to deal with mineral resources in the state in the ..... in the order dated april 19, 1972 where it held that once a notification making the area available for regrant was issued by the punjab government the state government could not turn down the application on the ground that a had changed its mind and had decided to work ..... of haryana duly constituted by the parliament of india after following the appropriate provisions of the constitution inherits from the erstwhile government of punjab such rights and liabilities as were apportioned to it under the reroganisation order'.the order further said:'however, this plea made one thing clear ..... 1ra and, manethi, telisil rewari, district gurgaon. on february 9, 1962, the then state of punjab invited a0plications for grant. of mining lease with respect to an area of 671 bighas of land in the aforesaid villages. respondent no. 3 diwan singh sethi filed his application for the grant of ..... within, whose jurisdiction the lands fell, the central government extended the time for consideration of the applications to july 31, 1969. on a statement that the applications will be considered by july 31, 1969, the writ petition was dismissed as infructuous. by order dated july 19, 1969 the state of haryana .....

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Mar 21 1975 (HC)

Dharamahi Polabhai Vs. Ramjibhai Jivabhai and anr.

Court : Gujarat

Decided on : Mar-21-1975

Reported in : [1975]98ITR85(Guj)

..... 26a, or to the giving of evidence by a public servant in respect thereof. 10. by section 9 of the taxation laws (amendment) act (xxviii of 1960), section 59b was inserted in the act of 1922 with effect from april 1, 1960, which reads as under : '59b. where a person makes an application to ..... observed in that behalf : 'learned counsel for the opposite party pointed out that section 138 as amended by act 5 of 1964 has been further amended and substituted by act 20 of 1967. on the basis of this amended provision, it was suggested that there is a prohibition, although not explicit but by necessary implication, so ..... section 137, the assessee has been given a right disclose such information voluntarily. 36. in shiv narain v. jiwan lal the learned chief justice of the punjab high court has taken the same view and observed : 'documents in respect of all assessments, which had been completed prior to the repeal of section 137 ..... of court that it has contravened.' 50. it has referred to two english decisions in hamilton gell v. white and abbot v. minister for lands and reached the conclusion that the instant case was not a case where any right can be said to be created in favour of an individual parson ..... high court in daulat ram v. som nath and also the decision of the punjab high court, and observed : 'where an income-tax officer was asked to produced returns filed by an assessee during the period 1957 to 1969 and the income-tax officer claimed privilege with regard to records to the period .....

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May 17 1975 (HC)

Guru Nanak University Vs. Dr. (Mrs.) Iqbal Kaur Sandhu and ors.

Court : Punjab and Haryana

Decided on : May-17-1975

Reported in : AIR1976P& H69

..... committee (women) in regard to the confirmation of the respondent, in the meeting. it is further recorded that shri joginder singh, secretary to government, punjab, education department, made certain queries regarding the issue and the vice-chancellor replied thereto and then a discussion of the case ensued. thereafter the syndicate unanimously ..... are not lacking. we deem it sufficient first to advert to the well known case of the union of india v. b. s. dhaba, 1969 serv lr 442 (sc). here the actual words used were that the officiating employee had been found unsuitable after trial to hold the post of an ..... or at the time of reviewing the representationof the petitioner in its meetings held on 16th june. 1973. and 13th october. 1974. and merely acted as a rubber stamp of the vice-chancellor.'with great humility we wish to observe that on this record we find the abovesaid observation as both ..... provision. counsel cited an example of a case in which a probationer in the very initial months of his probation committed a notorious and blatant act of criminal misconduct in relation to his employment. it was forcefully contended that in such a situation the appointing authority if satisfied would be ..... , air 1955 sc 233. their lordships whilst sum-marising the scope of the writ jurisdiction observed:--'the court issuing a writ of 'certio-rari acts in exercise of a supervisory and not appellate iurisdiction. one consequence of this is that the court will not review findings of fact reached by .....

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Sep 03 1975 (SC)

State of Haryana and ors. Vs. Sampuran Singh and ors.

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : Sep-03-1975

Reported in : AIR1975SC1952; (1975)2SCC810; [1976]1SCR626; 1975(7)LC817(SC)

..... p. 999:.the objects and reasons of punjab act 14 of 1962, which brought in certain significant restrictions on alienations and acquisitions of large land-holders starts off in the statement of objects thus:some of the recent judicial pronouncements have the effect of defeating the objectives with which the punjab security of land tenures act, 1953 was enacted and amended from time to time. it was intended ..... that the surplus area of every land-owner recorded as such in the ..... singh who owned 450 bighas and 9 biswas of land, acting with forsight, gifted half of it to his mother in 1951, perhaps with a premonition of coming restrictions by way of ceiling ownership. we ..... some of his excess lands and look slim as a small holder before the law. language permitting the court as interpretor, must fulfil, not frustrate, the legislative mission.factuel silhouette5. at this stage it is appropriate to set out the facts in the two appeals which are not in dispute and speak for themselves.c.a. 123 of 1969 :6. one sampuran .....

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Sep 01 1975 (SC)

Kerala State Electricity Board Vs. the Indian Aluminium Co. Ltd.

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : Sep-01-1975

Reported in : AIR1976SC1031; (1976)1SCC466; [1976]1SCR552

..... the surcharge order the assent of the president can cure the repugnancy between the kerala act and the 1910 land 1948 acts only if it is subsequent to the surcharge order. ..... 1968 and that as the bills for enhanced charges for electricity were served on the respondents in 1968 before the 1969 amendment of the act the surcharge order and the demands made were not cured of their repugnancy till the 1969 amendment act was assented to by the president assuming that there is such repugnancy. if there lis such repugnancy by virtue of ..... article; (b) controlling the price at which any essential article may be bought or sold; (c) regulating by licences, permits, or otherwise the storage, distribution, transport, disposal, acquisition, use or consumption of any essential article; (d) prohibiting the withholding from sale of any essential article ordinarily kept for sale; (e) requiring any person holding in stock any essential ..... only emphasize this point.28. we may however refer to two recent decisions of this court. in state of punjab v. khan chand : [1974]2scr768 dealing with east punjab movable property (requisitioning) act, 1947 this court held as follows:the act confers uncontrolled power on the state government or the officers authorised by it to requisition any movable property. no guidelines .....

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Sep 16 1975 (HC)

Ramesh Chandra and ors. Vs. the Union of India and ors.

Court : Delhi

Decided on : Sep-16-1975

Reported in : ILR1976Delhi633

..... knowledge of the decision of 1966 and of the statutory amendment of 1968. secondly, the decisions cited by the petitioners in support of this argument have no application to the delay involved in filing a writ petition. these decisions relate to the construction of the proviso to section 18 of the land acquisition act, 1894 which is as follows : 'provided that every such application ..... was not an ordinary one but was based on the peculiar context of the words in the proviso to section 18. in raja harish chandra rai singh v. the deputy land acquisition officer and another, : [1962]1scr676 the supreme court observed that the award was not a decision but only an offer and, thereforee, unless and until it was actually or constructively ..... constitution. the question was answered in the affirmative in the judgments of the majority judges led by hidayatullah, c.j. in messrs tilokchand motichand and others v. h. b. munshi, : [1969]2scr824 . it was observed that : 'theparty aggrieved must move the court at the earliest possible time and explain satisfactorily all semblance of delay.'thereason is the same as underlies the ..... not only if the delivery of the award but also of the award itself. thereforee, the supreme court in state of punjab v. mst. qaisar jehan begam and another, : [1964]1scr971 observed as follows: 'havingregard to the scheme of the act we think that knowledge of the award must mean knowledge of the essential contents of the award.'(17) this was why .....

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Feb 21 1975 (SC)

Sukhdev Singh, Oil and Natural Gas Commission, Life Insurance Corporat ...

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : Feb-21-1975

Reported in : AIR1975SC1331; [1975(30)FLR283]; 1975LabIC881; (1975)ILLJ399SC; (1975)1SCC421; [1975]3SCR619

..... to be laid before the parliament. the audit report is also to be before the parliament. any land required by the commission is to be acquired under the land acquisition act as if it were required by a company. the commission is empowered to enter upon any land or premises. the dissolution of the commission is by the central government.44. all these provisions indicate ..... without legislative sanction-moti lal v. state of u.p. : air1951all257 . this view was overruled by the supreme court in the case of ram jawaya v. state of punjab : [1955]2scr225 and the amendment of 1956 simply codifies the effect of the decision in ram jawaya's case ( : [1955]2scr225 ) namely, that legislation is not required to empower a government to ..... of the registrar and other officers and servants of the council, the appointment, powers, duties and procedure of medical inspectors and visitors.160. the monopolies and restrictive trade practices act, 1969 confers the power to make rules on the central government and the power to make regulations on the monopolies and restrictive trade practices commission.161. the national co-operative development ..... the company entirely went to the coffers of the state. all the same this court treated that company like any other company registered under the indian companies act.126. in gurushantappa v. abdul khaddus : [1969]3scr425 the question whether an employee in a company owned by government was holding an office of profit was considered. it was a private limited company .....

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Dec 15 1975 (HC)

N.P. Nathwani Vs. the Commissioner of Police

Court : Mumbai

Decided on : Dec-15-1975

Reported in : (1976)78BOMLR1

..... the proper construction of article 358 and that aspect emerges from the recent insertion of new articles (1a) in article 359 by the constitution (38th amendment) act, 1975. by introduction of new article (1a). in article 359 of the constitution the same effect, which is available qua article 19 under article ..... preparing, printing, publishing and selling text books-then moved this court under article 32 of the constitution praying for writs of mandamus directing the punjab government to withdraw the notifications of 1950 and 1952 on the ground that they contravened the fundamental rights of the petitioners guaranteed under the constitution. ..... city of nagpur, city of sholapur and city of kolhapur public meetings were held with or without necessary permission under the ordinary law of the land, that many a time the authorities gave permission to hold such meetings, that from the reports received of such meetings it was found that ..... with 'policy' considerations as to render the application of such a standard inappropriate.' (last sentence is based on the irish case in mceldowney v. forde [1969] 2 all. e.r. 1039, [1971] a.c. 632 s.c.).the passages which i have quoted above from the learned text book writers ..... view expressed in barium chemicals' case has been approved of and reiterated by that court in rohtas industries ltd. v. s.d. agarwal : [1969]3scr108 .60. the next two cases to which i would like to refer are cases which in terms deal which pieces of subordinate legislation. the first .....

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Jul 30 1975 (HC)

K. Somasundaram Vs. the State of Madras

Court : Chennai

Decided on : Jul-30-1975

Reported in : [1977]75STC386(Mad)

..... to agree, that the assessing authority could have invoked section 19-a, but the fact that there was an assessment order prior to the amending act, according to the learned counsel, made a difference we are unable to agree with this contention. the appeal before the tribunal covered the ..... is dated 24th december, 1969.4. neither the learned counsel for the petitioner nor the learned counsel for the revenue was able to assert that either the ground was pressed, but the tribunal did not consider, or it was given up in view of the amending act. but, since the ..... orders under appeal and that therefore the said orders were bad in law. this was on the ground that the supreme court in state of punjab v. jullundur vegetables syndicate [1966] 17 s.t.c. 326 (s.c.) had held that unless there is a statutory provision permitting assessment ..... there is a statutory provision permitting such assessment-vide the decision in state of punjab v. jullundur vegetables syndicate : [1966]2scr457 , which arose under the east punjab general sales tax act, 1948. the tamil nadu general sales tax act, 1959, as it was originally enacted, did not contain any specific statutory ..... provision permitting assessment on a dissolved firm. this want of legal sanction was removed by the insertion of section 19-a with retrospective effect from the commencement of the principal act .....

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Jan 23 1975 (HC)

Partap Singh Kadian Vs. the State of Punjab and ors.

Court : Punjab and Haryana

Decided on : Jan-23-1975

Reported in : AIR1975P& H324

..... khanna, jj., in m/s chanan ram jagan nath v. the state of punjab, air 1965 punj 74, further observed:-- '* * * the language of section 3 of essential commodities act remains the same what it was before the emergency was declared and there has been no change or amendment in that section. in the circumstances it is not possible to hold that the ..... restrictions on the fundamental right under article 19. it suffices to notice the following pithy observations of their lordships in ramanlal gulabchand shah v. the state of gujarat, air 1969 sc 168:--'a person is entitled to hold and enjoy his property as he thinks best. if regard is to be had for the benefits of society a clear ..... for the operations on his farm. in para. 4 of the petition further details regarding the expenditure for harvesting, hoeing, seeds, repair of machinery, fuel, fertilizers, rent of land, labour and management, depreciation and interest etc., are specified wherefrom originally a rather tall claim of the cost of the production of one quintal of wheat has been ultimately reduced ..... food corporation of india) order, 1966; the foodgrains movement restrictions (exemption of certified seeds) order, 1966; roller mills wheat products (ex mills) price control order, 1969; inter zonal wheat and wheat products (movement control) order, 1969; foodgrains movement restriction (exemption of seeds) order, 1971; imported foodgrains (prohibition of unauthorized sale) order, 1971; roller mills wheat products (ex mills) price control .....

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