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Nov 05 1993 (HC)

The Ludhiana Gurunanak Cooperative House Building Society, Registered ...

Court : Punjab and Haryana

Reported in : (1994)106PLR446

..... for its members. it applied for exemption when the same was acquired by the improvement trust under section 24 read with section 28. of the punjab town improvement act, 1922. the trust acceded to its requests vide resolution no. 24 dated november 28, 1972. in accordance with its demands, petitioner society ..... said scheme was framed by respondent no. 2 under the provisions of section 24 read with section 28 of the punjab town improvement act, 1922 (herein- after to be referred as 'the act'). petitioner society alongwith certain other societies submitted representation to respondent no. 2 to exempt its land from acquisition for ..... marlas i.e. 36089 sq. yards of land which was acquired by the trust and for which exemption was accorded by the government of punjab. petitioner did not raise any dispute regarding the additional area which was recorded in the names of inderjit singh, teja singh, udhe singh and ..... more than seven months of the issuance of letter, annexure p-10 and as such it was not entitled to any relief. further the punjab government vide letter addressed to it, allotted plot no. 320za in the model town extension part-ii, ludhiana in favour of baljinder kumar and ..... and orders of the chairman, no action was taken in the matter, thus, compelling petitioner to submit detailed representation to the secretary, local government, punjab, wherein it was once again mentioned that exemption should be granted with regard to remaining land measuring 12000 sq. yards as well. it was only .....

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Sep 07 2005 (SC)

Union of India (Uoi) Vs. Pramod Gupta (D) by L.Rs. and ors.

Court : Supreme Court of India

Reported in : AIR2005SC3708; 2005(4)CTC762; JT2005(8)SC203; (2005)12SCC1

..... it to say that for the purpose of carrying out mining operation, the respondents were required to comply with the safety provisions contained in the mines act, 1952 and the rules and regulations framed thereunder.the reference court and the high court unfortunately did not consider the question as to what amount was required to be expended for bringing the ..... interest in the minor minerals. in any event, right over mines and minerals in proprietors being limited under the provisions of the punjab land revenue act, punjab minor minerals rules, 1934 and the mines and minerals (regulation and development) act, 1957, they did not derive any right to exploit the area for commercial purposes and in that view of the matter, the ..... 154 thereof were required to be read conjointly. (ii) china clay being a minor mineral, in terms of the provisions of the mines and minerals (regulation and development) act, 1957 as also the punjab minor mineral rules, 1934, the same having vested in the central government; no compensation was payable therefore.(iii) judgments and awards made in favour of ..... ltd. : [2003]1scr951, relied upon by the additional solicitor general, is not applicable.punjab land revenue act and delhi land reforms act:33. the lands in question indisputably were governed by the punjab land revenue act, 1887 and the punjab tenants (security of tenure) act, 1950. the punjab land revenue act 1887 is still applicable save and except those provisions which are inconsistent with the provisions .....

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Aug 06 2015 (HC)

Vasanthy Mohan Vs. The Nedungadi Bank

Court : Kerala

..... a moratorium under sub-section (2) of section 45 of the banking regulation act, 1949. the reserve bank of india has prepared a scheme for the wa.1109 & 1288/13 6 amalgamation of the nedungadi bank ltd. with the punjab national bank, which was published in the gazette. the government of india ..... had returned the cheque of salary offered to him in lieu of notice on the even date. under section 45 of the banking regulation act, 1949 (for short, the 'act'), the scheme of amalgamation of transferor-bank with the appellant bank, with effect from 20.11.1987 (ext.p8) was initiated. ..... & 1288/13 18 moratorium order as well as challenging the constitutional validity of section 45 of the banking regulation act. in the above context, considering the word 'moratorium', the following has been laid down: "the word "moratorium" has not been defined in the ..... punjab national bank, which has published a notification dated 31.1.2003 issued by the government of india in exercise of power under sub-section (7) of section 45, which has been brought on record as exhibit r2(1). before we proceed to look into the notification, it is necessary to refer to section 45 of the banking regulation act ..... exhibit p9 letter dated 18.9.2002 informed that the petitioner having not attained the requisite qualifying service for opting for voluntary retirement, under the pension regulations her request cannot be considered. the bank by letter dated 7.11.2002, exercising power given under clause 41(a) of the nedungadi bank ltd .....

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Nov 19 1992 (HC)

Gram Panchayat Vs. Collector and ors.

Court : Punjab and Haryana

Reported in : (1993)104PLR43

..... parties as to whether the land in. question comes within the definition of shamilat deh as provided under section 2 (g) of the punjab village common lands (regulation) act, 1961 or the same comes under the exceptions provided under the said section. on the other hand, the chapter was closed by ..... of the village.2. in the year 1975-76, the petitioner-panchayat filed an application under section 7 of the punjab village common lands (regulation) act, (hereinafter referred to as the act) for eviction of respondent puran singh in this petition and gurdial singh in civil writ petition no. 5907 of 1986. ..... seek ejectment. it is also averred that the provisions of the village common lands (regulations) act, 1961 are not applicable to the lands reserved under section 18 of the east punjab holding (consolidation) and prevention of fragmentation act, 1949. on merits it is pleaded that the gram panchayat is not the owner ..... by shri m. p. gupta, assistant collector 1st grade, jagadhari that gram panchayat had filed a suit under section 13 (2) of punjab village common land act through shri joti ram wherein it has been specifically pleaded that he had been authorised by the gram panchayat to file the suit. annexures ..... already been given that this land in dispute belongs to panchayat or not. although this order has been passed under section 7 of the punjab village common lands act but in the present case, decision on the main point has been given. therefore, this decision in this case is res judicata .....

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Feb 12 1999 (HC)

Devinder Lal Gupta and ors. Vs. the Union Territory of Chandigarh and ...

Court : Punjab and Haryana

Reported in : (1999)122PLR52

..... and conditions of this allotment letter shall be in addition to the provisions of capital of punjab (development and regulation) act, 1952 and the rules made thereunder which shall be binding on the lessee.30. a booklet containing the capital of punjab (development and regulation) act, 1952, the punjab capital (development and regulation) building rules, 1952. the chandigarh lease-hold of sites and building rules, 1973, can be had on payment ..... , 4, 5, 8, 9(b), 20, 29 and 30 of the allotment letter read as under:-'3. the lease shall be governed by the provisions of the capital of punjab (development and regulation) act, 1952, as amended upto date and rules made thereunder.4. the sum of rs. 6,77,500/- paid by you as 25% of the premium of site has been adjusted ..... should not be shown any indulgence by the court.5. before we deal with the rival submission, it will be useful to notice the relevant provisions of the capital of punjab (development and regulation) act, 1952 (hereinafter referred to as 'the act') and the rules.6. the act was enacted by the legislature to re-enact and modify the law in relation to the development and ..... regulation of new capital of punjab. section 8-a of this act empowers the estate officer to resume the site or building or booth and forfeit any part of the money paid in .....

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Jun 01 2001 (HC)

Nirmal Singh and ors. Vs. State of Punjab and anr.

Court : Punjab and Haryana

Reported in : (2003)133PLR110

..... have lost in both the courts below. they had earlier lost in revision filed by them under section 11(4) of the punjab urban estates (development and regulation) act, 1964 against the order of chief administrator dated 4.6.90. in my opinion, plot/scf no. 88 was justifiably resumed by ..... did not find any weight in his submission and ordered the resumption of the plot/scf no. 88 under section 10 of the punjab urban estates (development and regulation) act, 1964. he ordered the forfeiture of the amount equal to 10% of the consideration money.13. in their appeal to the ..... place covers only plot scf no. 88. it was found that civil court's jurisdiction is barred under section 20 of the punjab urban estates (development and regulation) act, 1964 so far as cognizance of this matter is concerned.5. plaintiffs went in appeal against the order of additional senior sub judge ..... suit is not maintainable in the present form? opd 4. whether the suit of the plaintiff is barred under section 20 of the punjab urban estates (development and regulation) act, 1964? opd 5. relief. 4. additional senior sub judge, kharar vide order dated 5.9.1994 dismissed the plaintiffs suit in view ..... interest @ 7% and penal interest @ 10% the order of resumption shall stand confirmed by him. they took revision to the secretary to government punjab, housing and urban development department, chandigarh against the order of the chief administrator. it was submitted before him that the town planning department had earmarked .....

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Oct 16 2001 (HC)

Kishan Singh Vs. State of Punjab

Court : Punjab and Haryana

Reported in : (2004)136PLR717

..... learned counsel representing the petitioners, during the course of arguments, that the land is not shamlat deh as defined under section 2(g)(1) of the punjab village commons lands (regulation) act, 1961 (hereinafter referred to as 'the act') and, therefore, the gram panchayat had no jurisdiction whatsoever, to gift this land to the sixth respondent and that being so, sanction to the gift ..... applying prorata cut on the holdings of the proprietors of the village. for the same purpose, reliance has also been placed on the consolidation proceedings. annexure p2, dated 3.5.1952. it is then pleaded that the gram panchayat, shampura, the fifth respondent herein, passed resolution gifting 108 kanals of shamlat land to the sixth respondent to establish academy. the land ..... or kept apart for income of the gram panchayat. such land would clearly be covered under the definition of shamlat deh as given in section 2(g)(1) of the act. from the pleadings made in the written statement, it is clear that the proprietors having the same interest or may be a better interest as the petitioners have, not stated ..... question was carved out after applying prorata cut on the holdings of the proprietors of the village during the consolidation proceedings and by virtue of section 23a of the consolidation act, such land would vest in the gram panchayat for managerial purposes whereas, the proprietors shall continue to be owners of the land. the other ground challenging the resolutions and the .....

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Sep 14 1954 (HC)

In Re: B.N. Ramakrishna Naidu and anr.

Court : Chennai

Reported in : AIR1955Mad100; 1955CriLJ452

..... to suggest or enact any comprehensive reform or legislation, they passed two or three enactments, chiefly, act 28 of 1852 (police bombay), act 13 of 1856 (amended by act 48 of 1860) and act 24 of 1859 (madras), which regulated the police of the presidency towns of bombay, calcutta, madras and the mofussil districts of the ..... the suggestions of the commissioners. the bill may be conveniently drawn as applicable, in the first instance, to a particular province -- as oudh or the punjab, or sind -- but, it should be so framed as to be capable of extension to other parts of the country by proclamation.' 42. the government ..... wanted sample sandalwood he used to put his own hammer-mark on the sample sandalwood. 7. in the course of this investigation in crime no. 903 of 1952 registered on the foot of umapathi's petition. p. w. i, ramaswami mudaliar searched the house of the petitioner in crl. r. c. no. ..... the police had to do was to arrange (or a search and lay hands upon the goods. that is exactly what happened. 6. on 23-11-1952 p. w. 1, sri s. ramaswami mudaliar, inspector of police, c. i. d., crime branch, searched the shop of gurusami nadar running a ..... there were frequent thefts of sandalwood logs in the government forest in chittoor and the adjoining tirumalai devasthanam forest. these thefts were taking place between may 1952 and november 1852. the tirumalai tirupathi devasthanam had complained of these thefts to the tirumalai police station. in other words, the authorities were on the .....

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Dec 17 2012 (HC)

Court : Punjab and Haryana

..... to a post consolidation sale deed, executed on the basis of entries in the revenue record and is, therefore, adversely affected by the change ordered by the additional director, consolidation, punjab. the land, in dispute, was jointly owned by and possessed by co.sharers.during consolidation, the co-sharers prayed that the land should be partitioned, on the basis of possession ..... consolidation authorities after forty years.counsel for the private respondents, on the other hand, states that as the petitioner failed to prove the sale deed, before the additional director, consolidation, punjab, and as resolution no.252 clearly records a partition, on the basis of a compromise, the impugned order, directing rectification of the revenue record, in accordance with resolution no.252 ..... 02.04.1997, for valuable consideration, from karam singh. respondent nos.4 to 11 filed a petition, under section 42 of the east punjab holding (consolidation and prevention of fragmentation) act, 1948, (hereinafter referred to as the '1948 act') praying that as resolution no.252 recorded during consolidation reflects a compromise between co-sharers and a consequent partition has not been incorporated in ..... independent order passed by a revenue officer, our order shall not affect these revenue entries, but parties may, if so advised, approach a civil court, under section 45 of the punjab land revenue act, 1887, for declaration of their title. (rajive bhalla) judge 17 12.2012 (rekha mittal) adhikari judge .....

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Jan 30 2014 (HC)

Piara Singh and Others Vs. State of Punjab and Others

Court : Punjab and Haryana

..... as per the directions issued by the government of haryana, even after changing the use of the land as per the parameters laid down by the punjab village common lands (regulation) act, 1961 (hereinafter referred to as `the act') and rules framed thereunder. if the petitioners being residents of the village are having any grouse against leasing out of the land of the gram ..... .kulvir narwal, advocate, for mr.m.p.s.mann, advocate, for the applicant-intervenor in cwp-16494-2012. **** sanjay kishan kaul, c.j.(oral) the punjab village common lands (regulation) act, 1953 (hereinafter referred to as the 1953 act) was brought into force in the historical context of the shamlat land. the common land is stated to have been owned by the proprietors and ..... the villages an opportunity to live with security and self-respect that the 1953 act was enacted. this act was thereafter repealed and substituted by the punjab village common lands (regulation) act, 1961 (hereinafter referred to as the act).in exercise of powers under section 15 of the said act, the punjab village common lands (regulation) rules, 1964 (hereinafter referred to as the rules) were notified as applicable to .....

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