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Aug 09 1962 (HC)

State of Punjab and ors. Vs. Raghunath Dass

Court : Punjab and Haryana

Decided on : Aug-09-1962

Reported in : AIR1963P& H76

..... . 26. reference may be made to a division bench decision of this court in hari klshan sharma v. punjab state. (1961) 63 pun lr 580, which was a case under the punjab cinemas (regulation) act. in that case, the power of granting a licence under section 4 had been conferred upon the sub divisional ..... exercised his discretion that the question of the control of the government could arise. the bench declined to construe the word 'control' used in the punjab cinemas act, section 5, in the wider sense of command or direction. they construed the term in the sense of restraint or check in that context. ..... state government to make rules by notification for the purpose of carrying but the provisions of the act. section 59 empowers financial commissioner to make rules by notification regulating, inter alia, sale of an intoxicant. 6. the punjab liquor licence rules were made by means of a notification, no. 938-x. p. (r ..... . in a recent decision of the supreme court in ghaio mal and sons v. state of delhi, air 1959 sc 65 under the punjab excise act, the chief commissioner or delhi was the only competent authority empowered to grant l-2 licences for whole-sale and retail vends of foreign ..... as all these appeals give rise to similar questions of fact and law. 2. the respondents claim themselves to be the liquor licensees under the punjab excise act. on 8th february, 1962, the deputy excise and taxation commissioner auctioned liquor licences. in all these cases the respondents were the highest bidders. .....

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Oct 29 1962 (HC)

Ram Chander Baru Ram Vs. the State

Court : Punjab and Haryana

Decided on : Oct-29-1962

Reported in : AIR1963P& H148; 1963CriLJ459

..... of which has been challenged by the learned counsel, was given under the earlier act. for this reason i am setting out side by side the relevant provisions of both the punjab trade employers act and the act. they are as under:-thepunjab shopsand commercial establishments act, 1958thepunjab trade employees act, 1910an act to provide forthe regulation of conditions of work andemployment in shops and commercial ..... or other place of public entertainment or any other -place which the government may declare, bynotification in the official gazette lobe a com-mercial establishment for thepurposes of this act :2 (1)(d) ' commercial establishment ' meansany promises wherein any trada or busi-ness is carried ..... regulations concerning their holidays,wages and terms of services.2 (iv)' commercial establishment ' menus any promises .wherein any business, trade, or profession is carried on forprofit, and includes journalistic or printing establishments and promises inwhich business of banking, insurance, stocks and shares broker-age or produce eichange is carried onor which is used as hotel,restaurant, boarding or eating house, theatre, cinema .....

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Apr 04 1962 (HC)

Dr. Partap Singh Vs. the State of Punjab

Court : Punjab and Haryana

Decided on : Apr-04-1962

Reported in : AIR1963P& H298

..... which the petitioner is laying emphasis is his, what he considers, unquestioned right to retire at the age of 55 years according to 1941 rules no doubt service rules or regulations made pursuant to statutory power or power given in the constitution, so long as the same do not conflict with the provisions of the constitution, are taw, but in so ..... bearing in the present case. the expression 'existing provincial law' means:'(i) any provincial act or ordinance or regulation made by the governor of a province under the government of india act, 1935, or (ii) any rule, bylaw, regulation, order, notification or other instrument made under any provincial act, ordinance or regulation'.the first part of this definition does not apply to 1941 rules because the ..... . the second part of this definition does not apply to those rules because the same are not made under any provincial act, ordinance or regulation. so this paragraph 27 does not apply to the present case but the paragraph which applies is paragraph 26 which has already been reproduced above.the 1941 rules made under ..... a charge of misconduct, (ii) power under section 16 of the general clauses act, 1897 (section 14 of the punjab general clauses act, 1s98) to suspend a government servant appointed by it, and (iii) power to suspend under rule 4(v) of the punjab civil services (punishment add appeal) rules, 1952, in which case rules do not require that before such order is made explanation .....

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Nov 05 1962 (HC)

Sukapuram Sabhayogam Vs. State of Kerala and ors.

Court : Kerala

Decided on : Nov-05-1962

Reported in : AIR1963Ker101

..... for the registration of proprietors of estates subject to the payment of revenue direct to government in malabar and the wynad. the preamble to the act is:'whereas regulation xxvi of 1802 provides that landed property paying revenue to govejrn-ment shall be registered by the collector; and whereas such landed property in ..... came to the conclusion that the existing law relating to land tenures is to be found in the provisions of the assam land and revenue regulation, 1886, regulation i of 1886.50. after giving our consideration to this aspect of the matter, we are not inclined to accept the contention of the learned ..... the expression 'estate' for the purpose of article 31a is to be found in the definition occurring in the said punjab act. similarly, in the second decision it also appears to have been accepted as common ground that for the purpose ot considering whether a property is an ..... kamrup, air 1962 sc 137.49. in the first decision, their lordships had to consider the definition of 'estate' occurring in the punjab land revenue act, act 17 of 1887. in fact, it will be seen that it appears to have been almost agreed to by all the parties that the definition of ..... law relating to land tenures.48. the three decisions of the supreme court referred to by the learned advocate general are atma ram v. state of punjab, air 1959 sc 519, mahadeo v. state of bombay, air 1961 sc 1517 and sonapur tea co. ltd. v. deputy commissioner and collector of .....

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Nov 29 1962 (HC)

Sureshwari Datt Vs. Parma

Court : Himachal Pradesh

Decided on : Nov-29-1962

Reported in : AIR1963HP34

..... the suit was cognizable by a revenue court. 12. in view of what has been said above, it is not necessary to examine the 1952 punjab cases (air 1952 punj 94 and air 1952 punj 185) (supra) at length and suffice it to say that none of them, as will presently appear, was a suit filed by ..... upon on behalf of the petitioner, is clearly distinguishable from the instant case. in that case the succession had opened while the mandi land revenue regulation (8 of 1975 samvat) was in force and it was in that context held that the rights of the parties were governed by section 19 of the ..... regulation despite its repeal and despite the fact that the hindu law and not the said regulation was in: force on the date of the institution of the suit. the legislature again is all powerful and ..... it is within its province to affect even vested rights. the effect of section 54 of the himachal pradesh act, referred to above appears to be that a ..... air 1952 punj 185. 9. the first of the aforesaid cases was one for recovery of possession of agricultural land on the allegations that the plaintiffs and their ancestors had held the said land as occupancy tenants for more than 100 years, that acting under the provisions of sections 42(b), 43 and 45 of the punjab tenancy act .....

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Oct 24 1962 (HC)

Ganga Ram Suraj Parkash Vs. State of Punjab

Court : Punjab and Haryana

Decided on : Oct-24-1962

Reported in : [1963]14STC476(P& H)

..... behalf of the state, it is submitted that the act having come into force before the enactment of the essential goods (declaration and regulation of tax on sale or purchase) act, 1952, would continue to be enforceable as an existing law and consequently any notification made in pursuance of section 6 of the punjab general sales tax act, 1948, would be valid and binding.10. the ..... learned counsel for the petitioners submits that the act was invalid from its very inception and ..... it was held that as the enactment of parliament had followed the impugned legislation it would not affect retrospectively the validity of the said enactment. in the present instance, punjab act no. 19 of 1952 had been passed after the interdict had been placed by parliament. it matters not that the impugned notification purports to have been issued under section 6 of the ..... ultra vires being in contravention of section 3 of the essential goods (declaration and regulation of tax on sale or purchase) act (act no. 52 of 1952), which was passed by the parliament on 9th of august, 1952. under section 3 of this act, 'no law made after the commencement of this act by the legislature of a state imposing, or authorising the imposition of, a .....

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Apr 06 1962 (SC)

Sukhbans Singh Vs. State of Punjab

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : Apr-06-1962

Reported in : AIR1962SC1711; (1963)ILLJ671SC; [1963]1SCR416

..... have the transfer cancelled followed by his being asked to stop collecting funds for a government college and then by his reversion on may 20, 1952 would go to show that the reversion was not in the ordinary course. no reason was given for his reversion but it would not be ..... that the provisions of article 311(2) of the constitution are violated. 7. the appellant made representation to the government against his reversion on november 17, 1952. but it was rejected by the government on march 2, 1953. he then preferred a memorial to the government which was rejected on december 14, 1953 ..... an improvement.' 6. upon his reversion the appellant asked to be furnished the grounds of his reversion. but by a letter dated june 18, 1952, the government refused to furnish him the grounds. in that letter it was claimed on behalf of the government that the appellant could be reverted ..... by him on september 18, 1953. prior to the receipt of this warning he was, however, reverted to his post of tehsildar on may 20, 1952. according to him this warning was merely an after-thought. the warning which he received is in the following terms : 'government have noticed with regret ..... of extra assistant commissioner by the public services commission under rule 17 of the punjab civil services (executive branch) rules, 1930 framed under section 96-b the government of india, act, 1919. that rule runs thus : 'the government of punjab shall ordinarily make appointments to the service in pursuance of rule 5 from .....

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Feb 20 1962 (SC)

Amarsarjit Singh Vs. the State of Punjab

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : Feb-20-1962

Reported in : AIR1962SC1305; [1962]Supp3SCR346

..... are also made. this shows that in exercising fiscal jurisdiction, the british government considered itself as acting in its sovereign capacity. then there is punjab descent of jagirs act, 1900 (punjab act iv of 1900), which introduced in the punjab laws act, 1872, ss. 8 to 8c enacting rule of descent 'in respect of succession to any ..... has been a course of legislation relating to the jagirs which proceeds on the basis that their holders were subjects. the preamble to the punjab land revenue act, 1871 (act 33 of 1871), under which land revenue was settled is as follows :- 'whereas the government of india is by law entitled to ..... further.' jagir is defined in s. 2 in terms substantially the same as under the present act. this act repeals ss. 8 to 8c of the punjab laws act, 1872, which were inserted by the punjab descent of jagirs act iv of 1900, and reproduces them in ss. 7 to 10. section 7(1)(b) ..... but here we are hearing an appeal against an order dismissing a writ petition under art. 226, challenging the vires and applicability of the punjab resumption of jagirs act, 1957, and adjudication of rival claims to the compensation amount will be wholly foreign to its scope. 34. but it is pointed out ..... the parties, which is, an already stated, outside the scope of the present proceedings, vide the state of orissa v. madan gopal rungta : [1952]1scr28 . we do not therefore propose to say anything on the rights of the intervener or give any directions with reference to the payment of the .....

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Nov 23 1962 (HC)

Firm of S. Mohd. Ali and Sons and ors. Vs. V. Madhavarao and ors.

Court : Andhra Pradesh

Decided on : Nov-23-1962

Reported in : AIR1964AP132

..... the supreme court in : [1954]1scr565 , wherein their lordships of the supreme court have laid down that the rent controller and the district judge exercising jurisdiction under the east punjab rent restriction act are not courts.'in abdul wahid v. abdul khader, air 1947 mad 400 an application under section 24 of the civil procedure code was filed. yahya ali, j., held that the ..... in need of them. it is the two other functions with which the rent controller concerns himself for the purposes of determination of fair rent and for the purposes of regulating eviction of tenants. as far as the position of the authorised officer is concerned, there can be little doubt that his functions are of a quasi-judicial nature. the difficulty ..... c.p.c. in order to find out a correct answer for this proposition it becomes necessary to look into some provisions of the act. according to the preamble of the act it is meant for the purposes of regulating the leasing of buildings, controlling the rent thereof, and preventing unreasonable eviction of tenants therefrom. out of the three purposes mentioned in the ..... , these tribunals may have some or many trappings of a court, they are not 'courts'. it is apparent that the act and the rules made thereunder read together provide a self-contained legislation. the act evolves a scheme in regard to the regulation of the leasing of buildings, control of rent and prevention of unreasonable eviction of tenants. in view of the acute .....

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Jan 29 1962 (HC)

Firm Adarsh Industrial Corporation Vs. Market Committee, Karnal

Court : Punjab and Haryana

Decided on : Jan-29-1962

Reported in : AIR1962P& H426

..... section 47 of the indian post office act (6 of 1898).learned counsel for the parties ..... gram panchayat act, 1952 (4 of 1953), section 76 of the punjab panchayat samitis and zila parishads act (3 of 1961), and ..... any person. for the first time, a sum due to a committee from any person was made recoverable as arrears of land revenue by section 41(2) of punjab act 23 of 1961. this distinction is material for examining the force of the argument based on the principle inclusion-unius est exclusio alterius-the inclusion of one is ..... acts expressly providing recovery of rates, taxes, cesses and fees, etc., as arrears of land revenue. for illustration reference may be made to section 29 of the east punjab holdings (consolidation and prevention of fragmentation) act (50 of 1948), section 10 of the utilization of lands act (east punjab act 38 of 1949) section 12 of punjab betterment charges and acreage act (2 of 1952), section 85 of the punjab .....

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