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Jan 02 2017 (SC)

Abhiram Singh Vs. C.D. Commachen (Dead) by Lrs. and Ors.

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : Jan-02-2017

..... in the electoral roll) disenfranchises such a person. the person ceases to be an elector and is not qualified to fill a seat in parliament or the state legislatures for the period during which the disqualification operates. c. strict construction 11 election petitions alleging corrupt practices have a quasi-criminal character. where a statutory provision implicates penal consequences or consequences of a ..... democracy. it is, therefore, imperative that the religion and caste should not be introduced into politics by any political party, association or an individual and it is imperative to prevent religious and caste pollution of politics. every political party, association of persons or individuals contesting election should abide by the constitutional ideals, the constitution and the laws thereof. i ..... the decision arose was the general election of 1962 in which kultar singh had contested the elections for the punjab legislative assembly from dharamkot constituency no.85. quite clearly, the law applicable was section 123(3) of the act after the amendment of the act in 1961.13. be that as it may, the fact is that sub-section (3) of section ..... its use for finding the meaning of the act. as submitted earlier this distinction is unrealistic and has now been abandoned by the house of lords .[56]. the evolution of the law has been succinctly summarized in the above extract. 32 in an early decision of 1952 in state of travancore co. v. bombay co. ltd.[57]., justice patanjali sastri while .....

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Aug 22 2017 (SC)

Shayara Bano Vs. Union of India and Ors. Ministry of Women and Child D ...

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : Aug-22-2017

..... no limitations upon the power of parliament. no court in the united kingdom can strike down an act made by parliament on any ground. as against this, the united states of america has a federal constitution where the power of the congress and the state legislatures to make laws is limited in two ways, viz., the division of legislative powers between the ..... regard to the object sought to be achieved, it would pass muster under article 14 s anti-discrimination aspect. again, subba rao, j., dissenting, in lachhman das v. state of punjab, (1963) 2 scr353at 395, warned that overemphasis on the doctrine of classification or an anxious and sustained attempt to discover some basis for classification may gradually and imperceptibly deprive ..... relevant international instruments on women which were brought to our notice, included the convention on the political rights of women (1952), declaration on the protection of women and children in emergency and armed conflict (1974), inter-american convention for the prevention, punishment and elimination of violence against women (1955), universal declaration on democracy (1997), and the optional protocol to the ..... stated as under: 60. looked at from any angle, the challenge to the constitutional validity of section 175(1)(q) and section 177(1) must fail. the right to contest an election for any office in panchayat is neither fundamental nor a common law right. it is the creature of a statute and is obviously subject to qualifications and disqualifications .....

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Aug 24 2017 (SC)

Justice k.s.puttaswamy(retd) Vs. Union of India

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : Aug-24-2017

..... paramount to the happiness, dignity and worth of individual, will not be entitled to any procedural safeguard save such as a legislature s mood chooses. fundamental the 28. close on the heels of maneka gandhi case came mithu vs. state of punjab, (1983) 2 scc277 in which case the court noted as follows: (scc pp. 283-84, para6) 26 v. ..... the original draft constitution. however, article 22 was introduced into the constitution to protect against arbitrary arrest and detention by incorporating several safeguards. 162 in gopalan, the preventive detention act, 1950 was challenged on the ground that it denied significant procedural safeguards against arbitrary detention. the majority rejected the argument that the expression procedure established by law meant ..... of the constitution, justice dipak misra, while explaining the doctrine of constitutional implications , considered whether the court could read a disqualification into the provisions made by the constitution in addition to those which have been provided by the legislature. in that context, the leading judgment observes: in this regard, inclusion of many a facet within the ambit of article ..... u.p. v. jeet s. bisht, (2007) 6 scc586; k.t. plantation pvt. ltd. v. state of karnataka, (2011) 9 scc1; bangalore development authority v. the air craft employees cooperative society ltd., 2012 (1) scale646386 (1952) scr597239 part q such elusive factors and forming their own conception of what is reasonable, in all the circumstances of a given .....

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